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Home » Kyle is Furious with Diane’s Lies, Tucker and Ashley Get Closer, and Phyllis and Jack Duke it Out

Kyle is Furious with Diane’s Lies, Tucker and Ashley Get Closer, and Phyllis and Jack Duke it Out

Kyle confronts Diane at the Abbott Mansion

On this episode of The Young and The Restless, Ashley and Tucker discuss their future, Jack and Phyllis argue, and Kyle tells Diane how he really feels. This episode airs Friday, November 4, 2022.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon and Lily Remember Neil, Elena and Nate Discuss Their Future, and Connor asks “Where’s Mom?”

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In Society, Ashley is remembering her talk with Tucker, where he said that Diane was a completely different woman when he met her in L.A. than she is in Genoa City.

Tucker walks in on her reminiscing. He asks how she is, and Ashley says that she has a lot on her mind, that she’s been thinking of him and how she’s not sure she can trust anything he says.

CBS – Tucker and Ashley

Tucker says that Diane and he were in a unique position to help each other out, and Ashley says that she believes him, but she’s been trying to ignore him without success since he came to Genoa City. Tucker is happy to hear that, but thinks it might be too soon for such a turnaround from her.

Ashley calls him a malcontent, but she’s intrigued. Tucker wonders if Ashley is trying to reel her in, if she’s just trying to find out his real agenda. Ashley says what if she was? Maybe she’s using her feminine wiles to find out what really happened with Diane in L.A.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis sees Jack, and says that she was right all along about how Diane had lied about Tucker’s involvement. Jack says that he’s not impressed with Phyllis’s obvious glee over Diane’s troubles.

Phyllis says that Diane was lying, and everyone knows about it now. She thinks that Diane should leave town with her tail between her legs before any more lies come out.

Jack doesn’t want to hear it, and Phyllis says that Diane has him totally sucked into her lies. Jack gets upset with Phyllis, raising his voice, and tells her to look in the mirror, that she’s been trying to dig up dirt on Diane ever since she came back.

CBS – Jack and Phyllis Argue

Phyllis retorts that she’s just trying to help everyone. Jack says there’s a lot more to it than that, and that she shouldn’t paint herself as a noble hero. He’s very passionate, and says that if Diane were to leave, it would leave a giant hole in his son and grandson’s lives.

Summer walks in on their argument, and Jack storms off, saying that he hopes cooler heads will prevail. Phyllis thinks that Jack is being unreasonable, that he’s coming down on her, when what Diane has done is so much worse.

Phyllis asks how Summer feels about things, and whether she thinks that Diane should stay in town or not. Summer says that she just wants Kyle to be happy, but because of everything that’s happened, it’d be best if Diane just left.

Diane and Kyle are at the Abbott Mansion, and she tells him about how Jeremy Stark had duped her. She tells Kyle how Tucker had blackmailed her.

CBS – Kyle and Diane

Kyle says that Tucker dangled a relationship with her son as bait, and that Diane had lied to him by omission, that she’d broken his trust. He’s not sure that things can ever go back to the way they were between them.

Diane is completely apologetic, and says that she’s chosen to reveal everything because it was eating her up inside. Kyle says that it doesn’t count if she’s only confessing because someone was going to expose her.

Diane says it’s more complicated than that, but Kyle won’t have any of it. He remembers that she told him when they first met that she’d never lie to him again, and yet she had lied to him from the start.

Diane blames Tucker for that, that he was holding it over her head, and that she didn’t want Kyle to think any less of her. Tearfully, she tells him that all she ever wanted was to be a mother to him and a grandmother to Harrison.

Kyle says that he’s been so happy to have her in his life, but he can’t just overlook the secrets she’s been keeping from him and that it’s going to take time for him to come around. He’s having a hard time believing anything she says anymore.

CBS – Diane and Jack

Jack comes home to get some paperwork, and finds Diane alone in the living room, Kyle having left for Jabot. Jack says that he can’t trust her, and isn’t sure what to think. He gets his papers and leaves.

Harrison comes down the stairs, saying that he’s feeling sick. Diane feels his head and is worried about him, he’s burning up with a fever.

CBS – Diane and Harrison

At Society, Summer and Nick discuss that Sally is no longer employed at Newman Media.

CBS – Summer and Nick

Summer leaves, and Phyllis wanders in to find Nick having a drink. She asks him whether he thinks she’s vindictive and a bad person. Nick looks confused, and wonders if this has something to do with Diane.

CBS – Nick and Phyllis

Phyllis says she’s not going to get into her reasoning, and that she’s tired of being made out to be the villain. Nick doesn’t look convinced one way or the other.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle talk about how she had walked into Jack and Phyllis having an argument at Crimson Lights.

CBS – Kyle and Summer

Kyle says that he confronted his mother and how she’d confirmed everything that Jack had told him. He says that he felt betrayed by her omissions about what she’d done in L.A.