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Y&R Recap for Dec 28: Sally Realizes She Might Be Pregnant, Phyllis Cries When Summer Refuses to Re-Hire Her, and Victor Asks if Victoria Still Wants to Take Over Chancellor-Winters

Jack Abbott listens from behind a half-closed door as Jeremy Stark and Diane Jenkins talk while sitting at a table

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, December 28, 2022 in the U.S. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Victor discusses Nick and Victoria’s decisions, Sally talks with Chloe, who suspects she might be pregnant, and Phyllis is told that she’s not getting hired back at Marchetti. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Danny explains how his marriage fell apart, Devon and Chance give each other the silent treatment, and Victor tries to bring Adam back into the family fold at Newman Enterprises.


Nick and Victoria are in Victoria’s office talking, and Nick recounts how the children were at the Newman family dinner.

He says that Christian was having a great time, and Johnny and Connor were being really friendly with each other that night.

Nick Newman and his sister, Victoria talk in her office at Newman Enterprises. They're sitting at a table. - The Young and The Restless Recap for Dec 28, 2022

Victor comes in and sits down at the desk, looking disturbed. He says that Victoria asked him to talk to Adam, and he did.

Victor says that he ran into Adam at the restaurant, and he was belligerent and was resistant to come back to the family business.

Victor Newman sits at Victoria's desk in her office at Newman Enterprises

Victoria says that Adam is just that type of person, and wonders how many times Adam has said that he’d change his name and leave town.

Victor says that he keeps hoping for a difference in his demeanour, he’s still his son.

Nick says that Adam won’t change, he’s always been this way.

In Victoria's office, Nick reacts to his father talking about Sally

Victor snaps back and says that Nick’s only saying that because him and Adam are in a fight over Sally Spectra’s love.

Nick says that he’s never demonstrated anything but loyalty to the company and to the family.

He continues and says that Adam has thrown it back into Victor’s face every time, and says that it has nothing to do with Sally Spectra.

Victor sits behind Victoria's desk and talks to Victoria and Nick

Victor says, “Did you even look at the dossier I compiled about her?”

Nick says he didn’t, and doesn’t need to. He says that he’s going to spend more time with Sally, just to make a point.

Nick continues to say he’s stayed away from Victor because of his incessant need to manipulate everyone in the family.

Nick tells Victor that he's very manipulative, as Victoria watches

Nick leaves, and Victor asks Victoria if she has abandoned the plan to take over Chancellor-Winters.

Victoria says that she no longer has an inside person there, that Nate won’t give her the shares that was planned.

Victoria speaks to her father, Victor Newman, in her office - The Young and The Restless Recap for Dec 28, 2022

Victor says it’s obviously bothering her, and she needs to learn to let things go.

Victoria asks her father if he would let it go that easily.

Victor says that he’s very proud of her, and she’s doing a great job of running the company.

Victoria Newman stands in her office and talks to her father, Victor Newman.

Victor goes on to say that she needs to just wait and see what happens.

Victoria says she wants to go after the big fish.

He reiterates that patience is best, and to just see what happens first.

Crimson Lights

Sally sits in the coffee shop, drinking from a Christmas mug, and flashes back to the night at Chancellor Park when she was there with Nick over Christmas.

In a flashback, Sally sees her enjoying a night with Nick while they sit on a bench in Chancellor Park drinking hot cocoa.

Adam comes in and sees Sally there.

Adam comes into Crimson Lights and sees Sally sitting at a table

He asks if she needs some company. She says it’s the holidays, and she’s feeling generous.

He takes a seat, and she asks about his Christmas. He said he spent it with family, biting his tongue all day.

Adam asks Sally how her Christmas was, and she says it was fine… Quiet.

Adam and Sally sit at a table and talk as she drinks a hot drink

Adam sees she looks uncomfortable and he asks what’s wrong.

She says, “Why do you ask?”

Adam says that she’s not drinking coffee. Sally says that it makes her jittery, so she’s cut down.

Adam talks with Sally while they sit at a table in the coffee shop

He says that’s good, as he wouldn’t want to hire a jittery interior designer.

Chloe comes into the coffee shop and sees Adam sitting there with Sally.

She says “Look at this. Nothing’s ever simple.”

Chloe comes into the coffee shop and sees Adam and Sally talking. Adam leaves and Chloe takes a seat.

Adam excuses himself, and as he’s leaving, Sally explains to Chloe that Adam just dropped in on her table.

Sally and Chloe start talking business, and Sally says that if they round out their interior design pitch, then they can present it to Jill at Chancellor-Winters.

She asks what that smell is, and Chloe shows her the cinnamon roll she had ordered.

Chloe and Sally talk in the coffee shop. There's a big cinnamon roll in front of Chloe.

Chloe starts talking about their interior design pitch, what colors and textiles she prefers, etc.

Sally is looking increasingly uncomfortable, and Chloe asks her what the problem is… Does she not like the ideas that Chloe’s coming up with?

Sally says it’s not, and excuses herself to the washroom.

Sally isn't feeling well, so she leaves Chloe at the table so she can go to the washroom

When Sally comes back, Chloe says that she must really be feeling bad, and jokes around, asking if she smells burnt toast.

She says, “Is there a possibility you may be…?”

Sally pops a mint into her mouth, and protests a little too much, saying, “Absolutely not! Let’s just get down to work!”

Sally and Chloe talk business while sitting in front of a Christmas tree in Crimson Lights

Sally mumbles some excuse about how there’s a stomach bug going around, and they start talking supply chains and numbers.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes into the living room, and Diane and Kyle follow in short order.

Jack asks who came up with the crazy idea that Diane should come back to town. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Diane says she came up with a plan.

Jack, Diane, and Kyle are in the living room of the Abbott house. Diane is sitting on the couch, and Jack goes to take a seat in an armchair. Kyle is standing.

Jack says that he already doubled his initial offer to Jeremy Stark, and he hopes that Jeremy will just leave now.

Diane says “We need to get the upper hand with this guy… Now.” She continues that they shouldn’t go to Jeremy, they should make him come to them.

Jack, Diane, and Kyle are all sitting in the Abbott living room, talking

Jack says he doesn’t like it. He can’t see how it’s going to work out.

Kyle says he’s tried talking to her about it, and he thinks she can pull it off, but not alone.

Diane says that she knows how Jeremy’s mind works, and she can use it to set a trap, and Jeremy will walk right into it.

Jack Abbott, Diane Jenkins, and Kyle Abbott sit in the living room, talking

Jack says that Jeremy’s guard is up, and he doesn’t think Jeremy will fall for it.

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Suite

Jeremy riffles through some of the money that Jack left with him. He looks pensive, and wanders around his hotel room.

Jeremy Stark riffles through the money that Jack left him. A briefcase full of money is sitting open on the bed.

His phone rings. It’s Diane.

He says, “Oh hi Taylor, or is it Diane?”

Jeremy Stark answers his cellphone

Jeremy asks why she called.

Diane says that seeing him again brought back a lot of memories, so she ran.

She says that she doesn’t want to talk about it on the phone, she wants to meet in person.

In the Abbott living room, Diane talks to Jeremy Stark while Kyle and Jack Abbott sit on the sofa listening

He invites her to his hotel room, and she says it’s too risky.

He asks where they should meet then. Diane suggests the restaurant, Society.

They agree, and they disconnect the call.

Jeremy talks to Diane on his cellphone

Society Restaurant

Summer comes into the restaurant to see her mom, Phyllis. She sits down at the table with her.

They talk about their Christmases, and Phyllis says that Danny Romalotti, Daniel’s father, arrived in town.

Summer and her mother, Phyllis, sit at a table in the restaurant, Society.

Phyllis says that Daniel offered her a job. She explains that he’s heading up the gaming division at Chancellor-Winters.

She says that she’d be leading the team of tech specialists. Something seems off with Phyllis, and she looks uncomfortable.

Phyllis explains that she said a tentative yes to Daniel’s offer, but she wanted to go over it with Summer first.

Phyllis is talking to her daughter, Summer, but looks uncomfortable as she sits at the table with her

Summer says, “In case I wanted to reconsider firing you from Marchetti?”

Summer talks about how she hates that everything had to get to the point of her having to fire her mother from Marchetti.

Phyllis tears up, and says that she loved working with her daughter.

Summer tells Phyllis that she didn't want to fire her, but had no choice

Summer says that may be, but she still doesn’t think she wants Phyllis working for her, and she encourages Phyllis to take this new job with Chancellor-Winters.

Phyllis cries, saying that she’s lost Summer now. She says that Summer understood her when nobody else did. She says that Summer still blames her for what’s happening with Diane.

Phyllis cries as her daughter, Summer, tells her that she won't re-hire her

Phyllis says that Diane was chased out of town because of her past, and it wasn’t Phyllis’s fault.

Summer protests that she still loves her mother, but Phyllis is overcome with emotion, and makes her way out of the restaurant.

Phyllis is overcome with emotion, and gets up from the table to leave. Summer is left sitting at the table.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer arrives home to the Abbott house, and Kyle sees her and gives her a hug. He knows she just talked to her mother.

Kyle gives Summer a hug in the foyer of the Abbott Mansion

She explains to him that Daniel offered Phyllis a job, and that Phyllis wanted her to hire her back at Marchetti.

Kyle says that Phyllis needs to face the consequences of her actions, that Phyllis is only trying to make Summer feel bad for firing her.

Kyle and Summer sit in the Abbott living room, talking

Society Restaurant

Adam and Nick both come into the restaurant and sit at the bar.

Adam laughs and jokes that Nick didn’t leave right away when he saw him there.

Nick arrives at Society and sees Adam sitting at the bar

Nick asks how things are at Jabot.

Adam says things are fine, but sometimes he feels like he doesn’t fit in there.

Nick sits at the bar with Adam in the restaurant

Nick says he won’t say the obvious joke, but says that he wants Adam to know that he thinks that Adam did a fantastic job at Newman Media.

Adam asks what the hell happened to make him say a comment like that?

Nick says that Victor has been very manipulative lately, and he understands why Adam got fed up and walked away.

Nick sits at the bar and talks to Adam

Adam says, “Let me guess. Victor wants you to cut Sally loose.”

Adam says that Nick doesn’t belong with Sally, anyhow.

Nick says that he’s sorry that Sally left Adam, but it was her choice.

Adam talks to Nick at Society's bar

They verbally joust for a while.

Adam says that Nick probably said all the appropriate things, making Sally feel like she’s “The One”, but they both know that she never will be.

Nick and Adam have a drink in front of them at the bar as they talk

Diane comes into the restaurant and sees Jeremy there, sitting at a table.

Diane Jenkins comes into Society and sees Jeremy Stark sitting at a table

He stands up, and says he had forgotten what a pleasure it was to see her walk into the room.

Jeremy Stark stands up and greets Diane as she arrives at Society

Diane sits down and says, “I hope you’ll feel the same after what I’m about to tell you.”

Jack comes to the restaurant and listens in on Jeremy and Diane from behind a half-closed door.

Jack Abbott listens from behind a half-closed door as Jeremy Stark and Diane Jenkins talk while sitting at a table

Diane says that she is there to propose a trade.

Jeremy says, “Something I’d find… Desirable?”

Diane proposes a deal to Jeremy Stark

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Sally comes home, looking like she’s not feeling well.

Sally, looking like she's not feeling well, sits down in a chair at her hotel suite

She sits down, and pulls out her cellphone. She checks her period tracker app, and sees that her period is late.

Sally's Period Tracker app on her cellphone

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nick.

Sally invites him in, and he says that they were supposed to have drinks.

Nick is at the door at Sally's hotel suite

She says she can’t, that she’s feeling under the weather, must be something she ate.

Nick says he knows just the thing for her.

Nick talks with Sally in her hotel suite

Chancellor Park

Adam has left Society, and comes into the park. He has a flashback to Victor saying, “All the hurdles in your life are created by you. All the problems in your life are your own damn fault.”

Adam stands in a snowy Chancellor Park, thinking about his father

Adam looks thoughtful as he leaves the park.

Adam looks thoughtful as he stands in the park thinking