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Y&R Recap – Mar 1: Jack & Diane Leave Town, Tucker Offers Devon His Company, and Ashley Meets With the Newmans About McCall Unlimited

Tucker smiles as he speaks with Ashley

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, March 1 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Adam talks with Victor

On the last episode of Y&R, Adam pressed Victor for details on his plans for him, and Tucker worked with Ashley to gain Devon’s trust back.


Kyle meets with Jack and Diane at the restaurant.

Kyle comes into Society and sits with Jack and Diane

He lets Jack know that they’re getting the textile mills from Victor.

Jack says he doesn’t want to talk about that. He tells Kyle that they’re leaving town to escape Jeremy’s influence.

Kyle asks how Stark beat the charges.

Kyle speaks with Jack and Diane

Diane says that Stark was able to get past the charges because he had a good lawyer and that he delivered a package to Diane to rattle her and Jack. She says it was just a book, not dangerous.

Jack says that Stark suspects they set him up and so does Chance. He says that the police won’t get involved and arrest Stark without any proof.

Kyle says that Stark’s mere presence is a threat.

Jack and Diane speak with Kyle

Jack says that the Abbott home is secure and they’re just leaving town so that Stark won’t be tempted to come after them.

Jack says that hopefully Stark will get bored and move on while they have a romantic getaway.

The Abbott Mansion

The doorbell rings. Summer opens the door, it’s Phyllis.

Summer opens the door to find Phyllis on the doorstep

Summer asks what she’s doing there.

Phyllis says that she doesn’t need to remind her that she’s not welcome, she’s there to turn things around.

She asks if they could have coffee and talk to get things back to what they used to be. She tells Summer that she’s the light of her life.

Phyllis comes into the house and talks to Summer

Summer doesn’t say anything.

Phyllis says she’s going to park herself on the sofa and won’t move until they talk.

Summer says she appreciates her attempt to talk, but she has to get to the office.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Phyllis

Phyllis says she only has one mom, this is more important than work. She apologizes for anything she’d done to harm their relationship.

Summer thanks her, but she says she doesn’t have the time or energy to get into things, and she spoke with Daniel, who told her about how Phyllis had interfered in his life too.

Phyllis asks if Summer and Daniel are colluding against her.

Phyllis talks with Summer

Summer says that it’s just an example of how Phyllis operates. She says that she just can’t keep forgiving her for interfering.

Phyllis says she’s only trying to help, to protect her children. She asks why it’s wrong of her to do that.

Summer says that there’s always an excuse. She asks her to admit that she screwed up.

Summer speaks with her mother

Phyllis says that she admitted that she lured Jeremy Stark to town. She says she refused Jeremy’s offer to hand over Diane.

Summer says that Phyllis is supposed to do right by her, but she’s messed up a lot lately.

They argue about Phyllis interfering with Daniel, and Phyllis brings up the fact that Nikki has been doing shady things as well.

Phyllis puts her hand on her chest as she speaks with her daughter

Phyllis says she’ll never change, and that she’s tired of fighting for what she thinks is right. She says that she’s the one who’s had enough.

Summer says that Phyllis has a blind spot when it comes to her own issues. She says that Phyllis’s actions often aren’t helpful and that it breaks her heart to see it.

Phyllis looks disappointed as she speaks with Summer

She says that she’s been there for all of Phyllis’s failed relationships, and things always blow up when she’s involved. She says she needs to protect herself from any more hurt and disappointment.

She holds the door open, and Phyllis leaves.

Summer ushers Phyllis out of the house

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Y&R News

Newman Enterprises

Ashley shows up at the Newman offices, and Victor invites her in.

Ashley speaks with Victor and Victoria

She sits down and Victor says that someone bought up Tucker’s debt and they were wondering if she might know who could have done that.

Victoria says that Nikki said it might be her.

Ashley asks why they think she’d buy Tucker’s debt.

Ashley, Victoria, and Victor talk in the Newman Enterprise offices

Victoria says that Tucker pulled out of the deal to sell to Newman. She says that maybe Ashley got sentimental and bought his debt.

Victor says that Ashley’s far too smart to fall for Tucker.

Victor says that Tucker would be beholden to whoever bought his debt.

Ashley animatedly speaks to Victor and Victoria

Ashley says that Devon would probably be the one to look at.

Victoria says that she looked into that angle and that Ashley is the most likely suspect.

Ashley asks what they would do if she was the one that bought Tucker’s debt.

Ashley speaks with Victor and Victoria

Victoria says they’re still interested, and would buy his company and debt. She says that Ashley should just negotiate with them if it’s her who has bought it.

Ashley says it’s fascinating, and that whatever Tucker wants to do is his business, and to leave her out of it.

She leaves Victoria and Victor to talk amongst themselves.

Victor smiles as he talks with Ashley

Crimson Lights

Tucker is waiting and Devon shows up. He comes and sits across from Tucker.

Devon sits across from Tucker at the coffee shop

Devon tells him he has 30 minutes and to try not to lie.

Tucker says that he thinks that Devon will be glad to talk with him. He says he has a proposition that could change Devon’s life.

Devon says that he doesn’t need a life-changing moment.

Tucker gestures as he explains his plan to Devon

Tucker says that he’s working to change, and he’s sorry he’s messed up with both Devon and Ashley. He apologizes and says he only has himself to blame.

Devon says they can both agree on that.

Tucker says that it’s a relief to drop the facade and that he wants to fix things between them.

Devon talks to Tucker

Devon says it’s the same story.

Tucker says that he’s decided to sell McCall Unlimited and would like nothing more than for Devon to take over the company.

Devon wonders what made Tucker think that he’d be interested in buying his company.

Tucker speaks with Devon

Tucker says that the infrastructure could be lucrative if managed correctly, and he thinks that Devon has what it takes to handle it.

Devon says that he thinks Tucker wants him to buy out his debt.

Tucker says that someone already did that, and he’d give him the family price on the company.

Tucker and Devon sit at a table in the coffee shop and talk

Devon asks what would happen if he bought the company… Would they be bonded for life?

Tucker says he has no expectations and just wanted to offer Devon a safety net in case things fell through with the lawsuit.

Devon says that it’s none of Tucker’s business.

Tucker looks uncomfortable as he speaks with Devon

Tucker says that he looked through the merger at Chancellor-Winters, and it’s rock-solid. He thinks that the Chancellor-Winters lawsuit probably won’t work out in Devon’s favor.

Devon says it sounds like Tucker’s betting on him to lose. He asks why Tucker cares.

Tucker says he’s his son and wants to see him succeed.

Devon talks with Tucker as they have coffee

Devon says that their 30 minutes are over.

Tucker thanks Devon for seeing him and tells him to run the idea past his inner circle. He tells him to see what Abby has to say.

He gets up and leaves Devon to think about his proposal.

Tucker looks pained as he speaks to Devon


Kyle sees Stark come into Society and confronts him.

Kyle confronts Jeremy Stark in Society

Stark says that he loves the town, and Kyle tells him to stop sending his mother tokens of affection and if he has an axe to grind, to grind it with Kyle.

Jeremy says that he wants to forgive everything, and he’d like to apologize for everything.

Kyle says that his parents flew out of town, so Stark should just leave the city.

Jeremy talks with Kyle

Jeremy says that it sounds like Diane is rehashing her old patterns, flying out of town. He says he has no other place to be, as he just got out of jail.

He says he found the perfect place to call home.

Kyle says that he’s made the wrong decision.

Kyle angrily speaks with Jeremy Stark

The Abbott Cabin

Jack and Diane come into the cabin and Diane asks how he set it up so quickly.

Diane and jack arrive at the Abbott cabin

Jack says he had someone stock the cabin with enough supplies to vacation as long as they want. He asks her to not mention Jeremy Stark while they’re there.

They kiss, and she promises not to think of anyone but Jack.

Jack gets some champagne and pours a couple of glasses.

Jack caresses Diane's cheeks

They toast, and they walk around the cabin, drinking champagne while they smile and kiss. They end up in bed together.

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Devon comes home and sees Abby sitting on the couch.

Devon comes home and sits beside Abby on the couch

She asks how the talk with Tucker went.

Devon says she won’t believe it… Tucker offered him his entire empire.

Abby is taken aback and asks why Tucker would do that.

Abby smiles as she talks with Devon

Devon says that Tucker said that it’d be an insurance policy in case the lawsuit didn’t turn out properly.

Abby says that’s a lot to consider.

Devon says he wonders if Tucker is sincere, or whether he’s trying to manipulate him.

Devon looks disheartened as he speaks with Abby

Abby says that it actually sounds like a great offer.

Devon says the only way he’d know is if he checked the numbers.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley lets Tucker into the house and asks him how things went with Devon.

Ashley and Tucker talk in the Abbott foyer

Tucker says that Devon didn’t reject his offer outright, but he’s not sure what’s going to happen.

Ashley says that he needs to keep his focus on Devon.

Tucker asks what Ashely plans to do with him if he fails.

Tucker smiles as he speaks with Ashley

She says she hasn’t made up her mind, but she has some ideas.

Tucker says that he’s starting to enjoy Ashley’s power over him. He thinks it’s intoxicating and thinks she’s feeling it too.

The Abbott Cabin

Jack and Diane are in their housecoats, snuggling on the couch.

Jack and Diane sit on the couch in their housecoats, while Jack looks at his phone.

Jack’s phone pings and he says it’s just a work thing. He says he’ll check in on it, but not today.

Diane says they should phone and check in on Harrison.

Jack says he already called, spoke to security, and everything’s good.

Diane speaks with Jack

Diane says there’s no way they can forget about Jeremy’s threat, it’ll always be there over their heads.

Jack says that they need to get rid of him for good.

Diane says if they could get away with murder, that’d be the way to go.

Jack says they can’t do that, but they’ll find a way to get rid of him once and for all.

Jack speaks with Diane


Phyllis comes into the restaurant, sits down at the bar, and orders a drink.

Phyllis comes into the restaurant and sits at the bar

Jeremy is sitting at a table watching her.

Phyllis slams back the drink and orders another, when she looks over and sees Jeremy.

He raises a glass in a toast to her.

Jeremy Stark raises his glass in a toast to Phyllis.

Newman Enterprises

Victor tells Victoria that he’s certain that Ashley bought Tucker’s debt.

Victor sits behind the desk while he talks to Victoria

Victoria agrees and says that she figures that Ashley is falling for Tucker again.

Victor doesn’t think so.

Victoria wonders if Ashley wants Tucker to change.

Victoria looks determined as she speaks with Victor