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Y&R Recap – Fri May 12: Daniel Tells Jack, Kyle & Michael That Phyllis Is Alive, Harmony Meets Dominic, and Connor Deals With the New Sibling Blues

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Friday, May 12 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Tucker meets Diane on the balcony.

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker offered Diane a way out, Adam’s proposal enraged Nick & Chloe, and Daniel contacted Jack.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack gets a text from Daniel to meet, and he invites Daniel to come to talk with him.

Jack responds to a text from Daniel. "Can we meet? There's something you need to hear." "Sure thing. Drop by. Home all day."

Tucker walks into the living room, and Jack says he always manages to surprise him. He invites Tucker to sit and talk with him.

Crimson Lights

Michael sees Daniel in the coffee shop.

Michael stands and talks with a seated Daniel.

Daniel asks for him to talk right away.

Michael says he’s busy working on Diane’s case, and can’t talk right now.

Daniel says it’s about proving that Diane didn’t kill Phyllis, and invites Michael to go to the Abbott house with him.

Michael says that he should have said so, and they leave the coffee shop.

Daniel stands and talks with Michael.


Billy sits with Johnny at a table in the restaurant. He wonders what’s keeping Connor and Chelsea.

Billy talks with Connor.

Johnny says that he doesn’t game too much with Connor anymore, and Connor seems to be avoiding him at school.

Billy asks why that is.

Johnny says that maybe something’s happening that nobody’s told him about.

Johnny sits and talks with Billy.

Billy says that Nick and Sally are having a baby, but Adam’s the father.

Johnny says that maybe Connor is getting the better end of the deal and that maybe she won’t talk as much as Katie does.

Devon’s Apartment

Harmony comes into the penthouse and is introduced to Dominic by Devon.

Harmony smiles as she reaches for Dominic, who's held in Devon's hands.

She holds Dominic and fawns over him, saying that the world is full of miracles.


Connor says that he’s not hungry, he just wants to go home.

Johnny, Connor, Chelsea, and Billy sit at a table with menus in front of them.

Billy says there are benefits to having a sister, and asks Johnny to tell him.

Johnny says that you can give your broccoli to your little sister.

Billy asks Connor what he wants on his pizza.

Connor says he doesn’t want anything to eat.

Billy talks with Connor while Chelsea and Johnny look on.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon and Harmony talk about how Devon’s grandmother (Harmony’s mom) used to love holding him, and that he’s doing a bang-up job as a father.

Harmony mentions that Tucker seems to be coming around as well.

Harmony stands and talks to Devon in the living room.

Devon is non-committal on the Tucker thing.

Harmony says that not everyone can be a natural father like Neil and that Tucker seems to be trying really hard.

Devon says that he put her on the spot the other night when he asked her about changing his name.

He asks if she’s comfortable with it.

Harmony holds a toy xylophone as she talks with Devon.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Tucker why he tried to convince Diane to leave town.

Jack talks with Tucker.

Tucker says that he just helped Diane face facts, that the evidence is piling up against her, and she has her checkered past to contend with.

He says that both Jack and Kyle would be traumatized by the trial, or she could just leave.

Jack asks if Ashley put him up to this.

Tucker sits and talks with Jack.

Tucker says that Ashley didn’t have anything to do with it and that if Jack thinks that Diane’s return to Genoa City has brought anything but sneers and whispers, he’s mistaken.

Jack says that Tucker has forgotten one important thing… That Diane is innocent.

Tucker says that doesn’t matter, and the stain from Diane will trickle down to Harrison.

Jack and Tucker sit and talk.

Jack asks what he’s talking about.

Tucker says that Jack’s company may not survive having Diane around and that Jack should do what he can to get Diane out of there.

He puts on his sunglasses and says that “Everyone’s so tense, bro.” He leaves an exasperated Jack.

Tucker puts on his sunglasses before he leaves.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon says that changing his name won’t change who he is or where he came from.

Harmony gestures as she talks with Devon.

Harmony says that a rose by any other name smells just as sweet.

She says that he can call himself the crown prince, but he’ll always be her son.

Devon and Harmony laugh and talk about Dominic’s future and how he can grow up to be anything he wants.

Devon sits on the couch with Harmony as they talk.

Devon says that he remembers that he and Harmony used to build forts together.

Harmony says that she tried her best.

Devon says those days were special to him. He says no matter what he goes through in his life, that remembering their times together put a smile on his face.

Harmony smiles at Devon as they talk.


Billy says pineapple is great on pizza.

Johnny suggests they get two pizzas, one without the pineapple.

Billy gestures as he talks about pizza.

Connor asks if it’s time that they stop pretending.

Billy says he needs some air and asks Connor to join him outside. They head out, leaving Johnny and Chelsea to talk.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle walks into the house and asks where Diane is.

Kyle and Jack talk in the living room.

Jack says that she’s upstairs resting and mutters something about Tucker, the “resident bottom feeder”.

Kyle says that Summer packed up Harrison and took off to places unknown.

The doorbell rings, it’s Daniel and Michael.

Jack talks with Michael and Daniel as Kyle looks on.

They walk inside and Jack asks what’s going on.

Daniel asks where Summer is and Jack says she’s out.

Daniel says that’s good because she wouldn’t want to hear what he has to say… He tells Jack, Michael, and Kyle that Phyllis is alive.

Daniel tells Jack, Michael and Kyle that Phyllis is alive.


Billy and Connor step outside and talk.

Billy says that having a baby sister doesn’t mean that Connor’s parents will love him any less.

Connor and Billy stand outside the restaurant and talk.

Connor says he knows that.

Billy asks Connor to tell him what’s bothering him.

Connor asks if it even matters.

Connor raises his hands helplessly as he talks with Billy.

Johnny tells Chelsea that he’s not a very good big brother.

Chelsea says that he’s Katie’s big brother, and she’s crazy about him. She says that Katie and Connor are lucky to have him.

Johnny says he’ll be right back, and he leaves Chelsea at the table alone.

Chelsea smiles and holds up her hand as she talks with Johnny.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Devon’s Apartment

Harmony tells Devon that she has a memory of him when he was 4 or 5. She says they were in a park, and there were two toy cars sitting out.

Devon and Harmony sit and talk on the couch, surrounded by toys.

She recalls that Devon really wanted the cars, but waited three days to see if anyone claimed them, and after those three days had passed, he took them home.

Harmony says that’s when she first noticed how generous Devon was and how much he cared about other people’s feelings.

She says she knows Dominic will get all of Devon’s love, and he’s the luckiest child to have Devon as a father.

Devon grins with his arms crossed as he talks with Harmony.

The Abbott Mansion

Daniel says he’s seen Phyllis.

Michael says he’s seen her too, in his thoughts and dreams.

Michael and Daniel talk.

Daniel says he saw her in real life, he saw her in the park before he met Summer there.

Kyle, confused, asks what exactly happened.

Jack asks about the fight, and how she collapsed.

Jack and Kyle look shocked and concerned as they listen to Daniel.

Daniel says that Phyllis told him what happened the night of the gala, and how it was all set up by Jeremy Stark.

Daniel explains that Stark attacked Phyllis and had set up the entire revenge plot, the money, and everything else, and Phyllis got caught up in his web of deceit.

He says that Stark tried to kill Phyllis, and she had to kill him in self-defense.

Michael stands beside Jack as he talks with Daniel.

Everyone’s agog at what Daniel is saying.

Kyle says it’s insane.

Michael says it’s the only thing that makes sense so far.

Daniel holds his hand to his chest as he talks with Kyle.

He asks where Phyllis is now, and Daniel says he has no idea.

Jack says he doesn’t know what to think.

Michael asks Daniel if he has proof that what he saw is real, he asks if he took a picture.

Michael looks around as he talks with Daniel.

Daniel says he didn’t take a picture, as he didn’t know that he was going to see her.

Kyle says he has to tell Summer.

Daniel says he can’t do that. He says that Summer would wonder why Phyllis came to him and not to her… It could hurt her feelings.

Jack says that he’s lying to Summer. He asks when the lies and the deception will stop.

Jack stands beside Michael and talks with Daniel.


Johnny comes out and talks with Billy and Connor.

Connor is upset and asks if they “have to keep doing this?”.

Billy says that they’re both there to help Connor.

Connor, Billy, and Johnny stand outside Society and talk.

Connor says Billy doesn’t understand. He says he’s fine, he’s great, and asks if can they just go back inside.

Devon’s Apartment

Tucker comes over to Devon’s and says hello to Harmony and Devon.

Tucker walks through Devon's door as he's invited in.

Devon thanks him for getting in touch with Harmony and bringing her to town.

They talk about Dominic for a little bit and how musical he is.

Harmony says that Dominic is a budding musical phenom in the making.

Devon and Harmony smile as they talk with Tucker.

She asks when Devon will get back to music life. She says that Tucker should tell Devon to get back to what matters.

Tucker says he doesn’t give unsolicited advice to Devon, as per their arrangement.

Harmony says Devon really needs to get back to his calling.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Harmony and Devon.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says that Phyllis complained about what Diane had done to fake her death, and she’s now done the same thing. He can’t believe it.

Daniel says that Phyllis has been punished by her own actions, and they can’t turn their backs on her now.

Jack, Michael, and Kyle talk with Daniel.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon says it’s a lot of work to raise a musical genius.

Tucker relaxes in a chair while Devon and Harmony talk on the couch.

Harmony says Devon’s doing very well as a father, but really should think about getting back into music.

Devon says that he still has his label at Chancellor-Winters, so he’s “music-adjacent”.

Dominic’s voice comes out of the baby monitor, calling for his daddy. Devon goes up to check on him.

Harmony and Devon sit on the couch, talking.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says that Daniel’s been through a lot, but not to lay the blame at Jack’s feet.

Jack and Daniel talk.

Daniel says it all started when Phyllis tried to tell Jack about Diane’s problems and he wouldn’t listen to her.

Jack says Phyllis should be locked up for what she’s done.

Michael tries to calm the situation and asks if Daniel heard from Phyllis after they’d met.

Kyle, Michael, and Jack talk with Daniel.

Kyle says they need to contact Christine to get the state to drop the charges against Diane.

Michael says that as much as he’d like to make this all go away, it’s not going to be that easy.


Connor says that he came to talk with Billy, not Connor. He says that Johnny hated it when he found out that Connor was his brother.

Connor talks with Johnny and Billy.

Johnny says he’s fine with it now, but finding out that Chelsea was his bio-mom and that Connor was his brother was a lot to take in.

Devon’s Apartment

Tucker and Harmony are left alone to talk, as Devon’s upstairs tending to Dominic.

Harmony asks Tucker if everything’s ok with Ashley, as given their past together, there are bound to be ruffled feathers.

Harmony and Tucker sit in Devon's living room as they talk.

Tucker says they’re doing well together.

Devon’s voice comes through the baby monitor as he sings Dominic to sleep.

Tucker says that even though he and Harmony had a rocky relationship, at least they got Tucker from it.

Tucker sits and talks with Harmony with a smile on his face.


Connor says that nobody asked Johnny to come out.

Johnny listens as he talks with Connor.

Billy says that Johnny’s family, and he loves Connor. He says that Connor needs to understand that family gets in your face all the time because they want to help… He’d better get used to it.

He tells Connor that if he needs time and space to figure out what’s going on, he should tell his mother.

Connor says that he will if that will make everyone back off. He goes into the restaurant.

Billy talks with Connor.

The Abbott Mansion

Michael tells Daniel that he needs evidence, not the purported vision of a son who’s seen his mom after she died.

He says that there’s a mountain of evidence against Diane, and that if Daniel goes in front of a judge, he could be a suspect in Stark’s death.

Michael stands beside Jack and talks with Daniel.

Daniel says that if Phyllis didn’t defend herself, she’d be the one floating in the lake instead of Stark.

Michael says he’d do anything for Phyllis, but he’s representing Diane, and it’d be a conflict of interests if he helped Phyllis too.

Jack says he’s going to call Christine, off the record, and he has to tell Diane too.

Kyle listens with concern on his face.

Michael says Jack should hold off, that they can’t tell anyone about this… They have to be very careful and take it a step at a time.

Next Week on The Young and the Restless

Nate tells Audra that they’re helping each other to get what they want… And he knows what she wants.

Nate and Audra talk in Chancellor Park.

Daniel is in the coffee shop with Chelsea. She asks him what he’s doing, and he says he’s “Waiting for bombs to explode.”

Daniel talks with Chelsea.

Jack and Kyle are in the motel room where Phyllis and Stark stayed, and Jack says he doesn’t know what they’re looking for, but he’ll know it when they see it.

Jack holds a handkerchief while he and Kyle look around the motel room.

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