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Y&R Recap for Dec 29: Lily Tells Billy They Need Time Apart, Danny Reunites With Old Friends, and Sally Asks For A Pregnancy Test

Jack and Diane kiss in the Abbott family living room

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, December 29, 2022. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Genoa City celebrates New Years, Lily and Billy take a break from each other, and Diane meets with Jeremy while Jack listens in. Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally Realizes She Might Be Pregnant, Phyllis Cries When Summer Refuses to Re-Hire Her, and Victor Asks if Victoria Still Wants to Take Over Chancellor-Winters.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Danny shows up to Society and sees Traci sitting at the bar.

She looks around and sees him. “Danny?!”

Traci sees Danny Romalotti at the club - The Young and The Restless recap for Dec 29, 2022

She tells him that she’s really glad to see him, and asks when he came to town.

He says that he’s been around since Christmas Eve, and spent the day with Danny.

She asks how long he’s going to visit for, and he says it’s not too long.

Traci and Danny sit on a couch at the club and talk

Danny says she’s looking fabulous, and asks Traci to tell him what’s new, and not to hold back.

Traci laughs and says that she’s just in shock that he’s back.

Lauren walks in and sees Danny and Traci sitting in the club. She comes over to where they’re sitting and greets them both.

Lauren comes into the hotel lobby and greets Traci and Danny, who are sitting on a couch

Lauren sits down and they start talking. She mentions that Tessa is around, and maybe they could sing together.

Michael Baldwin comes in, and sees Danny. They hug and Michael says that it looks like their New Years Eve plans have expanded.

Michael comes into the hotel lobby and sees Danny. They hug tightly.

Michael sits down with them, and Danny says that he’s working with Daniel on a project.

Michael asks if he’ll be around to see Cricket when she comes back from her skiing trip.

Danny says he hopes so!

Traci, Danny, Lauren, and Michael all toast to cheer on the New Year

There’s a countdown! 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Danny, Traci, Lauren and Michael all start singing “Auld Lang Syne”.

Danny, Traci, and Lauren all sing "Auld Lang Syne" while raising their glasses in a toast

Chelsea’s Apartment

Connor and Chelsea are sitting on the couch in her apartment, and they’re building an egg-drop device for Connor’s school.

Connor and Chelsea sit on the couch in her apartment, with an egg-drop device in front of them on the table - The Young and The Restless recap for Dec 29, 2022

Connor asks her if they can just use the one that’s in the closet. Chelsea laughs and says that her and Billy built that one, but Connor will have to use one he built.

Connor says, “Billy’s a nice guy, right?”

Chelsea laughs and says, “Yes, for the most part.”

Connor and Chelsea talk on the couch in her living room

Connor asks if he can just use all the bubble wrap. Chelsea says he will have to experiment.

Adam knocks at the door, and Connor answers it.

Connor tells him that they’re busy making an egg-drop device, and that Billy and Chelsea already made one, but he can’t use it. Adam doesn’t exactly look happy at this news.

Adam sits on the couch in Chelsea's living room and speaks with Chelsea and Connor

Adam says that if it were his project, he wouldn’t just use bubble wrap.

Connor’s phone dings, and he says Johnny posted a video, and asks to go watch it in his room. Chelsea says that’s fine, and Connor leaves to his room.

Chelsea sits on the sofa in her living room, talking with Adam

Adam asks sarcastically if Billy was going to come over and help Connor later that night.

Chelsea says that she noticed that it really got under Adam’s skin when Connor told him about Billy and her building the egg-drop device.

Adam says that he didn’t want to interrupt, and says he came to wish them a Happy New Year.

Adam says goodbye to Chelsea and Connor

He leaves, and heads downstairs to Crimson Lights for a hot drink.

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Chancellor Park

Lily comes to the park when it’s dark to find Billy there.

He says she’s just in time to celebrate New Years.

Billy says that it’d be nice to see the fireworks in the park, that they can have a different perspective from where they are.

Lily meets Billy in Chancellor Park. They're bundled up, because it's cold out. - The Young and The Restless recap for Dec 29, 2022

Lily says that the different perspective needs to come from them.

She says that he was supposed to plan something special, and yet they’re standing in the park, freezing, and waiting for fireworks that won’t happen for hours.

She says that their issues started before Chelsea’s crisis.

Lily and Billy stand in the park, having a frank discussion about their relationship

Billy says that they start couple’s therapy next week, and they can get back on track.

Lily says that he hasn’t changed his behaviour since she suggested therapy, and she says that trying to get him to change was the wrong thing to do.

Billy says that it sounds like she thinks things are over.

Billy talks with Lily in Chancellor Park

She says that the spark has left their relationship ever since they stopped working together, and they’re two different people with two different goals.

Lily says that they should take some time apart. She says that it’s not the end, but they need to take some time to see what’s really left between them.

Billy leaves, and Lily sits on a bench, crying to herself.

Lily’s phone pings. It’s a text message from Daniel saying, “Happy New Year!”

Lily sits alone in the park, crying, and gets a text message from Daniel saying "Happy New Year!"

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Nick shows up to Sally’s suite and brings her soup and a hot water bottle.

Nick comes to Sally's suite with soup, a hot water bottle, and some ginger ale. He's standing in the door, and she invites him in. - The Young and The Restless recap for Dec 29, 2022

He also brings her some ginger ale and some champagne flutes.

Nick Newman sits on the couch in Sally's suite and leaves her with some things to make her feel better

She asks to be left alone, as she doesn’t really want any company right now.

Nick wishes her a Happy New Year, kisses her on the cheek, and leaves.

Nick gives Sally a kiss goodbye and wishes her a Happy New Year

Chloe comes to Sally’s suite, and asks what all the food is about.

Sally says that Nick gave it to her to make her feel better.

Chloe asks if she’s still sick.

Chloe and Sally talk in the living room of Sally's hotel suite

Sally says that she just can’t get Chloe’s comment out of her head, and wonders if she might be right.

Chloe is surprised, and says she didn’t even say the “P word”.

Sally says that she was normally diligent about taking the pill, but she forgot a couple of times, and is concerned about it.

Sally and Chloe talk, standing in the living room of Sally's suite

Chloe says, “You didn’t forget on purpose, did you?”

Sally says that no, that’s not her style… At least not anymore.

Chloe laughs and says that plan doesn’t usually work out well. She says that Sally probably just has a stomach bug, and needs to chill out and enjoy her soup.

Sally, arms crossed, tells Chloe that she might be pregnant by either Nick or Adam

Sally sits down, looking worried.

Chloe says, “It wouldn’t be that bad if you had Nick’s baby, he makes beautiful babies!”

Sally says that it’s not that simple… The baby could also be Adam’s.

Chloe is surprised, and Sally tells her that she had “Goodbye sex” with Adam, and it was spontaneous.

Sally sits on a couch, and Chloe sits in an armchair as they talk

Sally says she didn’t regret it at the time, and asks Chloe if she can get her a pregnancy test.


Jack is lurking at the restaurant, listening in on Diane and Jeremy as they talk.

Jack lurks behind a wall at Society, with Christmas trees behind him

Jeremy says that the only way to pay him back is to give him the money she took.

Diane says that only way forward is if both of them lay their cards on the table.

Jeremy agrees, and asks her if she turned state evidence to put him away.

Diane and Jeremy sit at a table in the restaurant, talking

Diane says that she wouldn’t do something like that. She says that she’s being 100% straight with him.

She says that after he was arrested, that she missed the excitement that he brought to her life.

Jeremy says that he thought a lot about her when he was locked up… Both angry thoughts and good thoughts, too.

Jack Abbott sneaks around as Jeremy Stark and Diane Jenkins talk

Diane says that it made her feel alive, and she wants to get that excitement back.

Jack continues to listen in, looking concerned.

Jeremy asks if she wants to start things up again, and wants to know why she left.

Jeremy Stark talks with Diane Jenkins at a table. They're both holding glasses of red wine.

Diane says that she was afraid, and wanted to get away. She panicked and ran on her own volition.

Jeremy says that Jack offered him money to make him leave.

Diane says that whatever deal Jack made with Jeremy, it was to protect his family, and had nothing to do with her. She says that she can’t stop thinking of Jeremy, that they have an unbreakable bond.

Diane, smiling, talks with Jeremy Stark. They're sitting at a table in the restaurant with Christmas decorations in the background

She says that Genoa City is killing her, that there’s no thrill like she had when she was with Jeremy.

Jeremy says that it’s a very interesting proposition.

Diane says that together, they could find a creative but risky way to score back the money she took from him.

Jeremy Stark looks interested in Diane's proposal

Jeremy says that he’ll consider it and get back to her. He leaves, and Jack comes over to the table to see Diane.

Diane asks how long he’d been there. He says the whole time, he couldn’t let her go through this alone.

Jack says that he thinks that Jeremy believed what she was telling him.

Jack comes to Diane's table and tells her he was listening to her conversation with Jeremy Stark

Crimson Lights

Billy and Adam both arrive at Crimson Lights, and Billy sits down at a table on the indoor patio.

Adam says, “What a surprise to see you here!”

Adam comes up to Billy at the coffee shop. Billy's sitting alone at a table.

Adam goes on to say that Billy needs to leave Chelsea alone, she’s spending time with Connor. Adam stalks off abruptly.

Connor and Chelsea come into the coffee shop at that moment, and see Billy.

Chelsea says that they’re there to pick up a couple of hot chocolates.

Connor says Happy New Year to Billy, and asks if he can use Billy and Chelsea’s egg-drop device.

Chelsea and Connor arrive to find Billy at the coffee shop

Billy says that’d be cheating. Connor looks disappointed.

Chelsea asks if Billy would like to come up and help them with the egg-drop project.

Billy says he’s happy to, and they go to get a few hot chocolates before they head upstairs.

Nick and Sharon sit down in a booth at the coffee shop.

Nick and Sharon sit in a booth at the coffee shop

They talk about his family and wish each other Happy New Year, and Sharon says that she likes seeing him smile.

Sharon and Nick clink mugs in a toast as they sit in a booth in Crimson Lights

The Abbott Mansion

In the Abbott living room, Jack offers to bring Diane a tea to help her calm down.

Diane says that she’s OK, just rattled by her meeting with Jeremy.

Diane and Jack are in the holiday-decorated Abbott living room

Jack says he was a lot harder on Diane than she deserved.

Diane says he doesn’t treat her like she’s a horrible person out to ruin people’s lives, unlike some others.

She says that she likes who she is with him.

Jack and Diane talk in the Abbott family living room

Jack says he likes who he is with her too.

They look deeply into one another’s eyes and kiss tenderly.

Jack and Diane kiss in the Abbott family living room