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Y&R Recap – Feb 8: Nate asks Audra to Get Closer to Tucker, Nick gets Jill to Meet With Sally, and Chance and Daniel Talk Business

Chance gestures as he talks with Daniel in the coffee shop

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, February 8, 2023, in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chloe struggled to keep Sally’s secret from Adam, Tucker Taunts Diane & Nate Daydreams of Kissing Victoria Before Taking Elena to Bed.

Newman Enterprises – A meeting about McCall Enterprises

Victor, Nate, Victoria, and Michael are in a meeting.

Michael, Nate, and Victoria sit around a table

Victoria talks about how they want to take over Tucker’s business.

They’re talking about Audra Charles, their new secret weapon.

Nate tells them how Audra knows how to get Tucker’s ear.

Victor says she could be of use if she’s on board with it.

Victor and Michael sit around a table

Michael says that he can see the value, but can she be trusted? She was a double agent at Chancellor-Winters, how can they be sure she’s loyal?

Nate says that Audra has earned his trust, and is determined to help Newman get ahead of an acquisition, and that she could handle anything they throw at her.

Michael says that they can buy Tucker’s debt and that it’ll give them leverage, but not control, so they need to get him to sell the company to them.

Michael gestures as he talks

Nate asks if Tucker could have taken this debt out to lay a trap for them.

Victor says that the only person who could find out is the new COO of Newman Media, Audra.

Nate has to go to a meeting, but as he’s leaving, Victoria says she’d like to talk to him outside.

Victoria talks with Nate in the hall outside the offices

After they’ve left the office, Michael says that Victoria is putting a lot of trust in Nate.

Victor agrees.

Outside, Victoria thanks Nate for his diligence, and that he needs to tread carefully.

He says he’ll proceed with caution. He heads off to his other meeting, leaving Victoria smiling.

Nate leaves Victoria smiling

Victoria comes back into the office with Victor and Michael.

Michael says that, on the record, he has doubts about Audra.

Victor says that he trusts Nate’s decision.

Victor, Michael, and Victoria sit around the table talking

Victoria says that when they own his debt, they tighten the screws.

Vic tor laughs and says let the fireworks begin. He says it’s a fitting slap in the face for Tucker, after all the damage that he’s done to the people Victor cares about.

Victor leans back and crosses his arms as he talks

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Grand Phoenix Hotel – Tucker digs for information

Tucker comes into the hotel lobby and sees Audra sitting on a couch, working. He asks if she minds if he joins her.

Tucker comes up behind Audra as she sits on a couch in the hotel lobby

She says that she minds, but Tucker doesn’t care, he just has a seat beside her.

He asks her how the new gig is going and wonders if Chancellor-Winters is still looking to take over Omega Sphere.

She tells him they’re no longer in cahoots, so she’s not going to tell him anything.

Tucker sits down beside Audra and they talk

He says that he thought they were still in cahoots since they were still friendly in the bedroom.

She asks him why he assumes that she’d work against Newman Media’s interests.

Tucker says he was just wondering about a gaming platform and that he’d never screw her over.

Audra looks shrewdly at Tucker as he laughs

Audra says that she might consider sharing information with him, as long as he shares with her first.

He agrees, and she asks him, “Exactly how much debt are you in, anyhow?”

Tucker says that he’s wondering why that rumor is floating around. He says there are a lot of people it could have come from.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Audra

Audra says of course, with the number of enemies he has.

Tucker laughs and says he likes to consider them worthy adversaries.

She asks him why McCaul Unlimited is floundering.

Audra shows her teeth as she speaks with Tucker

Tucker says that if he had financial problems, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase other companies, would it?

Audra says that she’s heard of similar situations, where companies in trouble would use other companies’ money to get them out of debt.

She says he hasn’t told him anything of interest, and that she’s not going to share anything with him. She puts on her coat and tells him that she’s no longer working for him, and they have competing interests.

Tucker gets a text from Ashley. "Don't come to Paris."

As Tucker’s taking this in, his phone pings. It’s Ashley. “Don’t come to Paris.” He looks troubled.

Audra stalks out, leaving Tucker standing in the lobby.

Audra leaves Tucker in the hotel lobby

Crimson Lights – Chance and Daniel catch up

Chance comes into the coffee shop and sees Daniel there.

They shake hands and talk about how it’d been a long time since they’d last seen each other.

Chance and Daniel shake hands in Crimson Lights

Chance says that Daniel probably heard that he and Abby had split, and Daniel confirms.

Daniel says that he and Heather have had problems too.

Chance asks him if it’s going to help with Daniel having moved back to Genoa City.

Chance and Daniel sit and talk over coffee

Daniel tells Chance about Omega Sphere and how he’s working with Chancellor-Winters on it.

He says that he’s making the video game to help others and hopefully get his wife and daughter back by showing them how he’s turned his life around.

Chance says that he got into police business but he hasn’t been feeling it lately and thinks he needs a change.

Daniel and Chance talk

He says it sounds like he needs to play one of Daniel’s games to make him feel better.

Daniel says that he could help with the game, if only he knew how to code.

Chance says that he learned how to code when he was in the army. He says that he loves programming because it’s completely logical.

Chance gestures as he talks with Daniel in the coffee shop

Daniel says that his take on programming is refreshing. He says that he doesn’t know much about coding, he’s more creative, but wishes he were more logical.

He sighs and says that maybe if he were more technical, he might not have hired Phyllis as his tech lead.

Chance laughs, and they talk about how Daniel must love his mom.

Daniel looks surprised as he talks with Chance

Chance asks what Daniel will do if things don’t work out with Chancellor-Williams.

Daniel says he has more offers on the table. He says that he really wants to do it with Lily and Chancellor-Winters because everyone else feels like they’re just using him to further their own agendas.

Chance agrees that Chancellor-Winters sounds like the best fit for the project.

Chance gets up to leave as he talks with Daniel

Chance says he has to get back to the station. He says that he hopes things work out with Heather and Lucy.

Daniel says that it was nice talking with him.

Chance laughs and says it’s like a little support group.

Daniel says they should do it again soon, and Chance agrees.

Chance gets up and puts on his coat to leave

Sally’s Hotel Room – Nick and Sally discuss telling Adam about her pregnancy and work out a deal with Jill

Nick and Sally come into her room, and Sally asks if they can just chill out.

Nick and Sally arrive back at Sally's hotel room

She says that the paternity test was really quick, just a cheek swab, and complains that they have to wait so long for the results.

Nick tells her not to get agitated.

Sally says it’s so overwhelming, she has problems relaxing, and that she’s going to be crawling the walls until she finds out who the father is.

Nick and Sally come into her hotel room and talk

She gets excited when she thinks about Summer possibly having a sister. Then she says, “If, that is, it’s your baby.”

Sally says that she hopes it’s Nick’s baby, but wonders if she should tell Adam that’s she’s pregnant before she gets the results.

Nick says that they should just wait until they know who the father is.

Sally and Nick sit on a sofa and talk

Sally says that her hormones are making her second-guess.

Nick says that she needs something to keep her mind occupied.

She says that she’s not working, so it won’t be work that keeps her mind off things.

Sally and Nick talk

Nick volunteers to talk to Jill and see if he can get her an interview.

Sally tells him that she wants to do it on her own and doesn’t want his help.

He says that he feels guilty, and admits that Victor threw a wrench into her initial interview.

Sally stands up with her arms folded and yells about Victor interfering

Sally stands up and yells about it. She calls Victor a jackass.

Nick says that he really needs to call Jill and talk her out of it.

Sally asks why the hell Victor would torpedo her job opportunities, and then answers her own question. It’s because he doesn’t want her with either of his sons.

Sally laughs as she talks to Nick

She says that she’s glad she had absentee parents, because how the hell can Nick deal with a parent like that?

She can’t believe that he went to such lengths to screw her over.

She says that no matter how that paternity test turns out, he’s gonna be the grandfather of her child, so he can just get used to that.

Nick laughs and says that’s how his old man is.

She tells him to call Jill.

Sally tells Nick to call Jill

Nick videocalls Jill on a tablet while Sally sits out of frame, watching.

When Jill answers, Nick says that he wants to talk to her about how she should reconsider everything about Sally. He explains that Victor was being vindictive when he put a bug in her ear about Sally.

Jill says he didn’t just put a bug in her ear, he sent her a 3-inch thick dossier, and that she didn’t realize what chaos Sally had caused in the past.

Jill talks to Nick over a video call

She expresses surprise that he would defend a woman like that.

He says that he wants full disclosure, and tells Jill that he’s in a relationship with Sally, but explains that she really has changed. He spends a good minute or two talking Sally up and really makes her sound amazing.

Jill, after listening to him, is angry that Victor played her. She says that she trusts Nick, and asks if he really believes in Sally.

Nick talks to Jill on a video call

Nick tells Jill that Sally has overcome adversity and has amazing ideas and that he knows many people who will attest to her expertise and skill.

Sally gets tears in her eyes as she listens to him talk her up to Jill.

Sally gets a tear in her eye as she listens to Nick

A bit later, Chloe comes into Sally’s hotel suite and asks how the hell Nick got Jill to see reason.

Sally opens the door for Chloe to come into her hotel room

They talk for a minute, and Nick asks if they’d like him to start the call with Jill.

They’re excited and sit on the couch. Nick starts the call with Jill and lets them talk.

Sally and Chloe talk about how they’d run the design business, the user experience, etc, and talk about how they’ll email her the written proposal by the end of the day.

Sally and Chloe sit on the couch talking with Jill

They sound professional and present everything clearly for Jill about their proposal.

Jill says that the company is in flux, so it may be a while, but she’ll give them a decision as soon as she can.

Jill goes on to say that she really likes what she’s heard. She says that she applauds Sally for clearly turning around a train wreck of a life.

Sally says that she’ll take that as a compliment.

Jill smiles as she talks with Sally and Chloe

Jill laughs and says it was meant as one. They disconnect the call.

Chloe and Sally high-five and say that they nailed it.

Chloe and Sally high-five

Nick says they knocked it out of the park.

Chloe says she’s so happy she can tell Kevin they’re going to be a double-income family again.

Sally and Chloe hug each other and smile.

Sally hugs Chloe

Chloe leaves, and Sally thanks Nick for everything he did to get that interview with Jill.

Nick laughs and says it’s his turn now to thank her.

He says that she dazzled him and that she went from spinning out to impressing Jill, that she shook off what Victor did to her, and he was really proud of her.

Nick and Sally hold hands as they sit and talk on the sofa

He says she was radiant, hot, and great to watch.

She laughs and asks if she was mindblowing.

He says yes, and they kiss passionately.

Sally and Nick kiss passionately on the couch

Newman Media – Nate asks Audra to get info from Tucker

Nate talks to Audra in his office. He says that her name came up in his last meeting, and asks what allegiance she still has to Tucker.

Nate and Audra talk in Nate's office at Newman Media

Audra says emphatically, “NONE!” She says that Tucker is an egomaniac who tried to get her to reveal information about Newman Media’s interest in Omega Sphere.

She says she dangled some bait but he was evasive, and she ended up giving him nothing.

Nate asks how he reacted when she wouldn’t reveal any information about Newman’s operations.

Nate closes his eyes as he talks with Audra

Audra says he didn’t really react, but he got a text and was flustered by it. She says that Tucker is not a man who’s on top of the world.

Nate asks how she left things with him.

She says she made it clear that she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Audra sits and talks to Nate

Nate says that she needs to rethink that, as her connection with Tucker could be just the advantage they need.

Audra restates his request, confirming that Nate wants her to keep a back channel to Tucker.

He says that she’d still be aligned with Newman, but he wants to make sure she hasn’t burned any bridges with Tucker yet.

Nate closes the door as he speaks with Audra

Audra says she’s getting the feeling this is more than Omega Sphere.

Nate says that moves are going to be made… He gets up and closes the door, saying that Newman is going to acquire Tucker’s substantial debt. He asks Audra to get a read on what Tucker’s response might be.

She says it sounds fun.

Nate and Audra talk

He says that he’s worried that Tucker might not be confiding in her anymore.

Audra says she can fix that, Tucker never stays mad at her for long.

Audra tells Nate that Tucker never stays mad at her for long