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Y&R Recap – Thu Apr 4: Diane’s Jealous of Nikki, Lily & Devon Clash Over Billy, and Nikki Succumbs to Temptation

Diane, Lily, Devon, and Nikki.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, April 4, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Audra, an engagement ring, Jordan, and Ashley.

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker proposed to Audra, a disguised Jordan surprised Nikki by buying her a drink, and Ashley revealed to Traci that she was missing time.


Chance enters the lobby and questions Billy about the rumor he heard—was Danny Romalotti really fired?

Chance Chancellor talks to Billy Abbott.

Billy says it’s true, and Heather Stevens was also let go.

Chance asks what happened… He hadn’t heard anything bad about Heather’s work, and OmegaSphere was really taking off; Daniel had pretty much single-handedly created their gaming division.

Billy says it wasn’t his decision to let them go, and he thinks it’s not going to end well.

Billy Abbott talks to Chance.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

In the dining room, Devon is sitting and talking with Lily. He wonders why she thinks there’s still a place for Billy at Chancellor-Winters. Devon thinks there’s no real reason for Billy to work there now that Lily is back.

Lily says there’s a side to it that Devon refuses to see.

Devon says he’s not refusing to see anything; he’s curious because Lily said she can see the tension Billy causes between them, and Lily was ready to show him the door the other day… What changed, and why is she taking Billy’s side?

Devon Hamilton-Winters talks to Lily Winters.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci calls Ashley and leaves her a voicemail. In her message, she says Ashley went upstairs to take a bath, but Traci found that she’d left the house. She promises not to tell anybody about Ashley’s memory lapses but says they haven’t gotten to the bottom of what’s causing them. She asks Ashley to come home so they can figure it out.

Jack and Nikki enter the house. Jack asks Traci how things are at the house.

Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott talk to Traci Abbott.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

As he presents her with an engagement ring, Tucker tells Audra he doesn’t want to waste any more time; life is too precious.

Audra says she’s not sure what to say.

Audra Charles talks with Tucker McCall.

Tucker tells her to say, “Yes!” He tells her to try the ring on.

Audra tells him to wait; she hasn’t said yes.

Tucker laughs and figures he didn’t propose correctly. He starts to get down on one knee, but Audra stops him.

Tucker smiles at Audra as he holds a ring box.

Audra says she doesn’t have an answer for Tucker, but she has questions… Why now? Why this?

Tucker says he’s doing it because he realizes his life won’t be complete without her. He’s known it for a while, but he’s a master at getting in his own way. He says Audra is the sun, the moon, and the stars to him.

Audra says she doesn’t need to hear about their “magical connection.” She wants to know the catch.

Audra talks to Tucker.

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki sees that Jack and Traci appear to be talking about something serious. She offers to leave so they can talk.

Jack tells her to stay.

Nikki and Jack.

Traci says that Ashley came home.

Jack thinks that’s great… There’s obviously no reason to worry.

Traci says that’s not exactly true; she would have reacted the same way if it was Jack that was out all night.

Traci Abbott talks to Jack.

Jack asks if there’s something else that’s bothering her.

Traci says she has some errands to run and will talk to him about it later. She leaves the house.

Nikki tells Jack that Traci is keeping something to herself, and she thinks that she would have told Jack about it if Nikki wasn’t there.

Nikki Newman talks to Jack Abbott.


Chance and Billy step into Billy’s office. Chance asks why Daniel and Heather were fired… As far as he can see, they were fired without cause.

Billy says it wasn’t his decision, it was Devon and Lily who decided to fire them.

Chance and Billy talk.

Chance asks what will happen to OmegaSphere without Daniel.

Billy has no idea.

Chance nods. Two key people were fired without Billy’s input… It seems that Lily’s return hasn’t eased the tensions between Devon and Billy.

Billy reaches for his phone as he talks to Chance.

Billy shakes his head. He says a lot is going on right now, and they need to find a replacement for Daniel quickly, or there will be a lot of tough decisions that will have to be made… They might have to look at downsizing the entire gaming division since they hired a whole team of good people to execute Daniel’s vision. His phone pings with a notification, and he rolls his eyes.

Chance asks him if there’s more trouble.

The GCAC Dining Room

Lily tells Devon she’s not taking Billy’s side; she’s being logical.

Lily Winters talks with Devon.

Devon says that Lily’s not being logical, or she’d realize that having Billy at Chancellor-Winters is counter-productive. Billy was brought in as an interim while she was gone, but now she’s back, and it’s time for him to move on.

Lily says Billy wasn’t brought in just to replace her. She says Jill was feeling she was being pushed out when Mamie came into the picture.

Devon asks if they’re stuck with Billy because he has Jill’s last name.

Devon talks with Lily.

Lily says she doesn’t like what Chancellor-Winters has become… It’s like there are two sides to it that are vying for power.

Devon thinks she’s exaggerating.

Lily doesn’t think so. She says Jill was feeling threatened that Lily, Devon, and Nate were going to side with Mamie, so she brought in Billy and Chance to level the playing field.

Lily Winters.

Devon doesn’t think Billy levels the field at all.

Lily says that they can’t get rid of Billy, or Jill would know she had a right to worry. Lily says it’s the wrong move, and she’s not willing to make it.

Devon says he understands Lily’s sense of loyalty to Jill.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily says of course she’s loyal; Jill entrusted her to run the company as CEO.

Devon says he gets it, but Jill is overreacting. Regardless of how Mamie feels, nobody is trying to strip Jill of her power in the company. He says Jill has manufactured the drama that Lily sees as “us vs them.” Doesn’t Lily agree that Jill is being paranoid? Mamie only owns a minority stake in the company, and nothing can happen to Jill without the board members approving it, but Jill doesn’t seem to understand that.

Lily says they don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

Lily leans in as she talks to Devon.

Devon disagrees. He says Mamie’s suggestion to splitting the company up makes sense sometimes.

Lily can’t believe Mamie is still pushing to split the company up. She says Mamie’s presence in the company worries her because Mamie’s power plays aren’t the vision that Lily has for the company. She doesn’t want things to be this way.

Devon says he doesn’t want things to be this way either, but they should come up with another solution instead of throwing the idea out like Jill did.


Lily asks what Devon thinks they should do… Something other than splitting the company in two.

Devon says they shouldn’t punish their colleagues because they have a problem with them.

Lily can’t believe he just said that to her.



Billy tells Chance to give him a moment; he has to respond to Chelsea’s text message.

Chance nods and takes a seat. After Billy finishes texting, Chance tells him that if he needs to talk to anyone about Chelsea, Connor, and Adam, he’s there to listen.

Chance Chancellor.

Billy thanks him and says he can’t say much about it… He feels for all three of them, including Adam, believe it or not.

Chance says it must be serious.

Billy says it’s really tough for Connor, but he has a loving mother who is caring and attentive, and he’s lucky to have her.

Chance says it must be a handful for Chelsea to have to take care of her son and deal with Adam at the same time.

Billy Abbott.

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki starts talking about Jack’s family problems, but Jack shuts her down… They need to talk about her issues, not his!

Jack says they should talk about the stranger who bought her a drink at Society.

Nikki and Jack stand and talk.

Nikki takes a seat and asks what that was all about.

Jack says since the man disappeared, they won’t know whether his intentions were benign or not.

Nikki’s sure Jordan was behind it.

Nikki sits and talks with Jack.

Jack says that’s why he took Nikki out from Society… If Victor found out about that man buying her a drink, he’d go ballistic.

Nikki says they don’t know whether Jordan has other people in town who are watching and waiting to push her over the edge.

The Jazz Lounge

Tucker asks Audra why she thinks there’s a catch.

Tucker McCall.

Audra says it’s obvious… They’ve barely been together as a couple, and he’s proposing marriage already. Who does that?

Tucker says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. They’ve been together for years, even if it wasn’t as a couple, and they’ve shared virtually everything else.

Audra says it’s not the same, and he knows it.

Audra Charles.

Tucker asks if his timing is wrong or whether it’s him.

Audra says she loves him, but none of this rings true; it feels like it’s a reaction to something or someone. She asks if something happened with Ashley… Is this a reaction to something about Ashley?

Tucker yells, “NO!” He asks why everything has to do with Ashley. He says it has to do with him and Audra. He loves her! He puts the ring back in its container, shrugs, and says he just wants to be together forever with Audra.

Tucker is angry.

The GCAC Dining Room

Lily asks if Devon is accusing her of firing Daniel and Heather because she “has a problem” with them.

Devon shakes his head. He says he’s saying Jill would have a problem with splitting the company because the idea came from Mamie. He thinks it’d be smart if they came up with a solution instead of throwing it out the window.

Devon smiles at Lily as they talk.

Lily says Devon wants to cut Billy loose because he has a personal issue with him.

Devon says he does, but he has a lot of professional reasons to want to get rid of Billy. He says Billy has a bad track record, and doesn’t stick around long at a company; he’s always bouncing back and forth. He says Billy was just getting settled at Jabot, then his mom snapped her fingers, and he’s back at Chancellor-Winters and acts like he owns the place.

Lily says it’s true… Billy has been all over the place trying to find himself.

Devon wonders how long it will be before Billy feels unfulfilled at Chancellor-Winters and leaves them for the second time. He says Billy can’t be trusted to stay committed to their company, to Lily, or to anybody; given their history together, Devon is surprised that Lily wants to work with Billy at all.

Lily talks to Devon.


Billy tells Chance that Adam is the biggest hurdle in all of this.

Chance says he gets it; he used to be close with Adam, so he understands how he can be.

Chance talks with Billy.

Billy says he doesn’t think Adam is handling it well at all, but as a father, he sympathizes. He says Adam should “rein it in” a bit, which would be helpful for everyone.

Chance says that doesn’t sound like something Adam would be able to do.

Billy says he’d like to go out east to support Chelsea, but that would complicate things.

Billy Abbott.

Chance says he admires Billy’s restraint and logic.

Billy smirks and says he’s not normally known for restraint and logic.

The Jazz Lounge

Audra raises an eyebrow. “Together forever?”

Tucker says Audra knows him well enough to take him at his word.

Audra looks at Tucker.

Audra asks why he’d say that… Did someone not take him at his word?

Tucker says he ran into Devon earlier… It didn’t go well.

Audra asks if that’s what provoked his proposal; he had nobody to love and nobody to love him. Is he trying to prove something to Devon?

Tucker talks to Audra.

Tucker says he’s not. He says he’s been thinking about it for a while, and seeing Devon just reinforced his decision and made him realize what was important to him. He puts the ring box away and drains his drink.

A tear runs down Audra’s cheek, and she tells Tucker she’s sorry, but she just can’t say yes right now. She says their relationship isn’t bound by anyone else’s rules… Marriage is different than who they are.

Audra and Tucker talk.

Tucker says he would have disagreed with her a month ago, especially given his track record with marriage, but something has changed. He just wants a life with her.

Audra says it was so sudden.

Tucker says he wasn’t ready for it either. He’s scared and unsure and doesn’t know whether it will work out for them, but he’s willing to give it a shot. He says his head is telling him it’s too soon, but if he only listened to his head, he’d never take a chance on anything.

Tucker McCall.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Nikki it’s possible that the man who bought her a drink just saw a beautiful woman and wanted to buy her a drink without knowing she was in recovery.

Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott.

Nikki thanks him for the “flattering spin” he put on it but says if that was the case, the man wouldn’t have just left. She says that the man wouldn’t have known that vodka was her drink of choice.

Jack nods. He gets it. He thinks that Nikki should go on vacation… She’d be safer, especially if Jordan has allies in town.

Nikki says she’s been having second thoughts about the trip. If she lets Jordan drive her out of town, it’d be giving Jordan power over her. She says Jordan would love it if she thought she’d scared her out of town, and that might even be part of her plan. She thinks that Victoria and Claire would be left alone and be an easy target for Jordan.

Jack talks with Nikki.

Jack says they’re dealing with a sick and twisted mind.

Nikki says she’s not going to leave and give Jordan the satisfaction of having driven her away.

The GCAC Dining Room

Lily tells Devon her breakup with Daniel was nothing like her breakup with Billy.

Devon says he’s aware, but it had the same outcome, didn’t it?

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily says Billy didn’t fall into another woman’s bed and claim his undying love for her. She says she and Billy drifted apart, and she encouraged him to follow his heart and leave the company. She tells Devon not to use their breakup as a reason for them not to be able to count on Billy.

Devon apologizes. He says Billy is invested in preserving the Abbott name. He says Jill brought Billy in quickly, and he thinks he could leave just as quickly.

Lily signs the bill and says she has to get to a meeting. She says she’ll talk to Billy and determine where he stands since she also wants to know what value Billy thinks he brings to the company.

Lily signs the bill as she talks to Devon.

Devon says Billy will tell her what she wants to hear, but he hopes that Billy will at least be honest with himself and tell her that he’s restless and wants to move on. Devon doesn’t think Billy is worth the trouble.

Lily rolls her eyes and leaves the club.

The Jazz Lounge

Audra tells Tucker that it may feel “right” for him, but she’s not in the same place.

Tucker grins at Audra.

Tucker laughs. “Fair enough.” He says he should have gotten a skywriting plane… “Marry Me Audra ❤️ – Tucker”

Audra says that’s not necessary. She asks if he’s trying to prove something to Ashley, the world, or himself.

Audra talks to Tucker.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says Nikki’s safety is his main concern.

Nikki says he’s forgotten that she has Larry, her bodyguard.

Nikki talks to Jack.

Jack says Victor’s “crackerjack” team was nowhere to be found when the stranger tried to give Nikki a drink.

Nikki says the security team didn’t know that Jordan had a male accomplice, but now they’ll be on the lookout for it. She says Jack shouldn’t worry about her… She’ll be fine.

Jack nods, and he raises his glass. “You’d better be!”

Diane walks into the living room and sees Jack and Nikki sitting on the sofa.

Nikki, Jack, and Diane.


Chance reminds Billy that they have a budget call later in the afternoon, but if Billy needs to take some personal time to deal with Chelsea and Connor, he’s got him covered.

Billy thanks him and says he might as well work so that he’ll be ready to support Chelsea when she comes back to town.

Billy Abbott talks to Chance.

Lily and Devon walk into the office.

Billy says they’re right on time… He was just telling Chance about the sudden staff shakeup.

Devon says it was sudden, but he stands behind Lily’s decision to do it; it needed to happen.

Devon and Lily.

Billy says he disagrees with that, but since it’s done, they need to ensure there’s no blowback.

Devon says he doesn’t anticipate any problems, but if it happens, they’ll handle it.

Billy questions why he doesn’t see any blowback… They fired two high-level executives for personal reasons!

Billy talks to Devon and Lily.

Devon says Billy only assumes it was purely for personal reasons… Maybe Billy doesn’t have all the information about it.

Billy says he has enough information to know that they didn’t commit any fireable offences. They were both doing a great job; Daniel was a firecracker in the gaming division!

Lily tells them both to stop; this has to end! She asks to speak to Billy alone.

Devon and Lily.

Devon and Chance leave the office.

Lily tells Billy that firing Daniel and Heather was her call; Devon had nothing to do with it. She says it’s business, and Billy won’t agree with everything they do.

Billy says it doesn’t seem like they’ll agree on much moving forward.

Billy Abbott.

Lily says she told Devon that she believes Billy has a place in the company… She hopes she doesn’t regret saying that.

Billy says he appreciates it, but he’s there to do his job and doesn’t need her to back him up. He says Devon is badmouthing him behind his back to the point that Lily needs to defend him.

Lily says it’s not just Devon’s fault… It takes two to tango, and Billy needs to take a look in the mirror!

Lily talks to Billy.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane says hello to Jack and Nikki.

Nikki says hello and that she was just leaving.

Diane talks to Nikki and Jack.

Jack says she doesn’t have to leave now… What’s the rush?

Nikki says she has to go home and let Victor know she doesn’t want to take the anniversary trip; she has to stop him before he makes too many arrangements.

Diane can’t believe Nikki is turning down a trip with Victor. How could she say no to such a romantic getaway?

Diane Abbott.

Nikki says she has her reasons, but she’s not going to go right now. She tells Jack that she won’t let Jordan beat her.

Jack hugs Nikki and sees her off.

Diane tells Jack she hopes Nikki is alright… She certainly seems stronger and more decisive!

Nikki and Jack hug.

Jack says it’s a cover; Nikki is going through a difficult time right now. He won’t get into it, but the fight isn’t over yet!

Diane says it’s too bad that Nikki is still struggling.

Jack notices something bothering Diane, and he inquires what it is.

Diane says she doesn’t think it’s something he’ll want to hear.

Jack and Diane.

The Jazz Lounge / Tucker’s Suite

Tucker says he’ll consider her questions and hopes Audra will consider his proposal. He asks her to give it some serious thought and let it settle into her heart.

Audra smiles and says she’ll try.

Audra Charles smiles.

Tucker refills their drinks.

Audra says everything really is lovely.

Tucker laughs.

Tucker McCall smiles.

Audra says they have some wonderful champagne, and after a nice dance, they can enjoy whatever may follow. She proposes a toast to “the world’s most unconventional couple.”

They clink glasses and say they love each other.

A bit later, they’re slowly dancing. Tucker says their connection is special.

Audra smiles at Tucker as they dance.

Audra says their connection might be special because they’re not married and they’re at their best as they are.

They kiss, and soon, they’re upstairs in bed in Tucker’s suite, undressed and kissing.

Audra and Tucker kiss.


Billy asks Lily if there’s a way to make her feel good about defending him.

Lily says it’s not about making her feel good; she stands by everything she’d said about him.

Lily talks to Billy.

Billy says he’s glad she doesn’t want him to leave.

Lily says Jill wanted him there for a reason, but now that she’s back, there has to be a clear chain of command.

Billy agrees.

Lily says Devon is worried that Billy is vying for power right now and that he’ll get bored and move on. She asks him to be honest with her: why is he here, what does he want to accomplish, and most importantly, can they count on him to put the company first?

Billy talks with Lily.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane he can handle whatever is weighing on her.

Diane says she’s not sure he can help. She says that due to Nikki’s situation, Jack is forced to spend a lot of time with her.

Diane talks with Jack.

Jack says nothing is forcing him, and he thought Diane understood; she’d said she wouldn’t stand in front of anyone’s recovery… Even Nikki’s!

Diane says that still holds true; she doesn’t wish Nikki any ill will, despite their history. She says she’s feeling insecure and hates that she brought it up.

Jack tells her not to hate bringing anything up with him. He says he dropped the ball and needs to show her how much he loves her every day.

Jack talks to Diane.

Diane says she’s not looking for attention. She knows Jack loves her!

Jack tells her she has no reason to feel insecure.

Diane kisses him, and they hug.

Diane and Jack kiss.

The Newman Ranch House

Nikki arrives home. She puts down her purse and pulls out a bottle of vodka.

Nikki unscrews the top and takes a little sip. She savors the taste, and quickly takes a few more sips before holding the bottle lovingly to her chest.

Nikki takes a drink from a bottle of vodka.

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