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Home » Abby and Devon Make Out, Victor Tells Michael Tucker’s Scheme, and Diane’s Thrilled to Reconcile with Kyle

Abby and Devon Make Out, Victor Tells Michael Tucker’s Scheme, and Diane’s Thrilled to Reconcile with Kyle

Devon and Abby Kiss Passionately

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, November 7, 2022. Abby and Devon get in touch with their true feelings, Michael and Victor get to the bottom of Tucker’s plans, and Kyle and Diane have a heart-to-heart.

On the last episode of Y&R, Kyle tells Diane how he really feels about her, Ashley and Tucker discuss their future, and Jack and Phyllis wage verbal warfare.

Jack, Kyle and Summer arrive at the Abbott Mansion, where Diane has called the doctor, who says that Harrison might have picked up something while they were on their trip.

Diane tries to talk to Summer, but Jack interrupts and says they should focus on Harrison, not on Diane’s apologies. Harrison pleads for “Dee-Dee” to come with him to the hospital, and Kyle and Summer relent.

Diane talks with Kyle
CBS – Diane talks with Kyle

Once they arrive back at the mansion, Kyle and Diane talk about how lucky they are that Harrison wasn’t admitted. Kyle recalls how he got mono when he was young, and how sick and scared he was.

Kyle says he was lonely without his mother to take care of him,and he never wants his son to go through that type of emotional pain.

Diane says how sorry she is, that all she wanted was to get back to him, but she needed to come back as a different person, and that she’s changed.

She explains that her love for Kyle and Harrison are the most important thing to her.

Kyle’s still having problems getting over it, but he says that the more that he thinks about it, he realizes that Jeremy and Tucker had her boxed in, and that she only did what she needed to, in order to bring her family back together.

Diane and Kyle reconcile at the Abbott mansion
CBS – Diane and Kyle get closer

He’s convinced that they took advantage of her for their own purposes. He says that she’s so loving to Harrison, and that he doesn’t want to take her away from him.

Kyle says he’s willing to let go of whatever she did in L.A., because it brought her back to him and to Harrison. She wishes that Summer could see things from his point of view, and Kyle says that he’ll try to convince her.

Kyle says that that he forgives her, but warns her that it would be over if she’s hiding anything else.

Michael and Lauren are talking in Society when Phyllis walks in.

Michael asks what drove Diane to confess to Jack. Before Phyllis can properly answer, Michael gets a call and has to leave. Phyllis says that now there are two troublemakers still in their lives.

Michael meets with Lauren at Society
CBS – Lauren and Michael

Lauren says that Michael has difficulties being objective with Diane, and Phyllis says that Diane is playing Jack, and wonders if she’s trying to really trying to get closer to him.

She thinks that Diane wants to marry into the Abbott family, and won’t be happy “until she has a giant ring on her finger.”

Lauren tells Phyllis to put herself in Kyle’s shoes. She says that Phyllis is being unreasonable, and that she has to stop for her own sanity.

Devon is at home, where he’s remembering how Neil was so supportive of his career, and even though Devon had a cochlear implant, Neil supported his dream to become a music producer.

Devon remembers Neil's support
CBS – Devon reminisces about Neil

Devon wonders whether he should support Nate like Neil supported him.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Abby with Dominic. Abby says that since Dominic has two homes, that she feels like she does too, and she makes herself a drink and gets comfortable.

Abby and Dominique show up at Devon's apartment
CBS – Abby and Dominic

She asks what Devon came to the restaurant to discuss, and Devon says that he came to talk about his relationship with Nate. He wonders if he has an issue sharing his dad’s legacy with anyone else, and that’s the root of his rift with Nate.

Abby says that keeping Neil’s spirit alive is a strength, not a weakness. Devon picks up Dom and says how much Abby has helped him get through a lot of hard times in his life.

Devon and Abby talk about her marriage troubles
CBS – Devon and Abby

Abby recalls how Devon has helped her through tough times as well. Devon puts Dominic down for a nap, and asks if Abby wants to talk about what’s obviously bothering her.

Abby says that she wishes she knew her husband’s heart as well as she knows Devon’s. She says that Chance didn’t come home the night after their argument, and that he sent her a text saying that he needed some time alone. She wonders if this is how her marriage ends.

Abby tells Devon her feelings
CBS – Abby tells Devon her feelings

Abby tears up, and Devon comforts her. He asks what she wants from Chance that he’s not giving her. She says there’s a wall between them. She thinks that Chance puts his job over family.

Devon says that Chance is a fool, that if it were up to him, he’d put her before heaven and earth. Abby is overwhelmed by emotion, and leans in, passionately kissing Devon, who responds in kind.

Devon and Abby kiss passionately
CBS – Abby and Devon in the throes of passion

At that moment, Amanda appears in the hallway outside of Devon’s apartment, ready to unlock the door.

Amanda returns
CBS – Amanda is going to get one hell of a surprise at Devon’s!

At The Ranch, Victor is talking with Nikki, joking about the “unholy alliance” between Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley. He asks what Nikki knows about Tucker and she explains that Ashley is going to use his interest in her to find out what his true intentions are.

Nikki talks with Victor about Diane and Jack
CBS – Nikki talks with Victor

Nikki says that she’s worried about Jack, and Victor says, “Who gives a damn about Jack Abbott?” Nikki wonders how Diane can claim to have a maternal instinct when she faked her own death.

Victor says that he’s going to find out what Tucker is up to. Michael comes over, and says that Tucker has a connection with Audra Charles.

Michael visits with Victor to discuss Tucker
CBS – Michael visits the Newmans

He says that their relationship is strictly professional, but Victor calls BS. He thinks that Tucker is trying to make a move on the company.

Victor and Michael being playing a game of chess, and while they’re playing, Victor says that Tucker is definitely trying to take over the company. Michael asks if Victor has any idea what else Tucker might be up to.

Victor and Michael play, talking about Tucker's schemes
CBS – Victor and Michael discuss Tucker

Victor responds that Tucker not only wants to take over Chancellor-Winters, but Jabot as well. Then he’ll amalgamate the two, and he’ll put Ashley and Devon in charge.

Victor says that Tucker will try to convince Ashley and Devon that he not only wants to build a bigger company, but that he wants to build a family.

He pushes a rook over on the chessboard. “Checkmate.”

Audra arrives at Tucker’s place, and they begin plotting, saying that it might be time to turn brother against sister.

Audra and Tucker make their plans
CBS – Audra