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Y&R Recap – March 31: Phyllis’s Ambulance Crashes, Ashley Considers Tucker’s Marriage Proposal, and Audra Asks Tucker to Find J.T. Hellstrom

Ashley and Tucker kiss

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, March 31 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jeremy holds Phyllis's hand as he talks to her

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis lost consciousness and had to be rushed to the hospital, Jeremy revealed that he and Phyllis are married, and Tucker proposes to Ashley.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack tells Stark to take his lies and leave the building. He can’t believe that Jeremy is married to Phyllis.

Jack is in disbelief and gestures as he talks to Jeremy with Diane looking on

Jeremy pulls out a marriage certificate and Michael certifies that it looks authentic.

He says that he and Phyllis were pushed over the edge, and it was Diane’s fault.

Kyle warns him not to point his finger at Diane.

Michael examines the marriage certificate as the room watches

Diane says she can’t believe that Jeremy thinks she was involved with Phyllis’s collapse.

Chance walks into the room. He tells Jeremy that those are some heavy accusations and asks if he has any proof.

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker asks Ashley to marry him, and she laughs.

Ashley laughs at Tucker's proposal

She says that Jack’s engagement with Diane must have triggered him, but no, she will not marry him.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Amanda is distraught as she sits and talks to Lily about Phyllis’s collapse.

Amanda says waiting for news is the worst… She’s been through too much with her family’s health, and this is a reminder of what a horrible thing it is.

Amanda and Lily talk

Lily agrees that it’s terrible.

Amanda can’t believe that she missed out on Phyllis’s marriage to Stark.

Lily says to be thankful that the paramedics arrived quickly.

Amanda tears up and says she hates the wait.

Amanda tears up as she speaks with Lily

Devon’s Apartment

Devon arrives home and Abby comes downstairs from checking on Dominic.

Abby comes downstairs and welcomes Devon home

Abby says she was happy that Chance didn’t show up at the gala, but Nina sure tore a strip off her.

Devon says that everything went out of control after she left.

He tells Abby that Jack and Diane announced their engagement and Phyllis collapsed.

Devon speaks with Abby

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jeremy says he’s glad Chance is there, they need some law and order.

Chance asks if he can prove that Diane harmed Phyllis.

He says that Kyle, Summer, and Jack witnessed Diane strangling Phyllis, and Diane made death threats against her.

Jeremy and Chance talk

Chance asks Diane if that was true. Did she threaten Phyllis that night?

He says he’s just trying to understand what happened with Phyllis’s collapse.

Kyle says that this is outrageous. He can’t believe they think Diane had anything to do with it.

Kyle, Jack, and Diane look at Chance

Chance asks if there was any alcohol involved.

Nate says that he didn’t smell anything on her breath.

Chance asks Diane again if she and Phyllis had an altercation. He asks if she threatened Phyllis.

Lily says she saw Amanda and Devon talking and asks how that went.

Lily and Amanda sit and talk

Amanda says that they talked and it went well. She says Lily should be careful because he wanted to take down Chancellor-Winters.

Lily says that the fact he cheated doesn’t change the fact that he’s her brother.

Amanda says there’s a saying that says if a man cheats at golf, you can’t trust him because he’ll lie about anything.

Amanda and Lily sit and talk

Lily says that it’s a good thing that Devon doesn’t play golf. She says that family is very important to him.

Amanda scoffs.

Lily says they’re back on track and can rebuild their bond and maybe work together. She says it’s the first time she’s felt hope about her and Devon in a while.

Lily talks with Amanda

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker reminisces how he came to town and romanced Ashley the whole time since he’d been there.

Tucker says let’s make the ties that bind us matrimonial ones.

He says that he thinks they should take it in stages. He says that publicly they can announce the engagement, and privately, they can do whatever they want.

Tucker gestures while he speaks with Ashley

Ashley says that he just wants to steal Jack and Diane’s thunder, and they’d hate that so much.

Tucker smiles deviously.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Diane says that Phyllis lured her upstairs under false pretenses.

Diane talks with Chance as Jack listens

She says that Phyllis followed her into the room and trapped her. She says that Phyllis pushed her down and made accusations against her.

Diane says she responded, and Chance asks in what way.

Diane says she said that she threatened Phyllis.

Chance talks with Diane as Jeremy and Kyle listen

Chance asks if Phyllis hit her head.

Diane says that she didn’t.

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker gets a drink and says that he thinks that Ashley likes the idea of them letting Jack and Diane think they’re getting married too.

Tucker sniffs the decanter as he gets a drink

Ashley says she’ll think about it.

She says she doesn’t want the Newmans getting their hands on his business.

He says he’s working on it.

Ashley has her feet up on the table as she talks with Tucker

Genoa City Athletic Club

Jack asks Jeremy why he’s not at the hospital with his wife.

Jeremy responds that he’s talking with the police, or he’d be with Phyllis.

Summer comes rushing into the club with Daniel.

Summer is crying and looks scared as she talks

She says that the ambulance never arrived at the hospital, that dispatch lost contact with the driver, and that they have no idea where their mother is.

Jack says he thought they were following the ambulance.

Summer says that by the time they got outside, the ambulance was already gone.

Nikki looks at Jeremy with a worried expression on her face

Danny asks Daniel if there’s anything to do to help.

Jack asks Stark what the hell is going on.

Elena tells Nate that the whole thing with Phyllis was strange and they try to diagnose it.

Nate and Elena sit at the bar and talk over drinks

Nate says that something neurological caused it. He suggests a stroke or myocardial infarction.

Elena says that she’d love to see the MRI and CAT Scan results.

Victoria is watching Nate and Elena from across the room, and Audra sidles up to her.

Victoria talks to Audra

Audra says that it looks like Nate has his hands full.

Victoria sniffs and says she’s going to go check on him.

Audra says that she has an exciting new project to present to Victoria soon.

Audra talks with a preoccupied Victoria

Victoria says she looks forward to it.

Audra leaves the club.

Lily and Amanda walk over and talk with Nate and Elena.

Nate and Elena are approached by Amanda and Lily

Amanda asks if there’s an update on Phyllis.

Elena says that she just got off the phone with the hospital and that she was told that Phyllis hadn’t arrived.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby is surprised that Phyllis collapsed and asks how things went between him and Lily.

Abby sits on the couch as she speaks with Devon

Devon says it went well.

Abby says she loves the idea of dropping the suit, but wonders if he’s doing it out of guilt for his feelings about Lily.

Devon says that something shifted that night that took away his guilt, and it’s because of Abby.

Devon speaks with Abby

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says she needs more from Tucker than “I’m working on it.”

She says he’s lost his killer instinct.

He says that he thought she wanted him to lose his killer instinct.

Tucker gestures as he speaks with Ashley

Ashley says that the only way there’s going to be a future with them is if he gets his company into Devon’s hands.

Tucker says that she knows there’s something deeper between them, but she’s scared to admit it.

Ashley asks why he’s so sure.

Ashley turns away from Tucker as they speak

Tucker says that she would be interested in him becoming a better man.

Ashely says whatever gets him through the night. She turns and leaves.

Abby asks how Devon got rid of his guilt.

Devon talks with Abby

Devon says that she reminded him that family was the most important thing, and that he and Lily were using family against each other.

He says that he was using his connection to Neil to break away, but it was because of the amazing gesture of the lounge that Lily and him found common ground.

Abby says that it sounds like he’s ready to work with Lily again, but wonders what he’s going to do about McCall.

Abby fidgets as she talks with Devon

Jeremy checks his phone and looks around.

Nikki talks to Lauren and Michael and says it’s been an unbelievable night.

Nikki talks with Lauren as Michael and Danny look on

Lauren says that Phyllis loves making a big scene, but something was really wrong with her tonight.

Michael says he’s more concerned about why Phyllis collapsed.

Leanna says this could be the story she’s looking for.

Leanna Love smiles as she looks at her phone

Sharon says that not everything should be gossip.

Leanna says that it’s not gossip, it’s news.

Sharon says that she just hopes Phyllis is alright.

Sharon talks with Leanna

Jeremy looks uncomfortably at Leanna, who smiles back at him.

The Abbott mansion

Tucker says he should go.

Ashley says she’d like some alone time before Jack and Diane come home.

Ashley speaks with Tucker

Tucker leaves and says he anxiously awaits an answer to his proposal.

He leans in for a kiss and Ashley asks him what he’s doing.

He says it was a traditional date, and he’d like a kiss.

Ashley and Tucker kiss

She leans in and kisses him.

After she closes the door, Tucker looks in with a smile on his face.

Tucker looks through the door at Ashley

Devon’s Apartment

Devon says that he’s not sure what he’s going to do about McCall Unlimited… He’s going to sleep on it.

Abby asks why he wouldn’t just go back to Chancellor-Winters.

He says that maybe starting from scratch with McCall is the right way to go.

Devon sits on the couch and talks with Abby

Abby says that no matter what he decides, she’ll support his decision.

Devon says that she made him see things clearly that night, and he let go of the anger, and she gave him something positive to replace it with.

They kiss.

Devon and Abby kiss

Chance comes upt o Sharon and says that the ambulan cee still hasn’t been found.

Sharon sees Phyllis’s mask lying on the floor, and Chance picks it up with a napkin, saying it could be evidence.

Jack says he’s worried that Stark is trying to harm Phyllis.

A mask that looks like Phyllis's lies on the floor

Diane says that the fight that they walked into was not her usual thing, and asks if he believes her.

Jack says of course he does and he hugs her.

Jack hugs Diane


Tucker comes up to Audra in Society and offers to buy her a drink.

Tucker and Audra talk at the bar in Society

Audra asks what he’s doing there.

Tucker says that they’ve both left the gala, and should hang out.

Audra says she’s with the movers and shakers.

Audra and Tucker talk

Tucker says that Nate has eyes for Elena, and that leaves Audra in the cold.

Audra says that she thought he was on a date with Ashley.

Tucker says things are progressing nicely on that front.

Audra and Tucker talk

Audra says she also has a plan for what she’s after.

Tucker asks what Audra’s scheme is, perhaps he could help.

Audra says she’s got it, but he can be resourceful, maybe he can help.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Audra

She says she needs to track down a man named JT Hellstrom.

Tucker says he can help with that.

Devon and Abby cuddle on the couch, and Abby says she feels like she belongs there in his arms.

Devon snuggles with Abby on the couch

Devon says she does belong there. He says it should be her home, with their son asleep upstairs.

He asks if she’d consider moving in with him.

Abby smiles as Devon asks her to move in with him

Victoria comes up to Nate and Elena and says that it was a while since she saw him use his talents as a doctor.

Elena says that she enjoyed working with Nate as a team and they have a great rhythm together.

Victoria says Nate is a good team player.

Elena talks with Nate and Elena as she holds Nate's hand

Elena says she has an idea on how to make things better between them.

Summer gets off the phone and says there’s still no sign of Phyllis.

Daniel is worried that she’s not getting the help she needs.

Chance walks into the room and says there was an accident involving an ambulance and says they should prepare for the worst.

Chance tells Jeremy there's been an accident with an ambulance

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