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Y&R Recap – Tues Aug 29: Diane Saves Ashley From Choking While Tucker Stirs the Pot as Billy & Jack Have a Falling Out

Diane performs the Heimlich Maneuver on Ashley.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Tuesday, August 29 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Mariah and Devon hug.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sharon wanted out of the merger, Sally refused Adam’s job offer and hit Nick up for money, while Devon offered Mariah & Tessa advice.

Tessa & Mariah’s House

Devon tells Mariah and Tessa that he’s got lots of resources on hearing loss and asks what happened with Aria.

Devon, Tessa, and Mariah.

They discuss how the baby hadn’t responded to loud sounds, and they took her for tests, which indicated a problem with Aria’s hearing.

Devon says it’s probably difficult to pinpoint the problem because Aria is so young.

Mariah says there are more tests to do, but she knows Devon is experienced with hearing loss.

Tessa holds her hand to her chest as she talks.

Devon says that he was worried about Dominic’s hearing because he thought he might have passed the problem down to him, so he knows how worrying it can be.

Tessa asks if Devon can explain what it’s like not to hear.

Mariah says they’re different situations and doesn’t want Devon to relive it.

Devon talks with Tessa and Mariah.

Devon says nobody overstepped, and he’s fine to talk about it.

Mariah invites Devon to sit because she wants him to answer her million questions.

Devon says they’re smart to seek information from someone who knows instead of just going onto the Internet.

Tessa talks with Devon and Mariah.

They discuss that Devon’s experience was different than Aria’s since he had meningitis as a teenager, which caused his hearing loss, and he already knew how to speak and communicate.

Mariah says that Aria can’t say if she’s confused or frightened.

Devon says that Aria has two loving parents who will be able to help her through everything. He asks if they’ve got more appointments set up for Aria.

Tessa and Mariah.

Tessa says they have an audiologist coming to the house, but she and Mariah are filled with concern for the future.

Mariah wonders what it’ll be like for Aria if she can’t hear Tessa’s beautiful voice.

The Abbott Mansion

Billy and Jack walk into the living room, and Billy says that working on the patio was exactly what he needed that morning. He says it’s quiet around the house lately.

Jack and Billy talk.

Jack asks Billy if he’s referring to the lack of Ashley and Tucker’s snarky remarks.

Billy wonders whether Tucker & Ashley’s silence means they’re plotting something.

Jack says he has no idea what it means. The front door opens, and Tucker walks in.

Billy talks to Jack.

Tucker asks if Billy and Jack missed him.

Billy says they’ve been pining over him; it’s been torture.

Jack asks why Tucker’s there… He asked for the key to the house to be returned.

Tucker walks in.

Tucker says Jack will get the key back. They’ve arranged to have the rest of their stuff moved out within the next week, and they’ll be out of Jack’s hair.

Jack says he has a hard time believing it.

Tucker tells Jack that he and Ashley have decided that Jack and Diane aren’t worth stressing over, and neither is Jabot.

Jack talks to Tucker.

Billy asks if Tucker’s talking for Ashley or whether she believes it.

Tucker says that Ashley believes it and that if Diane’s involved with Jabot, the company they will run together is their real future.

Jack says they’ll have to fight for advertising and shelf space, and Jabot will be their biggest competitor.

Tucker talks to Jack.

Tucker says that both Billy and Jack thought Tucker had a plan to use Ashley to acquire Jabot, but that’s not the case. He says Ashley is seeking peace and prosperity, and Tucker’s just along for the ride and helping her out.

Jack says Tucker’s a “benevolent soul” to think that.

Tucker says he saw what the war with Jack was doing to Ashley. It was unhealthy, and he helped her see that.

Billy looks up.

Jack harumphs.

Tucker smirks at Billy and asks if he can let Jack in on a little secret… He says that Jack thought Ashley was a threat, but his dear brother Billy is the one he should really be concerned about. He says that Billy was ready to sell Jack out for control of Jabot.

Jack says that while Billy may not be Diane’s greatest fan, there’s no way he’d choose Tucker and Ashley over Jack and the company that their father founded.

Jack, Tucker, and Billy.

Tucker says Billy is capable of anything if the price is right.

Billy says that Tucker’s wrong and he’s lying through his teeth.

Tucker asks Billy if he turned down the CEO position that he and Ashley offered him in exchange for Billy weakening Jabot from the inside so that they could take it over.

Billy Abbott.

Billy says that’s right; he turned down the position.

Tucker laughs and says Billy’s saying it with a straight face… Must be all his poker experience. He says that Billy had ambition, and it couldn’t be faked.

Jack asks why Tucker would care to tell him about Billy.

Tucker says he wants to do his new brother-in-law “a solid” and let Jack know that Billy was ready to stick a knife in his back because Billy doesn’t trust Diane.

Tucker McCall.


Abby and Ashley are sitting at a table talking as they have a bite to eat. Abby asks her mother if Ashley is still staying at the Athletic Club.

Ashley says she is, but she and Tucker are looking for a place of their own, and they’re looking for office space for their new company.

Abby and Ashley sit and talk.

Abby asks if Ashley’s truce with Jack is still holding strong.

Ashley says it’s easier to have peace with someone when you don’t live and work with them.

Abby asks if Ashley is really willing to give up Jabot this easily.

Abby leans in as she talks with her mom.

Ashley says she’s taking what she needs from the company to start her own.

Abby wonders whether Ashley is really ready to break away and start over.

Ashley says she can’t work at Jabot with Diane being part of it… She’s tried, and it’s impossible, and she can’t convince Jack that Diane is a danger to the company, so she has to move on.

Ashley and Abby sit and talk over lunch.

Diane walks up to their table, smiling, and says, “Thank God.”

Ashley asks Diane if there’s something she wanted, or if she’s just there to eavesdrop.

Diane says she couldn’t help but overhear.

Diane looks at Ashley.

Abby asks if she can get Diane a table, but Diane ignores her.

Diane tells Ashley that she wants family harmony as much as anybody.

Ashley scoffs.

Ashley pops a grape in her mouth.

Diane says she doesn’t care if Ashley believes her.

Ashley says Diane’s words mean nothing to her.

Diane and Ashley snipe at each other for a bit until Abby interrupts them, telling them that they can argue somewhere where they aren’t bothering her customers.

Diane performs the Heimlich Maneuver on Ashley.

Abby’s phone rings. It’s Devon, asking to meet her at the park with Dominic. She ends the call and tells her mom and Diane she has to go, and to please behave themselves; no broken dishes and no bloodshed are allowed in her restaurant. She leaves.

Ashley says she’s moving on from Diane’s toxicity. She tosses a grape in her mouth and suddenly chokes on it. She stands up, gesturing for help.

Diane moves quickly and applies the Heimlich Maneuver. Ashley coughs out the grape and is able to breathe again.

Diane looks at Ashley with concern.

Diane pats her on the back, asking her if she’s okay and whether it all came out.

Ashley turns around and, gasping and coughing, asks Diane if she saved her life.

Tessa & Mariah’s House

Mariah answers the door. It’s the doctor, and Mariah invites her in, introducing her to  Tessa and Devon.

Mariah, Dr. George, Tessa, and Devon.

Devon shakes Dr. George’s hand and asks her if she remembers him… She treated him when he got a cochlear implant.

Dr. George remembers Devon and says he had a great interest in music at the time. She’s read about him and figures he’s been doing well ever since.

Devon says he’s going to leave. He knows they’re in good hands.

Dr. George talks to Devon.

Chancellor Park

Devon meets Abby and Dominic in the park and kisses and hugs them both in greeting.

They have a seat on a park bench. Devon says that after talking with Mariah and Tessa, he felt he had to see his own family as soon as possible.

Abby talks with Devon.

Abby asks what happened at Mariah and Tessa’s… Is there something wrong?

Devon says that Aria might not be able to hear, but they can’t make any decisions until they’ve gone through a series of tests.

Abby gets it… They wanted Devon to come over because he’s had experience with hearing loss.

Devon says he mostly went there to calm Mariah and Tessa down so they didn’t panic, and he’s so grateful to have Dominic and Abby in his life.

Abby, Dominic, and Devon.

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Tessa & Mariah’s House

The doctor finishes writing some notes on her tablet, and Mariah and Tessa mention that Aria’s already fallen asleep after her examination.

Dr. George asks Tessa and Mariah to have a seat and tells them that she ran two types of tests on Aria.

Mariah and Tessa.

The first test was to see if Aria’s inner ear was responding to sound, and it showed that Aria could have hearing loss, but it doesn’t always mean that.

The second test was to see how Aria’s brain was responding to sound at all, and it pointed to a possible nerve problem, but it’s early to make assumptions.

Mariah asks if the problem is treatable.

Dr. George says it is treatable, but there’s no cure.

Dr. George talks with Mariah and Tessa.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Tucker that the only backstabber in the room is Tucker himself. He says that Jabot is strong and that Tucker’s attempt at creating division between him and his co-CEO is a failure.

Tucker says that Jack needs to let go of his hostility. Blood is thicker than betrayal. He leaves.

Jack, Tucker, and Billy.

Jack tells Billy that it’s a good thing he trusts him; Tucker made a hell of a case.

Billy asks what Jack means by that. He says that he played his part exactly as he was supposed to… How did Tucker make a case?

Jack says it was clever of Tucker to try to make him doubt Billy.

Billy and Jack talk.

Billy says that he’s not trying to steal Jabot from Jack. He only acted that way to get in with Tucker and Ashley. He says Jack doesn’t really trust him.

Jack says he trusts Billy.

Billy says Jack thinks that Billy’s going to fall for it.

Jack and Billy.

They bicker for a bit, with Billy saying that Jack really doesn’t trust him, though Jack tries to assure him.

Jack says he’s sorry that Billy took what he said the wrong way.

Billy tells him to give him a break… There’s only one way to take it. He leaves the house.

Billy and Jack.


Diane tells Ashley that she did what anyone would have done.

Ashley thanks Diane and says she’s ok now.

Diane talks to Ashley.

Diane says that she should go see a doctor… There could be complications after a choking incident.

Ashley says she’s fine.

Chancellor Park

Devon says he wanted to calm Tessa and Mariah because he’d be frantic if the problem were with Dominic.

Abby says it must be awful knowing that their baby might not be able to hear.

Abby sits with Dominic and Devon.

Devon says he was terrified when he lost his hearing, but Dru, Neil, Lily, and Daniel learned sign language and helped him cope. There were times he was angry and would lash out.

He flashes back to when he was talking to Neil, and Neil would talk to him by sending him messages to his phone. They discussed how Devon was worried about women being put off by his hearing loss, and Neil reassured him that he just needed to be confident.

Neil talks in sign language with Devon.

Devon and Neil signed to each other, and Devon got upset when he couldn’t remember the sign for “homework”.

Neil said that learning a whole new language takes time.

Devon tells Abby that it was a scary time for his family.

Abby talks to Devon.

Abby says that he lost his hearing because of meningitis. She asks if they know why Aria has hearing loss.

Devon says they don’t know yet. They’ll just have to give them support. They’re good people, and good parents. He says that Dominic wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for Mariah.

Abby says she’s just happy to have them in their lives. Devon kisses her hand.

Abby listens to Devon.

Mariah & Tessa’s House

Dr. George tells Mariah and Tessa that once they reach a definitive diagnosis, they’ll start with a hearing aid. She says that she’s seen great success with infants and toddlers.

Mariah asks what if it doesn’t work… Would they consider a cochlear implant like Devon’s?

Dr. George, Mariah, and Tessa.

Dr. George says that could be an option.

Tessa asks how it happened… Did they do something wrong?

Dr. George reassures them they’re excellent parents, and it’s very likely that Aria’s condition is genetic, and she inherited it from one of her birth parents. She asks if they can get some medical background.

Dr. George.

Mariah says they are in touch with the birth mother, and they’ll contact her. She asks the doctor what the next steps are.

The doctor says they’ll need to do some more tests, and will probably look into the most appropriate hearing aids for Aria.

Mariah and Tessa look hopeful.

Tessa asks how long it’ll take until they know the hearing aids are working.

Dr. George says it won’t take long, and they don’t need to worry, Aria will get the best medical care possible.

They thank the doctor, and she leaves.

Dr. George smiles.

Mariah and Tessa hug.

There’s a knock at the door, and Tessa answers. It’s Devon and Abby with a take-out bag from Society.

Devon asks what the doctor had to say about Aria’s hearing.

Tessa and Mariah hug.

Mariah says that Aria failed a couple of tests, and she’s facing hearing loss, and will probably get hearing aids.

Tessa says Aria may have surgery if the hearing aids don’t work.

Abby says at least they have a roadmap to what’s happening and the love and support of people around them.

Mariah, Tessa, Abby, and Devon.


Ashley returns from the washroom, and Diane asks Ashley if she can call Abby, Tucker, or Jack to let them know what happened.

Ashley says she’s ok.

Ashley and Diane.

Diane says she doesn’t look ok.

Ashley says she was a little lightheaded, but she’s fine now.

Diane tells her to forget it. She’s not driving or going anywhere without her. She offers again to take her to the club, and Ashley finally agrees. They leave the restaurant together.

Diane leads Ashley out of the restaurant.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack stands in the living room, fists clenched.

Tucker walks in and asks if “the turncoat” has left.

Jack pounds his fist into his palm as Tucker looks on.

Jack tells Tucker that he and Diane came to Tucker and Ashley’s wedding and gave Ashley everything she asked for. He asks why Tucker won’t just leave and go on with their lives together.

Tucker says that’s what they’re doing.

Jack says that Tucker tried to drag Billy into destroying Jabot, and Tucker is now trying to cause problems between them.

Tucker talks to Jack.

Tucker says he thought Jack would like to know the truth.

Jack says whatever tension is between him and Ashley is a family matter, and they’ll deal with it.

Tucker says he likes to think he’s part of the family now too.

Jack talks to Tucker.

Jack says, “You’ll never be any part of my family, McCall.” He promises Tucker that if he causes heartache or hurt to Ashley, that he’ll destroy him, and that’s not a threat… That’s a promise.

Tucker tells Jack not to push him. He may seem like he doesn’t give a damn, but Jack shouldn’t fool himself… He doesn’t want to cross him. He leaves.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker gets up from the bar to head up to his and Ashley’s room. As he’s passing through the lobby, Diane and Ashley walk in.

Tucker looks on as Ashley laughs with Diane.

Tucker asks what’s going on… Ashley and Diane are hanging out together?

Ashley tells Diane she’s fine and she appreciates what she’s done for her.

Diane tells Tucker that Ashley should go see a doctor or go to the hospital. She leaves the club.

Ashley talks to Diane.

Tucker asks Ashley what happened… Is she sick?

Ashley says she’s fine. She heads upstairs to their room.

Tessa & Mariah’s House

Aria is sitting on Mariah’s lap, and Mariah tells Tessa that it’s not the best news, but they have to trust the doctors and take it one step at a time.

Mariah talks with Tessa.

Tessa says she can’t help but think she did something wrong with Aria.

Mariah says she has to stop… It could be genetic; either way, it doesn’t matter. All they can do is do what’s best for their daughter. They will plan for her future and stay positive.

Tessa tells Aria she knows she can’t hear her now, but they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Mariah and Tessa talk to Aria.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack calls Billy and leaves a message. He says he’s sorry for their conversation earlier, and wishes they hadn’t left things as they did. He asks to meet and get together for a drink.

Jack calls Billy.

Diane enters the house, and Jack says he sure is happy to see her. He gives her a hug.

Jack notices the look on Diane’s face and asks what’s wrong.

Diane tells Jack that Ashley could have died, and she saved her life.

Diane talks to Jack.

Tucker & Ashley’s GCAC Suite

Tucker and Ashley enter their suite, and Tucker asks Ashley what happened with Diane. They sit down on the bed to talk.

Ashley says that Diane did something truly amazing. She relates that she was having lunch with Abby when Diane walked in. She popped a grape in her mouth “for emphasis” and choked on it.

Tucker laughs as he talks with Ashley.

Tucker is surprised. She choked?

Ashley says she choked on it, but Diane gave her the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life.

Tucker asks if Ashley is fine now. He wonders why Diane suggests Ashley go to the hospital.

Ashley says Diane thinks she should get a check-up, but she’s ok. She doesn’t know how to cope with it, though… The woman she hates just saved her life.

Ashley talks to Tucker.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Billy sits in the lounge, sipping his drink. He pulls out his phone and sees a notification about Jack’s voicemail.

Billy says, “Not interested, Jack. Delete.”

Billy deletes Jack's voicemail.

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