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Y&R Recap – Thu Jan 25: Audra Seductively Recruits Nate for a Campaign Against Tucker; Daniel Opens Up to Devon Regarding Heather & Lily

Nate, Audra, Devon, and Daniel.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, January 25, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Jack, Nikki, Jordan, and Claire.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nikki persuaded Jack to lie to Victor for her, and Jordan called Claire and caused her a setback.

Jabot Cosmetics

Chelsea and Summer are in a meeting discussing some of their new designs. Chelsea notices Summer has been in a good mood lately.

Summer Newman smiles at Chelsea Lawson.

Summer grins and says her life has taken a “favorable turn.”

Chelsea wonders if it’s a favorable romantic turn.


Chance and Billy are preparing for a meeting. Chance thanks Billy for taking him under his wing and showing him the ropes. He says his transition into the business world has been smoother than he expected, thanks to Billy.

Chance Chancellor talks to Billy Abbott.

Billy says it wasn’t that long ago when Chance wasn’t very excited about him being his mentor.

Chance says he was wrong, and he’s more than willing to admit it.

Billy says Chance made it easy… Chance has an eye for detail; his detective training is working out!

Chance says he’s been surrounded by business his whole life; some must have seeped into his DNA.

Billy and Chance talk.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Audra is sitting in the dining room looking through a menu when Nate walks by and asks if she’s having some lunch.

Audra says the only lunch she’s having is going to be in a glass.

Audra Charles.

Nate sits down with her and asks what’s wrong.

Audra sighs and says her plans to take over Jabot were “blown sky high.”

Nate says he’s not surprised, and Audra shouldn’t be surprised either; she was in league with Tucker McCall, and now she’s been hung out to dry.

Nate Hastings smiles at Audra.


Devon can’t keep his eyes off Heather and Daniel. He tells Abby he thinks there’s more than just friendship between those two.

Devon Hamilton-Winters and Abby Newman talk.

Abby says she feels the same, but they can’t assume anything.

Devon says he can.

Abby says Daniel and Heather share a history and a child together, but he’s right.

Abby talks to Devon.

Daniel glances over his shoulder and notices Devon’s gaze.

Heather Stevens-Romalotti talks to Daniel Romalotti.

Heather asks Daniel if he’s feeling self-conscious because Devon and Abby are there; they’re only having lunch together, they’re not doing anything wrong!

Daniel says it’s a bit awkward, and they can’t say they’re not doing anything wrong… After all, this is a follow-up to what they did back at his place.

Heather asks if he’s regretting what they did.

Daniel and Heather talk.

Devon tells Abby that since Heather came back to town, he’s had a hard time believing Daniel doesn’t have feelings for her. He says Lily told him that Daniel was a wreck when Heather broke up with him and moved out of the country.

Abby says she’s noticed Heather and Daniel spending a lot of time together since Lily went away. She asks how serious things are between Lily and Daniel.

Devon shrugs. He’s not really sure, but doesn’t think they’re “madly in love.” He says he thought Daniel moving into Lily’s building wasn’t something a person would do if they’re planning on dating around, but they haven’t put a label on their relationship either. He hopes Daniel isn’t playing games with Lily’s emotions again.


Daniel tells Heather he doesn’t regret what happened between them; they still have something powerful and special between them. He says it was wonderful, and it still is. He says Heather said it felt like it was meant to be, and he doesn’t think she’s wrong.

Heather says they have to think about how they need to move forward from here.

Heather smiles at Daniel.

Daniel agrees. He’s not a person who cheats, and he’s conflicted.

Heather says he shouldn’t think of himself as a person who’s cheated; he should think of himself as a person who’s gotten back everything he’s lost.

Daniel says he was doing everything he could to try to win her back until she told him she was dating someone else. When she said that, he gave up hope on them getting back together, and Lily helped him through a tough time.

Daniel listens to Heather.

Heather asks if Daniel and Lily “share the same magic” that he does with her.

Daniel leans in and says today was incredible, but he wonders whether they can be together without screwing things up… He doesn’t think either one of them could go through that again.


Billy asks Chance if he misses being in the police force.

Chance talks with Billy.

Chance says he hasn’t thought about it… He wakes up in the morning thinking about Chancellor-Winters and feels like he already has some good ideas.

Billy says it’s a gift to wake up inspired and to hit the ground running. He thinks it was the right move for Chance and for Chancellor-Winters. Now that they have their corporate leadership in place, the company will thrive like never before! He knows Chance just broke up with Sharon and asks if Chance’s personal life is as good as his professional one.

Jabot Cosmetics

Chelsea asks Summer if her romantic turn of events involved Chance.

Summer smiles at Chelsea.

Summer laughs and says, “Maybe!” She says she had nothing to do with Chance and Sharon’s breakup.

Chelsea knows she didn’t.

Summer says it was a bit fast, but they’ve been spending more time together. She hasn’t felt this happy in a while. They’re having a late lunch together and she’s excited and looking forward to it!

Chelsea says she’s going to lunch with Billy. She asks if Summer would like to come with her to Chancellor-Winters to pick him up.


The GCAC Dining Room

Audra tells Nate to spare her his judgy tone. She thought she could control the situation with Tucker with good reason. She says Tucker has won more battles than he’s lost, and Jabot isn’t invincible; there’s always a way in. If anyone could pull off a takeover, it’s Tucker!

Nate says it clearly didn’t work out for her.

Audra talks to Nate.

Audra says Tucker’s fixation for Ashley caused him to make some bad choices; he let his personal problems affect his business decisions. Audra let Tucker know she thought it was a bad move, but he didn’t listen.

Nate thinks it’s better that Audra isn’t tied to Tucker anymore. She doesn’t need Tucker’s help to succeed; after all, she’s doing really well at Newman Media.

Audra says she’s not sure things are going to last for her at Newman Media… She might have overstepped with Nikki and blown her chances at success.


Nate asks if Nikki heard about Audra’s plans to leave Newman Media for Jabot.

Audra shakes her head; Nikki couldn’t have found that out.

Nate asks what happened.

Audra crosses her arms as she talks.

Audra says it would be counter-productive if she shared anything with him… Doesn’t he hate the Newmans?

Nate says he may hate the way things ended with Victor, but he doesn’t hate the family. He considers Audra a friend, and he wouldn’t sabotage either one of them. He asks if it has to do with Nikki’s sobriety


Chelsea and Summer enter the office and greet Billy and Chance.

Chelsea listens as Summer talks.

Billy kisses Chelsea in greeting.

Summer tells Chance she figured she’d meet him at the office since Chelsea was on her way there too.

Billy says they should all have lunch together, and they agree.

Chance smiles.


Heather tells Daniel she’s not worried about their future. They only paused their relationship, and now they can get back together as a couple and a family.

Daniel says the last thing he wants to do is to hurt Lily. He’d hate for Devon to say something to her before he talks to her. It needs to come from him.

Heather and Daniel.

Heather agrees. Daniel has to talk to Lily about it first. She says when she came back to Genoa City, she didn’t intend to get back together with him.

Abby tells Devon they should let things play out between Daniel and Heather; maybe they’re just two parents reconnecting. Whatever is happening between them will happen whether they get involved or not.

Devon doesn’t like the sound of that.

Abby looks at Heather and Daniel.

Abby says Lily is a grown woman and she loves how protective Devon is of her, but this is their issue to resolve.

Devon doesn’t like the sound of that either.

Abby grins and says they should talk about something else… Like her “bright new future” on the Chancellor-Winters board.

Devon smirks.

Heather asks Daniel if he thinks she came back to town just to seduce him.

Daniel laughs. He doesn’t think she had an agenda, but a lot of things have changed.

Heather talks to Daniel.

Heather says he became the man she loved again. The more time they spend together, the more she can’t help but think about how things used to be… Can he blame her?

Daniel says when Heather and Lucy left Savannah, he felt like his world was spinning out of control.

Heather says walking away from Daniel was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do. She says they can be magic again… They just need to give themselves the chance.

Daniel talks to Heather.

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Y&R Spoilers

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra is surprised that Nate knows about Nikki’s drinking.

Nate says he witnessed it himself. He says Nikki told him she was getting help; is she struggling to maintain her sobriety?

Nate and Audra sit and talk.

Billy, Chelsea, Summer, and Chance enter the dining room. Billy glances over at Nate as he passes by.

Audra says her father struggled with alcoholism his whole life and that’s how she became an expert at knowing what to look for.

Nate says he’s sorry to hear it. Alcoholism can destroy familes.

Audra talks to Nate.

Audra explains that she told Nikki about her father and offered her support. At first, she thought they bonded and that she could reach out to Nikki as someone who understood and wanted to help, but she’s afraid that she might have overstepped.

Nate thinks she’s overthinking it.

Audra says she shouldn’t have revealed so much about herself; having Audra around might make Nikki uncomfortable.

Nate Hastings.

Nate asks if Nikki said anything that would make Audra think that.

Audra says she didn’t, but thinks she should keep things business-only between her and Nikki. She asks if Nate thinks she overstepped by offering Nikki her support.

Chance tells Chelsea and Summer that he’s learned a lot from Billy since he started at Chancellor-Winters. He’s learning from a master!

Summer and Chance.

Billy grins and says that attitude is what’s going to make him a successful executive.

Chelsea proposes a toast to Chance and his new career. Everyone clinks their glasses and has a drink. Chelsea says she’s having fun… They should do this again soon!

Chance grins and says it depends… Does he get a corporate card?

Billy and Chelsea toast with Chance and Summer.

Billy says he does, and the next meal is on Chance. He laughs.

Summer says she’s starving; they should order. She asks Chance if he’s had the spicy jambalaya… It’s fire!

Chance didn’t know Summer could handle that kind of heat.

Summer and Chance.

Summer says Chance shouldn’t challenge her to a chili-eating contest; she’d destroy him.

Billy and Chance talk business for a minute, discussing how buying an established brand can be tricky… There will be changes, but the changes have to be balanced so they don’t lose existing customers.

Chance says Summer must have run into into that when she bought out Marchetti… How did she manage it?

Billy Abbott.

Nate tells Audra she’s being paranoid.

Audra says Nikki may not be thinking Audra overstepped, but she thinks it could happen. If Nikki keeps drinking, she won’t want Audra around because she’ll know that Audra can see right through her, and even if she stops drinking, she’ll see Audra as flawed and not completely professional.

Nate says Audra’s been traumatized by alcoholism before… It must be painful for her.

Audra says even if Nikki sobers up again, it’s not going to end well for her.

Audra and Nate talk.


Daniel tells Heather he wanted a chance to get back what they lost.

Heather says it wasn’t lost, it was in her heart waiting for the “real” Daniel to come back to them.

Heather talks with Daniel.

Daniel says he wants to be honest about it. He can’t move forward until he talks to Lily. He thinks he’ll plan a trip to California so he can talk to her face-to-face about it.

Heather reaches out and caresses his hand, saying she knows it’s not easy for him.

Daniel looks around and sees Devon watching them. He gets up and approaches Devon and Abby’s table and asks to have a word with Devon in private.

Daniel talks to Abby and Devon.

Devon nods and they go to a separate area to talk alone.

Daniel says he wants to clear the air and make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Devon says he hopes Daniel is going to tell him there’s nothing going on between him and Heather.

Devon and Daniel.

Daniel shakes his head. He says that what’s happening between him and Heather wasn’t planned. They weren’t expecting it, but it’s real. He says he’s planning to go to California to tell Lily face-to-face about this, and hopes that Devon agrees she should hear it from him.

Devon agrees that Lily should hear it from him. He’s surprised that Daniel is admitting it to him and not telling him that he’s misreading things.

Daniel says he wouldn’t lie to him and make excuses.

Daniel talks to Devon.

Devon says he’s glad he’s not. Lily deserves to know the truth.

Daniel asks if Devon will let him be the one to tell Lily about it.

Devon nods. Of course.

Devon talks to Daniel.

Daniel says he cares for Lily and wants the best for her, but his story with Heather still has unwritten chapters.

Devon says he’s torn between Daniel coming clean and wanting to hit him for cheating on his sister.

Daniel says he could take a swing at him; he won’t fight back.

Daniel smiles as he talks to Devon.

Devon says he won’t hit him.

Daniel smiles and asks Devon how Lily is doing emotionally… Is everything okay with her and Mattie?

Abby approaches Heather and says she figures Daniel must be talking to Devon about what’s going on between the two of them. She says Devon is worried that Heather and Daniel getting back together will break Lily’s heart… Is he right to be worried?

Abby talks to Heather.

The GCAC Dining Room

Chelsea, Chance, Billy, and Summer are having drinks after lunch. Chelsea thanks Summer for her input about the men’s spring line; Summer has some great ideas!

Billy, Chelsea, and Chance.

Summer says fall was great, and spring will be even better.

Chelsea says she recognizes Chance’s jacket… She didn’t know he was a fan of Marchetti.

Chance says he has Summer to thank for it.

Summer puts her arm on Chance's shoulder.

Summer says she lured Chance in with some expert choices that were tailor-made for him.

Chance grins and says Summer’s ruined all other labels for him.

Summer’s phone rings. She says she should be getting back to work.

Billy and Chelsea smile.

Chance laughs and says he should do the same… The “new kid” shouldn’t be taking long lunches!

Billy grins and shakes Chance’s hand and tells him he’ll see him back at the office.

Chance and Summer leave the dining room.

Billy and Chance shake hands.

Nate tells Audra he doubts Nikki will penalize her for “showing some humanity.” He asks if Nikki seemed like she was trying to distance herself from Audra.

Audra says she hasn’t… Yet. She just gets a “feeling” around Nikki lately.

Audra listens to Nate.

Nate says Audra should just work on repairing any damage she thinks she’s created with Nikki.

Audra isn’t sure she wants to. It’s not like she’s advancing at Newman Media… She won’t ever be anything but second-in-command.

Nate says she can’t be sure of that.

Nate talks to Audra.

Audra scoffs and says that Nate should know… There’s no room to move upward unless you’re a Newman. She needs to find a place where she can advance to the top position; she can’t just settle! Audra needs a ladder to climb.

Nate says Audra needs to learn to rein in her rampant ambition.

Audra laughs and says that’s rich, coming from a guy who’s just as ambitious as she is, if not more so.

Audra talks to Nate.

Billy tells Chelsea he knew something was going on with Chance, but he didn’t know it had anything to do with Summer.

Chelsea says she just found out before lunch. She thinks it’s adorable.

Chelsea talks to Billy.

Billy says he wasn’t happy when Summer and Kyle separated, but things seem to be working out between Summer and Chance. If Chance is in happy and in love, that’ll make him more stable and effective at his job.

Chelsea laughs and says, “Aww, how unromantic of you!”

Billy grins and says he can tell Chance has a future in the business, and it’s nice to mentor him into being a top-notch corporate executive. He says Chance looks up to him, which is strange… Nobody’s ever done that before!

Chelsea smiles and says it’s funny how things work out. Billy agrees, and they kiss.

Billy and Chelsea kiss.

Audra tells Nate she admires his ambition; they’re kindred spirits in that regard. She needs to have a safety net and says she’s been planning something that could be very rewarding.

Nate wants her to tell him more.

Audra says there are too many listening ears. She asks if he’d come up to her room so she can tell him about it.

Audra smiles at Nate.

In the lobby, Summer and Chance put on their coats and prepare to leave the club. Summer says it’s a shame they both have to go.

Chance says he wishes they had more one-on-one time together… Maybe they should make arrangements for a “proper” dinner date.

Summer smiles and says it’ll be their official first date.

Chance agrees. He can’t wait!

Summer smiles at Chance.


Heather tells Abby she can’t really get into things between her and Daniel, but reassures her that nobody wants Lily to get hurt.

Abby says she told Devon not to get involved, but he loves his sister and is very protective of her. She hopes that Heather isn’t taking advantage of her history with Daniel at Lily’s expense.

Heather looks serious as she listens to Abby.

Devon tells Daniel that Lily is focused on helping her daughter… That’s where her head is at.

Daniel says he can’t fly out and dump this on Lily… It wouldn’t be fair to her or Mattie. He says he should wait until Lily’s in a better place to tell her.

Devon and Daniel.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Nate and Audra enter her room, and Nate asks what she has up her sleeve that’s so top-secret that she can’t discuss it in public.

Audra says it involves Tucker.

Audra smiles at Nate.

Nate says Audra hasn’t learned; why is she considering teaming up with Tucker again?

Audra says she’s not teaming up with Tucker. She plans to turn Tucker’s scheme against him.

Nate asks how she intends to do that.

Audra says she’s going to gain control of Tucker’s new company, Glissade, and she wants Nate to help her.

Nate looks at Audra.

The GCAC Dining Room

Chelsea says Billy deserves all the admiration that Chance is showing him… Billy is the hero’s hero!

Billy laughs and says they can tone down the “hero” talk. He says he spent a lot of time looking up to Jack, and it’s nice to be on the other side of it. He says his mom, Jill, is trusting him more, too.

Chelsea says moving to Chancellor-Winters was the right thing for Billy to do. It couldn’t have turned out any better.

Billy grins as he talks with Chelsea.


Daniel comes back to the table and tells Heather that Devon picked up on the vibe between them.

Daniel sits and talks with Heather.

Heather looks uncomfortable and says she knows… Abby told her. She asks what Daniel said to Devon.

Daniel says he told Devon that he wanted to be the one to tell Lily, and Devon agreed he should, too, but he told him that Lily was focused on Mattie and helping her deal with the trauma of the fire.

Heather asks what that means.

Heather talks to Daniel.

Daniel says he doesn’t think it’s the right time to tell Lily about it. He doesn’t want to give her more to deal with.

Heather understands. She asks what that means for them.

Daniel says they need to put things on hold until Lily is in the right place emotionally so he can tell her.

Daniel looks at Heather.

Audra’s GCAC Suite

Nate asks why Audra would think he’d be interested in working with her… He’s just getting back into the groove of working with his family and doesn’t want to rock the boat.

Audra says Nate won’t ever be captain of the boat… He’ll never advance beyond his position that he has. Lily, Devon, and Billy will always be on top along with Chance Chancellor, Jill Abbott’s grandson. She thinks Nate’s already lost in the shuffle.

Audra looks seductively at Nate.

Nate says that’s her view, but it’s a family business where he’ll have as much of a say as anyone else.

Audra says if Nate joins her, he’d be her equal and could share in the satisfaction of beating Tucker at his own game.

Nate says Audra’s really turned on Tucker.

Audra says she had no choice. She steps up close to him, smiling, and says he can surely see the potential.

Nate and Audra look into each other's eyes.

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