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Y&R Recap – Feb 28: Adam Presses Victor for His Plans, and Tucker Works With Ashley to Gain Devon’s Trust Back

Abby smiles as Devon looks at a picture of Neil

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, February 28 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Victoria steps up close to Nate

On the last episode of Y&R, Nate & Victoria Almost Get Caught Kissing, Ashley Tells Tucker Not to Sell to Newman, and Lily & Daniel Nearly Kiss.


Abby asks if Devon’s feeling better after a good meal.

Devon and Abby sit at a table in Society and talk

He says that it’s nice being with her and he’s feeling way less stressed.

Abby agrees, she’s feeling calmer too.

They talk about what they’re going to have for dessert. Devon suggests they take it home and see Dominic before he goes to sleep.

Devon smiles as he talks with Abby

Tucker’s Hotel Room

Tucker asks Ashley where the idea to sell the company to Devon came from.

Tucker and Ashley talk in his hotel room

Ashley says that he’s the father of their grandson, yet another reason to reconnect with him.

She says that Devon is suing, and is in the position of losing the company from his one father, but not from his other father.

Tucker says that Devon isn’t even speaking with him.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Ashley says to consider it a peace offering, as a great way to break the ice with Devon.

Tucker wonders whether Ashley is toying with him or actually trying to help mend fences with Devon.

He offers Ashley a nightcap, and she accepts.

 Tucker pours Ashley a drink as they sit and talk

Ashley asks if he’s overwhelmed by her proposal.

Tucker says it’s a lot to take in, and he’s blindsided by the fact that she owns his debt.

Ashley says she’s supporting him on his path to self-improvement. She says to just think of it as a business proposition.

Tucker talks with Ashley

She says she’s not asking him to sell to Devon, she’s demanding it.

Tucker asks what happens if he doesn’t go along with the plan.

Ashley says he’ll wake up every day for the rest of his life filled with regret.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Tucker says her heart’s in the right place, she’s looking out for him and Devon.

He says that her buying his debt and forcing his hand may be the best thing that anyone’s ever done to him.

He says he’s trying to be a good father, but he doesn’t know how, and she’s trying to help him, and he’s thankful for her.

Ashley says that he has a lot of work to do. She says that failure is not an option.

Tucker talks with Ashley

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Y&R News

The Newman Ranch

Nikki comes into the living room and kisses Victor. She asks if he’s read the memo that Victoria sent over.

Nikki kisses Victor as she comes into the living room

Victor is distracted and says it looks good.

Nikki says that he’s really preoccupied, and he says he can’t concentrate.

Victor tells Nikki that Adam will come back if he gives him Victoria’s job as CEO.

Nikki sits and talks with Victor

Nikki laughs and asks why he’d do that.

Victor says he’s going to make him a counteroffer.

Nikki says that McCall Unlimited is a costly consolation prize.

Victor reacts as he talks with Nikki

Victor says that his plan has hit a snag and that someone else bought Tucker’s debt.

Nikki wonders if someone they know bought the debt.

Victor says that Victoria thought it might be Devon, but he doesn’t think that’s likely. He says that Michael is looking into finding who it is.

Nikki talks with Victor

Nikki says it could be anyone, and names a few names. They don’t think it was Devon.

Victor says that maybe someone bought Tucker’s debt to protect him, but he can’t think of who.

Nikki says she can think of someone.

Victor talks with Nikki

Victor asks who she thinks wants to protect Tucker.

Nikki thinks that it’s Ashley, who’s gotten closer to Tucker since he came back to town. She recounts how Ashley got closer than she needed to.

Victor says that it’s hard for him to believe.

Nikki talks with Victor

Nikki says that maybe Ashley’s old feelings for Tucker have come back.

Victor thinks Ashley is too smart for that.

Nikki says that she may be smart, but not in matters of the heart. She says it’d be poetic justice to see Ashley take Tucker’s company.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally and Nick are in bed, cuddling.

Sally and Nick are in bed, naked. They're cuddling.

She says that she loves it when it’s just the two of them.

Nick kisses her and says there’s no reason it should end.

There’s an insistent knock at the door. It’s Adam. He says they need to talk, it’s important.

Adam knocks at Sally's door, drunk

Nick groans.

Sally gets dressed as Nick lies in bed.

She opens the door, and Adam says that he needs to speak to her. Adam figures out that Nick is inside and yells hi to him.

Adam is a bit tipsy and rubs his face as he talks with Sally

Sally says he’s been drinking, and Adam insists he’s fine, but he wants to talk with her.

Adam gets loud and Nick puts on some pants and comes to the door. He tells Adam that Sally can do whatever she wants.

Adam asks her to come downstairs and talk, and she says she’ll be there in a minute. Adam heads down to the hotel lobby.

Nick comes to the door without a shirt on while Sally and Adam talk

Sally apologizes, and Nick says they should have let Adam continue knocking in the hall.

Sally says that she needs to talk to him since Adam is the father.

Nick says that his reaction was to show up drunk and pound on her door.

Sally is in a housecoat, and Nick is shirtless as they talk in her hotel room

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Sally comes down to the hotel lobby and sees Adam sitting there on the couch.

Sally comes down to the hotel lobby and talks with Adam who's sitting on a sofa

He’s having a drink, but he says it’s non-alcoholic.

He says he’s still in shock, and he needed someone to talk to, so he talked with Chelsea.

Sally says she understands, it’s going to affect everyone.

Sally sits and talks with Adam

Adam says that Chelsea can be thoughtful and understanding, but Sally says that’s not her experience.

Sally asks how Adam’s doing.

Adam says he’s on board and excited to bring a new life into the world with her. He tells her she’s going to be an incredible mother.

Adam and Sally talk in the lobby

He says that he won’t use the baby to get close to her, and Chelsea helped him understand that. He says that he wants to be the best father to the baby that he can.

Sally says she wonders why Adam felt the need to come over and bang on her door, she wonders if he wanted to ruin her evening with Nick.

Adam says that was a bonus, but he just wanted to make sure she knew how he was feeling about things. He says that he needed to hold himself accountable, and wanted to set the ground rules early.

Adam leans in as he talks with Sally

Sally says it’s the most mature she’s ever seen him act.

They joke around and Nick comes off the elevator and sees them laughing together.

Sally sees him and comes over and asks what’s going on.

Nick looks at Sally and Adam in the lobby of the hotel. He doesn't look happy.

Nick says that Christian’s nanny called and he has to go take care of him.

He asks how things are going with Adam.

Sally says things are good and Adam is actually being mature about things.

Nick talks with Sally in the hotel lobby

Nick smiles and kisses her goodnight. He leaves to take care of Christian.

Sally explains that Nick had to leave and she’s got to get some rest, it’s been a long day.

Adam laughs and says don’t answer the door if some drunk lunatic comes knocking.

Sally and Adam talk in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel

Sally says she’s really glad they talked.

Adam says that it’s going to be hard at times to think about what might have been, but that’s his problem, not hers.

He says that he wants her to have the happiness she deserves.

She thanks him and heads to the elevator, leaving him in the lobby.

Adam and Sally stand and say their goodnights

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Devon and Abby are talking about Dominic, and as they’re talking, Devon’s phone rings. It’s Tucker.

Devon speaks with Tucker on the phone as Abby watches and listens

Tucker asks if they can meet sometime soon.

Devon says there’s nothing he can say that he wants to hear.

Tucker says that he’ll be interested in what he has to say.

Tucker speaks with Devon as Ashley listens and watches

Devon hangs up and says that he’s not sure why Tucker called, but he doesn’t want to talk to him.

Abby asks if he’s curious to see what Tucker has to say, maybe he’s calling to patch things up with him.

Devon says that her conversation with her mom really changed her outlook on Tucker.

Devon and Abby talk on his sofa

Abby says that Ashley thinks he can change. She tries to convince Devon to give him another chance, to just see what he has to say.

Devon says he wishes he had her optimism.

Abby says she has plenty to spare. She thinks he should Just hear Tucker out.

Devon and Abby talk

Devon says he’s been down that road and thinks that Tucker’s just lied in the past, he doesn’t want to deal with that anymore.

Devon says that he wishes he had a good father, and that Tucker is using that information to get closer to him.

He picks up a picture of Neil. He says that Neil is his real father and he’d know what to do.

Abby smiles as Devon looks at a picture of Neil

He says that he appreciates Abby, and loves being close to her, it makes him feel better.

Abby says there’s no place she’d rather be.

They kiss and end up in bed together.

Abby and Devon get hot and heavy in bed. They're both undressed and in each other's arms.

Tucker’s Hotel Room

Tucker says that Devon doesn’t even want to speak to him.

Tucker looks unhappy as he speaks with Ashley

Ashley says that she needs him to get busy, or she’ll get angry that she wasted her time on him. She tells him to make it happen, no matter what.

Tucker agrees he won’t stop trying with Devon. He asks what happens if Devon agrees to take over the company.

Ashley says that if he makes it happen, it’d go a long way to making her believe that he really truly wants to change.

Ashley raises her glass in a toast as she talks with Tucker

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally comes into her hotel room and Nick video-calls her. He asks how she left things with Adam.

Sally smiles as she gets a video-call with Nick

Sally says they parted on good terms.

Nick says that it doesn’t have to be the end of the evening, she could come out to his place and stay the night.

She says she wants to stay and sleep.

She asks why he video-chatted with her. He says he just wanted to see her smile.

Nick is in a video-call with Sally. He's on her laptop screen.

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Devon comes downstairs to grab a drink and sees his cellphone sitting on the bar.

He looks thoughtful, then picks it up and sends a message to Tucker asking to meet him for coffee in the morning. He says he’ll give him 30 minutes.

Devon sends a text message to Tucker. "Coffee tomorrow morning. I'll give you 30 minutes."

Tucker’s Hotel Room

Tucker gets the text from Devon and tells Ashley that he’s going to meet with him for coffee tomorrow.

Ashley says she’s thrilled, but to make sure not to screw it up, it could be his last chance with Devon.

Tucker says there’s too much on the line for him to screw it up now.

Ashley smiles as she talks with Tucker

The Newman Ranch

Victor’s phone rings. Adam has arrived, and Victor asks to send him in.

Adam arrives to the Newman house, and Nikki gets up to leave as Adam speaks with Victor

Nikki says she’ll leave them to talk, and heads out of the room.

Victor asks what Adam’s there for.

Adam says that he wants to know about Victor’s job offer. He wants to hear Victor’s plan, right now.

Victor speaks with Adam

Victor says that he needs some time before he can tell Adam anything, as things still need to fall into place.

Adam says that Victor’s reticence is causing him not to trust him.

Victor hesitates and says that he’s trying to get McCall Unlimited, and he wants Adam to run it.

Adam talks with Victor

Adam asks what Victor’s planning in order to take over McCall’s company.

Victor says that he’s run into a roadblock, and he’ll make his next move after he’s found out who’s behind it.

Victor looks at Adam as they speak