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Y&R Recap – Wed May 8: After Accused of Starting a War, Mamie Feels Betrayed and Disgusted By Her Family, and Belle is Back in Control

ashley turns into belle

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Alan Laurent questions Ashley Abbott.

On the last episode of Y&R, Cole questioned Victor about Jordan’s death, while Alan suspected Ashley may not be mentally stable.


Neil’s Lounge at the Athletic Club

Nate finds Audra getting a drink at Neil’s lounge at the Athletic Club. It’s been a while.

She sips her wine, and he asks where Tucker is.

She shrugs. “Around.”

He assumes they’re broken up, but she calls them solid and independent of each other.

nate bothers audra with his comments about tucker

Nate misses her friendship. Audra talks about how loving and tender Tucker has been with her.

He even turned this room into Paris and proposed to her.

Nate thinks he was only trying to recreate his Paris honeymoon with Ashley.

No surprises there. Audra sighs, her patience wearing thin. They sit at a table.

He’s reaching. “If you say so,” Nate says.

audra talks up how romantic tucker is

Audra reminds him she and Tucker have their own history.

When Nate asks if she said yes to the proposal, she questions why he cares.

Nate reminds her they’re friends.

Audra guesses that he’s infatuated with her. audra smirks at nate over his infatuation

He asks if it’d matter if he were.

She teases him and fishes for compliments.

He’s not into her, but he wouldn’t be so subtle about it.

She’s touched that he cares, but she turned down the proposal.

audra thinks marriage is archaic

Nate’s glad. Audra just doesn’t think marriage is anything but an archaic institution.

Nate gets a notification on his phone and has to go, but he thinks if the groom was anyone but Audra, she’d change her mind about marriage.

He thinks Tucker will break her heart. She deserves better.

nate gives audra advice

Nearby, Alan calls Ashley to let her know he checked out of the hotel and booked a flight to Vienna.

Looking bored, Ms Abbott says, “You’re leaving, how sad.”

alan calls ashley Y&R recap

He wants to see her before he goes, but Ms Abbott calls him out on only wanting to psychoanalyze her.

Miss Abbott starts to clutch her head and asks for a few moments.

miss abbott switches to belle

Belle’s talking in her head that Ashley needs to fall in love again.

Why can’t Miss Abbott see that?

Belle takes over and accepts a meeting with Alan.

belle in control on Y&R

She’s looking forward to it.

They disconnect and Belle’s thrilled to be in control again and rushes upstairs to change.

ashley turns into belle


Crimson Lights

Abby and Devon grab coffees as Abby wonders what this meeting at Chancellor-Winters is about.

Billy wasn’t invited, though Lily and Nate would be there.

When Tucker walks in, Abby turns away, asking her man not to engage with him.

Tucker tells them they’re looking well.

Abby’s rude.

abby gets coffee with devon

“Thank you. Is there anything else?” Devon berates her lightly.

Abby says he’ll only try to soften her up. Tucker chuckles. It’s true. He has a favor.

That made Abby’s point but Devon agrees to listen.

Tucker’s on Dominic’s email list and learned there was a performance coming.

tucker wants to see dominic

He wants to attend. Devon refuses. Tucker will make it about him.

Before they go, Tucker asks after Ashley.

Abby’s immediately on edge and thinks he’s talking about what happened in Paris. Tucker’s confused.

Has she talked to Ashley lately? Abby gets more upset and Tucker tells her to check in on her regularly before he goes, leaving Abby stumped.

abby annoyed by tucker mcccall


Mamie arrives at Lily’s office, early for the meeting.

The last they spoke, things were heated. She regrets it.

So does Lily and she asks what the meeting is about.

Mamie wants to wait until everyone’s there but does promise it’ll be worth it.

Lily seems skeptical.

mamie in red

She takes a call and says she’s behind schedule and can’t really make this meeting.

Mamie talks her into staying, and Lily makes her promise that there will be no surprises.

Abby, Nate, and Devon arrive, and Lily says they can’t start until Billy’s here.

Mamie counters that this meeting is for family.

lily in her office

Abby reminds her Billy’s her family.

Mamie thinks it’s a good point, but decisions need to be made for the greater good.

Everyone takes a seat, and Mamie says it’s time to reassess.

The family has splintered, and she blames Billy and Jill for them turning on each other.

nate with mamie CW office

She’s planning on fixing it. Nate thinks his auntie is overreacting. She disagrees.

Mamie thinks Lily’s punishing Nate by not offering him a seat.

Nate was hurt and angry but he sees Lily’s point.

chancellor winters meeting

What he did was unconscionable, betraying his family and the company.

He owes Lily for his return to the company and accuses Mamie of hating Jill and Billy.

She denies it but wants them out of the company.

family meeting at chancellor

Devon tells his aunt that Jill brought Chancellor in with the merger.

This wasn’t meant to be only about their family. Mamie says it’s no coincidence that he’s the only Chancellor sitting in this room.

Nate’s not happy his aunt is cherry-picking details and creating a war to get what she wants.

Mamie laughs incredulously. Is that what Lily thinks? Lily is frank.

devon at the meeting

Yeah, she does, and things are getting out of hand here.

She agrees Billy has an agenda.

This validates Mamie, but Lily says Devon does too.

mamie wants war

Abby defends Devon, but Lily says the point is that they can resolve these issues.

She thinks Mamie wants a war and doesn’t care if it means the company comes crashing down around them.

Mamie’s offended that suddenly she’s the problem.

lily against mamie

Lily says it’s not sudden. Jill wouldn’t have brought Billy on board if Mamie hadn’t created dissension.

She’s undermining everything Lily built up.

Mamie thinks that’s the point. Jill’s never around and leaves Lily to do the heavy lifting.

Jill’s riding Lily’s coattails while the family does the heavy lifting.

mamie blathers about lily vs jill

Lily defends Jill, saying that half the company is hers. Mamie tries to get Devon on her side.

He agrees they’ve issues with them, but they had none before Mamie came to town.

She keeps trying to find problems when, with all due respect, he says, “I think the problem is you.”

devon tells mamie off

Mamie never thought she’d see the day when her own family would treat her like this. She’s heartbroken.

Devon doesn’t want her to feel that way.

They all tell her they love her.

It’ll never change.

nate reminds mamie she was in cahoots with tucker maccall

Mamie claims she wants to build things up, not tear them down, but Nate points out that is the opposite of what she just said.

She denies that.

Devon tells her Jill brought Chance and Billy in because she felt threatened by her.

Mamie says Jill felt threatened by Tucker, but Nate points out she was in cahoots with him then.

mamie is hurt

Lily says it all comes back to her.

Mamie still doesn’t see it.

She calls the three of them “overly entitled, under-experienced, wannabe adults who are willing to take a pay-off because they’re too afraid to take a leap of faith with her.

mamie offends the kids

Mamie calls this betrayal, and she won’t forget it. She’s hurt and angry, has a big stake in the company, and won’t let go.

Whether they like it or not, they’ll see more of her. She leaves, and Nate thinks they have made another enemy: their longest-living relative.

She’s appalled by their cowardice. She’s disgusted with them.

Mamie is hurt, and Lily says they don’t want the corporate world to come between them.

Mamie thinks family stands by each other. Devon says they’re trying.

lily winters

Athletic Club Bar

Belle rushes up to meet Alan with a kiss on both cheeks. She’s so happy to see him.

He was beginning to wonder. She apologizes.

Living with her family is like being under a microscope.

alan and belle at athletic club

He forgives her. She holds his hand and says she doesn’t want him to think she’s pushing him away.

He reminds her she told him to pack his things and go to Vienna.

alan talks to belle

She blames her horrible siblings who don’t believe a word she says.

He’s the only one she can trust. He’s glad and there for her.

Tucker walks in and before he heads up to his room, takes a gander on what’s going on and then approaches. Belle’s not happy to see him.

The men introduce themselves, and Alan says they met in Paris and have been friends ever since.

tucker spies on "ashley" and alan

Alan tells Tucker he does guest lecturing and academia.

Belle says he’s being modest.

alan meets tucker

He’s a brilliant psychologist who made her realize she was wrong about their fight in the cafe.

Tucker thanks Laurent and thinks his timing in Genoa City couldn’t be better.

Belle tries to get rid of Tucker, but he enjoys talking to Alan.

tucker laughs with alan

Belle assures him that Alan’s not there to crack open her skull and poke around.

Audra appears and groans.

audra in the mix

Belle says, “Thank goodness she’s here!”

She asks Audra to keep a closer leash on Tucker so he doesn’t wander away from her.

Tucker introduces Audra to Alan, and the couple goes upstairs.

audra meets alan laurent

Tucker’s room, Athletic Club

Audra and Tucker head to his room, and she asks what his thoughts are on Dr. Laurent. He has none.

Audra points out that Ashley seems to like him.

tucker in his chair at athletic club

He makes her smile. Audra would love it if the two had a passionate affair and went to some island.

Tucker doesn’t think it’s romantic.

Audra knows Ashley’s in a bad place, but she’s tired of running into her and her many moods.

audra talks to tucker

They wish someone would do something about it. He points out that Abby doesn’t even know her mom’s ill.

They laugh that Ashley was chipper this time.

If Ashley gets her way, there will be more than therapy between them. Tucker didn’t see it.

audra hopes ashley and alan are a couple

He cares about Ashley, but her family is in denial.

He wants to ensure Alan is there for her, but now, he wants to think of Audra.

He has a surprise for her. He spoke with all company heads.

audra canoodles with tucker

They’re now going to Paris. Audra’s less than happy.

She asks to go to Monte Carlo or Portofino, other European places.

He says yes. He’ll go wherever she wants to fulfill all her desires.

They make out, and she removes her shirt.

He agrees not to pressure her into marriage.

tucker and audra get hot

 Athletic Club dining room

Alan tells “Ashley” that she seemed amused by Audra and Tucker.

Belle says Audra’s so pretty and smart to be with someone as horrible as Tucker, but she’ll figure it out.

Alan says there were subtextual comments on her mental health.

belle the alter

How did that make her feel? She’s fine.

He wonders how she feels about Tucker moving on. She laughs it off.

alan psychoanalyzes Belle

She’s over it and notices he’s psychoanalyzing her. He’s sorry.

It’s habit. She walks her fingers over to his wrist and says Tucker’s with who he should be with and so is she. alan can see what's going on with ashley

She flashes the shrink a bright smile. She wants him to stay in GC.

“Haven’t I been as clear as a bell,” she says.

He decides to stay and have a colleague cover him in Vienna.

belle wants alan to stay in GC

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