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Y&R Recap – Thu Mar 28: Jordan Escapes From the Hospital as Kyle Asks Claire to Tell Him Everything About Her Past

Nikki Newman, Kyle Abbott, and Claire Grace.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, March 28, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Lily Winters, Heather Stevens, and Daniel Romalotti.

On the last episode of Y&R, Lily fired Daniel & Heather despite Billy & Devon’s advice, and Adam relented his stance on Connor’s treatment.

Crimson Lights

Adam explains to Connor that he won’t be going to a “hospital for crazy people.” He says Connor will be among people who also have OCD and are learning how to deal with it.

Connor Newman, Chelsea Lawson, and Adam Newman sit around a table.

Diane tells Kyle that Harrison is lucky he has such a caring father.

Kyle Abbott.

Kyle says he’s the lucky one… Harrison asked him if he could pick him up from school every day. Kyle explained that he was filling in until they found a nanny, and Harrison asked him why Kyle couldn’t be his nanny. He told Harrison he’d love to pick him up from school, but he has a full-time job. He thinks he’s done a good job juggling his work schedule and caring for his son.

Diane says it’s very impressive… And it’s even more impressive that he’s found time to show up his mother at work by doing her job, too.

Diane Abbott-Jenkins.

Newman Ranch

Victoria tells Claire it’s nice to have a stress-free day with no surprises in store.

Claire says it’s literally been forever since she’s had a stress-free day… She doesn’t have to worry about Jordan or when she might try to ruin their lives again; she’s been on edge her whole life because of Jordan.

Victoria Newman and Claire Grace sit on the sofa and talk.

Victoria says she doesn’t need to worry about it anymore; they can go out and not have to look over their shoulders anymore… They should go out and do something normal, like go for a walk, a drive, or a mother/daughter shopping spree.

Claire suggests they start by going for lunch together… Without security guards!

Victoria suggests they go to Society.

Victoria talks to Claire.

Nikki walks into the room, looking distressed.

Victoria looks up and asks her mother what’s wrong.

Nikki says, “What else? Jordan!”

Nikki Newman looks worried.

Claire asks what Jordan has done this time.

Victoria tells her not to worry; she’s in police custody.

Nikki says Jordan is still causing drama; she’s had some kind of seizure.

Victoria and Claire talk with Nikki.

Victoria asks if it’s because of the poison she drank.

Nikki says she doesn’t know, but Jordan’s “medical emergency” is delaying her transfer to the maximum security prison, and they have to keep her in the hospital for a bit longer.

Claire figures Jordan might not have actually had a seizure… It’s probably a stalling tactic to delay the transfer. She knew exactly what to expect from the toxin when she took it.

Nikki talks to Claire and Victoria.

Victoria figures Jordan took the poison, knowing they would help her and she’d be sent to a hospital.

Nikki figures she’s using the delay to come up with her next move.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle is confused and asks what his mom is talking about. He hasn’t been trying to do her job at the office!

Diane says she saw that Kyle had rewritten parts of the presentation she was working on. She asks why he’d do that without talking to her. She says he can’t just override her work, make changes, and then put his seal of approval on it like he’s the CEO. She says it’s unacceptable. She thinks he was trying to show her up.

Kyle looks at his mother.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea tells Connor they understand he wants to stay home, but that’s not how it works with something this important.

Adam asks why Connor doesn’t want to go; he doesn’t know anything about the place he’s going.

Chelsea and Adam talk to Connor.

Connor says he doesn’t need to know anything about it because he’s not going.

Chelsea says Connor’s feelings are valid, but they should go through the website together, and they can answer any questions he might have about it.

Connor says it doesn’t matter what it’s like there… It’s just a place to send him so they can forget he exists.

Connor talks to his parents.

Chelsea and Adam tell Connor that he means everything to them. He’s the best thing that ever happened to them, and they love him… Nothing will ever change that.

Connor says they might change their minds because he’s crazy like the doctor said.

Adam says he’s not crazy; the doctor never said that.

Adam Newman talks to his son.

Connor thinks his diagnosis isn’t real… Maybe it’s just a way for them to make them spend money on treatment he doesn’t need.

Chelsea says his OCD is real, and so are the feelings that he’s shared with them.

Adam says Connor’s thoughts about “good numbers” and “bad numbers,” as well as putting things in order to keep the bad things away, weren’t made up.

Chelsea and Adam.

Connor says he doesn’t know anymore; he doesn’t know what’s real or what he’s making up in his head.

Adam says he’s sorry… It’s hard and scary, and he and Chelsea will do anything they can to make things better for him. He says it’s his and Chelsea’s job to make big decisions like this, especially when it’s so important. He promises that he and Chelsea only want the best for Connor, and the best place is the facility in Maryland.

Chelsea says if there were a better option to help him, they’d tell him about it, but this is the best place.


Connor asks whether there will be kids his age there.

Chelsea tells him there are kids there who are his age and are struggling with the same things he is. He’ll be able to make friends with kids who understand what he’s going through.

Adam says it’d be nice to make friends with people he can talk to about it.

Chelsea and Adam talk to Connor.

Chelsea says she and Adam will come and visit him on weekends as well, and if Connor’s caretaker says it’s okay, they can go sightseeing.

Connor says he’ll try it, but will they make him stay if he hates it there?

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle asks Diane why he’d try to show her up.

Kyle Abbott talks to his mother.

Diane says there’s no other reason for him to redo her work on her project without talking to her first.

Kyle says he didn’t redo anything… He marked up some of the copy on her presentation.

Diane asked why he’d do that.

Diane talks to her son.

Kyle says it felt a bit rushed when he read it over, so he cleaned it up a bit for her.

Diane is offended that her presentation must have been in such “terrible shape” that he was compelled to clean it up.

Kyle says he was acting as a second set of eyes. He thought he was doing her a favor!

Kyle and Diane talk.

Diane says it wasn’t a favor. He should have come to her and shared his thoughts with her. They could have discussed any changes, and she would make them if she wanted to with his input. She says he could have at least told her about it, but she looked it over before it was released and found out that way.

Kyle says she’s blowing it out of proportion… None of this was meant to offend or upset her; they changes were minor ones that happen every day in business documents. He says it’s not that big of a deal in his mind.

Diane says it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was the first time, but he keeps doing it… Making small changes here, a minor adjustment there.

Diane Abbott.

Kyle says that he made small changes. He always has someone look over his own work as a safety net… That’s all it was.

Diane says he’s been scrutinizing her work since the day she took the position, looking over her shoulder at every turn.

Kyle says he thought they were working together and she welcomed his input… That’s how he’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot.

Kyle Abbott.

Diane says he seems to forget she’s his superior; he’s supposed to report to her, not the other way around.

Kyle tells her to forgive him for overstepping.

Newman Ranch

Victoria says Jordan has been captured and has been exposed for the “psychopath she is.” She has security monitoring her all day and night, and Victoria doesn’t think she has any moves left to play. For now, Jordan may have put off being locked in a jail cell, but Victoria doesn’t think she’s bought herself much time.

Victoria, Claire, and Nikki sit and talk.

Claire says this is why she wanted to leave Jordan in the basement… They can’t underestimate her aunt; she always has a backup plan!

Jack walks in and greets them.

Victoria says hello and says Jack has met Claire before, but never as her daughter.

Jack Abbott says hello.

Jack says she’s right; he hasn’t met her as Victoria’s daughter. He tells Claire he’ll tell her what he’s told everyone else; he won’t let his decades-long feud with Victor have any effect on his feelings toward her.

Claire laughs and says he’s too kind.

Jack says he hopes he wasn’t interrupting… He was hoping to talk to Nikki.

Victoria and Claire smile at Jack.

Victoria says she and Claire were heading to Society for lunch. She says Nikki is welcome to join them later.

Nikki tells them to go and have fun.

Victoria and Claire leave the house.

Jack sits and talks to Nikki.

Jack asks if it’s a bad time for him to be there… He sensed tension in the air when he walked in.

Nikki says it’s not; she’s glad he’s there. She says the tension isn’t because of Claire; it’s about her aunt Jordan. She says she saved Jordan’s life, and she may live to regret it. She knew Jordan was crazy, but she never expected her to pull out a vial of poison and gulp it down. She couldn’t stand there and watch her die; she had to do something!

Jack nods. Of course she did.

Nikki Newman talks to Jack.

Nikki says she called 911, which felt like a good decision at the time, but now she’s worried Jordan will use her decision against her.

Jack says she couldn’t stand by and watch someone die without doing something to help them. Other people might, but not Nikki.

Nikki says that doesn’t mean it was the right choice for her family.

Jack Abbott talks with Nikki.

Jack says it would only haunt her more if she’d chosen not to help Jordan.

Nikki says it’s good to hear him say that. She’ll try to let go of this feeling, but the world would be better off if Jordan had died.

Jack thinks that sounds like something Victor would say. He says Nikki stuck to her own moral compass… She knew what she could and couldn’t live with.

Nikki talks to Jack.

Nikki says she’s relieved Jack is backing her up on this. There’s a loud crash, and Nikki nearly jumps out of her skin.

Jack says whatever it is, it’s certainly not Jordan.

Nikki says Claire told her not to underestimate Jordan and that she’s capable of anything.

Jack looks shocked.

Jack reassures her that it’s not Jordan; she couldn’t have gotten through security at the ranch. He says he’ll check into it.

Victoria calls out that her purse got caught on a chair… She and Claire are leaving now.

Jack smiles and says that’s what caused the crash. He looks at Nikki and says she’s shaking like a leaf.

Nikki holds her hand to her chest as she talks to Jack.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane apologizes to Kyle… She never meant to get so angry at him and wasn’t trying to put him in his place. She’s had some concerns about this and should have told him about it sooner.

Diane Abbott.

Kyle says it’d have been nice to know that he should keep his opinions to himself.

Diane says she’s just trying to get a handle on their new working dynamic.

Kyle says he gets it… Their new working dynamic is where she’s his superior.

Kyle Abbott.

Diane says saying things like that makes her know he’s carrying resentment toward her.

Kyle says that’s funny… It sounds like she’s the one who’s resenting him… He knows what her job entails and might have some advice worth taking.

Diane agrees. She says that’s why she’s over-cautious about it. She suggests they get lunch and talk about it.

Diane talks to Kyle.

Kyle says he just realized he has something to take care of at the office. He tells her not to worry about Harrison; Mrs. Martinez said she’d look after him.

Diane says they really should discuss this.

Kyle doesn’t respond. He leaves the house.

Diane watches as Kyle leaves the house.

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Y&R Spoilers

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Crimson Lights

Chelsea promises Connor that if the place doesn’t help him and he doesn’t like it, they won’t force him to stay.

Adam says he has to give it some time first, though. He can’t just call them the day after he arrives and tell them he doesn’t want to stay. He says it’ll be slow-going and might be boring at first. When you’re doing soccer drills, you don’t know why you’re doing them, and it’s boring, but then you realize you need to learn the basics before you can really play.

Chelsea talks to Connor as Adam looks on.

Connor nods. Okay… He’ll try.

Chelsea smiles and says he’s their sweet boy. She asks Adam to call and confirm they’re coming to the facility.

Adam nods and makes a phone call, confirming their arrival. He finishes the call and says the administrators are on top of it… Connor’s school and doctors are in touch, and his academic records will be there so they can enroll him immediately. He says they only have one bed left, so they have to fly out that evening.

Adam makes a phone call as Connor and Chelsea listen.

Connor says it’s happening so fast.

Adam says it’s a good thing; they have to stay focused and keep their eyes on the prize!

Connor says he has to make a list; there are things he has to bring with him… There’s no way he can go without them.

Connor Newman.

Chelsea says she’ll stick to the list so he has everything he needs.

Adam hugs Connor and tells him he loves him. He says this will work, and things will get better for Connor.

Chelsea and Connor leave the cafe.

Sally walks in and approaches Adam.

Connor and Adam hug as Chelsea watches.

Newman Ranch

Jack brings Nikki a glass of water, and she thanks him. He asks why she’s shaking.

Nikki says she’s been needing to be distracted lately. She and Claire have been getting to know each other better and telling each other stories about their lives; it’s a way for them to keep Jordan out of their heads. She asks him to talk to her and tell her about his family… What’s going on with the Abbotts?

Nikki talks with Jack.

Jack says things at Jabot are going relatively well… Diane and Kyle are adjusting to their new roles, but they’ve hit a rough patch, which will be over soon. He says Traci is busy working on her latest book.

Nikki says Traci is a talented writer; she can’t wait to read it. She asks how Ashley is doing.

Jack says he’s concerned about Ashley lately and wanted to ask Nikki for some advice.

Jack talks to Nikki.

Nikki says she’s happy to listen, but she doesn’t think Ashley would be thrilled that Jack is coming to her for advice. She asks Jack not to credit any of her “words of wisdom” to her.

Jack says he won’t. He says Ashley is struggling with the end of her marriage to Tucker.

Nikki sighs. Why is Tucker still in town?

Nikki holds up a hand as she talks to Jack.

Jack says he asks himself that daily. He says their marriage ended so badly that each of them have a different perspective on what happened in the fight that caused their breakup.

Nikki guesses that Tucker proclaimed his innocence.

Jack nods. He says that after weeks of accusations and denials, Ashley suddenly decided that she had blown things out of proportion regarding their fight.

Jack smiles as he talks.

Nikki thinks that their relationship must be over if they’ve been fighting the whole time.

Jack says Ashley’s been back and forth about wanting to forgive Tucker and take him back. One minute, she’s ranting and raving about how horrible Tucker is; the next, she feels guilty about misjudging him and wants him back. Meanwhile, she’s saying that everything is fine.

Nikki says that is pretty unsettling.

Nikki talks with Jack.

Jack can’t understand why Ashley wants “that scum” back in her life. He’s offered his advice but can’t seem to get through to her.

Nikki says she’s sorry he’s had to deal with this while she’s been leaning on him as her sponsor.

Jack says it’s not a problem. At first, Ashley had said she wanted nothing to do with Tucker, but he discovered that’s not the case.

Jack and Nikki.

Nikki says she understands his concern. She says her advice is for Jack to stay out of it; Ashley may not make the best decisions, but she needs to know she can trust Jack and lean on him. If things blow up, she can’t hear any “I told you so’s” from Jack. If he tries to control her life, he could end up pushing her away.

Jack says she’s right… Diane says the same thing; he figures he has no choice but to listen to them.

Nikki says she hates to see him agonizing over his sister, but it’s not all bad… Jack managed to get her out of her head for a while.

Nikki and Jack.


Claire and Victoria take a seat at a table. Claire asks if Victoria goes out for lunch with her mother like they’re doing.

Victoria smiles and says they do… Now it’s their turn!

Victoria Newman smiles at her daughter.

Claire says it’s weird… She had researched Victoria before, but now she’s getting to know the real Victoria.

Victoria says she’s not sure she wants to know what the press or social media has to say about her.

Claire laughs and says the press doesn’t know how silly or sweet Victoria is… Or that she’s not the best baker.

Claire Grace smiles at her mother.

Victoria laughs and says she’s sure Johnny and Katie will tell her all about it. She says there’s so much she wants to know about Claire; what would she have studied if she hadn’t had someone controlling her every move?

Claire says she doesn’t know.

Victoria says she always planned to be in business, but she’s really passionate about art, too. She asks what Claire likes.

Victoria talks to Claire.

Claire says she loves museums, but not just for the art… She likes watching people when she’s at a museum so she can see what the art means to the people looking at it.

Victoria nods. She says Claire was able to go to museums when she was growing up.

Claire says it’s not like Victoria thinks; she was exposed to art so she could blend into Victoria’s world… It wasn’t for her enjoyment, but she got something out of it anyhow. Her aunt couldn’t take away her imagination.

Claire talks to Victoria.

Victoria says Claire’s dreams and her future are hers. She says they have a lot of lost time to make up for, but they’ll get there.

Kyle walks into the restaurant and approaches the table. He says hello.

Victoria returns the greeting and her phone rings. She excuses herself to take the call.

Victoria and Claire look up as Kyle Abbott approaches.

Claire asks if Kyle would like to have a seat.

Kyle grins and says she might regret that offer… He’s not in the greatest mood, so he’s probably not good company.

Claire says he’d be surprised at the type of company she can put up with… He’s still an improvement, even if it’s his worst day!

Claire smiles at Kyle.

Kyle laughs and takes a seat. He asks her to tell him more.

A waiter brings Kyle the coffee he ordered. Claire says she’s had a lot of experience with “undesirable companions,” but she can’t single any of them out… It wouldn’t be fair to them.

Kyle says it’s nice she respects their privacy. He says he wasn’t eavesdropping, but he overheard Victoria say they had to catch up on a lot of time; is that because she didn’t get to raise Claire?

Kyle sits and talks with Claire.

Claire nods. She says her great-aunt on her father’s side raised her, and she grew up sheltered. She asks what Kyle’s connection to the Newman family is… She knows he was married to Summer, but when she saw Kyle with Summer and Harrison yesterday, they seemed like a happy family.

Kyle says his marriage with Summer is over, but they’re co-parenting Harrison the best they can.

Claire says Harrison is a great kid; she saw it firsthand.

Claire Grace.

Kyle smiles and says Harrison has been through a lot in his life, and Kyle won’t let it happen again. He says Claire must have had a hard time as a child, too.

Claire says it was all she knew.

Kyle says it doesn’t make it any easier. He asks if she felt different than the other students who had their mothers and fathers.

Kyle Abbott.

Claire says Kyle is asking a lot of questions.

Kyle says he didn’t mean to intrude.

Claire sighs and says someone must have “warned” Kyle about her, and now he’s trying to figure out how terrible of a person she really is.

Claire talks to Kyle.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes home and is surprised to see Diane there; he thought she’d be at the office.

Diane says she came home to talk to Kyle.

Jack Abbott talks to his wife, Diane.

Jack asks if there was a problem.

Diane says there was; she confronted Kyle about double-checking her work and making changes without talking to her about it first.

Jack asks what Kyle said.

Jack Abbott.

Diane says Kyle told her that her copy felt “rushed” and that he was doing her a favor, but she doesn’t think it’s his call to make. She says it all stems from Kyle’s resentment that she has the position he was in previously.

Jack reminds her that Kyle recommended she take the job and that, at some point, she’ll have to accept that this is what he wants.

Diane says Kyle might have been on board at first, but she thinks he’s having second thoughts. She asks Jack what she’s supposed to do.

Diane Abbott.

Crimson Lights

Adam and Sally take a seat. Adam tells Sally it took a lot of finessing, but Connor agreed to go to the residential program.

Sally says she knows it’s not easy, and she’s proud of Adam for accepting the diagnosis and convincing Connor.

Sally Spectra talks to Adam Newman.

Adam says it wasn’t his choice; he had to listen to what Sally said and put his son first. He doesn’t want any of this for Connor; he wants him to be happy and well at home, but none of that will happen until he gets help.

Sally says Adam is doing everything he can to make it happen.

Adam wonders if he passed the OCD to Connor. Maybe it’s his fault!

Adam talks to Sally.

Sally tells him that he can’t blame himself… He did nothing wrong; he’s been an amazing parent to Connor.

Adam says they’re flying out tonight so they can enroll Connor in the morning. He says Chelsea is helping Connor pack his bags now.

Sally says it’s another step toward getting Connor the help he needs. She says Adam has done a lot of brave things in his life and will get through this, too.

Sally Spectra.

Adam isn’t sure. He says Connor told him he doesn’t know what’s real or what’s made up in his brain. He says something broke in him when Connor said that.

Sally says it shows how important it is that Connor gets the help he needs.

Chelsea walks into the patio and picks up Connor’s coat.

Sally and Adam look at Chelsea Lawson.

Sally looks up and calls for Chelsea to come over.

Chelsea smiles and thanks Sally for supporting Adam… He’s been going through a lot, and she’s grateful that Sally’s been there for him.

Sally says she hasn’t done much. She’s listened and told him what a wonderful father he is.

Sally talks to Chelsea.

Adam hopes he’s doing enough for Connor right now.

Sally says she can’t imagine what Adam and Chelsea have been going through with Connor. She says the program sounds amazing and tells Chelsea to call her if she needs anything.

Chelsea thanks her and says she’s glad Sally is back in Adam’s life.

Chelsea Lawson.

Sally says it means a lot.

Chelsea heads back upstairs to get back to Connor.

Sally tells Adam Connor’s a great kid with loving parents.

Sally talks to Adam.

Adam says he’s not sure how long they’ll be gone. He wants to stay with Connor as long as possible.

Sally understands and asks him to keep her updated.

Adam nods. He stands up and says he has to get things wrapped up before he goes.

Adam and Sally hug.

Sally tells him to remember to focus on his son.

Adam nods, and they hug.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Diane he won’t tell her how to handle things between her and Kyle. She has to work through it herself.

Diane says she could use her CEO’s advice right now.

Jack says he loves her and his son, and they both have to communicate. She’s in a unique position as co-CEO and his mother. It’s not easy, but they have to find a way to move forward, so the solution has to come from them.

Jack Abbott talks to Diane.


Kyle asks Claire why he’d think she was a “terrible person.”

Claire says she appreciates him not trying to freak out about her past, but they can be honest… He learned more about her background, right?

Claire talks with Kyle.

Kyle says he hasn’t heard anything.

Claire cuts him off and says she can tell he has. She says he’s completely different toward her today than yesterday; his questions are pointed and intense.

Kyle shrugs. He says he did find out more about her life, and it was pretty shocking.

Kyle talks to Claire.

Claire says he doesn’t know the whole story and should probably just walk away. After what he heard, nobody would blame him. She has a dangerous past, and Kyle should leave and protect himself.

Kyle says she’s not getting off the hook that easily… She said he doesn’t know it all, and he wants to hear her side of things; he’s ready to listen.

Claire Grace.

Newman Ranch

Nikki’s phone rings, and she jumps, startled. It’s security calling. She answers and says Victor’s not there; did they try calling his cell?

Nikki Newman talks on the phone.

Nikki agrees to take a message, and her face drops.

“Jordan escaped from the hospital? Oh my God! This can’t be happening!”

Nikki looks scared.

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