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Y&R Recap for Dec 26: Devon Remembers Drucilla, Diane Learns She’s Still In Danger, and Ashley Breaks Into Society With Tucker

Devon, Abby, Nate, and Elena stand in Devon's living room having drinks

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, December 26, 2022. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Ashley and Tucker “break in” to Society, Abby makes plans behind Devon’s back with Nate, and Diane learns that Jeremy hasn’t left town. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Mariah & Tessa share a psychic dream and learn they’re adopting a baby girl in the new year.

Crimson Lights

Chance comes into the coffee shop and tells Sharon that he’s there for volunteer duty.

Sharon tells him that he’s a bit late, as Mariah and Tessa already packed everything up for Noah. She says that since he’s there, she could use some help cleaning up.

Chance shows up to the holiday-decorated Crimson Lights to see Sharon there

Sharon thanks Chance for helping her clean up.

Chance says it’s no problem, and says that the sooner she gets back to her family, the better… Right?

Sharon says that Faith isn’t home, and Mariah and Tessa are spending time alone. She tells him that they got a sonogram from someone they may be adopting a baby from.

Chance helps Sharon clean up Crimson Lights. It's fully decorated for the holidays.

Chance says that Mariah and Tessa deserve happiness.

Sharon says that they’re not the only ones… Chance deserves happiness too.

They sit down and have a hot drink together.

Sharon and Chance sit at a table and have some hot drinks while they talk

Chance says he doesn’t want to unload on Sharon, and she says that she’ll share instead.

She says that she is really missing Rey. She says they had a wonderful last Christmas, but had no idea it’d be their last.

Chance commiserates. He says that it’s not the same, but he can understand what it’s like to lose a family member, as his split with Abby means he’s losing out on family too.

Chance and Sharon talk in Crimson Lights, sitting at a table with hot drinks

Sharon smiles and says that they just need someone to talk to.

Nate/Devon’s Apartment Lobby

Abby brings Dominic in his stroller back to Devon’s place. In the lobby, she meets with Nate and Elena.

They ask her how she is, and asks about how Chance is doing.

Abby brings Dominic to Devon's apartment, and runs into Elena and Nate in the lobby

She tells them that they must not have heard the news that they’re getting divorced. They look surprised about the news.

Devon hears voices in the hall and opens the door to his apartment, and invites Abby in. She heads inside Devon’s apartment.

Devon invites Abby inside, and gives Nate a look

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The Abbott Mansion

Traci and Ashley come into the living room where Jack is looking pensive.

Jack looks pensively at his cellphone in front of the tree, while Ashley and Traci come into the living room

Traci says that it’s so nice that Summer and Kyle brought Harrison on a Santa Scouting mission, and that she figured they’d be back by now.

Ashley says, “Yeah, Jack, you must know where they are. What’s keeping them?”

Ashley and Traci sit on the couch in the Abbott living room

Jack says that he hasn’t heard from them, and he assumes they’ll be coming home today.

Traci says that she’s hoping that they’ll be back to be with family, since they can’t see Diane for Christmas.

The Abbott Cabin

Diane, Summer, Kyle, and Harrison sit around a nice fire, and talk about how fun it was to see each other over the holidays.

Summer, Harrison, Diane, and Kyle are in the living room in the Abbott cabin

Diane says that being with them is the greatest gift she could ever hope for.

Harrison says that he wants to build a snowman.

Kyle and Harrison bundle up, and head outside, leaving Diane and Summer in the cabin.

Kyle puts a winter hat on Harrison as Diane looks on, smiling

Summer says that Kyle told her that Diane had set up Jeremy Stark.

Diane says, “He told you that?”

Summer says that Diane put her and Kyle’s relationship in jeopardy by telling him to keep secrets from her, and that she needs to stop keeping secrets.

Summer and Diane talk in the cabin with a Christmas tree in the background

Diane says that she didn’t want to start any problems, she just didn’t know how people would react, and she needs to make sure that Phyllis didn’t find out where she was.

Summer says that she knows how her mother is, but she can manage the situation. She says that she won’t share any information with her mother that will put her family, or even Diane, in danger.

Diane sits on the couch and apologizes to Summer

Diane says she’s sorry for her mistake, and she will make sure to never do it again.

Kyle and Harrison come back in with a basket of pinecones they’ve collected.

Diane says they should show his stuffed animals, and she takes Harrison into his bedroom to do that.

Harrison shows Dee-Dee (Diane) his collection of pinecones while Kyle and Summer look on

Nate’s Apartment

Elena brings Nate a cup of hot cocoa as he stares into the fire, thoughtful.

Nate sits on the floor, staring thoughtfully into the fire, as Elena brings some hot drinks into the living room

She asks him what he was thinking about, and he says he was thinking about Abby and Chance. He wonders what happened to make them split up.

He says he has a theory. He brings up Amanda and Devon’s breakup, and says that it came at the same time as the news of Abby & Chance’s divorce.

Elena sits on the sofa talking with Nate, who's sitting on the floor, resting his arm on the couch

Elena thinks he’s jumping to conclusions.

Nate says that Abby spending time with Devon on Christmas Day is very odd. Elena says that Nate is projecting his insecurities on Devon.

She says that Nate and her broke up because of his insecurities, and that instead of enjoying Christmas with her, he’s chosen to focus on his conflict with Devon.

Sitting on the couch, Elena talks to Nate as he looks out the window

Devon’s Apartment

Devon takes Dominic up to bed, and comes down saying that he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Devon asks if she saw Chance, and she says that she saw him last night, and he is dedicated to being a good father to Dominic.

Devon sits on the floor, cleaning up, while Abby sits on the couch

Abby asks Devon to tell her all about what’s happening between him and Nate.

Devon says that Nate is very suspicious about his breakup with Amanda.

Abby says that he needs to relax, and enjoy Christmas instead of thinking about Nate. Abby says that Devon has a very good friend in her.

Abby and Devon talk on the couch in his living room

Devon says that he thinks that Nate is running off of emotions and will lash out at him.

Abby asks him what Neil would think about this. She says that Neil and Devon betrayed each other over the years, but always came back to each other.

She says, “What would he think of you living across the hall from Nate and having a rift?”

Sitting together on the couch, Devon reacts as Abby asks him what his father would think of his fight with Nate

Devon goes to check on Dominic, and while he’s gone, Abby sends Elena a text message asking her if all four of them could get together.

Elena messages back, “Does Devon know about this?”

Abby texts Elena asking her to bring Nate over to Devon's

Abby texts that he doesn’t, but she thinks she can convince him.

When Devon comes back down, Abby says, “As someone who you care for a lot, would you do me a big favor?”

Abby is leaning on a counter as Devon comes down the stairs. She asks him if he'd do her a big favor.

Nate and Elena show up to Devon’s apartment, and they all have drinks together.

Devon, Abby, Nate, and Elena stand in Devon's living room having drinks

They talk about Dominic, and Devon tells a story about when his mother, Drucilla was growing up.

He recalls that there were some fights over money, and how he misses his mother.

Devon smiles as he sits in a chair, recounting a story

Nate laughs and says that his mother told him about that time as well, but it was nice to hear it from his aunt’s perspective as well.

Devon and Nate laugh and reminisce about their mothers. They seem to be getting along!

Nate smiles as he and Devon reminisce about their mothers

The Abbott Mansion

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Tucker, in a Santa outfit, with a huge red sack full of gifts.

Ashley invites him in, and Tucker comes into the living room, saying that he has presents for everyone.

Tucker comes into the well-decorated Abbott living room wearing a Santa hat and carrying a bag on his back. Ashley, Jack, and Traci are there.

Jack laughs and thanks him for not coming in a helicopter this time.

Tucker gives Traci a gift, and asks Ashley if she’d like to have lunch.

Traci is sitting on the couch and is surprised as Tucker gives her a gift

She says she really would love to get out of there, and they head out.

Traci tells Jack that she feels that things are problematic with Diane and Jeremy.

Traci and Jack stand in the living room talking

Jack says he hopes it’ll be over soon.

Traci says that she’s going to go to her room. She gives Jack a hug and goes upstairs.

Traci and Jack hug warmly

Jack phones Kyle and wishes him Merry Christmas. He asks when they’re planning to come home.

Kyle puts him on speakerphone and says he’s not sure.

Jack stands in his living room and calls Kyle

The Abbott Cabin

Right after Kyle puts Jack on speakerphone, Diane opens the cabin door quietly and walks in.

Kyle’s facing the other way and doesn’t notice her.

Diane comes into the cabin wearing a coat, while Kyle stands with his back to her, on the phone with Jack

Jack says that he has spoken with Jeremy Stark, but he didn’t take him up on his offer for the money, so he’s not out of the picture yet.

Kyle says, “My mom’s still in danger?”

Diane looks worried after hearing that Jeremy Stark hasn't left town yet

Kyle, Summer, and Diane talk after Kyle’s off the phone. Kyle says that Jeremy’s not leaving town, and says that Diane will have to stay at the cabin a while longer.

Diane says she won’t hide in fear. They need another way to neutralize Jeremy as a threat.

In the cabin living room, Summer, Kyle, and Diane talk about Jeremy Stark

She says that she’s going to show up in town and show her face.

Kyle thinks it’s a bad idea, but Diane says she has an idea on how to handle Jeremy Stark.

Kyle and Summer react to Diane telling them she has a plan for how to handle Jeremy Stark


Tucker and Ashley show up to the restaurant, which is closed.

Ashley says she should have known, since Abby is her daughter… And it’s Christmas Day.

Tucker and Ashley are outside Society (the restaurant), and look in the windows. It's closed.

Tucker jokes that maybe they should just break in.

Ashley says that won’t be necessary, as she has a key, and she bets that Abby won’t mind if they go in and use the kitchen, as long as they clean up afterwards.

Ashley shows Tucker the key she has to open the restaurant

Ashley opens the door with the key, and her and Tucker head inside.

They start prepping dishes in the kitchen, joking as they cut vegetables and prepare sauces.

Ashley lets Tucker taste her sauce-in-progress, and he really likes it.

In Society's kitchen, Tucker - in a Santa hat - and Ashley prepare dinner

Tucker tells Ashley that he was taught in a monastery that food was a spiritual experience.

Ashley says, “So you were an apprentice chef before the race car driving? What’s next?”

They laugh together.

Ashley and Tucker are in Society's kitchen, preparing a meal for themselves

Later, they’re sitting in at a table after eating, and Tucker says that he’s made up a business plan for the new business.

He says that it’ll take his deep pockets to finance it, and she can contribute what she likes.

Ashley and Tucker sit at a table in Society, having drinks after their meal

Ashley says that she’s intrigued, but needs to know more about the plan.

She says that sometimes she feels like she knows him, but sometimes she feels like she doesn’t.

Tucker laughs and says she knows him better than anyone ever has. They clink glasses in a toast.

Tucker and Ashley toast while sitting and having drinks after dinner

The Abbott Mansion

Outside her house, Ashley tells Tucker that she doesn’t want to leave Jabot.

Tucker says that his dream is to have them work side by side in a company they both own.

Tucker and Ashley kiss on the Abbott doorstep

They have a tender moment, and they kiss on the doorstep.

Ashley says a fond farewell, and goes into the house.

Ashley, looking happy, bids Tucker farewell

Jack, who had seen Ashley and Tucker kissing on the doorstep, says she’s making one mistake after another.

Ashley says “Would you just trust me for once?”

Ashley comes into the Abbott house and Jack confronts her