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Y&R Recap – Feb 22: Adam Receives a Shock From Sally, and Audra Confronts Nate About His Relationship With Victoria

Adam looks taken aback as he speaks with Sally

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, February 22 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally fantasized about who her baby daddy is, and Sharon learned that Delphine is really in labor.

Newman Media

Audra and Nate are talking in his office.

Nate speaks with Audra in his office at Newman Media

Nate tells Audra that Tucker offered to sell the company directly to Victoria.

Audra figures that Tucker might be in more debt than they thought.

Victoria comes in and asks if Audra knows who’s behind it. She asks if Audra is working for someone else while she’s working for them.

Victoria comes into Nate's office and talks with Audra and Nate

Audra says she isn’t, this is the first time she’s heard about someone else buying the debt.

Victoria says that she has a new mission for Audra.

Audra asks what she wants.

Victoria asks her to find out who bought the debt and why.

Victoria speaks with Audra


Tucker comes running into the restaurant and catches up to Ashley.

Tucker confronts Ashley in Society

Tucker says he must have misheard, she can’t just drop a bomb like that and walk away.

Ashley says she can do whatever the hell she wants. She bought his debt, she’s in control.

Ashley talks to Tucker in Society

She asks the host for a table for one.

Tucker says she’s enjoying it, but he wants to talk.

She says that corporate espionage made her ravenous. She has to have a bite to eat first.

A bit later Ashley is sitting and having a salad and she says it was a hard thing to do, but it was so worth it.

Ashley eats a salad while she sits alone at a table and talks with Tucker

Tucker says that he offered to sell the company to the Newmans for her, how could she do this to him?

Ashley doesn’t care.

Tucker asks why she did it, does she want power over him?

Nope. She has other plans.

Tucker looks down as he speaks with Ashley

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Y&R News

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea answers her door, it’s Adam. She welcomes him in.

Adam comes to Chelsea's door.

She says that Connor is having a homework crisis.

Adam says he can help with it.

Connor is working on the Newman family tree. He needs a positive description of every member of the family.

Connor holds a notebook with an in-progress family tree in it

Connor asks “So, what’s so great about the Newmans?”

Adam laughs. He asks if Connor has his grandmother, Hope.

Connor says yes, she’s kind, generous, and strong.

Adam speaks with Connor about his family

Connor asks how Adam would describe Victor.

Adam says Victor is very committed to his family.

Connor suggests “strong” because of Victor’s boxing background. They go through a few family members.

Victoria: Strong-Willed

Abby: Feisty, Spunky

Nick: Chelsea says he’s a good man and has good intentions. Adam says he’s a good father.

Adam and Connor sit on the couch and talk about the family tree

Sally’s Hotel Room

Nick sits beside Sally and tells her that everything’s ok, no matter which way it goes.

Nick sits beside Sally on the couch in her hotel room

Sally thanks him for being there on such an important day. He kisses her hand.

Sally looks at the paternity test results on her phone with Nick.

She asks what they do now. She suggests that the tests could be wrong.

Nick and Sally talk

Nick says that it’s a reputable company. He says that the DNA isn’t a match for him, so Adam must be the father.

Tears start coming from Sally’s eyes, and she says that she played this out in her mind and that it didn’t go well.

Nick suggests Adam might be even-keeled about the news.

Sally looks upset as she talks with Nick

Sally laughs and says she doesn’t think Adam’s ever been even-keeled.

Nick says that maybe Adam could surprise them.

Sally says that she really wanted the baby to be Nick’s.

Nick and Sally sit on her sofa and talk

Nick says he did too, but she’s having a baby and this needs to be celebrated.

Sally says that it changes everything.

Nick says that sometimes change is good, but she has an important decision to make.

Sally and Nick stand up and talk

Sally wonders how she’s going to tell Adam.

Nick asks if she wants him to be there while she tells Adam.

Sally says that she doesn’t want a buffer between them, she’ll be fine, she has to be.

Nick stands and speaks with Sally

Nick asks if she’s sure that she wants to tell him now.

Sally says she can’t risk him finding out any other way.

Nick gets ready to leave, and Sally says thanks for everything.

Nick and Sally kiss

They kiss goodbye.

Nick says that if she needs him, she should call him after she tells Adam the news. He leaves her hotel room.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Adam and Chelsea are talking on the couch. He tells her he left Jabot.

Adam and Chelsea talk

Chelsea’s surprised he left and asks what he’s going to do now.

He says that Victor offered something vague.

She laughs and says he should think about it carefully… He always ends up miserable working for his father.

Chelsea and Adam talk

Adam says that he told Victor he’d only work with him if he got Victoria’s job, which won’t happen, so he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Chelsea says that maybe he needs some therapy to help him figure out what to do.

She says he’s a great dad with an amazing kid, and not to let anything stop him.

Adam and Chelsea talk

Adam says that Connor is a light in his life, no matter what happens. He says he’ll do anything for Connor.

Adam’s cell rings, and he answers. It’s Sally.

She asks if they can meet up, and he asks what it’s about.

Sally says she’d rather not get into it over the phone, she’s at the Grand Phoenix and will explain everything when he gets there.

Sally calls Adam

Adam prepares to leave, and Connor thanks him for the help with the family tree.

As Adam opens the door to leave, Billy is there, about to knock.

As Adam leaves, Billy comes into Chelsea's apartment

Billy has a video game for Connor. It’s God of War: Ragnarok.

Connor is really happy about it. He says it’s a single-player, mind if he goes first?

Billy laughs and says that of course, Connor can go first.

Adam says, “Have fun!” and leaves.

Adam leaves Chelsea's while Billy watches

Connor, Billy, and Chelsea are talking about the video game that Billy brought him.

Connor says that they don’t even know the story of Kratos, the God of War, and starts explaining about the fictional character in his game.

Chelsea mentions that she heard that Danny Romalotti was creating a video game platform at Chancellor-Winters, and wonders if Billy knows anything about it.

Connor sits in an armchair and talks to Billy and Chelsea

Billy says that he’s not sure, as he left Chancellor-Winters before Daniel started on the gaming platform.

Chelsea says that she read about video games that could help with depression and other problems, and she thinks that Omega Sphere could be a really great thing. She wonders if she could get a job working on it.

Connor asks what Omega Sphere is.

Billy and Chelsea talk to Connor

Chelsea says it’s the game that Daniel’s working on. She says she’ll speak with Daniel and see if she can get her foot in the door.

Newman Media

Audra tells Victoria she’s up for a little reconnaissance work. She gets her phone out and calls Tucker.

Audra calls Tucker on her cellphone

She leaves him a voicemail and asks him to call her.

Victoria asks if Audra thinks he’ll tell her anything when he calls.

Audra says she’s not sure but suggests that they could offer to help him with his new “overlord”.

Victoria speaks with Nate and Audra

Nate asks how this impacts things.

Victoria says they will talk about it later, she needs to meet with her brother. Victoria leaves Audra and Nate to talk.

Audra smiles at Nate and says they have to talk about whatever is going on between him and Victoria.

Audra tells Nate they need to speak about what's between him and Victoria

Nate closes the door and asks Audra what she’s talking about.

Audra says she’s picking up vibes between him and Victoria.

Nate says it’s just a business partnership.

Nate closes his office door as he speaks to Audra

Audra wonders if it’s “just” a business thing. She says that it would be dangerous if he was getting too close, and says that an office romance got him in trouble before.

Nate says he’s in a relationship with a woman he loves, so she’s barking up the wrong tree, and he’ll pretend they never had this conversation.

Audra says, “If you insist!” and leaves his office.

Audra leaves Nate's office

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally prepares herself mentally. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Adam.

Adam shows up to Sally's door

Sally opens the door and Adam comes in. He says he half-expected Nick to be there, and that he was surprised to get her call.

Sally says she’s going to be simple and direct. She tells him she’s pregnant, and that he’s the father.

Adam asks if he’ll be part of the kid’s life.

Adam looks taken aback as he speaks with Sally

Sally says she would never deny him a connection to his child. She says that it’s not an opening for them to get together.

Adam asks why she’d deny his child the right to have its parents together.

Sally says that the baby doesn’t change the fact that they don’t belong together, and that even though the news is shocking, she’s going to have the baby.

Sally and Adam talk

Adam asks when she found out that she was pregnant.

She says she knew for a while, but she just found out it was his.

She says that she had a paternity test that ruled Nick out as the father and that Adam was the only other possibility.

Adam smiles as he talks with Sally

Adam laughs and says he’s not sure what to say.

Sally says that this changes nothing, emotionally.

Adam disagrees, this changes everything.

Sally talks with Adam

Newman Enterprises

Victoria comes into the office and sees Nick looking out the window.

Nick is in the Newman Enterprises offices and stares out the window

She asks Nick what’s up, he seems distracted.

Nick says that the DNA test came back, and that Adam is the father. He says that Sally is telling Adam right now.

Victoria hugs him and asks how he’s doing.

Victoria hugs Nick

Nick says it sucks, it feels like he lost something that he never had in the first place. He says that he and Sally will be fine.

He mentions that he told Sally that he could be there, but she told him no. He asks if Victoria has anything to distract him.

She tells him she has a surprising twist for him and tells him about someone buying Tucker’s debt.

Nick talks with Victoria

Nick asks who the hell bought the debt.

Victoria says Audra is working to get the information. She says that Victor is still on board with taking over McCall, but they need to find out who’s behind it.

Nick’s cell rings, it’s Sally, she tells him that she told Adam.

Nick gets a call and leaves the office

He tells Victoria he has to go, and to keep him posted on the McCall situation.

He leaves, and Victoria calls Tucker.


Tucker sits down at Ashley’s table and says he’s dying to hear her plans.

Tucker sits at the table with Ashley and talks

Ashley says that he needs to tank the deal with Newman.

Tucker asks if there’s another player involved. He says that instead of banishing him from her life, she’s getting them closer. He asks what’s going on in that beautiful head of hers.

His phone rings, it’s Victoria calling. He says he’ll deal with her later.

Ashley looks at Tucker as she eats

Ashley tells him to answer, that Victoria must be disappointed she’s been outmaneuvered.

He reluctantly answers, and Victoria tells him that she’s ready to negotiate.

He leaves Ashley at the restaurant to meet Victoria.

Victoria calls Tucker

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy comes out of Connor’s room and into the living room.

Chelsea asks Billy how things are, and Billy says that he doesn’t know much about the game, but Connor’s having a great time playing it in his room.

Chelsea asks if Billy knows anything about Omega Sphere, as she wants to see if she can get into the company and help.

Billy drinks some water as Chelsea speaks with him

Billy says that he doesn’t know much about it, as it was before his time.

Chelsea’s alarm rings on her phone, and she says that Connor’s game time is up.

Connor comes out and complains a bit that he has to do homework now.

Chelsea, Connor, and Billy talk

He thanks Billy for the game and says he’s the best.

Chelsea says he’s definitely the best. Billy looks happy.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria welcomes Tucker into her office and says they’re making a deal of the lifetime.

Tucker and Victoria talk in her office

Tucker says that he can’t negotiate with her, something’s come up.

Victoria says that she knows someone bought his debt but it shouldn’t stop him from selling the company.

Tucker leans forward and speaks with Victoria

Crimson Lights

Chelsea and Billy walk into the coffee shop, talking about the video game and Connor.

Billy and Chelsea come into Crimson Lights

Adam comes into the shop, looking like something’s off.

Chelsea asks if he’s ok.

Adam says that everything should be good, but it’s not.

Adam speaks with Billy and Chelsea in Crimson Lights