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Y&R Recap – Mon Feb 26: Audra Finds Out About Ashley’s Visit to Tucker’s Room and Confronts Her; Billy Vetoes Chance’s Idea Because Devon Likes It

Ashley Abbott, Audra Charles, and Chance Chancellor.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, February 26, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Ashley Abbott, Traci Abbott, Michael Baldwin, and Victor Newman.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley admitted to talking to a psychologist in Paris, and Victor asked Michael to get Claire released from hospital.


Devon and Billy are arguing about one of their employees named Lenny Flanagan while Esther stands in the lobby, listening to them talk.

Devon Hamilton-Winters and Esther Valentine.

Billy says he’s been looking over the reports, and Lenny’s last two deals were never finalized, but they’ll invite him to the company barbecue anyhow.

Devon says it’s funny that Billy is judging someone from their track record without even meeting them.

Billy asks if Devon’s making a dig at him.

Billy Abbott.

Devon says he can take it how he wants. He says he wants Billy to meet with Lenny and hear what he has to say before he fires him. He says there’s something to be said about working with people you have faith in.

Billy says they have plenty of deals waiting in the wings… They don’t need to waste time on warm fuzzy feelings!

Esther steps into the office and says it’s probably none of her business, but the door was open, and she couldn’t help but overhear that they were talking about wasting time. She says that’s just what they’re doing right now… They’re wasting time fighting when they could be doing great things for Chancellor-Winters instead.

Esther Valentine and Devon Hamilton-Winters.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker and Audra are sitting at a table in the dining room. Tucker asks Audra why she thinks there’s something he’s not telling her. He thought they were past this!

Tucker McCall.

Audra says something’s changed with him, and it’s not just him being moody.

Tucker says they have to do something about her paranoia. He asks why she’s looking for trouble when things are going so well between them.

Audra Charles.

Audra says he’s been waiting for the other shoe to drop since the day she met him.

Tucker says he’s being proactive, but she’s seeing a problem where there isn’t one.

Audra says she keeps waiting for the shoe to drop, too… But it’ll be a fashionable slingback pump in whatever size Ashely wears!

Tucker smiles at Audra.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci tells Jack that Ashley said she was too tired and decided to stay the night at the Athletic Club after she met with Tucker.

Jack says that it makes his skin crawl to know Ashley was in such close proximity to Tucker. He wonders what Ashley needed to talk to Tucker about.

Jack Abbott gestures as he talks.

Traci says Ashley can fill him in on the details, but here’s the scoop: Ashley has taken back all her accusations against Tucker.

Jack asks how that happened.

Traci says the short version is that Ashley now concedes that the scene in the Paris bistro happened just as Tucker said it did all along.

Traci Abbott sits and listens to Jack.

Jack sits down. He can’t believe it. He says Ashley was adamant about what happened that day; Tucker terrified her! He’s having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that Ashley has completely done a 180 and changed her mind about it.

Traci says she’s as surprised as Jack is.

Jack says he’s worried that she’s already talked to Tucker… Does that mean he’s still influencing her?

Jack Abbott.

Traci says they have something worse to worry about… She thinks that Ashley might be thinking about forgiving Tucker and trying to have a relationship with him again.

Ashley walks down the stairs and enters the living room. She tells Traci and Jack not to stop talking on her behalf; she’s probably the topic of conversation!

Traci says she was filling Jack in on the basics and figured Ashley would want to give him the full details.

Ashley Abbott talks to Jack and Traci.

Ashley asks what Jack knows so far.

Jack says he heard that Ashley has come to realize that Tucker hasn’t been lying about the incident in Paris. He says that he knows that Ashley went to see Tucker last night to tell him and she ended up staying the night.

Traci reminds him that she stayed the night in her own room… Not with Tucker.

Jack Abbott.

Ashley says that’s pretty much how it went… Tucker was right, and she was wrong. She says Jack figured it out first; she exaggerated everything that happened since she was frightened and angry. She says she sees things from a completely new perspective since she’s free of those emotions.

Traci says she’s glad to hear that. She says the waitstaff were clear that it wasn’t a violent conversation, and it’s good that Ashley realizes that. She says there was an argument, though, and Ashley was terrified, but Tucker is who he is.

Ashley says that’s the whole thing… Tucker had nothing to gain from making her doubt her sanity and bribing an entire restaurant staff… It’d make no sense for him to do that.

Ashley Abbott.

Jack says that makes sense, and Ashley seems more at ease.

Traci says now that Ashley has found peace, she can put Tucker behind her once and for all.

Jack agrees. Ashley can make a clean break and get on with her life.

Ashley says, “If only it were that easy.”

Traci Abbott.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker asks Audra how they got back on the subject of Ashley.

Audra says she mentioned Ashley’s name, and Tucker denied knowing anything about her attitude change, but suddenly, Tucker seemed to be drifting off and lost in thought. She says that Ashley was very possessive of him last night and told Audra that she and Tucker would never last, and this morning, Tucker is moody, evasive, and preoccupied.

Audra Charles.

Tucker makes a joke. “Sorry, what did you say?” He apologizes and asks what Audra’s point is.

Audra says she’ll distill it into a simple yes or no question… Does Tucker swear he had no contact with Ashley Abbott in the last 24 hours?

Tucker says the only thing he’ll swear to is that Audra is more obsessed with Ashley than he ever was. She needs to move on from it; if she keeps dragging up his past, she can count him out.

Tucker McCall throws up his hands in exasperation.


Billy tells Esther he and Devon aren’t bickering.

Devon agrees. It’s just a difference of opinion and nothing to worry about.

Devon talks to Esther.

Esther says she’d love to not worry about it, but the company is important to her. She says she’s good at reading situations and emotions, and she’s picking up a lot of tension between them.

Devon thinks she’s reading too much into it.

Esther says she’s not wrong. She says Devon is resentful that he has to work with Billy because he’d rather work with his sister; he and Lily work well together. She says Billy resents that Devon resents him, which is going to be a problem, knowing Billy’s career history.

Billy Abbott.

Devon and Billy look abashed but don’t say a word.

Esther begs them to take a minute to think how upset their fathers would be if they saw the conflict in their lives. She says they should be thinking about making the business successful instead of fighting. She leaves the office and heads back to her desk.

Billy says Esther isn’t wrong.

Esther, Devon, and Billy.

Devon agrees. He thinks John and Neil would say, “That’s enough! Move on!”

Billy asks what Devon thinks… Should they get on with it? He asks Devon to see if Flanagan is available to meet so they can have a chat.

Devon says that works for him as long as Billy’s not doing it to humor him, but he’ll take yes for an answer. He thanks Billy.

Devon and Billy talk.

Chance and Nate walk into Billy’s office and say hello.

Devon asks if they have a meeting that he forgot about.

Nate smiles and says he and Chance stopped by because they wanted to blow Billy and Devon’s minds. He thinks they’re going to be as impressed with Chance’s idea as he is.

Chance Chancellor and Nate Hastings smile.

Chance laughs and says he shouldn’t oversell it.

Billy asks what’s going on.

Chance says he’s put a lot of work into his idea… He explains that they should create a music festival.

Devon and Billy listen to Chance's pitch.

After he explains his ideas, Chance tells Devon and Billy he’ll send the revenue projections for the festival. They should see some significant numbers for marketing and merchandising, along with additional name recognition for the company.

Devon says that was an excellent presentation; Chance obviously put a lot of work into his ideas!

Chance thanks him and asks if they’d like to pursue it.

Chance Chancellor.

Devon thinks it’s a good idea… The timing is right for the company to do something like a music festival. He says they should fast-track it and get the ball rolling. He asks what Billy thinks about it.

Billy says he wouldn’t go that far. He thinks it’s a good idea but needs some work.

Devon’s phone pings. He excuses himself to take care of some business. He gives Chance a thumbs-up and tells him, “Great job!” He leaves the office.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Nate tells Billy that he has to admit that Chance’s idea has a lot of potential.

Billy agrees there’s potential, but it’s not ready to be fast-tracked yet… There’s still a lot of work to be done. He says it’s not a “no,” and they should work on it. He tells Chance that he’s done a good job and excuses himself, as he has a meeting to get to. He leaves the office.

Chance looks confused. He tells Nate he doesn’t know what just happened.

Nate Hastings and Billy Abbott.

Nate says he thinks Chance didn’t approach Billy for guidance and input, and Billy sees himself as Chance’s mentor, so Billy’s trying to not let Chance get ahead of himself.

Chance says Devon loved the idea.

Nate says Devon is trying to prove he’s not a control freak, since he’s been accused of that more than once.

Chance says it was a weird meeting… He felt blindsided by the whole thing. Billy’s been great up until now! He says he feels like he can rely on Nate more than he can on his own mentor.

Chance looks confused.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Ashley why making a clean break from Tucker won’t be easy… He thought her trip to Paris was to get him out of her mind and out of her life for good. Now that she knows what really happened, can’t she just end the story?

Ashley says she needs to do things her way. She knows what she’s capable of and is in control, and she needs them to trust that she’ll make the right decisions for everyone.

Jack, Traci, and Ashley Abbott.

Jack says he has a “horrible feeling” that Ashley is going to give Tucker another chance.

Ashley says she doesn’t want to risk having the wrath of the Abbotts come crashing down on her.

Traci says they’re only worried about what’s best for Ashley.

Ashley says she’s capable of deciding what’s best for her on her own, thank you very much. She says she knows she’s made mistakes, but she’s not going to fall into those same traps again.

Traci Abbott talks to Ashley.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker gets up from the table and tells Audra she can finish her lunch and obsess over Ashley alone.

Audra tells him to wait and asks him to sit back down. She says he’s right. She’s sorry. She says she’s feeling insecure, which isn’t familiar territory for her. She takes his hand and says their relationship is important to her… Things are going well for them, and she wants them to stay that way.

Tucker stands up and Audra sits.

Tucker says they will stay that way. He promises.

Audra says she’s not doubting him… She’s doubting Ashley and how she staked her claim on Tucker last night.

Tucker says he knows exactly what’s changed. Ashley realized she was wrong!

Audra holds Tucker's hand.

Audra leans in. She says Tucker talked to Ashley last night, didn’t he? She tells Tucker to be careful how he answers, but whatever the answer is… She can handle it. What she can’t handle is Tucker lying about it. She says she understands why he’d keep it from her in the first place, but they owe each other absolute honesty.

Tucker says they really are alike. He admits that Ashley was in his suite when he went upstairs last night.

Audra shakes her head in dismay. She asks how Ashley managed to get into his room… Does she still have a key? Did she break in? Did she bribe housekeeping? What was her reason for being there?

Tucker sighs.

Tucker says he didn’t ask how she got in. He says Ashley told him she had an epiphany about what happened between them in Paris, and he was right all along. She apologized to him for accusing him of being violent and gaslighting her.

Audra scoffs. An epiphany! Just like that!

Tucker says Ashley said her epiphany had something to do with a fender bender she was in that shook the truth loose.

Audra Charles.

Audra says that was convenient… Maybe Ashley should get hit by a car more often!

Tucker says he didn’t quite buy her story, but he’s not saying it didn’t happen.

Audra wonders why Ashley is seeking Tucker out now… What’s her agenda? Maybe she’s realized that Glissade is a formidable competitor to Jabot!

Tucker McCall.

Tucker gets upset and says he doesn’t care what her agenda is. What Ashley did to their relationship can’t be repaired. It’s over between him and Ashley; he needs Audra to know that. There’s no going back. It’s finished!

Audra says she wants to believe that more than Tucker knows. She says she saw the fire in Ashley’s eyes last night, and Ashley wants Tucker back. She thinks Ashley will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tucker says, “Bring it on.”

Audra Charles.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy enters the house and greets Jack, Traci, and Ashley. He says he heard Ashley was back from Paris… How’d that go?

Ashley hugs him and says Paris was exhausting and enlightening. She gathers her purse and puts on her coat, preparing to leave.

Ashley and Billy hug.

Billy’s confused. Is it something he said?

Ashley says Jack and Traci will fill him in on everything. She tells Jack and Traci she’s fine and leaves the house.

Traci and Jack are just as confused as Billy is. Traci tells Billy they were having an awkward conversation with Ashley when Billy arrived.

Jack, Traci, and Ashley.

Jack says they were talking about how Ashley realized Tucker was telling the truth about what happened in Paris. He recounts how Ashley went to the bistro and met with the waitstaff, who verified Tucker’s story, and then she went to the club and told Tucker that she was wrong and he was right.

Traci says they’re worried about the fallout.

Billy wonders if there is any fallout. He says that Ashley seemed like her old self before she left… Maybe she left because she was trying to escape her overprotective siblings!

Billy Abbott.

Traci says she won’t apologize for being protective of Ashley, who’s been tied in knots by misremembering a situation that terrified her.

Billy says he’s glad Tucker isn’t in the picture anymore.

Jack and Traci tell Billy that they tried to get Ashley to swear that Tucker was out of her life now, but she wouldn’t.

Traci Abbott.

Billy says they might need to trust Ashley on this one.

Jack says they’d like to, but they can’t trust anything when it comes to Tucker McCall.

Billy gets that they’re worried about Tucker, but what happened in Paris doesn’t mean that Ashley and Tucker will get back together. He thinks Ashley and Tucker aren’t going to have a relationship again, and they have to have confidence that Ashley is capable of taking the next steps on her own. He says it’s good for Ashley to take back control of her memory and her life.

Billy gestures as he talks to Traci and Jack.

Jack thinks there’s still an enormous risk.

Billy says they need to be supportive of Ashley… This is her journey.


Ashley walks into the restaurant and is greeted by Tessa.

Ashley Abbott, Tessa Porter, and Abby Newman.

Tessa recognizes Ashley and introduces herself as the new manager. She jokes that Ashley will get special treatment since she’s her boss’s mom.

Abby overhears and says that her mom always gets special treatment at Society. She takes her mom to a table, and they sit down to talk.

Ashley asks what’s up with the latest staff changes at the restaurant.

Abby Newman and her mom, Ashley Abbott, sit at a table.

Abby says they have a lot to catch up on… Tessa is taking over for her so that she can join the board of directors at Chancellor-Winters.

Ashley’s shocked but happy for her. They do have a lot of catching up to do!

Abby agrees and says she’d like to talk about the conversation she had with Traci about Ashley’s trip to Paris. She says she’s worried about her mom.

Ashley looks at Abby.

Tessa gets a prank call, which turns out to be her wife.

Mariah walks in, grinning, and hangs up her phone. She wishes Tessa a “happy first day at work.”

They laugh together.

Mariah Copeland grins at Tessa.

Ashley tells Abby that she doesn’t need to worry about her… She’s fine and more in control of her emotions than she has been for a very long time.

Devon walks up to their table and sits down with them. He says he got Ashley’s text about meeting… Is everything okay?

Abby is surprised; she didn’t know Devon would be joining them.

Abby Newman, Devon Hamilton-Winters, and Ashley Abbott sit at a table.

Ashley says she wanted to meet with them both so she could put their minds at ease. She says she went to Paris to get confirmation of what happened with Tucker. They went to the cafe, and she spoke to the waiter, who backed up Tucker’s version of events. There was no violence and no broken glass… Nothing more than raised voices.

Abby says there’s no way of knowing if the waiter’s memory is reliable.

Ashley says Traci talked to the entire restaurant’s staff, and they also backed up Tucker’s version of the breakup. Ashley thought that Tucker must have bribed everyone.

Ashley Abbott.

Abby nods. That sounds like something Tucker would do.

Ashley says Tucker didn’t.

Devon asks if she knows that for a fact.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Ashley says she does. Tucker was right, and Ashley was wrong. She didn’t do it deliberately, but her mind exaggerated everything that happened, and she’s been overreacting since then. She apologizes for her behavior.

Devon says Ashley doesn’t need to apologize… Whatever Tucker did in the moment scared Ashley; the details don’t really matter.

Ashley says the details do matter. She’s put a stain on Tucker’s already-tarnished reputation, and she’s not going to be able to get past it unless she says something to Devon.

Ashley Abbott.

Devon raises his eyebrow. What does she need to say?

Ashley says that if her actions contributed to Devon shutting Tucker out of his life, she wants him to reconsider.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker and Audra walk into his suite. Tucker says Audra shouldn’t worry so much about whatever Ashley wants… It’s inconsequential, and they need to worry about what they want.

Tucker talks on the phone as Audra looks on.

Audra says he should call his assistant and book the trip right now. No more stalling or putting anything or anyone first.

Tucker pulls out his phone and calls his assistant. He asks to get two first-class tickets to Paris for two as soon as possible. He disconnects the call and asks if Audra is satisfied.

Audra says, “Almost.” She kisses him and thanks him. Their clothes come off, and they fall into bed.

Audra and Tucker kiss.

The GCAC Dining Room

Chance sits down with Summer.

Summer sees the look on his face and asks him how his pitch meeting went.

Summer Newman talks to Chance Chancellor.

Chance says it was brief, and Devon and Nate loved it, but Billy… Not so much.

Summer says two out of three is pretty good. She asks what Billy’s objections were.

Chance says he’s not sure. He says Billy basically patted him on the head and told him, “Better luck next time.”

Chance Chancellor.

Summer wonders how that’s possible… Chance told him that Billy was really supportive ever since he started.

Chance says he was… Until today. He says it almost felt like Billy had an agenda that had nothing to do with Chance and everything to do with Chancellor-Winters.

Summer asks what he means.

Chance says he felt a tension between Billy and Devon that had nothing to do with the pitch.

Summer Newman.


Mariah asks Tessa how things are going on her first day at the restaurant.

Tessa says she thought things were going great until she almost bit the head off the snobby woman who wanted an immediate table.

Tessa Porter talks to her wife, Mariah Copeland.

Mariah apologizes for the prank call, saying she couldn’t resist having a “Karen” moment. She hopes being married to the manager of Society can get her special treatment.

Tessa asks if she wants to be treated more special than Abby already treats both of them.

Mariah says Abby’s kind and generous, but her special requests to her can only go so far. Now that Tessa’s working there, she can make as many outlandish requests as she wants!

Mariah and Tessa.

Tessa says she’ll be the judge of that… What special requests does Mariah have in mind?

Mariah says, for starters, they should have a purple throne booster seat for Aria.

Tessa laughs and says she’s already put that on the list.

Tessa Porter.

Mariah asks if Tessa’s happy with her job so far.

Tessa says at first she thought she was doing Abby a favor, but the restaurant is full of energy and life, and she loves interacting with everyone.

Mariah says of course she does; she’s a natural! She could feel the good vibes the moment she walked in the door. She says as amazing and incredible as Tessa is, she’s going to have some very particular demands when it comes to her empanada orders.

Mariah Copeland.

Devon tells Ashley he appreciates her looking out for his relationship with Tucker, but he has a lot of reasons he doesn’t want him in his or his son’s life.

Ashley says Devon had reached an agreement with Tucker when she came back from Paris the first time, and Ashley’s thoughts that Tucker was violent reignited Devon’s anger toward his father. She says she won’t tell him what to do or how to feel, but she owes him an apology for telling him an inaccurate version of events that shattered an already shaky relationship. She just wants Devon to give Tucker another chance.

Abby, Devon, and Ashley.

Devon says he knows what she’s asking, but it’s not just about him anymore. He has a family, and he doesn’t think they’re going to give her the answer she’s looking for. He thanks her for being honest.

Ashley asks Devon to take what she said to heart and think about it. She thanks them for meeting with her, gathers her belongings, and leaves the restaurant.

Abby and Devon watch as Ashley leaves.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker lies in bed, asleep. Audra quietly gathers her things and leaves his room.

Audra closes the door to Tucker's suite.

The GCAC Dining Room

Summer tells Chance she knows how he feels… Working in business can make you paranoid, and nothing prepares you for it.

Chance smiles and says it certainly isn’t in the company handbook.

Chance Chancellor.

Summer says things didn’t go smoothly when Devon and Billy worked together before. She doesn’t know all the details, but Billy left Chancellor-Winters to go back to Jabot. She says Billy felt like an outsider at Chancellor-Winters even though his mother is a co-owner, especially after he and Lily broke up. Now he’s back at Jill’s request, and it might take some time for him and Devon to adjust to working together again.

Chance nods. He says he felt like Billy’s biggest problem with his pitch was that Devon was into it.

Summer says that could get messy… She hopes that’s not the case.

Chance hopes so, too… The last thing he wants to do is to pick sides.

Summer grimaces.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy tells Jack that he thinks Ashley should handle her own affairs. Is it that hard for Jack to have faith in her?

Jack says that’s not what it’s about.

Traci gets up and says she agrees with Billy. They should trust Ashley and see how things play out. She says Ashley is calmer and in control again, which is a positive sign.

Jack, Traci, and Billy Abbott talk.


Devon tells Abby he never saw that coming from Ashley.

Devon talks with Abby.

Abby didn’t either. She says she agrees with Devon, though… He has more reasons to keep Tucker at a distance than what happened in Paris between him and Ashley. Whatever Devon decides to do with Tucker, he’s not her father, and she doesn’t have that connection with him. She won’t be able to forgive and forget.

Devon nods. He asks what Abby thinks about Ashley’s change of heart. He says even though it wasn’t violent, it was still a fight that ended their marriage.

Abby doesn’t know what to make of it, but something must be going on with her mom to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt.

Abby talks to Devon.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley comes home and takes off her coat. The doorbell rings, and she answers.

Audra is at the door. She tells Ashley she’s had her say, and now it’s Audra’s turn to set things straight!

Ashley Abbott opens the door to Audra Charles.

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