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Y&R Rerun Recap for Dec 30: David Kimble Shoots Danny Romalotti at a Masquerade Ball, The Perfect Backdrop for Murder and Duplicity

Carol Robbins as Jeannie and Victor Newman as a Roman Emperor

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, December 30, 2022 in the USA, but is a rerun of an episode that originally aired Oct 2, 1991. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, David Kimble shoots Danny Romalotti, and Victoria tries to hide her new beau from her father. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Lily tells Billy they need time apart, Danny reunites with old friends, and Sally asks Chloe to get her a pregnancy test.

The Colonnade Room

NOTE: This historic episode is being aired on December 30, as The Young and The Restless is pre-empted on that date. This episode is from October 2, 1991.

The ballroom at The Colonnade Room is filled with revellers in Masquerade costumes.

The Majordomo (who announces the guests and acts as the Master of Ceremonies) introduces Katherine Chancellor, who is dressed as The Queen of Hearts, and Rex Sterling, who is dressed as The Mad Hatter.

Rex Sterling, as the Mad Hatter, and Katherine Chancellor, dressed as The Queen of Hearts, are introduced by the majordomo

Other guests arrive and are announced, including George Washington, Cupid, and more.

Cricket Blair is dressed as “Holly Hollywood” (a Marilyn Monroe-looking character), and is with Danny Romalotti, dressed as The Beast from Beauty and The Beast.

Cricket Blair, dressed as Holly Hollywood, and Danny Romalotti, dressed as The Beast, are introduced

David Kimble is dressed in an identical Beast costume, and watches from the partygoers from behind a curtain on a balcony.

David Kimble, also dressed as The Beast, watches from the balcony

Jill Abbott makes a sweeping entrance as Cleopatra, with two bodyguards escorting her into the ballroom.

Jill Abbott, dressed as Cleopatra, makes a grand entrance

Jack Abbott, dressed as Prince Charming, follows Jill as she sashays out onto the floor.

Jack Abbott as Prince Charming

Lauren Fenmore arrives with Paul Williams. Lauren is dressed as Marie Antoinette, and Paul is dressed as Captain Intrepid.

Lauren Fenmore as Marie Antoinette, and Paul Williams as Captain Intrepid

Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton are announced as Mae West and Zorro, respectively.

Victoria Newman and Ryan MacNeil are outside, dressed as Romeo and Juliet.

Ryan complains that Victoria doesn’t want them to be introduced like everyone else, as she doesn’t want her father to know she’s with him.

Victoria Newman as Juliet, and Ryan MacNeil as Romeo

While Victor is being introduced as a Roman emperor, with his loyal secretary, Carol Robbins dressed as Jeannie (the genie from I Dream of Jeannie), Victoria and Ryan slip inside, unseen by her father.

Carol Robbins as Jeannie and Victor Newman as a Roman Emperor

Neil Winters arrives as Dionysus, the God of Wine (also known as Bacchus), and accompanying him is Olivia Barber, who is dressed as Diana Ross.

Neil Winters, dressed as Dionysius, and Olivia Barber, dressed as Diana Ross

The false Beast (David Kimble) is outside looking in on the guests, and an usher asks if he’d like to be introduced.

David makes an excuse that he wants to remain anonymous, that it took a lot for his girlfriend to get him to the party.

The false Beast, David Kimble, explains to an usher that he doesn't wish to be introduced

Katherine and Rex make their way over to Jack and Jill. Katherine comments on Jill’s grand entrance.

Jill smirks and says she didn’t want to be ostentatious.

Katherine asks Jack why he’s there with Jill instead of Nikki. Jack says that Nikki’s on holiday, and couldn’t make it.

Jill is dressed as Cleopatra, and Jack is dressed as Prince Charming

Jack looks over at Victor, and says that Victor probably wears his costume to bed.

Olivia asks Neil where Nathan is, and Neil sees that Drucilla has arrived, along with Nathan Hastings. He suggests that him and Olivia should go mingle.

John Abbott is dressed as George Washington, and Leanna Love is dressed as Cupid. He tells her that he’s getting comfortable in his outfit, and she remarks that he’s not running a country, not a company.

John Abbott as George Washington talks with Carol Robbins, dressed as Jeannie

Douglas Austin (dressed as King Henry VIII) says that he’s pleased to meet a prima ballerina. The woman he’s talking with says, “Is there any other type?”. She really looks more like Little Bo Peep.

Douglas Austin, dressed as King Henry VIII, talks with someone disguised as Little Bo Peep

The false Beast (David Kimble) lurks outside, looking in at the partygoers. Douglas Austin, dressed as the king, comes up to him and thinks he’s Danny.

The false Beast just growls menacingly at Douglas. Douglas laughs and heads back inside.

David Kimble, dressed as the Beast, stays in the shadows

Inside, the Majordomo introduces the people responsible for the charity ball. He gives a warm welcome to Catherine Chancellor and Rex Sterling, who make their way on stage.

Catherine makes a speech, saying that they will be able to make a record contribution to the less fortunate, thanks to everyone’s generosity.

Catherine Chancellor and Rex Sterling are on stage, dressed up

Catherine calls Henry The Eighth (Douglas Austin) up on stage, and they sing a song “Put On a Happy Face” together.

Katherine Chancellor and Douglas Austin sing on stage

Everyone loves it and is laughing as they sing.

There’s much applause after.

Jill Abbott and Jack Abbott, dressed as Cleopatra and Prince Charming, applaud

Captain Intrepid (Paul Williams) asks if Marie Antoinette (Lauren Fenmore) is singing without her head tonight.

Lauren laughs, and says not tonight.

Scott Grainger Sr, dressed as a Magician, and Sheila (dressed as a panther), meet up with Paul and Lauren. Scott says he wants to put aside their differences and get rid of the tension between them.

The false Beast, hiding in the shadows, whispers, “Enjoy yourselves, it won’t be long.”

Brad Carlton (Zorro) brings Traci (Mae West) a drink and says that he’s looking forward to the baby as much as she is.

They clink glasses in a toast. He asks Traci to dance, and puts the drinks on a server’s tray.

Brad Carlton, dressed as Zorro, brings Traci Abbott (dressed as Mae West) a drink

John Abbott (George Washington) comes over to his daughter, and asks her to dance.

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Y&R Comings and Goings

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Brad asks Victoria if they should go see her dad. She protests and says that her father is expecting her to be with someone else.

Victoria and Ryan watch from a balcony

He says that they should go down anyhow, and they go to dance.

Victor is on the dance floor, and he’s looking up at them.

Victor Newman looks up from the dance floor at his daughter and her date

Esther (Fifi the maid), does a burlesque routine on the stage.

Esther dressed up as a maid, performs a burlesque routine on stage

Everybody laughs and applauds, except for Jill, who looks upset.

Victor comes over to Victoria and asks where Tyler is. He asks where her dress is, and guesses that she’s playing Juliet. He asks if Ryan is with her.

Victor Newman confronts Victoria

Cricket says that Danny’s Beast costume makes her feel safe. The false beast lies in wait, watching from the shadows.

Cricket (Holly Hollywood) and Danny Romalotti (The Beast)

Victor comes over to Jack and asks where Nikki is. Jack says he came with Jill so she wouldn’t be alone.

Victor questions him about Nikki being away.

Victor Newman and Jack Abbott

Jill (Cleopatra) comes into the powder room, and finds Catherine Chancellor there.

Catherine says that Jill is determined to cause problems, showing up with Jack like that.

Jill says that John is going to soon be over Leanna. Catherine says that they’re performing together tonight.

Jill Abbott and Catherine Chancellor argue in the powder room

Danny (The Beast) tells Cricket that he has a friend who wants to talk about setting a concert date. He leaves her for a bit.

Catherine gets up on stage and introduces “Gina Roma” (Gina Romalotti), Danny’s sister.

Gina does a routine, singing “The Masquerade” (a song made famous by The Carpenters).

Gina Roma / Romalotti sings on stage, dressed as Carmen Miranda

Danny comes out onto the balcony, and calls for his friend, who was supposed to meet him there.

He sees the other Beast, and says, “What a great gag!”

Danny Romalotti as The Beast

The false beast says, “I promise you, it’s not a gag!” He pulls out a gun, and shoots Danny, who falls to the ground.