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Y&R Recap – Feb 3: Sally Tells Nick the Baby Might Be Adam’s, Victoria & Nate Kiss, and Billy & Chelsea Go on a Non-Date

Victoria and Nate kiss

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, February 3, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chance confronts Jack with a briefcase full of money, and Adam rats out Kyle to Summer.

Society – Billy and Chelsea definitely aren’t out on a date

Billy and Chelsea come into the restaurant and are seated. The waitress tells them that they’re sitting at the most romantic table.

Chelsea protests that they’re not on a date, but the waitress has already left.

Billy says he’s sat here many times, he doesn’t know why it’s the most romantic table. Billy jokingly points to another table and says that table is the most romantic, he should know.

Billy and Chelsea are seated at a table in Society

Chelsea asks, “Is this a date?”

Billy laughs and says if it was a date, she’d know it and not have to question it.

Chelsea says that Billy just broke up with Lily, so she understands that maybe he’s not dating right yet.

Chelsea and Billy sit talking at a table in Society

Billy says it’s just two friends having drinks, and they’ll even split the bill at the end.

They both laugh together, having a nice time.

Billy decides on the crab enchiladas and asks what’s on Chelsea’s mind.

Chelsea is worried that the waitress thinks they’re on a date.

Billy and Chelsea talk as they look over the menus

He calls the waitress over, and Chelsea asks what he’s doing. “Damage control.”

The waitress asks what she can help them with, and Billy says, “I just wanted you to know that this is not a date!”

The waitress laughs while Chelsea looks shocked.

Billy and Chelsea talking

Chelsea says that he’s a lot to handle.

Billy says that’s true and jokes that he wouldn’t admit that to someone that he’s on a date with.

They decide to order some dessert. Chelsea thanks him and says that dinner is exactly what she needed.

Chelsea and Billy talk

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Sally’s Hotel Suite – Sally tells Nick the baby could be Adam’s

Nick knocks at Sally’s door, and she answers, tears running down her cheeks. He asks what happened.

Nick and Sally sit on her sofa and talk

Nick comes in and they sit down, and Sally says her hormones are freaking her out, and that it’s her first moment of genuine fear. She asks how the hell she’s going to be a mom when she’s going through this turmoil.

Nick reassures Sally by telling her that when she finally holds the baby, she just can’t imagine loving a being that much.

Sally asks if it’s going to be some kind of magical transformation.

Sally looks uncomfortable as she talks with Nick

Nick says that when he became a dad, his life went in a completely different direction.

Sally says it’s different for her. She says that Nick grew up with a loving family around him, but she never had that. She says that she learned to deal with it but it’s really hard on her right now.

Adam comes up to the door and goes to knock when he hears voices from inside.

He listens to Nick and Sally for a few moments, trying to work out who’s talking, but he can’t really hear their voices clearly. He shakes his head as he realizes that Nick is there with her, and leaves without knocking.

Nick and Sally continue discussing who’d be in charge of doing what with the baby.

Nick says he’ll help Sally with everything, soccer practice, whatever the child needs.

She says that sounds amazing. But where does that leave them? Where do they stand?

Nick and Sally talk to each other as they stand in her hotel suite

Nick says he doesn’t have an answer right now, and that he thinks it’s too early to make a decision about their future relationship right yet, but as a parent, he’s 100% in.

Tears start rolling down Sally’s face, and Nick asks her what’s wrong, he thought he was doing really good so far.

Sally says that they were going to take things slow, and now things are moving at warp speed, and who knows where it’s going.

Sally wipes tears from her face as she talks to Nick

She says that every decision she makes is for two people, and they have to get it right. She says that no baby could have a better father.

They kiss. Sally starts taking Nick’s shirt off, and they tumble back onto the bed.

Sally and Nick kiss passionately

Afterward, as they lie in bed talking, Nick again reassures her that everything will be ok.

Sally says that she needs to tell him something… It’s about the baby.

Nick sits up, and asks, “What about the baby?”

Sally tells him that Adam could be the father.

Sally tells Nick that Adam could be the father of her baby

Newman Media – Victoria and Nate drink and share a kiss

Nate is on the phone when Victoria comes into his office. He finishes his call, and Victoria presents him with a bottle of 25-year-old whiskey.

Victoria smiles at Nate

Victoria and Nate sit on the couch and have a drink and talk about business.

They slam back their drinks and talk about bringing Daniel on board.

Nate says he’ll tell Daniel that Chancellor-Winters will micromanage him and that Newman Media will be better for him and give him autonomy.

Victoria says that Nate is really something, and with their secret weapon, they’ll be unstoppable.

He says he hasn’t heard about a secret weapon.

Nate and Victoria sit on the couch and have a drink together.

Victoria says she means Audra, and reminds him that they were talking about using Audra to get information from Chancellor-Winters.

Nate says that he found out about Omega Sphere from Audra, but they should be careful.

Victoria says that they can’t tell Audra about their plans to take over Omega Sphere, she’s wary of her.

Nate and Victoria kiss as they sit on the couch in his office.

Nate says that most people don’t like this side of himself, but he says that throwing out ideas is exhilarating and it’s so nice to have someone that he can connect with.

Victoria says most people don’t know what it takes to make things really happen in business.

Nate says, “But we do!”

Victoria says that damn right they do, and leans forward and kisses him passionately.

Nate responds, and they kiss again.

Nate and Victoria kiss again

Victoria disengages and says that they had a very good talk, and there’s something great starting, she can feel it.

Nate says he can feel it too.

She says she needs to leave, and perhaps they can finish it another time… The business, that is.

The Abbott Mansion- Jack surprises Diane

Diane comes in the front door and calls for Jack.

She walks in further and sees there are flowers throughout the living room, and as she looks around, Jack comes from the dining room, grinning and wearing a tuxedo.

Diane laughs and asks him why he’s wearing a tuxedo. He says that he just felt like having a nice time, and he got out of the shower and saw the tux, and decided to surprise her.

Jack is in a tuxedo and Diane looks at him incredulously

Jack says they’re alone, she can relax.

Diane says that most people are thinking the worst of the relationship, but look at him… How could she not be falling for him over again?

Jack laughs and says to hell with the naysayers, to us, and they toast.

Diane asks how long he’s been planning it.

He says that he’s been planning it since Christmas and that he really is attracted to her.

Diane says a year ago she couldn’t have even thought of this situation.

Jack says that as unpredictable as this moment is, he says that finding her again may be a prophecy his mother made.

Jack says that his mother didn’t exactly predict it, but her jewelry did.

Jack says a necklace that Dina, his mother, had a necklace named The Teardrop of Love. Dina traveled all over the world, and somehow in her travels, the necklace got lost.

Jack shows Diane his cufflinks

He says that before she died, he managed to track it down and that after she died, all her children got a piece of the necklace. He shows Diane his arm and says that his piece of the gem is in his cufflinks.

He says that the story about the gemstone was that whoever was around the gem found love. At first, he thought it meant family love, but the teardrop of love not only brought him family love but a lovely captivating gorgeous woman in the form of Diane.

He says that maybe the gem just needed some time to do its magic.

He says now that the teardrop has brought them this far, it’s time to take fate into their own hands.

Diane says that she’s having a hard time picturing the future, she’s happy living in the moment.

Jack says that he will plan the future, and she can just live in it. He says that he just wants to present an image of what life could be like for them together.

She asks what he’s envisioning.

Jack says that he wants to travel with her and see grand sights together. He says she will upstage all the celebrities they see as they travel the world.

Diane says it sounds fun, but what she wants is Christmas with the whole family, she wants to celebrate the holidays with people that love her, attend the Abbott breakfasts, and be surrounded by all the family she missed while she was away.

She says she wants this moment with Jack, where she can feel happy and safe.

Jack and Diane kiss and hug

They kiss and hug.

Diane says that she still has concerns, that people will still make things difficult for them.

Jack says they earned and deserve it. He says that he understands the sacrifices she made and that when they were last together, they weren’t the people they needed to be, but they are now.

He says he doesn’t want to waste a moment.

Chelsea’s Apartment – Chelsea invites Billy in

Billy and Chelsea come back to her apartment and she invites him in for tea.

He jokes and asks if that’s what the kids are calling it nowadays.

Chelsea laughs and takes off her jacket. She asks him if he’s ok, and says that he has the same look as in the restaurant when she asked him if they’re on a date.

Chelsea kisses Billy's cheek

Billy says he’s just happy to be there.

Chelsea says that it was nice and that she doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship.

She says that over the past few months, she’s gotten to know him a lot better and that he’s really brought her a lot of comfort. She gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek.