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Y&R Recap – Feb 9: Jack Intercepts Victor’s Text Message to Kyle, and Victoria & Victor Talk Adam’s Return to Newman

Jack sees a message from Victor on Kyle's phone. "Thanks for your help with the Adam matter."

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thurssday, February 9, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nate asked Audra to get closer to Tucker, Nick got Jill to meet with Sally, and Chance and Daniel talked about getting into business together.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes and sees Kyle in the living room.

Kyle sees Jack in the living room of the Abbott Mansion

Kyle asks if he’s in a good mood because of his mother.

Jack says that he’s happier than he’s been in a long time, and he’s not going to hide his joy from Kyle.

Kyle says that he hopes it’ll work out. He says he wants Jack to be careful.

Jack smiles as he talks with Kyle

Jack says careful is his middle name.

Kyle’s phone pings with a message, but Kyle’s left already. Jack looks at his phone, and it’s a message from Victor thanking him for his help with Adam.

Jack does not look pleased.

Jack sees a message from Victor on Kyle's phone. "Thanks for your help with the Adam matter."

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Chelsea’s Apartment

At Chelsea’s apartment, Adam and Chelsea help Connor get ready for school.

Adam and Connor are in Chelsea's apartment

Connor says that he has the best parents in the world.

They talk about how Adam fixed the printer, and he says it was very technical.

Connor rolls his eyes.

Adam and Chelsea are with Connor in Chelsea's living room

Adam says that Chelsea’s in a good mood, he wonders what’s up with that.

Connor says she’s been in a great mood since she got back from dinner with Billy.

Adam asks if the date went well.

Chelsea reacts to Adam

Crimson Lights

At the coffee shop, Victoria comes in and sees Billy.

Victoria comes into Crimson Lights and sees Billy there

She wants to talk to him about Lily. She says she doesn’t want to rub salt in the wound, as breakups can be painful.

He laughs and asks what she wants to talk about.

Victoria says it’s going to be tough on Kate and Johnny, as the kids love Lily.

Billy and Victoria stand in the coffee shop, talking

Billy says that it’s tough on everyone.

Victoria says that she was jealous that Lily got the mature, responsible version of Billy.

Billy says he failed in his relationship with Victoria, but wonders why they’re revisiting this depressing landscape.

Victoria sits and talks with Billy in the coffee shop

Victoria says that she went after Ashland, someone who was accomplished and serious, and that ended badly.

Billy says he’ll help the kids through the transition.

Victoria asks what this means for him and Chelsea.

Billy sits and talks with Victoria in the coffee shop

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea asks why everyone thinks they were on a date, they were just friends.

Adam asks how it was for her to get back out into the world.

She says it was nice to have a friend, and that it made her feel confident.

Adam and Chelsea talk about Billy in her kitchen

Adam says that he doesn’t advise that she be friendly with Billy, he says he’s looking out for her. He says that Billy can’t figure out what he wants for a job and keep a girlfriend.

Chelsea says that she shouldn’t feel blah for going out and having fun.

Adam says Billy is going to get bored, and he’s feckless and unreliable.

Chelsea tells him to stop, she’s had enough.

Adam and Chelsea talk

She tells him that who she spends time with is none of his business. She says it’s about Adam’s hatred of Billy.

He says he doesn’t know why he should stay out of it.

She says it’s about her and Connor, and that he has to accept the fact that Billy is going to be part of their lives.

Chelsea talks with Adam

Adam says he knows what Billy is capable of. Chelsea says she does too.

Adam says that he doesn’t want friction between them, he’s said his piece and won’t bring it up again.

He says that he’s her special friend, but if he hurts her, he won’t let it slide.

She says it’s her life to live how she wants, and Adam has to accept that.

Adam looks upset as he talks with Chelsea

Jabot Cosmetics

Diane comes into Jack’s office and drops some files on Jack’s desk. She’s in a silly mood, and she puts her feet up on the desk, smiling.

Diane sits at Jack's desk and puts her feet up

Kyle comes into the office and sees her. He laughs in surprise and asks if she’s daydreaming about being the boss.

Diane says that she’s just having fun, but she wants to make sure that people don’t think that she’s advancing just because she’s with Jack.

Kyle comes into Jack's office and sees Diane with her feet on Jack's desk

Kyle says that she will be evaluated like all the other employees.

Diane says it’s time for her to move up in the ranks.

Kyle says she’s doing great, so she should just keep doing what she’s doing.

Diane rubs ;her hands as she talks with Kyle

Diane says that now that Jeremy’s gone, maybe she can get a promotion. She says she can help with Marchetti Home, she used to stage homes all the time when she was a real estate agent in L.A.

She says that she could take on Phyllis’s old job.

Kyle is surprised that she’d like to take that on.

Kyle looks concerned as he talks with Diane

Crimson Lights

Victoria says that he was engaged to Chelsea a long time ago, but she wants to make sure he’s not in over his head. She says that Chelsea needed his help, and he realized that he could be her hero.

Billy says that he wouldn’t go as far as to say that.

Victoria says that Chelsea might, though, and that’s not a bad thing. She’s just saying if there’s something more than friendship between them, he should just take care.

Victoria pours sugar into her coffee as she speaks with Billy

She says that Katie is upset that he’s been spending so much time with Connor and Johnny, and not with her. She’s his daughter, she needs some dad time too.

Billy and Victoria talk

Jack’s Office

Diane says she’s not angling for Phyllis’s job, but the position falls right in line with her skillset.

Kyle says that if Phyllis finds out that Diane has taken her old job, she’ll go ballistic.

Diane says she doesn’t even work there, so what’s it matter?

Diane talks with Kyle

Kyle asks if Diane has even met Phyllis because it’s obvious she doesn’t know her.

Diane says she was a very successful architect as well as a real estate agent, and just wants to help Kyle realize his dream.

Kyle asks why she’s coming to him with this now.

Kyle talks with Diane

She says that Jeremy is no longer a threat, and now that Jack is in her life, she wants to be part of the Abbott family and business.

Kyle says that the job is more about belonging than anything for her.

Diane says that’s right, that it probably sounds ridiculous to him.

Kyle and Diane talk in the Jabot offices

Kyle says it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.

Diane says that Jabot is such a big part of the Abbott family, she just wants to contribute and be part of it. She had a feeling that Kyle wouldn’t understand, that he was surrounded by family his whole life.

Kyle says that he can’t just give her the job, he will have to talk with Summer and make sure it’s a good fit.

Diane half-smiles as she talks with Kyle

Jack comes in and says that he didn’t expect to see them both in his office.

Kyle realizes that he didn’t have his phone, and Jack hands it to him, looking very stern.

Kyle leaves the office to call Summer in the lobby.

Jack looks away as he gives Kyle's phone back to him

Jack looks unhappy and asks if Diane is ok.

She says she was just talking with Kyle.

She asks if Jack’s ok, he looks perturbed.

Jack looks angry as Kyle leaves the office

Jack says he spoke to Kyle, and he wants them to take it slow and easy.

Diane says that it’s apparent something’s bothering him.

Jack says that Kyle is more involved with Victor than he let on.

Diane and Jack talk

He explains that he found Kyle’s phone with a text from Victor.

Diane asks if he could have misinterpreted it.

He says that there’s no way.

Jack is angry and talks to Diane

Outside, Kyle speaks with Summer about Diane’s request for the job. He tells Summer that he told Diane that he’d talk to her about it, but they’ll just delay, and maybe Diane will simply forget about it.

In the Jabot lobby, Kyle talks on the phone with Summer

Inside his office, Jack is livid, and he says to Diane that nothing good can come of Kyle and Victor colluding together.

Diane says that she doesn’t like the sound of that.

Jack says that for a time while she was gone, Kyle and Victor were very close. He says that he never expected this type of betrayal from his own son.

Kyle opens the office door to find Jack and Diane talking

Kyle finishes his call with Summer and comes back into the office, where Jack and Diane are agitatedly talking.

Diane tells Kyle that he should keep his phone close.

Kyle asks if that’s the reason that Jack is mad.

Jack is talking with a stern look on his face, with Diane standing beside him

Diane says she has to revise a press release and leaves the two of them to talk.

Kyle asks what’s going on, he’s sorry that he missed the meeting.

Jack says that it’s not about the meeting… It’s that Kyle has been lying to him, and he’s furious.

Kyle got caught in a lie, and it shows on his face!

He says that Kyle left his phone at the house, and Jack saw the text message from Victor, thanking him for helping with the Adam matter, and to wait for an update.

At that moment, Adam walks into the Jabot lobby and hears Kyle and Jack arguing in the office. He listens at the door as they speak with raised voices.

Adam listens at Jack's office door at Jabot

Kyle says that maybe Victor sent the message to the wrong number.

Jack says he knows it wasn’t a wrong number and he knows that Kyle has been colluding with Victor to drive Adam out of Jabot.

Kyle angrily says that Adam doesn’t belong at Jabot.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack angrily talks to Kyle.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria comes into the office. Victor is sitting behind the desk.

Victoria comes into Newman Enterprises's offices. Victor is sitting behind the desk.

Victor hangs up the phone as she comes in, he’s just finished a call with the bank that hold’s Tucker’s debt.

He says that they can buy the debt for a reduced rate.

Victoria says that she wants to move quickly. She will pay the going rate, as she wants to take Tucker by surprise.

Victor sits with his hands folded and talks with Victoria from behind his desk

Victor says that Victoria goes after whatever she wants and that he wishes Adam was the same way. He mumbles something about Adam’s job at Jabot, and how he’s selling lipstick there.

“He’s my son,” he moans.

He wishes that Adam would apply his business acumen and intelligence to Newman Enterprises.

Victor and Victoria talk in their offices

Victoria asks what his plans are for the prodigal son.

She says that if he forces Adam out of Jabot, things could get dicey.

Victor is confident that Adam just needs to be shown the respect he deserves, and he’ll come back to Newman.

Victoria stands in front of Victor holding a coffee as they talk

Victoria says that she can only see it ending with Victor getting hurt, badly.

Victor says he’s touched by her concern, but he can take care of himself.

Victoria says that Adam blames Victor for everything that has gone wrong in his life, ever since that man died when Adam was young.

Victor talks with Victoria

She says that Victor doesn’t owe Adam anything, and that if he keeps sticking his neck out, Adam will cut it off. She tells him that he needs to find some way to let Adam go.

Victoria says that when she was young, she used to think there was nothing that Victor couldn’t do.

Victor laughs and asks what she thinks now. Victoria makes a joke about how plumbing isn’t one of Victor’s strongest points.

Victor holds Victoria's face as they talk

She says that Adam doesn’t want to be part of the family and Victor should listen to him.

Victor says that Adam is a part of the family and that he’s part of him.

He says he’s tried to shut Adam out many times, but he just can’t, and he doesn’t want to.

Victor speaks earnestly with Victoria

He says that when Adam comes back, it won’t have a negative impact on the company or Victoria. He says Adam can take care of himself.

Victoria says there’s always a negative impact on everyone with Adam.

Crimson Lights

Connor and Adam come into the coffee shop, and Connor asks Adam how he fixed the printer so that he can do it in the future.

Connor and Adam come into Crimson Lights. Adam is putting a water bottle into Connor's backpack.

Adam laughs and says it’s very complicated and compares it to Connor writing a book report, it just happened with knowledge. And Magic.

Connor says the book report was easy, he read the book and talked with his mom about it, and the report just came out.

Adam says he hopes things are good at home.

Connor looks up at Adam as they talk

Connor says it’s good, and his mom is laughing a lot more since she’s been hanging out with Billy.

Adam looks perturbed, and at that moment, Billy comes into the coffee shop.

Connor says hello to Billy. They make some small talk, and Connor says he has to get something and leaves Billy and Adam to talk.

Billy comes into Crimson Lights and sees Connor and Adam

Billy says good luck on the book report as Connor runs off to get a drink.

Adam just looks at him. Billy says that Adam probably has an opinion on Chelsea and him going out together.

There’s tension between these two, but they talk quietly.

Adam says that yes, he does, but that’s not why he wanted to talk.

Billy and Adam talk by themselves on the indoor patio at Crimson Lights

He says that Johnny and Connor had such a wonderful time when they went ice skating with Billy that he thought he’d take the boys out skating next time.

Billy agrees and asks if Adam wants anything else.

Chelsea sticks her head in the door of the coffee shop and sees them talking with one another, she quickly pulls her head outside. The two guys are so wound up, they don’t even notice her.

Chelsea ducks her head out the door as Adam and Billy talk

Adam says that he’ll let everyone know that Billy’s good with taking the boys out.

Billy says “Looking forward to it.” Adam leaves to find Connor.

Chelsea comes over and asks Billy what happened between him and Adam.

Billy talks with Chelsea in Crimson Lights

Billy says he was ready for Adam to say something snarky, but he was strangely reserved. He asks if Chelsea asked him to keep it down.

She says she did, but Adam isn’t thrilled that they’re spending time together.

He says he had a similar conversation with Victoria.

Chelsea smiles at Billy

Chelsea says she is trying to get her life together and who cares if people think she and Billy are dating?

She laughs and says that she thinks he was really smooth when he told the waitress that they weren’t on a date and she’s really glad they can be such good friends.

Billy smiles weakly and says, “Friends!”

Chelsea grins as she speaks with Billy. Is she friend-zoning him?