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Y&R Recap – Feb 2: Chance Confronts Jack With a Briefcase Full of Money, and Adam Rats Out Kyle to Summer

Chance talks to Jack after he returns the money

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, February 2, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally’s anxiety spiked after hearing her doctor’s concerns, Abby defended Devon to Lily, and Daniel is suspicious of Phyllis’s trip to Portugal.

Crimson Lights – Chelsea gives Adam some advice

Adam comes to sit with Chelsea in Crimson Lights

Chelsea is sitting at a table when Adam comes in. She asks him if he’d like to wait with her.

She asks how work is, and Adam says it’s fine.

He says that Victor is up to his usual treachery, and except for Jack, none of the Abbotts want him there.

He says that according to Nick, Victor is doing it to save him.

Chelsea talks with Adam about his job

Adam says that Victor’s plan is to get him fired at Jabot.

Chelsea asks if it’s succeeding.

Adam says he’s not happy at Jabot, that he’s not happy with the products they sell, or the people he supervises. As much as he doesn’t like Victor’s methods, he says that Victor’s instincts are head-on.

Adam and Chelsea talk as they sit and have coffee at Crimson Lights

Chelsea says that Jack is finally giving him the status and respect he deserves, why isn’t that enough for Adam?

Adam says that he knows he sounds selfish and ungrateful, and he doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way. He says he’s been slacking, big time.

Chelsea says that doesn’t sound like him. She says that he said that he didn’t want drama and that Jabot is not as much of a challenge to run.

Chelsea talks with Adam in Crimson Lights

Adam says there are no real challenges at Jabot, maybe that’s why he’s underperforming.

Chelsea says that if he did work for Newman, and had more of a challenge presented to him, wouldn’t he want that?

Adam thinks about what Chelsea says as they talk together

Adam says he can’t see any scenario where he’d go back to Newman.

Chelsea says just because he can’t imagine a scenario, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen. She wonders if Victor wants him back because he thinks that Adam belongs with them.

Billy comes into the coffee shop with Connor and Johnny and talk with Adam and Chelsea

Billy comes in with Connor and Johnny. Chelsea calls them over to the table.

They joke around a bit before Billy asks if they want anything. Johnny and Connor go and order from the counter. Adam looks unimpressed with Billy showing up.

Adam looks unimpressed with Billy showing up

The boys come back to the table and start talking about skating.

They joke around, and Billy jokes that Johnny is grounded. Johnny says just like Billy was grounded when he slipped and fell.

Johnny says that Connor outskated him, and Adam says that he’d like to be there to see it next time.

Connor smiles as he talks and Chelsea looks on

Billy asks Chelsea if they’re still on for later that night.

Adam looks uncomfortable.

Adam sits with his arms crossed at Crimson Lights

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Society – Summer asks Victor to stop interfering on behalf of Kyle

Victor and Summer meet and hug at Society

Victor meets Summer and asks how Harrison is.

Summer says that he’s good, but Diane is causing problems.

Victor says that Diane is entrenched in the city now and that it must be hard for her.

Victor and Summer stand in Society, talking

Summer says that it’s tough because of the problems that are in both of their families and that it’s very Machiavellian.

Victor laughs and agrees with her.

Summer says that she has talked with Kyle, and needs to avoid all the intrigue that’s swirling around them, including Victor’s.

Summer gestures as she sits at the bar in Society talking with Victor Newman

They sit at the bar, and Summer asks that Victor quit interfering with Kyle’s life. She says that Kyle told her that Victor asked him to interfere and that Kyle said no.

Victor asks if Adam should be working at Jabot.

Summer says that she doesn’t know.

Victor talks with Summer

Victor says that Adam is his son.

Summer says that it’s about Victor trying to get Kyle to cause problems at Jabot and that she doesn’t want him to cause a rift between Kyle and Jack.

Victor says he adores Summer and will take her ideas under consideration.

Summer smiles as she talks with Victor

Grand Phoenix Hotel – Nikki tells Diane she’s onto her

In the lobby of The Grand Phoenix Hotel, Nikki sees Diane

Diane says hello to Nikki, and Nikki tells her to save her breath.

Nikki says that she knows that Jack and Diane were behind the theft of her necklace and that they set up Jeremy Stark.

Nikki talks to Diane

Nikki says that there have been advances in security technology and that cameras have become so small, who knows what footage they’ve picked up.

Diane says that she suspects that if Nikki had proof and wanted to use it, she’d have used it by now.

She says that Nikki is glad that Jeremy’s gone, because her family was in danger, just like Diane’s, thanks to Phyllis’s recklessness.

Nikki says that even Diane doesn’t believe that Jeremy’s gone for good.

Diane and Nikki talk in the lobby of The Grand Phoenix

Diane says she’s very optimistic for her and Jack’s future.

Nikki says that Diane’s using deception, using Jack to do her dirty work.

Diane says that theoretically, if Jack stole the necklace, it’s because he wanted to keep Diane out of danger.

Nikki asks if Diane’s moved in with Jack.

Nikki sits in the lobby and talks with Diane

Diane says nothing.

Nikki says, “Ah not yet.” She goes on to say that things will turn out ugly, because that’s just the way that Diane is.

Diane says that she hasn’t moved in, but they’re together.

Diane sits and talks with Nikki in the hotel lobby

Nikki sneers and says that Jeremy Stark’s sojourn to Genoa City worked out for Diane, and that Jack was the white knight for her.

Diane says that she’ll thank Phyllis for bringing Jeremy to town.

Nikki says that Phyllis is in it for the long game, and she’ll throw it in Diane’s face when it goes wrong.

Diane smiles as she talks with Nikki

Diane says that there’s nothing that Nikki, Ashley, or Phyllis can do to stop her relationship with Jack, it’ll last a long time.

Diane leaves Nikki in the lobby as she heads up to her hotel room.

Nikki sits by herself as Diane leaves her in the lobby

Jabot Cosmetics – Jack asks Kyle if the rumors are true

Jack meets Kyle in the lobby of Jabot Cosmetics

Jack takes Kyle into his office and says that he’s heard a rumor that Victor has recruited Kyle to cause trouble at Jabot for Adam.

He asks Kyle if it’s true.

Kyle says that Victor approached him, but he didn’t agree to anything specific.

Jack speaks with Kyle in the Jabot offices

Jack asks if he thinks that Adam is trying to take over Jabot.

Kyle says that Adam is calling it in, doing most of his work from the bar at Society.

Jack says that he’s gone over the reports about Adam.

Kyle angrily talks with his father

Kyle asks what he’s found.

Jack admits that Adam is slipping, but it’s something that he needs to take care of personally, not Kyle or Victor.

Kyle says that Jack risked alienating everyone in the family by bringing Adam into Jabot. He says that Adam doesn’t deserve the position, and says that Jack should just cut him loose, he doesn’t even want to be there.

Jack sits behind his desk as he talks with Kyle about Adam

Jack gets angry and tells Kyle that he stands by his decision to hire Adam. He says he won’t fire him to please Victor or to satisfy Kyle either. He says he wants to change the subject.

He asks how Kyle’s conversation went with Diane.

Kyle says that he’s trying to be open to Jack and Diane’s relationship, for his father’s sake, and that he wants both of them to be happy, but he wants Jack to be careful, to protect himself.

Kyle speaks with Jack in Jack's office at Jabot

Jack asks what prompted the warning.

Kyle says that the and Diane had a good talk, but he wants to make sure that Jack doesn’t get his heart broken again. He says that Diane has a history of making promises she can’t keep.

Jack says that Jeremy Stark is out of the picture, and that there won’t be a next time if he has anything to say about it.

Jack gestures as he angrily talks with Kyle

Kyle says he’s cautiously optimistic.

Jack says he’s taking the next step with his eyes wide open and hopes that Kyle can see the positives in it. He says that he and Diane are looking forward to their future together.

Jack buttons up his suite jacket as he speaks with Kyle

A short bit later, Jack has left the offices, and Kyle thinks about his mother saying she’ll never abandon him again.

Summer walks in and they hug. She asks how Kyle’s day is going.

Kyle says that running a company is easy compared to dealing with his parents.

Summer comes into the Jabot offices and hugs Kyle

Summer says that she understands.

Kyle says that a lot of people are going to hate that Jack’s involved with Diane.

He says that someone told Jack that Victor was working to try to get Adam out of Jabot.

Kyle and Summer hold hands as they talk in his office

Summer says it’s good that Kyle listened to her. She says that she was just talking with Victor, and she told him to stop pressuring Kyle from going along with his plan.

She says, “You aren’t going along with it, right?”

Adam comes in and says that he was looking for Jack.

Kyle and Summer look as Adam comes into the Jabot offices

Kyle says Jack’s not there.

Adam says to Summer, “I guess you know what your husband is planning for me?”

She asks if she knows that he’s been working together with Victor to get him canned.

Summer says that Kyle has no part in it, and she doesn’t like his accusations.

Adam smiles as he talks with Summer and Kyle

Kyle says that Adam should just admit that he doesn’t want to be there.

Adam leaves without saying a word.

Kyle and Summer watch as Adam leaves the offices

Summer glares at Kyle.

Summer looks angry as she turns to look at Kyle

The Abbott Mansion – Chance brings back Jack’s money

Jack is in the living room and thinks back to when Diane told him that she wouldn’t leave him, ever.

A flashback to when Diane told Jack she'd never leave him

There’s a knock at the door that interrupts his reminiscing. It’s Chance.

Chance says he’s there on official police business.

Jack answers the door to find Chance there

Chance comes in and he sets down a briefcase on the coffee table. He asks if Jack knows the briefcase.

Jack says that looks familiar.

Chance says that there’s $500,000 in the briefcase, and Jeremy said that Jack lent it to him.

Chance takes a briefcase out of the bag he's carrying and puts it on the coffee table

Chance says that he finds it suspicous that Jack and Diane showed up to see him get arrested, and yet, he loaned the money to a known criminal. He asks why Jack didn’t mention it to him that day at the hotel.

Jack says he didn’t think it was relevant.

Chance says that it really worked out for Jack, that Stark’s been locked up and Jack didn’t lose a dime. He says to have a good night and leaves.

Chance talks to Jack after he returns the money

Diane comes into the house, and Jack tells her that she just missed Chance.

Jack explains that Chance brought back the money to Jack, and explains how Stark had said that it was a loan. He says they managed to turn the tables on Stark by working together.

Diane talks with Jack about her meeting with Nikki

Diane says that she ran into Nikki, and that she implied that Jack and Diane were involved in the theft, but that she wouldn’t use any information against Jack. Diane says she probably said more than she should have.

She says that she told Nikki that she should get used to seeing her and Jack together.

Jack says they have nothing to hide, so why should it matter?

Jack smiles as he talks with Diane

Diane asks if he’s ready for people to start seeing them together again.

Jack says he’s very happy, and they kiss and hug.

Diane and Jack hug

Society – Nikki tells Victor about meeting Diane

Nikki sits at a table with Victor and relates how she’d just spoken with Diane, and how Diane had told her that Jack and she were together.

Victor says that Jack and Diane deserve each other, that’s punishment enough.

Nikki sits in Society at a table, talking with Victor

Chelsea’s Apartment – Billy picks up Chelsea for a date

Billy shows up at Chelsea’s door to pick her up. He compliments her and says she looks great.

Chelsea opens the door and speaks with Billy

Chelsea thanks him and says she vaguely remembers what fun was like.

Billy laughs and says he’s honored she feels comfortable enough to go to dinner with him.

He offers his hand and she takes it, taking a final look back at her apartment as they leave.

Billy offers Chelsea his hand at her apartment door