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Y&R Recap for Dec 23: Emotions Run High After Mariah & Tessa Share a Psychic Dream and Learn They’re Adopting a Baby Girl in the New Year

Tessa and Mariah finish their champagne and ask for more

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, December 23, 2022 in the U.S. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Tessa and Mariah help a young mother give birth, and find out some wonderful news about their adoption. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Danny Romalotti returns and cheers up Daniel, Sally has an oddly upset stomach, and Victoria’s not happy about Johnny visiting with Chelsea.

The Glam Club

Tessa, Mariah, Nick, Sharon, and Noah toast to Christmas at the club.

Tessa and Mariah thank Noah for putting the night together.

Nick, Tessa, Mariah, Sharon, and Noah toast to Christmas in the Glam Club - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Sharon says that Faith is away, and Noah asks when she grew up so quickly.

Mariah asks Nick how he got Christian to sleep. Nick says that it sure was a lot easier than getting Noah to go to sleep when he was young.

Nick is sitting in the Glam Club, and explains how he got Christian to sleep

Nick says that they checked out the Santa Tracker online, and that made Christian realize that Santa wasn’t going to get there until he went to bed, and it was that easy!

Nick says that there’s nothing as nice on Christmas as seeing through the eyes of a child. Tessa and Mariah clasp hands and look each other in the eye.

Tessa and Mariah finish their champagne and ask for more

Mariah and Tessa finish a bottle, and Noah jokes that he’s going to run out of champagne if they don’t slow down a bit.

Sharon asks if Mariah and Tessa will be there to help out tomorrow morning at the homeless shelter.

Good times are had by all at the Glam Club

Nick says he’ll be there to help, and then Noah, Christian, and himself will head over to the Newman ranch.

Sharon says she’s got to get going, and asks if Tessa and Mariah need a ride.

Tessa shakes her head and says that they don’t need a ride… They’re not going to stay at the club, but they’re not going home. Mariah looks a little confused at this revelation.

Mariah is confused when Tessa says they won't be going home

Tessa tells Mariah that she got a suite for their first married Christmas together. She says they’re going to have a rose-petal bath.

Tessa says they’re leaving before Sharon. Isn’t that weird? They laugh and continue downstairs.

Mariah and Tessa leave The Glam Club to go down to their hotel room

Tessa & Mariah’s Hotel Suite

Mariah and Tessa sit on the couch in their robes after having a luxurious bath.

Mariah gives Tessa a present… It’s a glass tree ornament that’s inscribed with “Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Mariah and Tessa 2022.”

In robes, Tessa opens the present that Mariah gave her. It's a tree ornament. - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Tessa loves it, and says that maybe they should make it into a tradition to get ornaments every year… Maybe next year it’ll say “Merry first Christmas to our baby.”

Mariah says that she’d love that, and until then, they’ll have to make the best of their first Christmas together alone.

Mariah and Tessa kiss on the couch in their hotel suite

They kiss tenderly as Christmas music plays in the background.

Tessa and Mariah wake up the next morning and wish each other Merry Christmas.

Mariah jokes, and asks how Tessa can look so good, did she wake up early and get ready?

Tessa and Mariah wake up to a snowy Christmas morning

Tessa laughs, and looks outside, and she says that it’s snowing.

Mariah says that it’s supposed to snow all day, and wishes they could just stay in their robes.

Tessa looks out of her and Mariah's hotel room and comments that it's snowing

They head to Crimson Lights to help Sharon.

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Mariah and Tessa arrive at the coffee shop, where there is Christmas music playing. Sharon and Noah are there.

Tessa and Mariah walk into the coffee shop. Noah and Sharon are there to greet them. - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Noah asks if they need a few triple espressos after all the champagne.

They laugh and Sharon prepares them some drinks.

Noah and Sharon are behind the counter of the coffee shop, and Sharon gives Tessa and Mariah a hot drink

They get everything packed up and hand off the last bag to Noah, who is out to deliver them.

Sharon warns him to drive carefully, it’s really snowy.

A woman comes into the coffee shop and says she knows it’s closed, but she saw everyone inside.

A girl arrives at the coffee shop and says she was just in an accident

She says that she had an accident, and needs to use the phone. Mariah tells her to have a seat, and she sits down.

The woman is visibly pregnant.

Mariah brings the girl a drink, and Tessa says she’s having problems getting a tow truck up there, and asks if they can get her anything.

The girl is visibly pregnant, and sits at a table with Mariah and Tessa

The girl is crying, but says that she isn’t hurt, but she’d like something light to eat.

They ask her where she was going, and she says that she was just out driving.

Tessa is confused. “You were just out driving on Christmas?”

The girl explains that she was driving away from her family, as they had a fight.

Tessa and Mariah sit at a table with Sonja, who tells them about her life

Mariah and Tessa introduce themselves, and the girl says her name is Sonja. Sonja says she thought she recognized Tessa, she loves her music, which is actually playing in the shop.

Tessa asks her if she’s alone. The girl explains that the father is out of the picture, and her parents aren’t very supportive of her.

Sonja explains her situation to Tessa, Mariah, and Sharon

She says that she’s not sure if she can take care of her baby, especially when there are people out there who need a child.

She says that she needs to use the washroom, and Sharon points her the way.

After a minute, Sonja comes back out of the washroom, and says that she may need a little more than just the washroom… Her water just broke!

Sonja stands in the doorway and says that her water just broke

Mariah gets on the phone and calls the medics. She says that there’s a lot of problems on the roads, and they’re not sure when the ambulance will arrive.

Sharon reassures Sonja and tells her that usually the first baby takes a while, and they should walk while they wait. She helps Sonja up to walk around.

Sharon walks Sonja around the coffee shop to help her deal with her labor pains

Mariah looks sad, and Tessa asks her if she’s thinking about when she was pregnant with Dominic.

She says that they can help Sonja through one of the scariest times of her life.

Mariah says that she needs to let Sonja know that she’s not alone. She tells her that Sonja’s friends with Tessa now, and that’s pretty amazing!

Mariah walks with Sonja around the coffee shop

Sonja asks Mariah about having a child, and Mariah mentions that she was a surrogate and gave the baby away.

Sonja says, “So you don’t want any kids?”

Mariah says she does want kids.

Mariah watches as Sonja doubles over in pain from contractions

Sonja is having really heavy contractions, and is crying in pain. Mariah comforts her, and says the medics will be there soon.

Sharon thinks things are escalating too quickly, and calls Elena, who, luckily, answers right away.

Sharon explains the situation to her, and asks her if she can come over to Crimson Lights right away.

Sharon calls Elena to come over to Crimson Lights as soon as possible

Elena comes to the coffee shop, and finds Sonja having contractions. She calms and guides her on what she needs to do.

Elena arrives and begins helping Sonja to deliver the baby - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Sonja is in labour, and cries in pain. After some time, Elena delivers the baby.

It’s a little girl. The medics arrive a few minutes later.

Elena helps Sonja deliver her baby, while Sharon, Mariah, and Tessa gather around

Elena talks to the medics to fill them in on what happens.

On a gurney, holding her daughter, Sonja says that she thinks that she was fated to meet Tessa and Mariah.

Sonja lies on a gurney and tells Tessa and Mariah she was fated to meet them

Tessa and Mariah say they think the same.

Sonja says that she feels now like she can handle having the baby, and will take good care of it.

The medics wheel her out.

Tessa and Mariah smile at Sonja

Tessa & Mariah’s Hotel Suite

Tessa and Mariah wake up, and Mariah looks disturbed, saying she just had the most intense dream.

Tessa says she did too. They talk about the dream, and hug as they realize they had the same dream.

Mariah and Tessa are sitting up in bed, and Mariah looks disturbed - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Tessa says they haven’t had a psychic connection like that since Mariah was kidnapped.

Mariah says it seemed so real, and that somehow it seemed to mean that their baby was coming soon… Only to have the woman in her dream choose to keep her child.

Tessa and Mariah are sitting up in bed in their hotel room, talking

She asks if it’s an omen that means that they won’t get what they want.

Tessa says that they can’t attribute that much meaning to a dream like that… It’s probably just their collective unconscious that’s telling them to not keep their hopes up.

Tessa talks about the dream to Mariah and what she thinks it means

She says that they felt the joy of bringing a new life into the world, and that it affirms that they’re going to be kick-ass moms.

Mariah says that she thinks it means that they’re close to finding their own child.

They both say they love each other, and kiss tenderly.

Tessa and Mariah kiss tenderly

Tessa says that she thinks it means that if they’re facing setbacks, they need to keep their dream alive.

They snuggle together before getting up to go see Sharon and Noah.

Tessa rests her head on Mariah's shoulder as they contemplate their day and dreams

Crimson Lights – Not a dream

Mariah and Tessa show up to the coffee shop, and this time it’s not a dream.

Tessa and Mariah show up to Crimson Lights and meet Noah and Sharon - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 23

Sharon asks them if everything’s alright, as they look a bit disturbed. Noah jokes that it’s probably from their champagne-filled night, and they will need a few espresso shots to get in shape.

Mariah’s phone pings with a message.

Mariah shows her phone to Sharon, Noah, and Tessa

It’s from Delphine, the potential birth mother.

Mariah looks shocked, then happy. She says that Delphone sent a sonogram, and a message. “We can’t wait to meet you!”

Mariah is so happy she could die. She hugs Tessa, who is overwhelmed with emotion.

Tessa is overcome with emotion as she hugs Mariah

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Happy Holidays from Y&R!