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Y&R Recap – April 6: Stark Pays Off the EMT to Keep Quiet, Phyllis Plans Her Next Move, and Summer Declares She’s Finished Grieving

Phyllis's phone shows an article about a memorial service for her.

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, April 6 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

A distraught Summer, a disturbed Diane, and an alive Phyllis.

On the last episode of Y&R, Summer blamed Diane for Phyllis’s death, Lily comforted Daniel in his time of need, and Phyllis returned… Alive!

Nick & Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Nick ponders at the window while Sally comes up and comforts him.

Nick stares out the window as Sally comforts him

He says that Phyllis is gone, and Sally hugs him tightly.


Nikki says that there was a lot of pain in Nick’s voice when he called her last night.

Nikki talks with Victor

Victor says friend or foe, Phyllis’s loss will be felt.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy says Phyllis is dead, and she’ll never go back to Genoa City again.

Jeremy makes an "OK" symbol as he talks to Phyllis

He says their plan is going ahead like clockwork, and Phyllis is getting everything she ever wanted.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle comes downstairs and asks Jack how he is.

Jack says he feels like he’s in a nightmare and can’t wake up.

Kyle comes into the living room and talks with Jack

Kyle asks where everyone is.

Jack says that Diane is out at the spa to shake off the stress.

Kyle says that Summer can barely sleep, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Jack says it’s going to take time.

Kyle and Jack talk with one another

Kyle says that Summer is obsessed and thinks that Diane had something to do with Phyllis’s collapse.

Jack says that Diane had nothing to do with it.

Kyle says that not everyone is going to see it that way, not after the fight they had.

Jack says he hopes it will lead the police straight to Stark.

Jack speaks with Kyle

Jeremy’s Motel Room

There’s a knock on the door, and Stark peers through the peephole.

Stark opens the door and peers out

Phyllis asks who it is, nobody is supposed to know they’re there.

Jeremy opens the door to the EMT. He asks if anyone followed him, and lets him into the room.

Phyllis asks why Stark let him in.

The EMT comes into the room with Jeremy and Phyllis

Stark says there’s unfinished business.

Phyllis asks if Chance bought the story.

The EMT says that he stuck to the script.

Jeremy hands the EMT a bundle of cash

Jeremy hands the EMT a bundle of money and tells him that if the cops talk to him again, he needs to stick to his story.

Phyllis asks if the EMT can be trusted.

Jeremy points at the EMT and asks Jeremy if he can be trusted

Crimson Lights

Christine says that the medical examiner told her that they can’t get a sample from the burnt remains.

Chance says they’ll at least get the blood sample the EMT had taken.

Christine surmises that maybe Jeremy married Phyllis for money, but she doesn’t know for sure.

Christine and Chance talk as they sit in the cafe

Michael walks in, and says hello to Christine and Chance.

Chance excuses himself, and Michael talks with Christine.

Christine says that she can’t imagine how Michael’s feeling.

Michael says that he’s reeling.

Christine and Michael stand and talk in the cafe

The Abbott Mansion

Summer comes downstairs and Jack asks her if she’d like breakfast.

She says she’s not hungry, and that she’s finished with grieving.

Jack says that she can’t just shut off her grief.

Summer comes into the living room and talks with Kyle

Kyle asks if she’d like to go out and get some sun.

Summer says that she’s got work to do that can’t wait, and it’s got nothing to do with Marchetti.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Stark is counting out money, and Phyllis asks about the ambulance driver who lost his identity.

Stark sits and counts money as he speaks with Phyllis

Jeremy says that the driver is probably out enjoying his newfound anonymity.

She asks about bodies that were taken from the morgue.

Jeremy says that it’s ironic… Diane used the same method to fake her death years ago.

Phyllis says that she feels like she’s going to be wiped out of existence.

Jeremy and Phyllis sit and talk

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle asks what Summer could possibly need to do that’s so important.

Summer says she needs to work on arranging Phyllis’s memorial.

Jack and Kyle speak with Summer

Nick & Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Sally says she’s glad they stayed in the Athletic Club for the night and asks if Nick’s spoken to Summer.

Nick says he called her a few times, but she needs some space.

Sally says she wouldn’t blame her if Summer spent the rest of the month in bed.

Nick speaks with Sally

Nick says that he’s told Faith and Noah, but hasn’t had the heart to tell Christian yet. He says that Christian adored Phyllis, and he didn’t want to ruin Christian’s day with bad news.

Sally tells him he’s amazing, how he’s taking care of his children during a tragedy, but he needs someone to lean on too. She says he can count on her, all he has to do is ask.

Nick says he can’t stop thinking about why this happened with Phyllis, and how big a part of his life she was. He’s going to miss her.

Sally comforts Nick as they talk

Crimson Lights

Michael says that Lauren is shaken to her core. He says Phyllis was one of the best friends she’d ever had.

Christine and Michael sit and talk in the coffee shop

He says that the town won’t be the same without Phyllis running around and raising hell.

Christine says there were times when she wished Phyllis would leave town… But not like this. She promises to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure that justice is served.

Michael says he’s there to share information with her.

Michael looks down at his phone as he talks with Christine

He says he turned off his phone at the gala, and went home in a complete daze, trying to process what happened.

He turned his phone back on later and was stunned by what he’d missed.

Christine asks what it was.

Michael says he missed a call from Phyllis, and she left a voicemail.

Christine leans in and speaks with Michael

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Jeremy’s Motel Room

Phyllis says she doesn’t exactly have regrets, but she’s concerned about her kids.

Jeremy says she knew from the beginning how hard it was going to be on them.

Phyllis talks with Jeremy

Phyllis says that when she started stumbling at the gala, they seemed alarmed and were worried and frightened when she fell to the floor. She asks how they reacted when they learned the ambulance was missing.

Jeremy says she can’t think about that, they were sad and upset, but her kids chose Diane’s side, not hers. He says they have families of their own, and they’ll move on.

He tells Phyllis that she needs to move on now too.

Stark has a pile of money in front of him on the bed while he speaks to Phyllis

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki and Victor come to visit with Summer.

Nikki hugs Summer, and Summer says she’s started with the memorial service.

Nikki says that she’d like to help.

Nikki hugs Summer while Victor lends his support

Summer tells them not to coddle her, she’s not a child.

Victor hugs her.

Victor looks sad as he hugs Summer

Nick and Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Nick says it still doesn’t seem real or right, that Phyllis was the embodiment of life and lived her life to the fullest.

Sally says Phyllis knew how to command a room.

Nick talks with Sally as they sit on a sofa

Nick says that he was at his lowest point when he got together with Phyllis. He says he and Sharon had just lost Cassie. He tells Sally that he feels terrible about betraying Sharon.

He says he was drowning at that time, and Phyllis was a lifeline.

Sally and Nick talk

Crimson Lights

Sharon and Chance are talking, and Sharon says that after Cassie died, she learned of Nick and Phyllis’s affair, and that hurt her a lot.

She says that she had catfights with Phyllis, but can’t blame it all on her. She says that no matter if you hated or loved Phyllis, she had a talent for sparking strong emotions.

Sharon talks with Chance in the coffee shop

Nick and Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Nick says Phyllis was unpredictable, exciting, and infuriating… When she got an idea in her head, there was no stopping her. He says she drove him nuts sometimes.

Sally and Nick talk

Sally asks what happened between the two of them.

Nick says in the long run, they weren’t meant to be together, and they always stayed close. He says that she had a big heart.

Crimson Lights

Sharon says that ultimately, she and Phyllis found a way to get along, and when she was undergoing cancer treatment, Phyllis showed her genuine kindness, which was the last thing she expected.

Chance talks with Sharon

Chance says that it was like there were two Phyllises, and you never knew which Phyllis you were going to run into.

Sharon says that one Phyllis was vicious and scheming, and the other was full of life.

Sharon and Chance talk

Nick and Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Nick says that their bond was unbreakable and that Phyllis loved her kids with every fiber of her being. He says that her kids loved her as much as she loved them.

He says that it scares him to think about how Summer will get through this.

Nick talks with Sally

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki says she didn’t mean to imply that Summer couldn’t handle the memorial on her own.

Summer says that she can’t hand anything off to anyone.

She says she needs to make sure it’s perfect, since her mother left the world feeling abandoned and alone, she’ll do everything to make sure she’s not forgotten.

Nikki talks with Summer as Victor watches

Kyle says that she should handle the memorial how she feels fit, but she needs to let people who love her be there for her.

Summer just says “OK” and walks away.

Summer talks with Kyle

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy says that Phyllis can’t have any doubts anymore. He says it’s time for them to go their separate ways.

Phyllis says that she enjoyed their short marriage and that she changed her will to include him.

Phyllis stands at the door to Jeremy's room and talks with him

Jeremy says that Phyllis has a hefty amount of cash, and she can start over. He says she should be rejoicing right now and asks if she knows where she’s going to reinvent herself.

Phyllis says she didn’t think that far ahead.

Stark says the world is her playground, and she’s young, beautiful, bright, and shrewd enough to build a whole new future for herself, and Diane will get the life she deserves… Behind bars.

Jeremy talks with Phyllis

Crimson Lights

Michael warns Christine that it will be hard to listen to. He plays Phyllis’s voicemail.

In the recording, Phyllis says, “Michael, it’s Phyllis, you need to know that Diane is out of control. She tricked Jack into marrying her and will do anything to get me out of her way. She just attacked me and threatened to kill me. I’m afraid of that crazy bitch.”

Michael plays the voicemail for Christine

Christine laughs in shock and says that in all the years of fighting with Phyllis, she wouldn’t go so low as to run her over with a car, but now she’s gone under mysterious circumstances.

She says that the one person who is in charge and should bring justice for Phyllis is her… Phyllis’s worst enemy.

Michael holds her hand and chuckles. He says it’s almost as if Phyllis planned this.

Christine talks with Michael

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Victor talk, and Jack says that Summer is a complete wreck.

Victor says it must be awful. He says that he was hoping for the best when he left the club until Nick called with the bad news.

Jack says they were all devastated.

Jack gestures as he talks with Victor

Victor says it’s strange that the ambulance crashed and burned.

Jack says it’s strange that they were on Collin’s road.

Victor asks if Jack thinks that his engagement had anything to do with it.

Jack says that everything points to Jeremy’s involvement.

Victor and Jack talk

Nick and Sally’s Suite at the Athletic Club

Sally tells Nick that Summer will find a way through because she has an incredible father who will help her through it.

Nick says Summer’s shutting him out.

Sally says that Summer doesn’t know how to feel right now, and she can relate to that. Nick just needs to guide her, like he’s been helping her with her pregnancy.

Nick and Sally talk

Nick says he doesn’t want to risk pushing Summer away.

Sally says she’ll come to him when she’s ready, and that she just needs to know he’ll be there for her.

Nick says he’d do anything to take her pain away.

He says nothing will ever be the same again. They hug.

Sally and Nick hug

Crimson Lights

Christine says she can see why Michael was so upset with the message.

Michael says he’s not sure what to think about that voicemail. He says Stark has an agenda.

Christine says Phyllis was afraid of Diane and wishes she knew why.

Michael points as he talks with Christine

Stark’s Motel Room

Stark calls a car for Phyllis and tells her when she’s safely away from Genoa City, she can travel the world.

Phyllis says she doesn’t know where to go.

Stark calls a car for Phyllis

Jeremy says she’s leaving tonight.

Phyllis looks at her phone at an article about her memorial service.

Phyllis's phone shows an article about a memorial service for her.

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