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Y&R Recap – Mon Jan 1: (RETRO) JT Rescues Colleen as the Police Dismiss Kevin as the Arsonist, While Brittany & Raul Discuss Their Future

JT, Colleen, Brittany, and Raul.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, January 1, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

This episode was originally broadcast on October 17, 2003, and gives some background for current events in the show.

Last Episode

Victor, Ashley, Brad, Jack, Diane, Drucilla, and Kevin.

On the last RETRO episode of Y&R, Ashley’s mental stability frayed at the Newman gala while Kevin torched Gina’s in a bid to kill Colleen.

Gina’s Place

A reporter is in front of Gina’s, explaining that firefighters have been battling the blaze at the iconic restaurant.

A reporter in front of Gina's Place.

Brad asks the fire chief about the situation inside.

JT asks if there is any sign of anyone in the restaurant.

The fire chief explains that there are still hot spots in the restaurant and there’s a chance of the roof collapsing. He says he’ll keep them posted on it.

JT Hellstrom and Brad Carlton.

Drucilla and Neil run over and express their concern to Brad and JT.

Brad says he only cares about finding his daughter. He calls over a detective to ask if there’s any news.

Detective Weber asks Brad to tell him anything he knows about the fire. He’s heard that Brad suspects someone.

Brad talks to Detective Weber.

Lily asks Kevin how he knew she was outside Gina’s Place.

Lily talks with Kevin.

Kevin tells her he was on his way home when he saw the smoke, so he came over to see what was happening.

Lily tells him that he can’t stay; he could be in a lot of trouble… People think he set the fire!

Kevin laughs and says that’s crazy. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not going anywhere!

Kevin laughs as he talks to Lily.

Nick and Sharon’s House

Sharon asks Nick to give her a straight answer… Did his conversation with Victoria have anything to do with Victor?

Nick doesn’t say anything.

Nick Newman talks with Sharon Newman.

Sharon figures it had to do with Safra… Nick and Victoria must have been going over the sales reports.

Nick gives in and says she’s solved the mystery.

Sharon asks why they’re looking into Safra.

Nick and Sharon talk.

Nick says it’s a new business division for Newman, and they want to keep an eye on it.

Sharon thinks it’d be fine, but they were looking into it in the middle of the night; that doesn’t make sense. Why would they go through the trouble of keeping it from her? They must be afraid she’d go running to Victor and tell them what they’re up to.

Nick says she would go running to Victor.

Sharon nods. Nick is questioning her loyalties and is wondering whether she can be trusted.

Sharon talks to Nick.

Gina’s Place

Detective Weber asks if JT and Brad think Kevin Fisher is responsible for the fire.

JT says Kevin had a vendetta against Colleen.

Drucilla, Neil, Brad, JT, and Detective Weber.

The detective says burning down a building and disliking someone aren’t usually related.

Brad asks about Colleen’s cell phone, which was found inside the restaurant.

Weber says Colleen could have left it there beforehand or loaned it to a friend. He says that Colleen also has a habit of running away from home, and JT was responsible for one of those incidents.

Detective Weber.

JT says that’s old news. He says Brad is fine with him.

Weber asks why Kevin would burn down Gina’s restaurant if he had a grudge against Colleen… What’s the connection?

Drucilla says they don’t know, but Lily’s friends believe Kevin is dangerous.

Drucilla, Neil, Brad, JT, and Detective Weber.

Weber asks if Kevin has threatened her or harmed her in any way.

Drucilla says he hasn’t yet, but the girls feel it’s only a matter of time before he does.

Neil had warned Kevin to stay away from his daughter… He’s ten years older than Lily!

Brad asks the detective to question Kevin and ask him if he knows where Colleen is.

JT begs Weber to help.

Detective Weber.

The Newman Ranch

Nikki is in her housecoat. She spots Victor looking out the window and says he’s a “machine” and isn’t even tired.

Victor says he wouldn’t put it that way. He asks if she’s ready for bed.

Victor Newman.

Nikki nods. It’s been a long day. She says she wants to see Sharon go down in flames, but she helped her triumph.

Victor says Nikki is the type of person who chooses to help others.

Nikki wishes she could be as ruthless as Victor; maybe he can give her lessons!

Nikki Newman.

Raul’s Apartment

Brittany and Raul are making out. Brittany says she wants to be with him and asks him to hold her. She says she felt so alone.

Raul says they don’t need to think about that anymore. He says it’s good to kiss her and hold her in his arms.

Brittany asks him not to let her go.

Brittany Hodges and Raul Guitierez kiss.

Gina’s Place

In the back alley, Lily tells Kevin that her parents are just around the corner and there are cops all over the place. People are freaking out because Colleen is missing!

Kevin talks to Lily.

Kevin says Colleen’s disappearance has nothing to do with him. He says they can’t arrest him without proof, and there’s no proof that he started the fire. He calls Colleen Lily’s “stringy bitch girlfriend.”

Lily asks where Kevin was all evening. She doesn’t want to believe he’s done anything.

Kevin says it hurts him that she mistrusts him.

Lily and Kevin.

Lily says she just wants him to leave before anyone sees him.

Kevin refuses. He says they should go and clear things up. He prepares to leave, but Lily stops him and asks what’s wrong with him. They struggle for a moment.

Sierra sees them struggling in the alley and begins screaming.

Sierra screams.

Nick and Sharon’s House

Sharon asks Nick why he has such an “us against them” attitude. She thought they were a family and were working together with his father. She says Nick is dancing around their issues.

Nick says maybe it is about loyalty. There’s something he doesn’t want his father to know, and the fewer people he tells about it, the better.

Sharon and Nick.

Sharon says she’s not “people,” she’s his wife!

Nick says she’s someone his father confides in, and vice versa. He asks if she denies that.

Sharon says she doesn’t deny it and is not ashamed.

Nick says it drives him crazy, and he hates it.

Nick talks with Sharon.

Gina’s Place

Kevin is dragged out of the back alley by a police officer, fighting the whole way.

Neil yells out that he warned Kevin to stay away from Lily.

Kevin and Detective Weber.

Brad shouts out and asks where his daughter is.

Detective Weber tells everyone to settle down. He says he’s met Kevin before… Kevin worked for Bobby Marsino. He asks if he knows Colleen Carlton and where she is.

Kevin says he knows her but has no idea where she is.

JT yells.

Neil yells out that Kevin is lying.

JT says he knows where she is. The police have to hold everyone back from going after Kevin.

Weber asks Kevin why he’s at Gina’s.

Detective Weber.

Kevin says he was walking home from work and saw the smoke and fire. He asks what happened.

Weber says it’s pretty late for him to be getting off work.

Kevin says he works late; Marsino is a slave driver.

Kevin and a police officer.

Weber asks what his connection is to Lily.

Kevin says Lily is a friend.

Drucilla has to be held back. She yells that he’s not a friend; he’s a predator!

Lily, Drucilla, Detective Weber, Brad, and JT.

Kevin protests that he never laid a hand on Lily.

Drucilla shakes her head. He did!

Lily says Kevin’s telling the truth, but her parents don’t believe it.

Neil, Lily, Drucilla, Detective Weber, Brad, and JT.

Weber tells Drucilla it’s not the time to discuss the relationship between Lily and Kevin. He asks Kevin if he lives in the area.

Kevin nods. He says he lives in the Brewery building.

Weber nods. He says Kevin can go.

Kevin and Detective Weber.

Everyone protests.

Weber tells Brad he has no reason to hold Kevin. He can’t arrest him for walking down the street.

Brad and JT try to convince the detective to arrest or question Kevin further.

Brad, Drucilla, Sierra, and JT.

Kevin tells them good luck finding Colleen. He leaves.

JT yells after him to tell them where Colleen is.

Raul’s Apartment

Brittany and Raul cuddle on the sofa after having sex. Brittany says she’s wanted to be with him again for a long time.

Brittany and Raul cuddle on the sofa.

Raul says he tried not to hope for this day… It hurt too much, knowing it probably wouldn’t happen.

Brittany says they had something so special and never had anything like it with anyone else.

Raul says he didn’t, either.

Rault smiles at Brittany.

Brittany says Raul always understood her, but she’s not sure he does anymore.

Raul smiles and says he still understands her.

Brittany smiles as she thinks back to the beginning of their relationship. She says they’re together again. She sees the look on Raul’s face and asks, “Aren’t we?”

Brittany and Raul.

Raul starts to get dressed and says he doesn’t know what she wants… This can’t just be about sex. He doesn’t know what they have right now!

Brittany thinks he doesn’t know how he’s feeling about her.

Raul shakes his head. He knows exactly how he feels about her. He’s so in love with her it hurts, but he’s not sure it’s enough.


Gina’s Place

Neil tells Drucilla they should take Lily and Sierra home. There’s nothing more they can do here.

Drucilla says they can’t just leave… They’re part of this! None of this would have happened if Lily hadn’t met Kevin on the Internet.

Drucilla and Neil.

Neil says they don’t know anything for sure. Weber let Kevin go.

Drucilla says there wasn’t enough proof to incriminate Kevin, but there’s a reason Lily and Sierra hate him. She says Colleen is missing and could be hurt because she was trying to help their daughter.

Neil agrees to stay, even if it’s only for moral support.

JT and Brad.

JT tells Brad that Weber’s attitude bothers him. He thinks he’s a jerk.

Brad says the detective can’t arrest someone without proof, and they don’t have any.

JT says if they put him in a room with that “internet stalker,” he’d beat some evidence out of him.

Drucilla and Neil talk to Brad and JT.

Drucilla and Neil offer Brad their help; they’ll stay around until he finds Colleen.

Brad tells them they should take their daughters home. He tells them he doesn’t blame Lily for this; she’s been traumatized enough.

Neil promises to call if Lily tells them anything. He tells Brad they’ll be praying for him. He says goodbye and leaves with Drucilla.

Brad and JT.

The Newman Ranch

Victor tells Nikki he’s in charge of a household of warring women, but he’s happy that he has a vacation coming up… Somewhere warm and tropical is on the menu!

Nikki grins and holds him in her arms. She says they haven’t been to Tahiti in a while.

Nikki smiles at Victor.

Victor says they could go skiing in the Alps.

Nikki agrees to meet him halfway… They’ll go to Tahiti and the Alps and spend some time on the slopes! She asks what else he’s been thinking of besides their getaway.

Victor says sometimes he wonders about what he’s created; perhaps it would have been better if they’d sent their children out into the world and let them carve out their own lives instead of living “too closely” in a “compound” together.

Victor and Nikki.

Nikki thinks it would have been easier for them but not necessarily better. Victor shouldn’t lose faith in what he’s built.

Victor sighs and says the people dearest to his heart live close to him.

Nikki grins and says she lives very close. He can snuggle up to her every night if he wants!

Victor holds her close and kisses her, telling her that he’s glad he has her. They go upstairs to snuggle up.

Victor and Nikki kiss and hug.

Nick and Sharon’s House

Sharon tells Nick she hopes he can someday heal the damage between him and his father.

Nick says she keeps telling him the same thing over and over.

Sharon and Nick.

Sharon asks why Nick clams up every time she walks into the room.

Nick thinks she’s reading too much into it.

Sharon says family didn’t surround her while she was growing up, so she thinks he should fight for his family.


Nick says he wants to trust Sharon, but who would she choose if she had to make a choice between supporting Nick or supporting Victor?

Sharon says she’d support her husband wholeheartedly.

Nick asks if he’d have her support even if she didn’t agree with it… Her concern for Victor wouldn’t get in the way?


Sharon asks why she can’t be loyal to Nick and his family.

Nick asks why they’re talking about it so late. The kids will be up before they know it!

Sharon asks if Nick wants to call it a night.

Nick says he didn’t say that; he tells her that she looked so beautiful that he wanted to… He kisses her.

Nick and Sharon kiss.

Gina’s Place

Again, Brad asks the fire chief if they found anything to indicate that someone was trapped in the restaurant.

Brad talks to the fire chief as JT looks on.

The chief tells him that the restaurant was closed, and it’s highly unlikely anyone was inside. He says they’re working as fast as possible.

Weber says the arsonist spread cleaning fluid and alcohol around and got out quickly.

Brad says they need to focus on looking through the building for his daughter.

The fire chief talks to Brad and JT.

The fire chief says when a building has sustained such damage, it could be unstable, and he won’t endanger his men’s lives when the chance of rescuing anyone is so little.

Brad tells the chief to let him go in… He’ll sign a release form or whatever they need!

JT says he’ll go in as well.

JT and Brad.

Weber refuses. He tells them to listen to the fire chief. They can’t allow either of them into the building. The detective and the chief leave Brad and JT.

Brad tells JT his whole life is flashing before his eyes, and he’s realizing how much he misses his daughter. He says he’s realized something… JT cares about Colleen, and if Colleen feels the same way about him…

JT asks if Brad thinks he’s not as bad as he thought.

JT talks to Brad.

Brad nods.

JT says they’re talking like Colleen is already gone, but she’s not. They can’t give up now; she’s still alive!

Brad chuckles and says he’s getting words of wisdom from a teenager, but JT is right. They can’t give up!

Brad looks at JT.

Raul’s Apartment

Brittany tells Raul nothing else matters if he loves her.

Brittany and Raul argue.

Raul says he loves her but is unsure he could live with her.

Brittany sighs. “Here we go again!” He probably disapproves of her career. Will he insult her again about her job and tell her it’s sleazy and cheap?

Raul says she wants him to forget about the fact she’s a stripper.

Raul talks to Brittany.

Brittany thinks Raul can’t handle that other people are noticing her.

Raul says the only people noticing her are horny men who can’t get dates and are just there to see her take her clothes off. They aren’t there for her singing!

Brittany says it takes a lot to do what she does. She says anyone can take their clothes off, but they can’t perform like she can! People come to see her because nobody is as talented as she is.

Brittany talks to Raul.

Raul tells her to keep telling herself that. In a few years, she’ll still be stuck getting naked for a living.

Brittany says she wants things to work, but he has to change his mind about her singing.

Raul says he loves her singing, but he doesn’t want her singing at Marsino’s!

Raul and Brittany.

Brittany says that’s where she works, and she loves being on stage.

Raul asks what part she loves most… The stripping or the singing? He says her lifestyle has to make her feel cheap.

Brittany says he makes her feel cheap. She says this was a mistake and starts gathering her clothes.

Brittany and Raul talk.

Raul says they’re obviously a lot further away than they both thought.

Brittany says she had so many hopes for them. She says she’s sorry.

Raul says he’s sorry too. More sorry than she knows.

Rault talks to Brittany.

Gina’s Place

Brad begs the fire chief to let him look for signs of Colleen in the building.

JT gets a flashlight,

The chief tells him they can’t let anyone in the building until they’ve done a final sweep. He tells Brad to let them do their job.

JT slips through the barriers while the chief is distracted and grabs a flashlight from a fire truck. He rushes into the building and looks around.

He bumps his head on the bar, and water and debris fall around him, but he shakes it off. He trips and falls over some other debris but is able to get up and carry on with his search.

Things in the building are unstable and a section of the roof collapses near JT, but he avoids it. He pushes his way through, thinking nobody could have survived the fire.

JT digs through the rubble.

Kevin’s Apartment

Kevin comes home, grinning and laughing to himself. He yells out that he got away with it. “That bitch is fried!” He says nobody messes with him because he’s GOD!

Kevin laughs.

Gina’s Place

JT continues to look through the ruined restaurant. He sees something shining in the ashes… It’s Colleen’s heart-shaped locket and necklace!

Colleen's locket lies in the ashes.

JT cries. He knows she was there. He flashes back to a time when Colleen had told him to look into her heart, and there was a note inside her locket asking him to hold onto her heart and keep it safe for her until she asked to have it back. He’d given her locket back to her, and they’d kissed.

JT looks through the burnt building.

JT can’t believe she’s dead. He yells out for her, bashing the structure around him.

There’s a small rhythmic thumping. JT hears it and calls out for Colleen. He throws debris aside and finds the walk-in refrigerator door. He pulls out the screwdriver holding it closed and rips the door open.

Inside the walk-in, he finds Colleen lying on the floor near the door. He carries her in his arms outside.

Colleen Carlton on a stretcher.

Brad sees JT carrying his daughter and he calls for the paramedics, who bring a stretcher.

JT hands Colleen over to Brad, who places her on the stretcher.

Brad hugs JT and thanks him for finding his daughter.

Brad hugs JT.

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