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Y&R Recap – Mon May 6: Diane Rips Into Jack Over his Risky Behavior with Nikki as Victor Orders Jordan to Drink Herself to Death

Diane, Jack, Jordan, and Victor.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, May 6, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Jack and Nikki hold hands as Victor walks in.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor walked in on Nikki & Jack after their binge, and Claire makde a surprise visit to Kyle, Harrison, and Summer.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick asks his father how his mom is; is she settled into the rehab facility?

Victor says she is; he couldn’t stay with her very long, though.

Nick and Victor Newman.

Nick figures it must be difficult for Victor as well.

Victor says it’s much harder for Nikki.

Nick says it’s time to let the professionals handle things.

Victor sighs. Easier said than done.

Nick tells Victor to remember to take care of himself while Nikki is in treatment. He says the “other threat” is dead and gone, and they take the wins where they can.

Nick Newman talks to his father.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack pours himself some coffee as Diane walks into the house.

Diane asks where he was all night… She was worried!

Diane Abbott talks to her husband.

Jack says he’s sorry… He should have called to let her know that he was okay; time got away from him.

Diane asks where he was; he never returned her calls!

Jack says he wants to tell her everything, but she needs to hear him out before she reacts. He doesn’t think she’s going to like what he’s going to say.

Jack Abbott talks to Diane.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

Summer enters the club and sees her mom in the lobby. They hug in greeting.

Phyllis says she was hoping to see Summer and asks if she’d like to have a coffee or breakfast with her; did she sleep last night?

Phyllis talks to Summer.

Summer says she slept at the Abbott’s house… She didn’t want to be away from Harrison, and even being at the club feels off.

Phyllis says she can go back to the house with Summer if she’d like—or not. She says Summer should be with Harrison; he needs her right now.

Summer promises the three of them will spend time together.

Summer Newman talks to her mom, Phyllis.

Phyllis says she’s proud of how strong and brave Summer has been, and most of all, she’s been an amazing mother.

Summer says she doesn’t feel brave… She slept beside Harrison last night and kept waking up, thinking he was gone. She says she’s at the club to see about getting some help for him; she and Kyle tell Harrison they love him and everything will be alright, but she doesn’t think that’s enough.

Phyllis offers her help with anything.

Phyllis Summers.

Summer says she’s talking about professional help for Harrison.

Phyllis nods. She says that Summer is being proactive and reminds her to make sure the therapist is warm, kind, and empathetic.

Sharon walks into the club.

Phyllis, Summer, and Sharon.

The Newman House

Victor tells Nick he hates leaving Nikki alone with strangers. He’s her husband… He should be there for her to help her through it!

Victor Newman sits with his hands folded.

Nick says that’s not how it works. Victor can’t fix her MS, and he can’t help her with this. She went to rehab willingly and made the decision on her own.

Victor says she didn’t make the decision on her own… She was with Jack Abbott, and that son-of-a-bitch almost killed her!

Nick looks at his father.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Jack they promised not to keep secrets from each other… Just spit it out!

Diane talks with Jack.

Jack says he saw Nikki at the Athletic Club last night. He says she was drunker than he’d ever seen her, and he tried everything he could to get her to sober up and go to a meeting, but she was distant and defeated.

Diane wonders why she was “defeated.” She says Jordan is gone and Claire and Harrison are safe; she thought Nikki would be relieved!

Jack says the stress finally got to her. She’s been battling for months.

Jack Abbott.

Diane says it’s a lot for anyone to go through. She asks what happened.

Jack says he was scared and guilt-ridden. He felt like he’d failed her as a sponsor, and he had to do something to save her… He came up with an extreme, unthinkable thought, and thought that if it worked, he had to try.

Diane tells him to tell her what he did last night.

Diane Abbott.

The GCAC Dining Room

Summer, Phyllis, and Sharon are sitting at a table in the dining room, talking. Summer tells Sharon that Jordan had lied to Harrison and told him that his parents gave him away and never wanted to see him again.

Summer talks to Sharon.

Sharon says that’s the cruelest thing someone could say to a child… Their parents are their whole world!

Phyllis says Jordan is a sick bitch.

Sharon says Phyllis should reign in her anger when she’s around Harrison; he’s been through enough stress as it is.

Phyllis talks to Sharon.

Phyllis says she’s not clueless; she’d never talk that way in front of Harrison. They’re adults here, and everyone would agree with her if they knew what Jordan did to Harrison.

Summer asks her mom to calm down… They’re all on the same team and want what’s best for Harrison, so she asked Sharon to meet her there.

Sharon says she’d be happy to recommend a therapist that’s a good match for Harrison. She sends Summer a text with the therapist details.

Sharon talks to Phyllis.

Summer says she’ll call her right now. She excuses herself from the table to make the call.

Phyllis tells Sharon she’s good at soothing people and talking, even though she’s not in the therapy business anymore.

Sharon thanks her and says she’s always happy to help. She tells Phyllis that if she needs any “help” or someone to talk to, she can make a recommendation for her as well.

Phyllis laughs as she talks with Sharon.

They joke that Phyllis wouldn’t be talking to Sharon, of course. That’d be crazy!

Phyllis says it’s tough when Summer is upset and she can’t do anything to fix it.

Sharon says she can only imagine how worried Phyllis must have been about Summer and Harrison, but everyone is safe now. From what Sharon can see, Summer’s turned out to be a great mother!

Sharon Newman.

Phyllis says she really has, and Mariah seems like a great mother, too! They laugh as they talk about their children. Phyllis asks Sharon if she thinks Summer and Harrison will be all right.

Sharon says Phyllis will make sure they are. She asks Phyllis to tell Summer that she had to leave.

Phyllis nods. She has a tech empire to run… The one that Phyllis didn’t get a job at!

Phyllis looks up at Sharon.

Sharon says that’s the one. She leaves.

Summer comes back and asks if Sharon left.

Phyllis says the coffee house owner/tech mogul had to leave. She asks if Summer got in touch with the doctor.

Summer sits and talks with her mother.

Summer says she did, and she thinks the doctor will work out, and if she doesn’t, then they’ll find one who will!

Phyllis smiles. That’s the spirit!

Summer says that her mom and dad always fought for her, and she’ll never stop fighting for Harrison either!

Phyllis Summers.

The Newman House

Nick tells Victor that it doesn’t make sense… His mom came home and said she’s ready for rehab; how does Jack fit into this? Victor said Jack could have killed her!

Nick talks to his dad.

Victor says he got a message from his security team that they’d spotted Nikki at the Athletic Club. She’d rented a room to drink.

Nick asks if Jack was with her and tried to get her to a meeting.

Victor says when he got to the room, the paramedics were there.

Victor Newman.

Nick asks if his mom had alcohol poisoning… Is that why she decided to go to rehab?

Victor says the paramedics were there for Jack. He’d drank with Nikki and took pills… Opiods. He says Jack collapsed, and Nikki called the paramedics.

Nick says that doesn’t make sense; Jack’s been sober for years.

Nick covers his mouth in shock.

Victor says that Nikki claims that Jack planned it to shock some sense into her.

Nick shakes his head. He talks it through… Jack took pills to make his mom realize what she was doing to herself?

Victor nods. It was insane and idiotic!

Victor talks to Nick.

Nick says it worked, though… Nikki seemed committed to getting sober when they saw her earlier.

Victor says Nikki should have never chosen Jack as her sponsor. Jack Abbott failed once again… He fails at everything!

Nick wonders if it matters what Jack did as long as Nikki is committed to getting the help she needs.

Nick Newman and Victor Newman.

Victor says it does matter; Nikki could have been the one who needed the paramedics… He could have killed her!

Nick says it sounds like Jack could have died, too… He risked his life to save Nikki’s, and now she’s willing to get the help she needs because of Jack.

Victor shrugs.


The Abbott Mansion

Kyle walks down the stairs, and Jack asks him how Harrison is. Kyle says Harrison is a bit on edge, but he’s settling in and is happy that his mom spent the night.

Kyle Abbott.

Diane says she’s glad they have each other.

Kyle asks how Jack is… He says Victor was there earlier, and it sounded like the two of them were getting into it!

Jack says it’s nothing new… Victor is always blaming him for something!

Jack Abbott.

Kyle asks what he blamed him for this time.

Jack asks if they can discuss it another time… He needs some time with Diane to talk.

Kyle asks if he’s trying to dodge him; he gets the feeling there’s something more going on.

Kyle and Diane talk.

Diane says there couldn’t be much more going on… Everyone’s been through so much already!

Jack says Diane’s right… Victor needs a punching bag sometimes, and old habits die hard.

Kyle says he’s going to go to the office to pick something up, and he’s going to pick up a surprise for Harrison while he’s out.

Diane Abbott.

Diane says it’ll be nice for Harrison to focus on a surprise.

Kyle says Harrison is upstairs watching a movie. He’ll ask Mrs. Martinez to look after him while he’s gone.

Jack says he doesn’t have to do that… Jack is going to work from home; if Harrison needs anything, he’ll take care of him.


Kyle is surprised that Jack isn’t going to the office. He says it must have been a rough night and hopes Jack is okay.

Diane says Jack needs some downtime… He’s been stretched thin between Harrison, Ashley, Nikki, and work.

Kyle wonders if Diane will be working from home, too.

Kyle smiles.

Diane says she’s dressed and ready for the R&D meeting this afternoon. She’ll be there.

Kyle’s glad she remembered. He leaves the house.

Jack says there’s still tension between Kyle and Diane.

Jack talks to Diane.

Diane says they’re fine; she wants to get back to the conversation they were having before Kyle walked in. What is it that Jack wants to tell her that he obviously didn’t want Kyle to know?

Jack says she’s right; he doesn’t want Kyle to know. She has to understand why things happened the way they did.

Diane asks what happened when he was with Nikki all night.

Diane looks upset.

Jack says Nikki had bottles of vodka lined up and it was clear she was going to drink herself into oblivion. He says that he thought the only thing that would jolt her into listening to him was joining her.

Nikki asks if he drank.

Jack nods. He did.

Jack hangs his head.

Diane says she knows that a sponsor isn’t supposed to drink in front of an alcoholic who’s on a bender, but it’s not that extreme. She can’t imagine it actually worked.

Jack says it didn’t work, and that’s when he made the decision to get some opioids.

Diane is shocked… Has he lost his mind?

Diane talks to Jack.

Jack says he told Nikki that if she was determined to hit rock bottom, he’d go there with her. He says he made a phone call and had the pills delivered.

Diane hopes it was all a threat and he never planned on going through with it.

Jack stammers.

Diane can’t believe it. How could he do that to himself? How could he do it to her?

Jack talks with Diane.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The GCAC Dining Room

Nick sits down with Phyllis, saying he got her message. He asks if she’d talked to Summer yet.

Phyllis says she did; Summer was there with Sharon to talk about a possible therapist for Harrison to talk to.

Phyllis and Nick talk.

Nick is glad their daughter is on top of things.

Phyllis nods. She says she’s not sure that Summer has really processed everything that happened yet.

Nick says it’s a lot to work through when a person has been running on adrenaline and fear for so long; it’s easy to crash land instead of settling into a normal life.

Nick talks with Phyllis.

Phyllis says they should keep an eye on Summer while she keeps an eye on Harrison.

Nick asks how Phyllis has been keeping.

Phyllis says she’d be happier if she saw Jordan die as she drowned and fought for her last breath on her way to hell.

Phyllis talks to Nick.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Victor walks down to the wine cellar, where he’s keeping Jordan in a cell.

Victor puts a bottle of vodka beside the cell.

Jordan is sleeping on the cot.

Victor pulls out a bottle of vodka and leaves it on the table beside her cell. He takes a seat in his armchair and sits back as he watches.

Victor sits in an armchair.

The GCAC Dining Room

Phyllis tells Nick that this whole thing with Jordan reminds her of Patty; another “psycho bitch” who went after a kid to get back at another adult.

Nick nods. He feels the same way.

Nick Newman.

Phyllis says Patty knew about Summer’s peanut allergy and was deranged… She made sure that peanuts made their way into Summer’s system, which put Summer into a coma.

Nick says they thought they were going to lose Summer that time, but they got her back.

Phyllis says Summer went without oxygen for a long time and had a hard time coming back from it; she couldn’t talk, read, or respond to anything.

Phyllis Summers.

Nick says Phyllis got her through it. It was all Phyllis; she took Summer to the clinic and was there for her every second of the day for years. He says Summer doesn’t remember much about those days and hopes Harrison might forget about what he went through, too.

Phyllis says Summer will remember one day… She’ll call for him and he won’t answer right away, and she’ll remember. Phyllis says she regrets that she wasn’t able to take Jordan to hell herself. She knows it’s not nice, but that’s how she feels!

Nick says she’s just being honest. If Jordan had survived and she and Phyllis ended up in a ring together, he’d be cheering Phyllis on.

Phyllis thanks Nick for always having her back. She says Supergirl (Summer) is a Super Mom. They did good!

Nick smiles as he talks with Phyllis.

Crimson Lights

Sharon meets Kyle in the cafe. She says she just talked to Summer about finding someone for Harrison to talk to, and Summer had already called the doctor.

Kyle thinks that’s great. He says he swung by to pick up a surprise for Harrison.

Kyle talks with Sharon.

Sharon hopes he and Summer take care of themselves, too… They’ve been through an ordeal, and it may take time to heal.

Kyle says his stomach was in knots while Harrison was gone; he felt helpless because he didn’t know where he was or if he was even alive. He says it was the worst feeling he’d ever known; he wonders how much harm Jordan actually did to him.

Sharon says Kyle saved Harrison before Jordan could do any more harm. She says Harrison is young, resilient, and surrounded by love and support.

Sharon talks to Kyle.

Summer walks into the cafe.

Sharon apologizes that she had to leave earlier.

Summer says it’s not a problem. She thanks her for giving her the therapist’s contact information and talking her through things.

Summer and Kyle talk with Sharon.

Kyle thanks Sharon as well.

Sharon tells them to ask her if they need any more help. She leaves.

Summer asks Kyle who is watching Harrison.

Summer talks to Kyle.

Kyle says Harrison is at home watching a movie. Jack, Diane, and Mrs. Martinez are keeping a watchful eye on him. He asks if she was able to speak to the doctor.

Summer says she did, and she was amazing; the doctor said that she could talk to Harrison directly or she could talk to them and walk them through how they should talk to him about everything and what to look out for.

Kyle thinks that’s great news. He thanks her for taking care of that.

Summer says there’s something else she needs to talk about, and she hopes Kyle won’t fight her on it… She doesn’t want Claire anywhere near Harrison, at least not anytime soon.

Kyle talks to Summer.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane he wanted to shock Nikki. Nikki knows that pills are Jack’s downfall, so he had to come up with a way to open her eyes!

Diane asks why he risked his life for it… He mixed pills and alcohol!

Diane argues with Jack.

Jack says he knows his limits.

Diane says Jack could have gotten pills laced with god-knows-what… Who knows what they’re putting in pills these days!

Jack says it wasn’t his first rodeo. He called his old dealer to make sure he was getting the same product.

Jack Abbott.

Diane laughs. How comforting! She can’t believe he kept in touch with a drug dealer; he said he hadn’t used pills in years!

Jack says he hasn’t talked to him in years, but his pills are pure.

Diane can’t believe he trusted his life to a “career drug dealer.”

Diane gestures as she talks to Jack.

Jack says he took a risk, and it paid off. Nikki agreed to go to rehab and admitted that was the only way she’d be able to get clean, and it took Jack’s downfall to make that happen.

Diane asks why he didn’t just fake taking the pills.

Jack says he thought of that, but Nikki is too savvy, even while drunk, for him to pull the wool over her eyes; he’s not that good of an actor!

Jack talks angrily with Diane.

Diane says he took a dangerous risk with no regard for her or his family; no wonder he didn’t want Kyle to know! She’s incredulous that he could have died from doing something so stupid!

Jack says it wasn’t like that.

Diane says it was. He put Nikki’s sobriety over his own! He might think that what he did was courageous and noble, but she thinks it was selfish.

Diane Abbott.

Crimson Lights

Kyle tells Summer she can’t be serious… Does she still think Claire has something to do with Harrison’s kidnapping?

Summer says that’s not what it’s about; Claire will be a constant reminder to Harrison of the horrific experience he went through! She says Harrison saw Claire get drugged by Jordan; how could he not think of that every time he sees her?

Summer talks animatedly with Kyle.

Kyle thinks she’s focusing on the wrong thing… It might be good for Harrison to see that Claire is okay; he was so happy to see her!

Summer says they have to be parents in this situation… Harrison may want to eat brownies for every meal, but they won’t let him do it because it’s not good for him. He may want to spend time with Claire, but they don’t know how that will affect his recovery.

Kyle says it might be good for Harrison to know that he and Claire are okay. He thinks Summer is taking this too far.

Kyle talks to Summer.

Summer asks if that’s even a thing when it comes to protecting your child.

Kyle asks if she’s implying that he doesn’t want to protect his child… Of course he does! Harrison means the world to him, and he’d give up his life for him!

Summer asks why it means so much to him. Claire might be fine, but why does she need to be in Harrison’s life? People will go in and out of his life, but his parents are the constants in his life. Their bond with their son is the only thing that matters!

Summer Newman.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Jack she could have lost him… Did he even think about that? What if she’d woken up today to the news that he was dead of an overdose in a hotel suite with Nikki Newman? Can he imagine what that would have done to her and their family?

Jack says it was never going to come to that. He’s safe; he’s alive! Nikki is in rehab!

Jack Abbott.

Diane says she feels like there’s a piece missing in his story. She asks what triggered Nikki’s wake-up call.

Jack says he passed out. Nikki saw him lying there unconscious, and it shook her to the core; it literally scared her sober! He says she called the EMTs.

Diane talks to Jack.

Diane can’t believe it… He passed out? He overdosed! He could have died, and he’s standing there and telling her that had had it under control?!

Jack says he did have it under control.

Diane asks if he knew that he’d pass out and would need medical help; was that part of his stupid plan?

Jack looks abashed.

Jack says he might have made a “small miscalculation.”

Diane is still incredulous that he was alone in a hotel room with a drunk woman and fell unconscious.

Jack says he’s been there before.

Diane is incredulous.

Diane says he has that “poison” in his system again and will have to fight the urges all over again. He’s thrown away years of sobriety for Nikki!

Jack promises his sobriety isn’t at risk.

Diane asks how she’s supposed to know he doesn’t have pills on him right now.

Jack Abbott.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Victor gets up and bangs the bottle of vodka against the cell bars.

Jordan jolts awake. She begs him to tell her what she needs to do to get out of the cell. She’ll do anything; she can’t take it anymore!

Jordan Howard looks frightened as she talks to Victor.

Crimson Lights

Kyle tells Summer that he’s not arguing that he and Summer are the most important people in Harrison’s life, but Claire is family… She’s a Newman, but Summer is suggesting they keep Claire and Harrison apart forever? He says it’s not realistic.

Kyle talks to Summer.

Summer says she’s not going through it again; she panics every time she sees Claire, and she thinks Harrison feels the same way. She says that her not wanting Claire to be near their son should be enough.

Kyle thinks she’s taking it too far.

Summer says they almost lost their son; as far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t ever need to see Claire or hear about her ever again!

Summer talks to Kyle.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane he doesn’t have any pills; Nikki insisted he give her the rest.

Diane says he still has the dealer’s number; he’s held onto it for years!

Jack and Diane.

Jack says she has to believe him that it was a one-time occurrence… He only took the pills to shock Nikki out of necessity.

Diane says it wasn’t necessity. He risked his life! What about her? Isn’t Diane a necessity to him? Why didn’t he stop and think about his wife? She cries.

Jack says she’s right; he was selfish and it was foolish of him. He never wanted to go there.

Jack talks to Diane.

Diane says he needs to think about what she would have went through if he hadn’t survived.

Jack says he would never intentionally put her through that.

Diane says that’s what scares her most… He didn’t think!!

Diane talks to Jack.

Jack says he loves her and doesn’t want to risk what they have; he never wants to lose her.

Diane says she doesn’t want to lose him either.

They embrace tightly. Jack says she means the world to him. He did what he had to do, and hopes she can find a way to forgive him and trust him.

Jack and Diane hug.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Victor asks Jordan why she’d think he would negotiate with her.

Victor talks to Jordan.

Jordan says he must be tired of trudging downstairs to see her… Someone will find her and then they’ll both end up in prison! She’ll go to jail for her… Things, and Victor will go to jail for unlawful imprisonment! She says they should call it a day; no harm, no foul!

Victor laughs. Good try!

Jordan asks how much longer he’s going to torture her… What does he want from her?

Jordan Howard.

Victor says she has nothing he wants; Harrison and Claire are safe, no thanks to her.

Jordan says she knows she went too far and needs to be punished for her transgressions, but Victor should put her in a “proper” prison. He can’t leave her in this “black hole!”

Victor says this is it; get used to it. He holds up the bottle of liquor and says he brought her a present.

Victor holds a bottle of booze.

Jordan asks what she’s going to do with a bottle of booze.

Victor says she’s going to drown herself in alcohol… The same way she wanted his wife to die! He tells her to drink until she’s dead.

Jordan looks scared.

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