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Y&R Recap – Apr 4: Daniel Attacks Jeremy as Chance Investigates Phyllis’s Death, Victoria Drops Her Pursuit of McCall, and Abby Considers Moving in With Devon

Daniel attacks Jeremy as Danny watches

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, April 4 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Summer and Kyle are rocked by the news of Phyllis's death

On the last episode of Y&R, the tragic news of Phyllis’s demise shook Genoa City, while Victor sought Audra’s perspective on the McCall takeover.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer is distraught, and Chance says that he just received the full report… Phyllis is gone.

A crying Summer is helped into a chair by Kyle and Nick.

He tells them that the driver swerved to miss a deer, and the EMT was the only survivor.

Danny comforts Daniel.

Chase asks if Sharon’s ok.

Kyle and Summer look at Jeremy Stark

She says it’s a lot to take in.

She says that it reminds her of the night Rey died, but right now she’s worried about Phyllis’s family.

Diane says that despite their differences, she’s sorry for the children’s loss.

Diane and Jack look sad

Jeremy says that Jack and Diane wanted this, they’re not sorry at all.


Victoria tells Tucker he could do anything for the rest of his life, she wonders what it would be.

She suggests racing, perhaps.

Tucker and Victoria sit and talk

Tucker says he’s over that.

She suggests yachts, but Tucker says he’s a landlubber.

Victoria says that Ashley is an emerald or ruby lover, and he could get her.

Victoria and Tucker talk

She asks what she can offer him that he won’t turn down.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby and Devon come downstairs; they’ve obviously just come from bed together.

Devon asks if Abby would like a nightcap.

Devon and Abby kiss at the bottom of the stairs

Devon pours a drink and asks what Abby’s thinking about.

Abby says she’s wondering if she wants to call Devon’s place her home.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack says that Jeremy isn’t upset at all.

Jeremy and Jack face off

Jeremy says that he’s not leaving until he finds out what happened to his wife.

Kyle and Summer decide to leave. Summer hugs her father, who tells her that he loves her and is there for anything she needs.

They say goodbye to Jack and Diane.

Summer and Kyle say goodbye to Nick

Diane tells Summer that she’s so sorry.

Summer turns away, and Diane hugs Kyle.

Diane hugs Kyle


Tucker says he must have a price and he supposes Victoria could pay it, but he wonders what’s so attractive about his business to her.

He says the company is weighed down by debt and thinks the whole thing has nothing to do with his company and everything to do with her.

Tucker and Victoria talk

Devon’s Apartment

Abby says she was surprised when he asked her to move in.

She says that Chance is really hurt by what happened between her and Devon, and she still feels guilty about it.

Devon says they both apologized to the people they hurt, and they shouldn’t beat themselves up over it.

Devon and Abby sit on the couch and talk

Abby says that one thing that Chance had right is that her feelings for Devon were always more complicated.

Devon says he loves Abby.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Chance tells Jeremy that he’s told Jeremy everything he knows about Phyllis.

Chance talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says that the trumped-up charges against him don’t help him trust Chance, and he wants the GCPD to give him some answers. He stomps out of the room.

Daniel says to Chance that something isn’t right here… He can feel it in his gut.

Daniel and Chance talk

Chance heads over to the EMT and sits down to talk to him again.

He asks the EMT whether he’d drawn Phyllis’s blood.

The EMT says that he put it in a cold container which should have survived the crash.

The EMT speaks with Chance

Sharon sits and talks with Nick. She says she feels some responsibility for what happened to Phyllis.

She notes that Lauren had said that it might be a side effect from the accident long ago.

Nick says that she can’t think that way, it’s not her fault.

Sharon sits and talks with Chance

He looks around at the people in the room and says that someone caused it.

Sharon asks if he thinks it was Diane.

Nick says it’s just a feeling. He wonders if Sharon knew that Stark stole a necklace from his mother.

Nick and Sharon sit and talk

Sharon says Stark is a bad man.

Nick says he’s got his finger on Stark if Phyllis’s death wasn’t an accident.


Victoria says that she’d be happy to enlighten Tucker on her reasoning.

She says that McCall is in debt but the media section is a goldmine.

Victoria and Tucker talk

Tucker says that there are better deals out there.

Victoria says that it could be very beneficial to both of them.

Tucker asks what her definition of success is.

He says that Victor wants to hand it off to Adam. He wonders what Victoria gets out of it.

Victoria looks at Tucker as they speak at the bar in Society

Victoria says that’s not her plan. She has her own ideas on how to fold McCall into Newman, and Adam’s services won’t be needed.

Tucker says that if it was between her and Adam, he’d put his money on Victoria, but wonders how she plans to defeat her father.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Diane says that Jack should have gone with Summer and Kyle.

Jack looks sad as he talks with Diane

Jack says he can’t leave until he knows what happened to Phyllis.

Diane says that she knows he loved Phyllis.

Jack says he’s more worried for Diane, and that Jeremy and Phyllis threatened her.

Diane and Jack talk

Diane says that Jeremy pickpocketed her ring and gave it to Phyllis and she can’t figure out why.

Jack says that it’s his word against hers, and he doesn’t know what is happening. He says she can be with Summer and Kyle right now if she wants.

Diane says that Summer doesn’t want her around right now and that the night is going to haunt Summer for the rest of her life.

Jack looks sad and upset as he talks with Diane

The Abbott Mansion

Summer and Kyle come home and Ashley asks if they’ve seen Jack… Then she sees the looks on the faces and asks what’s wrong.

Summer says her mother is dead.

Ashley is shocked when Summer tells her that Phyllis is dead

Devon’s Apartment

Abby is surprised that Devon said that he loves her.

Devon says that she knows he’s loved her for a long time.

Abby laughs and says that he loves her because she gave him an extra serving of mashed potatoes.

Devon has his hand on Ashley's shoulder as they talk

Devon says that she really cares for him, and it’s made him realize a lot of things. He says he was able to move on from a lot of stuff in his life because of her.

He says she’s always been there for him and always listened to him, even before Dominic came along.

Devon smiles at Ashley as they talk

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Y&R News

Genoa City Athletic Club

Danny asks if Jack knows what Chance is working on.

Jack says they’re all in the dark.

Danny says he’s having a tough time accepting that Phyllis is gone.

Danny talks with Jack in the lounge

Jack says there were times when he wanted Phyllis gone, but she was a major factor in his life for decades.

Danny says that for the longest time, he kept his son away from Phyllis while Daniel was a kid because he thought that Phyllis was too toxic, but recently, he thought they’d be friends again.

Nick comes up and says that the three of them talking about Phyllis wouldn’t be lost on her.

Nick, Danny, and Jack talk about Phyllis

Jeremy says that they’re crying crocodile tears.

He recounts how Danny broke her heart, Nick betrayed her, and Jack did worse than both of them together.

Jack tells him to get the hell out of the club.

Jeremy talks with Nick, Danny, and Jack

Jeremy says he’s staying until he finds the truth.

He says he won’t Jack or Diane get away with what they’ve done.


Victoria tells Tucker that she’s the CEO of Newman Enterprises, so she has the ability to shape the company as she sees fit.

Victoria talks with Tucker as they sit at the bar

Tucker wonders if she would just be creating conflict with her own family, and he doesn’t strike her as a good loser.

Victoria says maybe he’s right, it might not make any sense to acquire McCall.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley wraps a blanket around Summer’s shoulders and says she’ll do anything needed to support her. She says that Phyllis had more life in her than anyone she knew.

Ashley talks with Summer and Kyle in the Abbott living room

Summer says that Ashley doesn’t have to pretend she liked Phyllis.

Ashley says they had some common ground, and Phyllis would always go after whatever she wanted. She says that whatever Phyllis did, she did it to protect the people she loved.

She rubs Summer’s shoulder and recounts how Summer meant everything to Phyllis.

Ashley talks to Summer and Kyle

Kyle says that everything her mother did was out of love.

Ashley says that someday Summer will look back and realize that Phyllis’s love for her is the only thing that lasts.

Summer cries as Ashley talks with her

Genoa City Athletics Club

Chance asks an officer to get the blood from the hospital. He says that he’ll need a court order.

The officer agrees, and Chance tells her that they need to keep it under wraps.

He says they might be investigating more than just an accident.

Chance talks with a GCPD officer

Devon’s Apartment

Abby says it’s a big decision and it could affect the visitation arrangement that they have with Chance.

Devon says they don’t need Chance to come there, they can just drop Dominic off at his place. Problem solved!

Abby says she cheated on her husband and blew up her whole life, and she’s feeling guilty.

Abby sits on the couch and talks with Devon

Devon says that he doesn’t feel good about what happened either. He asks if they should worry about what people think of them.

Abby wonders if they’re moving too quickly, and she does care how people will see her.

Devon says he understands. He doesn’t want her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable.

Devon talks with Abby as they sit on the sofa

He says that life isn’t promised to them, and he doesn’t want to hold himself back from being happy based on people’s thoughts about them.

Abby smiles and takes his hand.

Devon says he’s ready to enjoy a future with her and Dominic.

He asks again if she’ll move in with him.

Devon caresses Abby's cheek and she smiles as they talk

Sharon brings Daniel a drink and says it’s hard to fathom that Phyllis is gone.

Daniel says it doesn’t seem real.

Sharon says it’s a normal reaction when it’s an unexpected death.

Sharon sits and talks with Daniel

Daniel says that he was with his mom when she first saw Stark, and she hated him and thought he was a criminal.

He says Phyllis wouldn’t just marry Stark, and that he thinks the whole accident is a setup.

Daniel apologizes and says that he often thinks about Cassie, and the night she died.

Daniel talks with Sharon

Sharon says that neither of them will ever forget that night. She says she’s learned from the tragedies she’s been through, and life and death aren’t always logical.

Daniel recounts how his mom had apologized to him before their death.

Sharon says that maybe it’ll bring him some peace.

Sharon talks with Daniel

Daniel says that he was planning on apologizing and telling her he loved her, but now he doesn’t have that chance.

He says that the way she came up to him was like she had a premonition that something bad was going to happen.

Daniel speaks with Sharon

Jeremy asks Diane how she did it, how she killed his wife.

He calls Jack Diane’s lapdog.

Daniel comes up to Stark and asks how he killed Phyllis.

Jeremy talks to Diane and Jack

Jeremy scoffs and says Daniel must be devastated by losing his mom.

He goes on to say that Phyllis got so close to him so fast because Daniel and everybody else abandoned her.

Daniel attacks him and is quickly pulled off by his father, Danny.

Daniel attacks Jeremy as Danny watches

Devon’s Apartment

Abby says she needs more time to think.

Devon says he understands, but it must be uncomfortable living in the Chancellor’s home.

Abby stands up and talks to Devon

Abby gets up and says that she’s disrupted Dominic’s life a lot recently, and doesn’t want to have it change more.

Devon says he doesn’t want that either.

Devon smiles at Abby as they stand and talk together

Abby says she wants to do it the right way for everyone involved, but there’s something he needs to know.

He asks what it is.

Abby says she loves him too, and that anywhere that she’s with him feels like home.

They kiss tenderly.

Abby and Devon kiss


Tucker is surprised that Victoria changed her mind so suddenly.

Victoria says that Tucker made some good points, and she’s rescinding her offer to buy his company.

Victoria and Tucker talk as they sit at the bar

Tucker says he wasn’t aware he was that persuasive.

Victoria says she’s beginning to understand Ashley’s infatuation with him.

She gets up and leaves and says that Newman’s courtship with his company is officially over.

Victoria gets up and leaves Tucker at the bar in Society

The Abbott Mansion

Summer breaks down and excuses herself. She says she’s going to go upstairs to check on Harrison.

Ashley tells Kyle that Summer is devastated by the news.

Kyle says things will get worse before they get better.

Ashley watches as Summer goes to check on Harrison

Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel says that he knows that Jeremy had something to do with it.

Chance comes down and Jeremy asks if there’s an update.

Jeremy talks with Chance

Chance says that he’s interviewed the EMT again, but he has nothing new to report. He says that everyone should go home and get some rest.

Jeremy protests and says that there’s more that Chance isn’t telling him.

Chance says he has nothing new, but he can go down to the station to talk if he wants.

Chance talks to Jeremy

Chance tells Daniel he’s sorry for his loss.

Everyone begins filing out of the club.

As he passes Stark, Jack whispers in Jeremy’s ear that Daniel’s not the only one Stark has to worry about.

Jack whispers in Jeremy's ear

The officer asks Chance if he thinks one of them harmed Phyllis.

Chance says if there’s anything in the bloodwork, it’s possible that someone was trying to kill Phyllis.

Chance talks with the GCPD officer

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