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Y&R Recap – April 5: Summer Blames Diane for Phyllis’s Death, Lily Comforts Daniel in His Time of Need, and Phyllis Returns… Alive!

A distraught Summer, a disturbed Diane, and an alive Phyllis.

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, April 5 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Daniel attacks Jeremy as Danny watches

On the last episode of Y&R (Tues Apr 4), Daniel attacked Jeremy as Chance investigated Phyllis’s death, Victoria dropped her pursuit of McCall, and Abby considers moving in with Devon.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea comes into the cafe and finds Billy sitting there.

Billy talks with Chelsea as he sits in the cafe

She asks Billy if he was down there zoning out since she left him there.

Billy says he lost track of time.

Chelsea asks what happened.

Chelsea talks with Billy

Hotel Room

Danny says to keep his voice down, people are hearing his threats against Stark.

Daniel says he can go downstairs and beat something out of his new stepfather.

Danny says that won’t bring his mother back and he has to accept that.

Danny holds Daniel's shoulders as they talk

Daniel says if this was him who was reported missing, Phyllis would be storming the hospitals, hiring detectives.

He says he can’t blame his mother’s death on anyone else, she’s dead because of him.


Nate says it wasn’t an accident.

Elena says it’s very tragic.

She wonders if they knew that EMT driver and why Phyllis collapsed suddenly.

Elena and Nate talk as they sit at a table in Society

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says he’d like some answers, and that it doesn’t make sense that Phyllis is gone.

Jack and Diane arrive home

Diane says it was supposed to be a memorable night.

Jack says it will be memorable for the wrong reasons now.

Ashley comes in and comes over to talk with Jack and Diane.

Diane tells Ashley if she’s there to fight, it’s not the right time for it.

Ashley comes in

Crimson Lights

Billy and Chelsea talk about how their kiss didn’t make each other uncomfortable.

Billy tells his mood doesn’t have to do with her… He tells her that he got a call that Phyllis was dead.

Billy and Chelsea sit in Crimson Lights while they talk


Nate says the night didn’t end the way he envisioned it.

He says he was watching Elena from across the room in the lounge, and that she looked beautiful in her dress, and he couldn’t wait to get her home.

Elena says she was watching him too.

Elena and Nate talk

Nate asks what she was thinking.

Elena says she was thinking the same thing as him.

Nate asks if he’s being seduced.

Elena smiles and says she misses him, and maybe they can finish the night as they envisioned.

Elena and Nate talk

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Danny says that Daniel isn’t responsible for Phyllis’s death.

Daniel says Danny didn’t see the way he treated Phyllis and how he pushed her out of his life.

Daniel and Danny sit and talk in Daniel's hotel room

Danny says there’s nothing he could do.

Daniel says he turned his back on her, and when he lost Heather and Lucy, all Phyllis wanted to do was to help him, and he just turned her away from his life.

Danny says that he has to hang onto the good memories.

Danny looks at his father as they talk

Daniel has a seat and says that he’s going to remember how hurt Phyllis was when he called her out in front of the town.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says she thinks there’s enough conflict for one night, and she’s heartbroken about Phyllis.

Ashley talks with Diane and Jack

Kyle comes down, and Jack asks how they can help Summer.

Ashley says she just needs space.

Kyle says that Summer is just watching Harrison sleep, not saying anything.

Kyle looks harried as he talks

Ashley says if someone marries someone who is universally despised, it’s like pouring salt on the wound.

Diane grimaces.

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel says that Phyllis must have felt betrayed by her children. He asks how they could let this happen, it’s not supposed to end like this.

Danny and Daniel talk as they sit on the couch at the end of the bed

Danny says that Daniel has been through a lot and needs to get some rest.

Daniel groans and says not now.

Danny tells him to do whatever he needs to do to get out of the downward spiral he’s in.

Daniel is in shock as he talks with Danny

Daniel agrees. He says he’s sorry.

Danny laughs and asks if he’s sorry for driving his old man crazy.

Danny says that he’s not the only one suffering, but he’s acting like he is.

Daniel hugs his father

Daniel says he’ll go take a shower, maybe it will help him sleep.

He tears up and asks what the hell they’re going to do without Phyllis. He leaves Danny as he heads to the shower.

Danny makes a phone call to Lily.

Danny calls Lily

Lily says she’s so sorry about Phyllis. She asks how Daniel is holding up.

Danny says that Daniel’s in a really dark place right now.

Lily talks to Danny on the phone

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley leaves the room, and Kyle thanks everyone for setting aside their differences.

Summer comes downstairs, and Diane says that she can’t imagine what a difficult time it is for Summer.

Summer sneers and agrees that she can’t imagine.

Summer is crying and upset as she stands beside Kyle and talks to Diane

Diane says that she’s so sorry that Summer’s mother paid the ultimate price for getting involved with Jeremy.

Summer yells at Diane and tells her that she caused Phyllis’s death.

Diane reacts as Summer yells at her

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Crimson Lights

Chelsea says she’s sorry, she didn’t know about Phyllis. She says Phyllis was someone he loved in the past.

Billy says it was a long time ago, and he doesn’t regret that they broke up.

He says that his relationship with Phyllis faded away and that she had the ability to make people dabble in the worst part of themselves, but recently he felt that they could be friends again.

Chelsea and Billy sit in Crimson Lights as they talk

The Abbott Mansion

Diane says that whatever plan Jeremy came up with, she had nothing to do with it. She says it was horrible that Summer had to find out that Phyllis was married like this.

Summer says that she heard Diane say that she would strangle Phyllis to death, and now she’s dead.

Jack says that what happened to Phyllis was an accident.

Summer yells at Diane

Summer yells at Diane, saying her mother was better than Diane, and Diane couldn’t accept that, so she had to destroy her.

She says that Diane did everything Phyllis said she would do, and that Diane wanted Phyllis dead all along.


Elena says the night has given her perspective.

Nate and Elena talk over a glass of wine

Elena says that she has to let people in her life know what they mean to her.

She says that it was great working with him earlier as a medical team.

Nate says being a doctor will always be a part of him, but his life is moving in a new direction, and he needs her to accept that.

Elena looks at Nate as they talk

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel comes out of the shower and comes into the room and is surprised to see Lily there waiting for him. She hugs him tightly.

Lily and Daniel hug

Lily says Daniel’s dad called, and she’s there to help.

Daniel says he’s glad she’s there, he could use the company and could use her perspective.

She asks if he needs anything to eat or drink, and he says he can’t do it.

Daniel talks with Lily

Daniel asks what losing Neil was like.

Lily says that it’s tough, they were there your whole life, from your first day at school, through your first love… And then they’re gone.

Daniel nods and says “Without warning.”

Lily and Daniel talk

Lily says she was really angry with the world when she lost Neil. She says she’s divided her life into two parts, one with Neil and one without Neil.

Daniel asks what happened when her mom died.

Lily says that they never found her body, so that’s a whole other trauma that she can’t resolve.

Daniel looks upset as he talks with Lily

Daniel says he bet she wondered if her mother is out there and needs Lily’s help.

Lily says you just have to let go.

Daniel laughs and says that’ll be a problem, it’s a family trait that makes them not let go of anything easily.

Lily talks with Daniel in his room

Lily says that she understands that he’ll feel like he needs to talk to her.

Daniel says it feels like it’ll hurt forever.

Lily says it will, but he has to take it day by day, even hour by hour, but he has people who love him and support him.

Daniel smiles tearfully as he speaks with Lily

The Abbott Mansion

Diane says that she never meant harm to come to Phyllis.

Summer asks how Diane felt when she heard that Phyllis was dead.

Kyle tells Summer that she needs to talk with him. Summer collapses into his arms, crying.

Summer cries as she collapses into Kyle's arms

He takes her upstairs to talk, and Summer says that she didn’t know she could miss her mother that much.

Jack says that Summer needs someone to blame for her mother’s death.

Diane asks if Jack thinks she’s responsible for what happened to Phyllis.

Diane clutches her face as she and Jack talk

Crimson Lights

Chelsea says that Phyllis sure left her mark on the town.

Billy says he’s being a lousy date right now, and that it’s not how he thought the night would end.

Chelsea says he should come up to sleep. ALONE, she stresses, on the couch.

Chelsea and Billy talk

He laughs and accepts her offer.


Elena says she doesn’t want things to change between her and Nate.

She says that people can change the way a person is, and in the process, they can bring out people’s best side or their worst side.

Nate and Elena talk

Nate asks if this is about Victoria again. He says that he and Elena will be fine together… He needs some rest.

Elena says she’ll walk home, and he should go home by himself.

He kisses her goodbye and leaves the restaurant.

Nate kisses Elena as he leaves

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Lily says she thinks of her parents a few dozen times every day.

Daniel asks if it hurts.

Lily says that it’s unbearable at first, but the pain goes away as time passes.

Lily talks with Daniel

She says that the light that his mother gave to him can be passed onto others. She says he needs to grieve however he can.

Daniel says he should get some sleep, but he’s too wound up.

Lily says he’ll have an adrenaline crash and should go to bed and see what happens.

Daniel says he’ll do that and call her tomorrow.

Daniel and Lily talk

Lily says he doesn’t need to call, she’s staying there, and he can’t make her leave.

Daniel asks what happens if he can’t sleep.

She says he’ll have someone to count sheep with.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane that he told Summer that Phyllis’s death was an accident.

Diane talks with Jack

Diane says that he told Summer, but between them, she needs to know what he thinks.

She says that she saw the look in Jack’s eyes when he saw her strangling Phyllis, and wonders if Jack thinks that she wanted Phyllis dead.

She swears that she had nothing to do with Phyllis’s death, and needs him to be completely honest with her.

Jack and Diane stand and talk in the Abbott living room

Jack says 6 months ago he might have imagined she’d bring harm to Phyllis, but he doesn’t think she was involved with her death in any way.

He says he’s sorry that she had to question his love for her.

Diane cries and settles into Jack’s arms as he comforts her.

Jack and Diane hug as she cries

Diane says that she figures that Jack thinks that Phyllis’s death is somehow related to Jeremy.

Jack asks what Diane thinks Jeremy is going to be up to next, since she’s the one who probably knows him best.

Diane says that Stark will play mind games with them. She asks if Jack really trusts her.

Jack and Diane kiss

Jack says he has unshakeable faith in her, and nothing will change that.

They kiss.

Lily is watching Daniel as he tosses in bed. She comes over and snuggles him.

Lily crawls into bed and snuggles with Daniel

An Unknown Location

Phyllis comes out of the bathroom. “Took you long enough.”

Phyllis comes out of a room

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