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Y&R Recap – Feb 7: Chloe Struggles to Keep Sally’s Secret From Adam, Tucker Taunts Diane & Nate Daydreams of Kissing Victoria Before Taking Elena to Bed

chloe tries to keep secret Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, February 7, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Billy and Chelsea went on their non-date and Jack romanced Diane.

Jack and Diane

At the Abbott manse, Jack invites Diane to bring a few of her belongings to his place so she doesn’t always have to race home to change her clothes.

She’s not sure that’d be what Kyle would want and he convinces her it’ll be fine.

They’ll be discrete. She’s nervous to tempt fate to be this happy.

jack diane jabot house Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

DNA testing

Sally gets off a call with someone from the clinic who set up an appointment for paternity testing.

She seems nervous having to contact Adam next.

Chloe arrives and they discuss telling Adam the news.

chloe sally talk paternity test  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

They yammer about it at length. What if Nick’s not the baby daddy?

Chloe says not to entertain that thought.

Sally asks how she’s supposed to tell Adam about this and Chloe advises to wait until she gets word on whether or not the kid is his.

Nick appears and Chloe takes off. Sally tells her boyfriend she’s scheduled a paternity test today.

She asks if he thinks she should tell Adam before the test. Nick say it’s up to her but he hopes his brother doesn’t have to know.

Sally invites him to go with her today to get swabbed. He’ll make time for it.

nick and chloe  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Afternoon delight

At home, Nate daydreams of making out with Victoria.

When Elena arrives, he takes her to bed. Later, they return dressed and relaxed.

He says he’s late. They agree to get together for more snuggling later.

nate and elena sex  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps
tessa talks to elena Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Tessa turns up and Elena asks what’s going on. She can sense something’s up.

Tessa admits Delphine had Braxton Hicks. She wasn’t really in labor.

Elena hopes they can be there when she really does go into labor.

Tessa confesses it freaked her out.

Something could go wrong during the birth. She asks Elena what she can do to ensure the baby will be okay.

Elena says every new mother feels like this. There’s nothing that can be done but be ready for the birth and motherhood.

tessa and elena talk delphine  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Elena can see something else is going on.

Tessa admits she’s insecure about being so unprepared for childbirth and motherhood.

Elena thinks the fact that she came to her for help means she’s going to be a terrific mother as will Mariah.

Tessa thanks her friend for her faith in her. Talk turns to Elena’s happiness.

Elena says she wasn’t sure she and Nate would find their way back to each other but there they are. Both happy.

tessa not ready motherhood  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Vicky’s office

In Victoria’s office, she and Nick discuss business and again, she can see he has something on his mind.

He does but shuts her out.

She guesses it’s got to do with Sally and thinks because he’s keeping it to himself, maybe that’s a red flag.

He tells her Sally’s off limits.

victoria councils nick  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Victor taunts Jackie Boy

At the ranch, Victor taunts Jack, wondering if he should hide the silverware or jewelry.

Jack doesn’t have time for games. He doesn’t like how he’s sabotaged his son for his underhanded plot.

Victor says he’s doing a good job undermining himself.

He doesn’t get how Jack can let him perform at a subpar level.

victor taunts Jackie boy  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Jack can see he has insider information. Victor ignores him and brings up Diane. He teases that he loves watching his relationship with Diane go up in flames.

Michael interrupts. Jack tells Victor to stay out of his business and make peace that he kicked Adam out of his life.

He leaves and Michael says Tucker’s company is in a lot of debt.

Acquiring his debt won’t give The Mustache full control. Victor loves a challenge and looks forward to this.

michael interrupts jack and victor  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

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Y&R News

Grand Phoenix

Diane stares happily at a photo of her, Kyle, and Jack.

diane looks at photos  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Diane finds Tucker drinking coffee in the lobby.

He comments on the luggage she’s carrying and asks if she’s escaping.

She ignores him and taunts him about Ashley taking off. He thinks she’s returning to Genoa City soon.

tucker lobby phoenix  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Tucker goes to his room and lies on the bed thinking before he calls Ashley to leave a message to ask her to clean the air between them if he comes to Paris.

He wants to discuss his situation to explain his subterfuge.

tucker on call ashley  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Abbott manse

Diane returns to the manse with her luggage.

Jack meets her and tells her he’ll lend her a toothbrush if she wants. She laughs.

He offers to send for her things from L.A. She refuses.

She has no connection to them and wants to leave it all there. They kiss.

diane jack hugging again  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Newman Media and that kiss

Nate and Victoria run into each other at Newman Media.

He wants to clear the air. She was invigorated about their meeting, she says and they should have more like it.

She walks off and he watches before following.

He agrees the brainstorming was productive. They agree it could be productive in the future, too, providing it’s professional.

They head into her office where Victor and Michael wait to discuss acquiring McCall’s company.

Victor and Michael think Nate should leave but she believes Nate’s input would be a benefit.

victoria and nate at the office  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps


Crimson Lights

Adam sees Chloe at Crimson Lights and asks how Sally’s doing. Chloe asks why he’s meddling in her life.

Chloe reminds Adam that Nick and Sally are bonded together now. “Bonded. How?” Chloe backpedals.

adam needs info on sally  Y&R early recaps YandRecaps

Jack and Adam

Jack and Diane finish hugging when Adam shows up to talk about his potential future within Jabot.

Jack tells him Kyle assured him he had no part in Victor’s scheme but Adam spoke with a few people at the company who said Kyle has been checking into his files.

Jack realizes he must have since Victor seemed to know a lot about what was going on over there.

Adam’s sorry Kyle’s been lying to him.