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Y&R Recap – Wed Apr 3: Tucker Proposes to Audra, a Disguised Jordan Surprises Nikki, and Ashley Reveals Missing Time

Audra, an engagement ring, Jordan, and Ashley.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Phyllis, Daniel, Claire, Cole, and Victoria.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria asks Claire to move in with her at the Tack House, while Heather, Phyllis, & Billy urge Daniel to fight for his job.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker wakes up in bed beside Audra.

He checks his phone and remembers Ashley telling him to “muzzle” Audra. He gets out of bed, careful not to disturb Audra.

Tucker McCall sits up in bed and looks at his phone while Audra sleeps beside him.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes downstairs and sees Traci, who asks him if he’s seen Ashley. He says he hasn’t; she’s been avoiding him lately.

Jack Abbott talks to Traci.

Traci says she hasn’t had a call or text from her.

Jack says everything’s fine… No need to be on high alert.

Traci says she’s not so sure. Ashley didn’t come home last night.

Traci Abbott talks to her brother, Jack.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

After getting dressed, Tucker writes a note for Audra and leaves it on the side table in an envelope. He leaves the room quietly.

Tucker prepares a letter for Audra as she sleeps.


Tessa welcomes Nikki to the restaurant.

Nikki says she’s there to see Jack, but she arrived early.

Nikki Newman talks with Tessa Porter.

Tessa seats her and says she’ll bring her some tea while she waits.

Nikki asks how her move is coming along.

Tessa says they’re getting it together; they’ve vowed not to collect so much stuff this time.

Nikki sits at a table as she talks with Tessa.

Nikki says she’s made that same promise, but she can never stick with it.

Jordan enters the restaurant, disguised as a bearded man, and sits at the bar, eavesdropping.

Tessa thanks Nikki for letting her stay at the Tack House; it’ll always be a special place for them… It was Aria’s first home!

Nikki says she loved having them and their baby around… It was a reminder of how precious each moment is.

A disguised Jordan eavesdrops on Nikki and Tessa.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Traci that Ashley must have had her reasons for not coming home last night, and it’s none of their business.

Traci says their sister’s well-being might be at stake… How can Jack be so nonchalant?

Jack and Traci Abbott talk.

Jack says he’s doing what Ashley asked him to do… He’s respecting her boundaries.

Traci says Ashley’s boundaries are all over the place. Something is wrong, and Traci is to the point where she doesn’t know which Ashley is going to come through the door!

Jack tells Traci she’s overreacting.

Jack talks to Traci.

Traci says Jack is in denial. This isn’t her normal, everyday behavior!

Jack says Ashley might have needed some time to herself without her siblings probing her every move. He says Ashley can do whatever she wants to do, and he’ll respect her decision. He’s done policing her behavior; it hasn’t worked in the past, and he doesn’t see it working on the future.

Traci says the past is the past, but there’s a new issue here, and she won’t sit around and do nothing about it.

Traci holds out her hand as she talks to Jack.

Jack says there’s nothing new here; Ashley’s an adult, and it’s not the first time or the last time she didn’t come home.

Traci says Jack’s not seeing it.

Jack says he sees that she’s worried, but he’s come to realize that Ashley needs to live her life without worrying about her siblings’ interference.

Traci says she’d agree with him if it weren’t for Tucker… He didn’t leave Ashley’s life.

Jack Abbott and Traci talk.


Tucker walks down the stairs from his suite into the lobby and runs into Lily, who’s just entered the club. He welcomes her home and hopes her daughter is doing better.

Tucker McCall talks to Lily.

Lily asks how Tucker knows about Mattie’s situation… She doubts he heard it from Devon since he doesn’t want anything to do with Tucker.

Tucker says that hasn’t changed.

Lily figures they don’t have much to talk about.

Lily Winters talks to Tucker.


Nikki tells Tessa that Aria will be able to come to the ranch to ride a pony when she’s old enough. She doubts they’ll miss the heightened security at the ranch.

Tessa says she admires Nikki’s strength through all this; most people would have run for the hills if they had a deranged stalker after her and their family! She asks if there have been any leads on finding Jordan.

Tessa Porter talks to Nikki.

Nikki says there haven’t been any leads yet.

Jordan listens to everything with a gleam in her eye.

Tessa hopes Nikki’s nightmare will be over soon. She leaves Nikki at the table to get back to work.

Nikki looks over at the bar, where a bottle of vodka sits out.

A bottle of vodka sits on the bar.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Traci he knows she’s concerned about Tucker, but he thinks Tucker isn’t capable of much. They’ve built him up as someone who can topple empires at a whim, but he promises that Tucker can’t get to the Abbotts, and Ashley said she wants nothing to do with him. Jack thinks they should take Ashley at her word.

Traci is worried that Ashley might have spent the night with Tucker.

Traci sits and talks with Jack.

Jack doesn’t think that’s what happened… Tucker doesn’t have the hold on her that he once had.

Traci says she’d like to believe it, but she can’t. She thinks they need to be cautious and vigilant.

Jack says that doesn’t help Ashley; it only pushes her away. Ashley will tune them out if they push too hard.

Jack talks to Traci.

Traci says she doesn’t want to sit back and watch a slow-moving train wreck happen in front of her.

Jack says Traci needs to be there for Ashley and to listen to her while she works things through on her own. Traci needs to be Ashley’s sister, not her keeper. He says he loves having Traci at her family home even though she has a home in New York, and he thinks Ashley loves having her there, too. He says their family is strong, especially if they stay united.

Traci, with tears in her eyes, says she doesn’t see that their family is united.

Jack says this is just a bump in the road. He says that until Ashley needs help or asks for it, they should give her the space she asks for. He says he has to meet Nikki for coffee. He tells Traci he loves her and leaves the house.

Traci talks to Jack with tears in her eyes.


Tucker asks Lily how Devon is doing.

Lily laughs and says she’s not going to tell him… Tucker always has a hidden agenda, and she wants no part of it, especially when it comes to her family.

Lily smiles at Tucker.

Tucker says he understands her suspicion about him, but he’s kept his distance from Devon. He says it hurts him to stay away and not see his son and grandson on a regular basis. He says he misses them both.

Lily says Tucker has nobody to blame but himself.

Tucker nods. He says he knows he’s done things that drove Devon away and wants to fix it.

Tucker talks to Lily.

Lily says things can’t always be fixed. People get hurt, and it can’t always be undone. She says she won’t try to undo it for him.

Tucker says that’s not what he’s asking. He feels like he needs to convince Lily that he loves and misses them.

Lily says she’s not the one who needs to be convinced. She leaves him in the lobby and heads into the dining room.

Lily Winters smiles at Tucker.

Devon enters the club.

Tucker tells Devon he has incredible timing… They were just talking about him!

Devon ignores Tucker completely and hangs his coat up.

Tucker McCall.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci calls the Athletic Club and asks the receptionist if Ashley has checked in.

Ashley Abbott enters the foyer as Traci is on the phone.

Ashley enters the house, looking disheveled and confused, and Traci ends the call.

Traci asks Ashley if she’s alright; where has she been?

Ashley says she doesn’t know.

Traci Abbott.


Jack enters the restaurant and joins Nikki at her table. He apologizes for running late.

Nikki says she was talking to Tessa about their move off the ranch while she waited for him.

Nikki talks to Jack as Jordan listens in.

Jordan sits at the bar, listening to them talk.

Jack sees the look on her face and asks what’s wrong; she can talk to him about anything. That’s why he’s here!

Nikki says she doesn’t know what to do… Victor wants to take her on a “fabulous vacation” to celebrate their anniversary, but she’s not sure if she should go.

Jack Abbott talks to Nikki Newman.

Jack says he thinks it’s a great idea; Nikki should celebrate surviving Victor all these years! He winces and apologizes, saying old habits die hard. He asks why she’s unsure about it.

Nikki says she feels dread about it, and the feeling won’t go away. Not that long ago, she would have hated going on a trip with Victor because it would make it hard for her to drink, but now she hates that she wants to drink. She doesn’t want to be away with her feelings and urges, nor does she want to be away from Jack and his support.

Jack says he’s only a phone call away. She can always reach out to him when she needs to talk. He thinks she should go with Victor; after all they’ve been through, they both deserve a chance to get away and have a well-needed rest.

Nikki Newman.


Devon brushes by Tucker and greets him curtly.

Tucker asks him how Dominic is. Is he still into music?

Tucker McCall talks to Devon.

Devon says Dominic is fine, and he’s still into music.

Tucker asks how Devon is.

Devon says he’s doing great, but he’s late for a meeting with his sister; he has to leave.

Tucker asks him to wait a moment… He knows he’s caused harm to Devon and his family, but he wonders if Devon believes that Tucker is beyond all hope. He asks if Devon thinks they could be a family again.

Devon Hamilton-Winters talks to Tucker.

Devon says they never were a family. He says this is a prime example of what makes him angry about Tucker; he tries to draw lines, but Tucker just walks all over them. He says he’s made it clear that Tucker should keep his distance, but it’s obvious Tucker won’t respect people’s boundaries… He only wants what he wants!

Tucker says that’s not true at all.

Devon points out that Tucker is alone because he keeps ruining what he says is important to him, and Devon is tired of it. He’s done playing the game; Tucker isn’t entitled to him or anyone else! He leaves Tucker in the lobby and heads into the dining room.

Devon leaves Tucker in the lobby.

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Y&R Spoilers

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Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra turns over and feels that Tucker is not in bed with her. She calls out, but there’s no answer. She sees the envelope on the side table, picks it up, and opens it.

Audra lies in bed and reads Tucker's letter.

Tucker’s Letter to Audra:
Beautiful Audra, last night was amazing, and so are you. Every time I look at you, I realize how fortunate I am and what an idiot I was to resist what you’ve known all along… That we were meant for each other. I’ll never make that mistake again. I have to run a few errands. I can’t wait to get back to you and hold you in my arms. I love you. Tucker.

Audra smiles widely.

Audra smiles.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci is confused… Ashley doesn’t remember where she’s been?

Ashley says she woke up alone in a hotel room and has no idea how she got there.

Ashley and Traci talk.

Traci asks what the last thing that she remembers is. She tells Ashley to try to concentrate.

Ashley says she thinks she was outside the Athletic Club and was outside of Tucker’s suite.

Traci asks if she talked to Tucker.

Ashley looks distressed as she talks to her sister.

Ashley doesn’t know… She doesn’t think so but remembers running away from Tucker’s room. However, she doesn’t remember where she went after that.

Traci says she hates to ask, but… Was Ashley drinking?

Ashley says she wasn’t, but she’s not sure about anything. She says there are blank spots in her memory before and after she was at the club that lasted until she woke up in the motel this morning.

Traci gestures as she talks to Ashley.

Traci asks if it’s possible Ashley was drugged… It’s easy to have someone slip a roofie into your drink! She suggests Ashley get tested.

Ashley shakes her head. She doesn’t want to.

Traci tells her they could have someone come to the house to take a blood sample if she doesn’t want to go to the hospital.

Ashley says Traci doesn’t understand; she knows she wasn’t drugged, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened to her.

Ashley Abbott.


Jack asks Nikiki if she has enough faith in herself and the program to go on the trip and have a good time—even if it is with Victor.

Jack Abbott reaches out his hand as he talks to Nikki.

Nikki looks at him and says she just wants to thank him for helping her survive the ordeal.

Jack says she doesn’t need to thank him anymore… Her sobriety is thanks enough.

Jordan whispers in the bartender’s ear. The bartender nods.

Jordan Howard in disguise.

The GCAC Dining Room

Devon asks Lily what had happened between her and Tucker; he saw them talking when he walked in.

Lily Winters talks to Devon.

Lily says Tucker heard his name and wanted a reason to annoy her, but she didn’t want to deal with him today.

Devon asks if Tucker said something to annoy her.

Lily shrugs and says he didn’t; Tucker was trying to act like a human being, but she wasn’t convinced.

Devon smiles at Lily.

Devon asks if Tucker asked about him.

Lily says of course he did; he’s relentless and is looking for Devon’s forgiveness.

Devon says he told Tucker again that he wouldn’t get it.

Lily talks to Devon.

Lily says he can’t let Tucker get to him.

Devon says Tucker doesn’t get to him anymore. He says he’s fine; he’s given Tucker countless opportunities to do right by him, but he messed it up every time.

Lily says it’s okay if Devon feels sad that Tucker hasn’t been the father he deserves or needs or that Tucker hasn’t been the grandfather to Dom that he should be. She says having those feelings is okay, but it doesn’t mean that Tucker has “won.”

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker walks into his suite and sees Audra there. He smiles and says good morning.

Audra saw his note, which was sweet, but she wants to know where he went… His note was a little short on details.

Tucker McCall stands in the doorway and smiles.

Tucker says he had a very important errand to run and promises she’ll learn about it soon enough.

Audra says he’s certainly being mysterious.

Tucker knows he is and says she loves it when he’s mysterious. He hopes she’ll like the surprise!

Audra Charles looks at Tucker with a grin.

Audra wants to know what the surprise is… Can’t she get a hint?

Tucker laughs and says he’s not telling her… It’s a surprise!

Audra asks if she’s dressed well enough for the surprise.

Tucker says she’ll have to find out for herself. He opens the door, and they leave.

Tucker McCall talks to Audra Charles.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci and Ashley sit on the sofa. Traci asks Ashley if she needs a drink of water and whether her head aches. She feels her forehead for an elevated temperature.

Ashley cries and says she doesn’t want Traci to have to do this for her.

Ashley and Traci sit on the sofa and talk.

Traci asks if Ashley was assaulted.

Ashley says she wasn’t, thank God.

Traci agrees. She asks Ashley to describe her memory lapses.

Ashley holds Traci's shoulder as she talks.

Ashley says it’s strange… One minute, she’s at home; the next, she’ll be across town and not know how she got there.

Traci asks if she’s sure there are no pills or alcohol involved.

Ashley says it’s not a blackout… It’s like a dead zone that she can almost remember, but it’s just out of reach… It’s frustrating.

Traci talks to Ashley.

Traci thinks it must be terrifying. She says she’ll help Ashley make sure this never happens again.

Ashley says she doesn’t think anyone could help her. At first, she thought it was stress and it would pass, but now she thinks it’s getting worse, and she’s afraid something horrible will happen.

Traci hugs Ashley and soothes her.

Traci and Ashley hug.

The GCAC Dining Room

Devon tells Lily he’s come to the realization that he can’t miss what he never had, and he’s never had Tucker as a father. He’s never been able to rely on Tucker at any time in his life; Tucker is always trying to get something, win something, take over a company, or get his ex-wife to fall back in love with him. Devon says Tucker will try to wear you down until he gets what he wants because he can’t take no for an answer, and that’s not how a father should act… He says Neil was the best example of how a father should act, and he’s the only father he’ll ever need.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily says Devon and Tucker’s relationship is more complicated than he’s willing to admit… He’s shaken up after running into him!

Devon says he’s not shaken up; he’s just letting off steam to his sister.

Lily grins and says it’s fine… She’s there for him. She says they have more immediate problems to worry about than Tucker McCall.

Lily Winters.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker walks Audra down the stairs to the lounge and asks her to keep her eyes closed. When they reach the bottom, he tells her to open her eyes.

Tucker holds Audra's arm.

Audra looks around and sees a table set up for them with flowers and champagne, with a miniature Eiffel Tower in the background. She laughs in delight.

Tucker says that since they couldn’t go to Paris, he thought he’d bring a little bit of Paris to them… Does she like it?

Audra says she’s stunned… This is so Tucker! She kisses him and says he really is a romantic.

Audra and Tucker smile as they look around the lounge.

Tucker tells her not to let the word get out; it would ruin his reputation!

Audra grins and says his secret is safe with her.

They kiss.

Audra and Tucker kiss.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci tells Ashley she’s brave to tell her this, and she’s not alone. She says they’ll take everything they know and move forward from here.

Ashley asks how they’re going to proceed.

Ashley and Traci sit and talk.

Traci says Ashley’s right; it sounds like her memory lapses are getting worse. The first thing they need to do is to get her to a doctor.

Ashley asks if Traci thinks it’ll help her.

Traci says she thinks so. The doctors will rule out any physical issues and probably have some blood tests and CT scans done. She says they should talk to a mental health care professional, too.

Traci talks to Ashley.

Ashley doesn’t think a therapist will be able to help her.

Traci says they have to explore anything that could help; it’s not safe for Ashley to keep having these memory lapses. She says it could be neurological or psychological… They have to cover all the bases.

Ashley groans and rubs her temples. She asks for some water.

Ashley Abbott rubs her temples.

Traci goes to pour Ashley a drink.

Ashley hears voices in her head. “They’re going to put us away. We can’t let them! We have to do something!


Nikki tells Jack she’ll bring him a fabulous souvenir from her vacation with Victor.

Nikki Newman looks at a drink the bartender brings her as Jack looks on.

Jack grins and says that a postcard will do as long as Victor has sunburn and sand fleas!

The bartender comes over and places a drink in front of Nikki, saying it’s from the gentleman at the bar. They look over at the bar, and the bartender says the man must have left.

Nikki asks what’s in the drink.

Nikki holds up her hand and looks at the drink.

The bartender says it’s premium triple-distilled vodka.

Nikki tells the bartender to take it away; she doesn’t want it.

A bit later, Jack returns to the table and tells Nikki he didn’t see the man, but he spoke to Nikki’s bodyguard, who was out canvassing the area. He says her bodyguard was looking for a woman, not a man.

Nikki Newman talks to Jack Abbott.

Nikki says whoever the man was, Jordan put him up to it. She’s certain of it.

Jack asks the bartender, Andy, if the man who ordered the drink was a regular.

Andy says it was the first time he’d seen the man.

Nikki thinks Jordan has an accomplice; Jack and Victor were both right… She’s being watched wherever she goes, and she can’t take this anymore… She needs to get away!

Nikki and Jack sit and talk.

The GCAC Dining Room

Devon asks Lily what problems she’s talking about… He already knows about and opposes Heather and Daniel’s firing.

Lily says Heather and Daniel are a “solved problem” in her eyes.

Lily Winters.

Devon says it was her call to make, but Billy won’t be fine with her decision since he always takes the other side on all Chancellor-Winter decisions.

Lily says the constant tension between him and Billy is the issue she’s talking about.

Devon says Billy is the cause of all the tension between them.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Lily shakes her head. She doesn’t agree with that.

Devon says he’s not Billy’s biggest fan, and it’s frustrating to work with him sometimes, but now that Lily’s back, there’s no longer a need for Billy to work there. Lily must agree with that, right?

Lily says she doesn’t agree with that anymore. She’s had time to think about it, and she thinks Billy has a purpose and a place at Chancellor-Winters.

Lily talks to Devon.

The Abbott Mansion

A voice in Ashley’s head is freaking out… “What do we do now? They’re going to lock us up!” Ashley’s demeanor changes.

Traci brings Ashley a glass of water.

Ashley Abbott.

“Ashley” (Ash?) asks Traci to keep this between them. They’re sisters, and she needs to know that Traci has her back.

Traci says she always has her back.

Ashley nods. Good. She says not to tell Jack… He’s bossy and would want to take control.

Ashley smiles at Traci.

Traci says Jack cares about Ashley as much as she does.

Ashley tells Traci to “pinky swear” that she won’t tell Jack and threatens that she won’t go to the doctor if Traci tells anyone about this.

Traci sighs and holds Ashley’s pinky finger with her own. She says she won’t tell.

Ashley smiles and says she needs to go; she’s gross and needs to take a bubble bath. She runs upstairs, leaving a puzzled Traci behind.

Traci "pinky swears" with Ashley.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker holds up a glass of champagne and proposes a toast to Audra.

Audra beams as she and Tucker clink glasses in a toast.

She laughs, and they take a drink.

Tucker says she doesn’t know how much she means to him. He says she’s the one he’s confided in and confessed to, and he started and ended so many days with her… He didn’t realize until now how much he needed her and how much he loved her. He says he loves her fire, her depth, and her sweetness. He feels like he’s where he’s supposed to be when he’s with her. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring case.

Tucker shows Audra an engagement ring.

Audra’s eyes widen in surprise.

Tucker opens the ring case and asks her to marry him; he loves her and wants to show her that every day for the rest of his life.

Audra looks shocked.

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