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Sally Has an Oddly Upset Stomach, Danny Romalotti Returns and Cheers Up Daniel, and Victoria’s Not Happy About Johnny Visiting Chelsea

Danny and Daniel hug

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, December 22, 2022. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Jack makes a deal with Jeremy Stark, Sally and Nick talk Christmas in Chancellor Park, and Kyle and Summer go to the Abbott cabin to see Diane. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jack made a deal with Stark to bring him to Diane, Tucker hid Audra from Ashley, Sharon & Chance seemed to bond at the coffee shop, while Audra seemed keen to horn her way in between Chance & Sharon.

Chancellor Park

Nick and Sally are sitting in the park drinking some hot drinks, and are talking about Christmas and decorations.

Nick shares a delicious-sounding recipe for Eggnog, and continues to tell Sally how Christian has been asking about Santa, and how he’s able to deliver all the presents.

Nick and Sally sit on a bench drinking hot drinks in Chancellor Park. It's dark out.  - Young and The Restless Recap for Dec 22

Nick tells Sally that he explained to his son that it was Christmas magic, and sometimes, you just have to believe in magic. Sally smiles.

Sally asks about his daughter, Faith, and he says that he misses her like crazy, as she’s out skiing in the Swiss Alps. He says that he has to learn to just let them go.

Sally jokes with Nick on the park bench

Sally tells him that his children have a big age-range. Nick laughs and asks her if that’s some kind of snark.

She says it’s not a reflection on him, and she side-steps by saying that it just shows how responsible he is.

She says she’s never seen someone like him who is a parent that loves being a parent.

Sally tells Nick about her childhood while sitting on a park bench

Sally starts telling him a story of how in her childhood, her parents were drunken carnies, nomads travelling from one small town to the next.

Nick expresses surprise, and says he can’t imagine what that was like. He asks if she went to school.

Sally says that she didn’t, she had to learn everything on her feet. She says that her sister, Coco, and her would sit behind the Ferris wheel, and watch other kids, wondering what their lives were like.

Nick and Sally sit drinking hot drinks on a park bench while talking

Nick says it’s like she was in her own little world.

Sally nods, and says that she never really had any real Christmas miracles.

Nick nods sombrely as he absorbs this.

Nick listens as Sally tells him about her childhood while they sit on a bench in the park

Sally says that her parents always got in trouble, and one day, they got in some trouble and just disappeared. She says that’s where her “unique” perspective on parenthood comes from.

She says that it’s not like she grew up on the streets… She grew up under “Grams'” wing after her parents abandoned her.

She says that she idolized her great-aunt Sally, who was her namesake, and was also a designer.

Nick reacts to Sally's story - Young and The Restless Recap for Dec 22

Nick says that it sounds like life with Grams was better than a carny life.

Sally says that growing up in an all-female household really taught her that women can do anything, and they didn’t need a man on a white horse to save them.

Sally says she wants to talk about Christmas presents, because they’ve been taking it slow, and what limitations they should have about presents.

Sally talks to Nick about life with "Grams"

Nick asks if this is her way of saying that he shouldn’t buy her an expensive gift. Sally laughs and says she just wants to make sure they’re in sync.

Nick jokes that she’ll really enjoy her book of Sudoku.

She jokes back that he’ll enjoy his coffee mug.

Nick and Sally kiss on the park bench in Chancellor Park

Nick smiles and says he’s choosing to believe in magic, and they kiss tenderly.

Sally smiles and rests her head on Nick’s shoulder.

Sally happily rests her head on Nick's shoulder, and he has his arm around her

Sally looks a bit uncomfortable, and says that the coffee must not be agreeing with her.

Nick takes her coffee and from her and throws it away.

She gets up and they leave together. Sally rubs her stomach and grimaces.

Sally says that the coffee isn't agreeing with her as she rubs her stomach

The Abbott Mansion

Daniel comes over to find Summer and Kyle in the living room. They laugh and joke that he was missed.

They sit and talk about he’s going to be heading up a new gaming group at Chancellor-Winters.

Danny sits on the Abbott living room sofa and talks with Kyle and Summer - Young and The Restless Recap for Dec 22

Daniel looks around and asks them where they’re going and what they’re doing for the holidays.

Summer and Kyle look a bit uncomfortable… They’ve got plans to see Diane, and don’t want to say anything.

Summer says that they’re going on a late-night adventure with Harrison, and Kyle jokes that they may even see Rudolph on the way!

Daniel talks to Summer and Kyle while they sit on the couch at the Abbott house

Summer asks Daniel what happened with Lucy and Heather.

Daniel hesitates for a minute, before saying that everything is going to work out as it should with Heather and Lucy, and that he’s happy to be home.

Daniel says he’s got to get going, and says goodbye to Summer and Kyle.

Daniel shakes Kyle's hand goodbye while Summer watches. There's a Christmas tree in the background.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Chelsea’s apartment

Johnny and Connor talk about how to beat a level on a video game, and head into Connor’s room to talk.

Connor and Johnny are standing in Chelsea's apartment and talking about video games

Adam says “You’ve been a busy elf!” when he sees Billy at Chelsea’s apartment.

Billy says that he was just there to have Johnny drop off a Christmas present for Connor.

Adam sees Billy at Chelsea's apartment and looks surprised

Johnny and Connor come out of Connor’s room to see Adam.

Adam says he’s there to pick up Connor to go out for dinner, and Connor asks if Johnny can join them for dinner.

Connor asks his dad, Adam, whether Johnny can join them for dinner, while Billy and Chelsea look on.

Chelsea asks Billy, “Why don’t you come along too?”

Billy says that he has to leave, and Johnny says, “I can go though, right?”

Johnny earnestly explains how he’s trying to teach Connor about a video game, and that he can explain things to him over dinner.

Johnny's excited to be going to dinner with Connor and teach him how to beat a video game level

Billy says yes, that he can go.

Adam asks if Victoria will be OK with it, and Billy says she’ll be fine.

Billy heads downstairs to meet with Victoria at the coffee shop.

Crimson Lights

Billy comes into the coffee shop to see Victoria.

Victoria immediately asks Billy where Johnny is. Billy says that Johnny is going to dinner with Connor, Adam, and Chelsea.

In the coffee shop, Victoria asks Billy where Johnny is

Victoria can’t believe it, she asks Billy what he was thinking by letting Johnny be with alone with Chelsea right now.

Billy says that she should be proud of the way that Johnny is being friends with Connor and how he’s handling the news about Chelsea being his bio-mom.

He reminds her that they said they’d listen to Johnny and take his lead when it comes to Chelsea.

Billy tells Victoria she should be proud of Johnny

Victoria says that Christmas is a special time, and she wanted to spend that night with him.

Billy agrees, and Victoria says that she’s worried that if he gets closer to Chelsea, the lines may get blurred about who’s his mother.

She explains that the tensions between her and Adam’s families have really escalated, and that it’s stressful.

Victoria tells Billy that she's been stressed lately

Billy says they’re just going for dinner, and that the boys are getting together really well.

Victoria says that she doesn’t have an issue with Johnny and Connor being friends.

Billy says he doesn’t believe there will be any problems that come from Johnny and Chelsea having some time together.

Billy stands listening as Victoria explains her concerns

Victoria says that she needs to see that for herself.


Chelsea, Connor, Billy, and Johnny take a seat in the restaurant.

The boys say they’re really hungry. Chelsea says that everything is good on the menu, except to make sure not to ask for cilantro.

Adam, Johnny, Connor, and Chelsea arrive at the Society restaurant and find a table to sit at

Johnny laughs and says, “Because it tastes like soap? It tastes like that to me too!”. Chelsea agrees that it tastes soapy.

Connor looks surprised and says it tastes like that to him too.

Johnny and Connor sit at the table and laugh as they talk about cilantro tasting soapy

Billy and Victoria come into the restaurant, and see Johnny, Connor, Adam, and Chelsea together having a fun time.

Billy says, “See? Everything’s fine!”

Victoria still doesn’t look convinced.

Victoria and Billy come to Society Restaurant and see Adam, Johnny, Connor and Chelsea having a good time at the table

Chelsea waves them over, and Billy looks out the window, and remarks that it’s starting to snow.

Billy says it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas!

The Abbott Cabin

Harrison, Kyle, and Summer come to the cabin, looking around for Diane, only to find it empty.

Kyle calls out, along with Harrison who calls out for “Dee-Dee”.

Harrison, Summer, and Kyle arrive at the Abbott family cabin and enter the front door

Kyle searches a bit, looking through some rooms.

He says to Summer, “She’s not here!”

Kyle tells Summer that he Diane isn't in the cabin

At that moment, Diane comes in, saying that she was just outside for a few minutes, and they hug in greeting.

Diane comes into the cabin, and Harrison rushes over for a hug

Diane takes off her coat, and they begin decorating the tree. Diane asks where they found such a perfect tree.

Kyle says that Harrison has a good eye for trees, and was the one to pick it out.

Diane is excited to see the tree, while Harrison, Summer, and Kyle look on

Diane gives Kyle a big hug as he talks about Christmas with his family.

She says that she has a “complicated” relationship with Summer and Kyle’s families, but she’s working on making it stronger.

With Kyle’s help, Harrison puts the star on the tree.

Kyle holds Harrison up to put the star on the Christmas tree

Crimson Lights

Daniel is sitting at a table in the coffee shop, typing on his laptop.

Daniel sits alone in the coffee shop, typing on his laptop

He stops typing, and remembers Summer asking him about Lucy and Heather.

He sighs, looking lonely, and heads back to his hotel suite.

Daniel is lost in thought sitting at a table in the coffee shop with his laptop open in front of him

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Suite

Jack and Jeremy come into the Jeremy’s room. Jeremy is obviously angry.

Jack says that he “thought that’s where Diane would go!”

Jeremy Stark and Jack Abbott enter Jeremy's hotel suite. Jeremy looks angry.

Jeremy says that Diane is a clever woman, but he’s not sure she’s clever enough to evade the both of them.

Jeremy shoves his finger at Jack’s chest and says, “I’d hate it if you led me on a wild goose chase!”

Jeremy tells Jack that he'd better not be messing with him about Diane. Jack stands with his palm up, defending himself.

Jack says that she’s good at lying, and they’ve had to deal with that. He says he’s offered the money for Jeremy to leave, and Jeremy says that he’s not willing to take it.

Jack goes out of his way to say that he’ll double his offer to $1million dollars.

Jeremy accepts Jack's offer of 1 million dollars, and stands there watching Jack leave

Jeremy thinks about it, and says, “OK, you’ve made me an offer that’s hard to refuse.”

Jack says that he will get him the rest of the money by the end of the year.

Jeremy says he’ll stick around until he has the money, then will disappear from Jack and everyone’s life.

Jeremy smiles after Jack leaves

As Jack leaves, Jeremy smirks, and after the door closes, Jack has a pained look on his face as he thinks about things.

Jack grimaces in the hotel hallway

Daniel’s Hotel Suite

Daniel gets home and drops his bags on the floor.

He gets a bottle from the mini-bar, and sits down on the bed.

Daniel has a drink by himself as he sits on his hotel room bed

He drinks the bottle and grimaces.

There’s a knock at the door. Daniel gets up and answers it.

Daniel opens his suite door to find his father, Danny Romalotti, there.

It’s Danny Romalotti, his father. They hug and greet each other.

Daniel hugs his father, Danny, in the doorway to Danny's hotel room