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Y&R Recap – Mon Feb 19: Seth Sets Up a Meeting With Nikki at Jordan’s Urging, Audra Accepts Tucker’s Invitation to Paris, and Ashley Sinks Deeper Into Delusion

Jordan, Seth, Audra, and Ashley.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, February 19, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Seth, Jordan, Billy, and Chelsea.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jordan got her claws into Seth, while Chelsea & Billy de-stressed with an afternoon delight.

Newman Ranch

Nikki tells Victoria and Victor that her first impulse was to walk – not run – to a bottle after she hung up from speaking with Jordan.

Victoria pleads for her to tell her she didn’t do that. She’s relieved when her mother tells her that she didn’t, thanks to Jack and Victor.

Nikki feels that taking Jordan on head-on will give her something to focus on instead of drinking. She exclaims she is still here and getting stronger every moment.

Nikki’s phone rings and Victor demands it to be given to him, but Nikki refuses.

Nikki listens to Seth as Victoria and Victor look on.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle, Jack, and Diane ask an obviously worried Ashley how she is doing and invite her out with them to eat dinner.

Ashley claims there’s no need to supervise her and just to bring her back some cheesecake.

Jack claims he’s not supervising her, but Ashley corrects him and says he is… And he’s good at it!

Diane and Jack Abbott.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker and Audra lie in bed, holding hands and talking their typical bed/business talk.

Tucker tells Audra that she will make the whole city of Paris new to him and that he will not allow Ashley Abbott to ruin that wonderful city for him.

Audra talks to Tucker.

Audra longs for more proof that Ashley is out of his system, and he leans in and kisses her.

Tucker claims Ashley could never compete with her. They agree that after all they’ve been through, after all the years of denying their feelings for one another, they are now unstoppable.

They snuggle up closely.

Audra smiles at Tucker.

Newman Ranch

It’s Seth on the phone. He tells Nikki that he really needs her help. He says he hopes she can do for him what he was unable to do for her.

Jordan sits with Seth at the table and simply smiles and nods as he lures Nikki in for her.

Seth talks to Nikki as Jordan looks on.

Seth tells Nikki that this is a rather impulsive call for him to make because he knows she is struggling, too. He thinks they should both be able to help each other as fellow travelers on this path they are on.

As Jordan motions for him to continue, Nikki asks where he is. She says she cannot see him if he’s been drinking at the bar.

Seth claims he hasn’t had anything to drink yet, and she instructs him to leave the bar and meet her at Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee.

Nikki on the phone.

Jordan sips her cocktail and smiles.

Victor refuses even to consider Nikki leaving the house as long as that woman is running around out there.

Nikki claims there is no harm in her meeting her former sponsor at a place that doesn’t even serve alcohol… What could be the possible harm in that, she asks.

Victor Newman.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker and Audra are having dinner and discussing business.

Audra wants to understand the bigger picture. Do they set up everything here or move it all to Paris? She says it’s scary to finally let her guard down with him and start a real, honest life together… It doesn’t feel real.

Audra looks at Tucker with a grin.

Tucker tells her it is real, and it’s long overdue. Genoa City is his answer as to where the home location will be, but he stresses to her it is not about Ashley at all.

Audra thinks it’s mostly about staying near Devon and Dominic.

Tucker claims he resorts to anger rather than dealing with pain.

Tucker smiles at Audra.


Abby seats Jack, Kyle, and Diane for their dinner.

Jack laughs as Abby, Kyle, and Diane look on.

Kyle makes a toast to Jack, and Diane seconds it. They both admire what he is doing to help Nikki.

Kyle and Diane are surprised that Ashley seemed to be okay when they got home. Diane was expecting her to tear into her about her promotion to co-CEO and was surprised when that didn’t happen.

Jack claims that’s probably the last thing on Ashley’s mind right now.

Jack raises his glass.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The Abbott Limousine

Ashely sits in the car and rubs her head while listening to her inner thoughts tell her it’s time to take control.

Ashley suddenly gets a “different” look on her face and a slight smirk as if finally, everything is clear.

Ashley sits in a car.

Newman Ranch

Nikki says Victor has to stop coddling her.

Both Victoria and Victor want her to stay home where she is safe.

Nikki looks at them in disbelief.

Nikki Newman.


Tessa tells Abby she talked to Mariah about the job offer and says she will accept it, but she has some conditions. She looks around and claims some serious changes need to be made.

Tessa and Abby.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane and Kyle that there’s no doubt that Tucker did a number on Ashley. He assures them that he had some alone time with her earlier and thinks she is ready to turn a corner.

Diane wonders what has changed.

Diane holds a glass of wine.

Jack says believes Ashley has just come to terms with who Tucker truly is.

Kyle says it won’t be easy for Ashley because he knows how ruthless and unrelenting Tucker is.

Diane wonders if there is anything that will stop that man from obsessing over everything Abbott-related.

Jack talks with Diane.

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra suggests to Tucker that he do nothing. She says racing over to the Chancellor Mansion right now will only make things worse; letting the dust settle would be his best bet for now. Based on his track record, she says words won’t work. It’s going to take action and Tucker will have to do, not say.

As Tucker takes Audra’s hand and tells her how amazing she is, Ashley strolls through the entrance and sees them.

Audra Charles.

Before they can see Ashley, she heads up the stairs.

Tucker signs for the check.

Audra says she’s not ready for the evening to end.

Ashley Abbott looks at Tucker and Audra.


Tessa suggests to Abby that they get a DJ and change the menu to an international one.

Tessa laughs with Abby.

Abby thinks they need to put on the brakes.

Tessa laughs and says she wouldn’t change a thing about it. Tessa claims as long as she has the flexibility to be a mother, she will take the job. They both agree and are excited.

Abby introduces Tessa, the new manager of Society, to Kyle, Jack, and Diane.

Jack, Kyle, Diane, Abby, and Tessa.

Newman Ranch

Nikki tells Victor and her daughter she will stay at the ranch and have Seth come to her.

Victoria is relieved and heads out.

Victor takes a call in the other room, and Nikki calls Seth. She gives him the address and tells him that she’ll inform the security guard that she’s expecting him.

Nikki smiles at Victoria.

The Empty Glass Lounge

Jordan wants to know where Seth is meeting Nikki. When he informs her, she exclaims that this just keeps getting better and better.

Jordan smiles at Seth.

Newman Ranch

Victor admires Nikki for wanting to help someone even as she is struggling.

Nikki says the only other thing that would make her happy would be setting a trap for Jordan before she can set one for her.

Nikki looks at Victor.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack, Kyle, and Diane arrive home and call out for Ashley but get no response.

Diane asks Kyle if they need to discuss what happened earlier at Jabot. She wants to know how Kyle really feels about her getting his old position.

Jack Abbott.

Kyle claims this is the way it should be.

Diane says she doesn’t want this coming between them.

Kyle tells her that this is much tougher than he thought it would be, and he is trying very hard not to resent her for it.

Jack wanders around the house, wondering where Ashley is.

Kyle Abbott talks with his mother.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker is stunned when he enters his room and finds Ashley sitting all prim and proper in a chair, waiting for him.

Ashley Abbott smiles at Tucker McCall.

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