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Home » Abby and Devon Get Caught Cheating, Jill Blows Up at Lily, and Chelsea Begins Treatment

Abby and Devon Get Caught Cheating, Jill Blows Up at Lily, and Chelsea Begins Treatment

Passion builds between Devon and Abby

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, November 8, 2022. In this episode, Devon and Abby make love, Chelsea has her first therapy session, and Jill returns to Chancellor-Winters.

On the last episode of Y&R, Michael and Victor figure out Tucker’s schemes, Kyle and Diane have a heart-to-heart, and Abby and Devon let their true feelings for each other show.

Devon and Nate’s Apartments

Devon and Abby make out on the sofa. They start undressing each other, both of their shirts come off, and he tears off his belt.

Abby and Devon get hot and heavy. Devon and Abby are undressed and making out.
CBS – Abby and Devon get hot and heavy!

Things quickly heat up, and they make passionate love.

Abby and Devon make love on an armchair
CBS – Devon and Abby make love

Nate was just leaving his apartment, and he sees Amanda in the hallway, ready to open the door to Devon’s apartment. Nate asks her how her mother is after her stroke, and she says she’s in rehab, but doing ok.

Amanda and Devon talk in the hallway
CBS – Amanda and Devon meet in the hallway

Nate says that it can be a long and difficult process, but that it’s possible to repair the damage. Amanda asks to speak with Nate, and after an initial hesitation, he invites her in.

In Nate’s apartment, Amanda asks how he could have betrayed Devon like he did by working with Victoria to try to sell off the company out from under Devon. She asks if he’s going to try to make things right with him.

Amanda and Nate discuss his betrayal
CBS – Amanda and Nate discuss his betrayal

Nate says that Amanda’s only heard Devon’s side of things, and she needs to hear his side. She says that it’s breaking her heart, and asks if she can bridge the gap between Nate and Devon.

Nate says he knows he made a mistake, and that’s why he went to Chancellor-Winters and told everyone what he’d done.

Nate talks with Amanda, explaining Devon and his rift
CBS – Devon explains himself to Amanda

He says that he got frustrated with the way Devon was acting, and he has tried to make amends, but they kept hitting an impasse.

Nate believes that part of the reason that Devon has been so hostile is that he thinks he still holds onto the memory of working with his father.


Chance calls Abby and leaves a voicemail, that he stopped by Society, but she’s not there. He apologizes for not coming home last night, and says that he’s got a lot going through his head.

Chance calls Abby, looking for her. He leaves a voicemail.
CBS – Chance calls Abby

He just wants to fix whatever is broken between them.

Louise tells Chance that Abby has taken Dom to Devon's.
CBS – Louise tells Chance that Abby’s at Dom’s

Louise shows up, and Chance asks her if he’s seen Abby. She says that Abby took Dom to see Devon.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon and Abby are lying on the couch, snuggling, and he asks her if she’s ok. Abby says that she feels seen and cared for, which is what she needed in her life.

Devon and Abby cuddle after their passionate lovemaking
CBS – Devon and Abby snuggle after their lovemaking

Meanwhile, Nate and Amanda leave his apartment. She says that she’s putting aside her personal feelings about Nate, and wants to help them get rid of the divide between him and Devon.

Nate thinks it’s pointless to push until Devon is ready, but she says she’ll talk to him.

Chance steps out of the elevator as Nate gets in. Chance says hello and that he’s looking for Abby.

Amanda says, “Let’s go in, we’ll surprise them!”

Chance and Amanda walk in on Devon and Abby
CBS – Chance and Amanda walk in on Devon and Abby
Devon and Abby caught cheating - GUILTY!
CBS – Devon and Abby are caught cheating!
Chance and Amanda can't believe their eyes... They've just caught Devon and Abby in each others arms!
CBS – Chance and Amanda can’t believe their eyes


Lily calls Devon, and leaves a voicemail asking where he is. Esther brings her some coffee, and asks if everything is ok. Lily says that everything’s good, but doesn’t know where Devon is.

Jill walks into the office, and Esther welcomes her back. Jill says she’s there to see Devon and Lily, but Esther says Devon isn’t there.

Esther greets Jill at Chancellor-Winters
CBS – Jill returns to Chancellor-Winters and sees Esther

Jill stalks into Lily’s office, and asks why nobody’s in the office. Esther follows, until Jill asks her to leave.

Jill asks Lily about Billy's whereabouts
CBS – Jill asks Lily why the office is empty

Jill asks where Billy is, that she’s been calling, but he hasn’t answered. Lily tells her that Billy has resigned.

Jill is furious about the news, and Lily says that she has everything under control. She says that Billy needs this, that he wasn’t happy working there.

Jill is infuriated at Billy's leaving the company
CBS – Jill is livid about Billy leaving

Jill says that the reasons that both COO’s left is because Nate is a traitor, and Billy can’t figure out his life. She says that she’s so ashamed of him, and that she wanted him to work with Lily to give him focus in life.

Lily says that she tried to get Billy involved more in the company, and that Billy tried. She says that Billy didn’t want to let Jill down.

Jill talks with Lily about her disappointment with Billy
CBS – Jill talks with Lily

Jill says that it’s part of his pattern, that the grass is always greener on the other side. She says that she wishes his restless “phase” would just be over, and that she thinks that Lily deserves better.

Lily says that she knows Billy has flaws, but she hopes that he will find what makes him happy.

Back at Society

Victoria meets Billy, and tells him that Johnny and Connor had a discussion about Chelsea, and that they’re “cool” with the situation. Billy asks if Victoria is ok with the whole Chelsea situation. She says she is.

CBS – Victoria and Billy talk about Chelsea and their sons

Victoria says that Chelsea had agreed to stay out of things, but when they told Johnny that Chelsea was his bio-mom, that Chelsea changed her mind, and that she’d gone too far by speaking to Johnny directly.

At the mental health facility

Chelsea meets with Dr. Malone, who asks her if she’s ready for her first therapy session.

Chelsea meets with Dr. Malone at the clinic
CBS – Chelsea and Dr. Malone

Dr. Malone starts by setting some guidelines, that she wants Chelsea to be completely honest and not to hold back. She asks what is on Chelsea’s mind right now.

Chelsea says that she’s feeling self-conscious and embarrased, that she’s going to be judged. She asks how the doctor is feeling about their session.

Chelsea gets to know Dr. Malone
CBS – Chelsea has her first therapy session with Dr. Malone

The doctor says that she’s open, ready to listen, and wants to connect. She relates that she was worried when she started working with people who were suicidal that she was going to trigger them.

Chelsea asks if she’s spoken with many people in her situation, and the doctor says that she has. Dr. Malone says she’s always grateful to talk to them, because it means that they’re alive.

Chelsea talks honestly about her life
CBS – Chelsea talks honestly about her life

The doctor asks her if she wants to talk about what brought her to the roof, but Chelsea is reluctant to talk about that.

Chelsea says it’s been feeling like she’s been running on empty for the last few years, that she’s been running from her emotions since she was a teenager.

Chelsea breaks down as she recalls tough moments
CBS – Chelsea in therapy

She relates how she ran cons as a child, and that kept her so busy that she didn’t have time to feel anything. She says that she couldn’t run anymore, and couldn’t take the pain.

After the session is over, Billy shows up at the clinic and meets Dr. Malone. He wants to know how he can help Chelsea.

Billy talks with Dr. Malone and sets his expectations
CBS – Billy meets with Dr. Malone

Dr. Malone says that she needs someone who doesn’t judge her, and Billy says that he’s the right person for that. Dr. Malone says that she needs to know she has people who care for her.

Billy knocks on the door and enters. Chelsea says that he doesn’t have to visit her, but he just smiles and says that he’s there for her.

Billy meets with Chelsea after her therapy
CBS – Billy meets with Chelsea after therapy

Billy says that he’s really glad she’s still there with them. Chelsea says that the doctor said the same thing, but she thinks that it’s just something that therapists say.

Billy says that he’s not a therapist, and that she’s hearing it from him, so it’s got to be real.

Chelsea is grateful for Billy's care
CBS – Chelsea is grateful for Billy

Chelsea asks how Connor is, and Billy says that he seemed fine when he saw him. Chelsea says that she hopes he is ok, that she doesn’t want to worry her little boy.

Billy offers to talk to Connor, and that the most important thing is that she continues to work on healing. She promises to take care of herself, but says she has to talk to Adam and Connor, to tell them what happened with her.

Newman Enterprises

At Victoria’s office, Nate shows up. Victoria says how excited she is to have him come aboard.

Victoria's happy to have Nate as CEO of Newman Media
CBS – Victoria is happy to have Nate at Newman Media

Nate says that it’s refreshing to have a boss that wants to listen to him. She responds that helping him thrive is what’s best for Newman Enterprises.