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Y&R Recap – April 10: Ashley Talks Marriage With Tucker, and Summer & Daniel Plan an Investigation Into Phyllis’s Death

Tucker buries his face in a pillow as Ashley watches and smiles

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, April 10 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Devon and Lily raise their cups in a toast

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon told Lily he wanted to work together, Abby sought Chance’s approval to move in with Devon, and Adam was hurt by Victor’s decision about the McCall takeover.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack calls Nick and leaves him a voicemail asking how he’s doing.

Jack holds his phone as Ashley talks with him

Ashley overhears him and says he’s taking a break from fawning over Diane.

She says that his big engagement news was overshadowed by Phyllis’s death.

Jack gets angry and tells her that Phyllis’s death has really impacted him.

Ashley rolls her eyes at Jack as they talk

Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker comes and talks with Diane.

Diane sits and talks with Tucker in the GCAC

She tells him to buzz off, but he presses on.

He says that she isn’t conflicted about Phylllis’s death, unlike everyone else in town.

Crimson Lights

Billy asks Sharon how she’s holding up and whether she has any therapist secrets about dealing with grief.

Sharon sits in front of her laptop while she talks with Billy

Sharon says that she’s just dealing with Phyllis’s death herself, and has no advice.

Summer is on her phone making plans with a florist for Phyllis’s memorial flowers.

After she’s finished on the phone, Kyle asks if he can take things off her hands.

Summer sits and talks with Kyle in the cafe

She tells him that it’s something that she needs to do for herself.

Sharon tells Billy that Phyllis’s passing reminds her to spend time with those she loves.

She mentions that it’s been a year since she lost Rey. She says that it’s still tough, and she listens to his voice sometimes in a voicemail he left her.

Billy talks with Sharon

Billy says that Rey was a great guy.

Sharon says that Rey had a beautiful soul and that he’d want her to be happy, so she does her best to stay that way.

Billy asks what she’s been thinking about lately.

Sharon looks at Billy as they talk

Sharon says that Mariah and Tessa’s baby has been her focus.

Billy says he’s happy for them, and asks her to say congratulations for him.

Kyle says that he knows that Summer wants to plan the memorial alone.

Summer and Kyle talk

Summer says she hasn’t even talked to Daniel about the arrangements.

Kyle says she should, since he may want to be involved as well.

Summer says that she needs to make up for shutting Phyllis out of her life.

Summer and Kyle talk

Kyle is worried for Summer, and he wants to help. He says it’s not her burden to carry.

Summer says that it’s not a burden at all.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley tells Jack that Diane has caused enough damage, and asks if it’s a coincidence that Phyllis died after their engagement announcement.

Ashley talks passionately with Jack

She says that Jack is willing to turn his back on everyone else and lost himself in Diane.

She worries that Jack will suffer Phyllis’s fate if he gets involved further with her.

Jack stares icily as Ashley excoriates him

Crimson Lights

Summer says that Diane said that she’d be doing the world a favor if she killed her.

Kyle says that was in the heat of the moment. He says nobody is happy that Phyllis is gone.

Kyle talks with Summer

Summer says he’s got blinders on when it comes to Diane.

Kyle says she can’t convince him that Diane planned something so tragic.

Summer says it was malicious, not tragic.

Summer is livid as she talks with Kyle

Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker asks if Diane had shed a tear for Phylllis.

Diane says she’s not happy Phyllis is dead.

Diane looks down at her phone as Tucker talks with her

She points out that Tucker is getting pretty cozy with Ashley.

Tucker says they’re getting closer, and asks again if there was a tinge of regret from her.

He wishes her a good day and leaves.

Diane looks at Tucker as he speaks with her.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says he won’t play into Ashley’s guilt trip. He says Phyllis spewed hate instead of living her life.

He says it was stress that took Phyllis down, not Diane.

Jack argues with Ashley

Jack continues to say that Ashley is doubling down, wasting their days.

Ashley and Jack continue to fight about Diane.

Ashley says that she’ll keep fighting for him because he’s too blind to fight for himself.

Ashley storms out the door, passing Billy, as he comes in to talk to Jack

Ashley storms out of the house and passes Billy, who has come to visit Jack.

Crimson Lights

Kyle asks if Summer really believes that someone killed Phyllis.

Summer has tears in her eyes as she talks with Kyle

Summer says she’s not crazy, but it’s all too convenient.

Kyle says that Summer should talk with Sharon so that she can speak with a professional and learn to cope.

Summer says that she thinks Phyllis’s death was planned, and he can’t convince her otherwise.

Kyle talks with Summer

She says she’s leaving, alone.

Sharon says hello to Summer as she passes, but Summer doesn’t respond.

Sharon comes over to Kyle and asks how Summer is doing.

Sharon walks over to speak with Kyle as he sits alone in the coffee shop

Kyle says he suggested that she see a professional, but she’s not ready to do that yet.

Sharon says that it’s hard to deal with people who are grieving.

Kyle says it feels like he can’t win, he’s always saying the wrong thing.

Sharon stands and talks with Kyle

Sharon says that there’s no right thing to say sometimes.

Kyle asks what he should do about Summer’s attacks on Diane.

Sharon says in time, Summer’s pain will become bearable and she’ll ease off and understand that Diane wasn’t complicit.

Kyle looks up at Sharon as they speak

She says that Kyle is giving her the best support he can, even though her pain won’t allow it right now.

Kyle asks what else he can do.

Sharon says that he just needs to be there for her.

Sharon sits down and talks with Kyle

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer comes and sits beside Daniel at the bar. She asks him how he’s holding up.

Daniel says that everything hurts.

Summer sits down with Daniel at the bar in the Athletic Club

Summer says that talking hurts… And not talking hurts.

Daniel says he saw the announcement for Phyllils’s memorial service, and asks why she didn’t talk to him about it first.

Summer says she couldn’t talk to anyone and just had to make it happen.

Daniel says she was his mother too, and wants to be involved.

Daniel sits at the bar talking with Summer. He's wearing Lucy's bracelet on his wrist.

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Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Billy that Ashley is focused on her hatred of Diane.

Billy says he won’t defend Ashley, as he didn’t hear anything they were talking about.

Jack rants to Billy about Ashley

He mentions that he was talking to Sharon about Phyllis earlier, asking for coping methods.

They discuss Phyllis for a minute, and Billy says that Ashley’s not the only one looking for someone to blame.

Billy goes on to say that he’s heard rumors that maybe Diane was involved in Phyllis’s death.

Billy talks to Jack

Tucker’s Suite at the GCAC

Tucker invites Ashley into his suite.

Ashley asks why he’s staying at the Athletic Club now.

Ashley visits Tucker at his suite in the GCAC

Tucker says the Grand Phoenix is being renovated, and asks why she’s there.

Ashley looks flustered and says she needed someone to talk to.

Tucker asks her what’s going on.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Ashley says Jack is being blindly loyal to Diane.

Tucker laughs and apologizes for laughing, as he can see she’s upset.

Ashley says that everyone is concentrating on Phyllis’s death, but Jack only wants to be with Diane and isn’t thinking straight.

Ashley and Tucker talk

Ashley rants about Jack and Diane for a bit, and asks if she hurt Tucker’s feelings by not agreeing to marry him right away.

Tucker says his feelings were hurt, but she’s the only one who can penetrate his armor.

He says that their marriage may start as a union of spite, but it would turn into a union of love.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Ashley

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer says she’s sorry, she knows that Daniel lost his mother too, and everyone’s been telling her not to plan the memorial on her own.

She says that she’s ashamed of how she treated her mother, and just wants the service to be perfect as a way of making amends to her mother.

Daniel talks with Summer as they sit at the bar

Daniel says he has a lot to make up for too, neither of them were very good to her.

Summer says she would have tried harder if she had known there wasn’t much time.

Daniel says he wouldn’t have been much use at planning the memorial anyhow, he’s having problems focusing on work because he can’t stop thinking about Phyllis.

Daniel hands Summer a tablet to look at

He pulls out a tablet and shows Summer something he drew last night.

Summer says that it should be on the programs at the service, it’s perfect.

Daniel says he can make it better, that’ll be his gift to Phyllis.

Daniel sits with his hands folded on the bar as he listens to Summer

He asks if Summer has all the details finalized for the memorial, and asks if there’s anything he can do.

Summer says he can trust her to take care of the rest, that the memorial will be exactly what one deserves.

Crimson Lights

Diane comes into the coffee shop and sees Kyle sitting alone.

Kyle sits alone and sad in the coffee shop

Kyle notices her and without a word, gets up and hugs her and she hugs him back tightly.

Diane says she’ll never stop apologizing for Summer’s pain, and hopes she feels better.

Kyle says that no matter what, Summer loved Phyllis.

Diane hugs Kyle

Diane says that it’s no surprise that Summer is having a reaction to losing her mother.

Kyle says that being shut out by his wife is really hard on him.

Diane says maybe it might be her fault that Summer feels this way.

Kyle speaks with Diane

Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel tells Summer that Jeremy Stark will get the brutal takedown he deserves.

Summer is surprised, and asks if he thinks something is fishy about him and Phyllis.

Daniel talks with Summer

Daniel says that the way things transpired, that “smarmy sonofabitch” had something to with Phyllis’s death, and they’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Summer says that there’s something funny going on.

Daniel says that they got married just before she collapsed… Something’s not right.

Summer peers at Daniel as they talk

Summer says that Diane is involved.

Tucker’s Suite at the GCAC

Ashley asks Tucker to elaborate.

Tucker stands and talks with Ashley.

Tucker says that Ashley doesn’t show it much, but there’s a romantic under her armor.

He says that he’d dazzle her with an engagement party.

Ashley laughs and asks if he’d drive a tank in this time.

Ashley sits down with her drink and talks with Tucker

Tucker says that may be an option… And that their wedding announcement would put Jack to shame.

He says that he’d put a rock on her finger that would be seen from space.

Ashley says that the only problem is that they’re not in love.

Tucker talks with Ashley as she sits down

Tucker says that one of them is, and they’ll have to sell the idea to everyone.

He says they’ll have to spend a lot of time together, and then move in together. He wants her to picture her dream house, because he’ll build it for her.

Ashley asks if he thinks she’ll fall in love with him from spending so much time together.

Tucker sits on the sofa beside Ashley as they talk

Tucker says she’ll grow to see how he truly loves her and would give her a happier life than she thought possible.

He says they’re meant to be, and the fake marriage would become a real marriage.

Ashley turns her head away from Tucker as they talk

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer says that there’s no way Phyllis married Jeremy out of love.

She says that she walked in when Diane was choking Diane and talked about killing her.

Summer and Daniel sit and talk in some armchairs in the GCAC

Daniel asks if the police know about it.

Summer says they do, and that Phyllis tried to warn her that Diane was dangerous, but she never listened.

She continues to talk about how maybe Stark and Diane had an arrangement to kill Phyllis.

Summer talks with Daniel

Tucker’s Suite at the GCAC

Ashley smiles and says she doesn’t mind what she’s hearing, he should continue.

Ashley smiles at Tucker as they talk

Tucker says they’d live together, planning their wedding, and eventually, Ashley would let her guard down.

He says that she’d stop the nonsense about keeping him at a distance and will take the step she’s been scared of, and that she’d realize that she’s been playing a game with herself all along.

Tucker kisses her hair and says she can get what she actually wants… A life with him.

Tucker kisses Ashley's hair

Ashley says sorry, it’s a nice story, but she’s just not there yet.

She says he still has some work to prove himself.

Tucker buries his face in a pillow.

Tucker buries his face in a pillow as Ashley watches and smiles

Crimson Lights

Diane tells Kyle that she’s not reveling in Phyllis’s death.

Kyle says Summer’s in pain, but he knows she’ll eventually know the truth.

Diane talks with Kyle

Diane says that she’s not angry with Summer.

She says Summer is going through a lot, and she’s an easy target for her pain.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks if Billy thinks that Diane had anything to do with Phyllis’s death.

Jack and Billy stand in the living room and talk

Billy says he’s not casting aspersions, but there are rumors.

Jack says it’s trivial gossip, and if that’s all he came to say, he can just leave.

Billy says he came over to find out how Jack was feeling.

Billy talks with Jack

Jack says he’s fine, but he doesn’t seem fine.

Billy says Jack was on a high last night, announcing his engagement, until the news came up about Phyllis. He wonders

Jack says he’s going to marry Diane and protect her from whatever Stark has planned.

Jack wipes a tear from his eye as he speaks with Billy

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer thinks that Diane wanted to take over everything that Phyllis had, and she came to town and did just that.

Daniel says that he’s upset about his relationship with Phyllis, but there are too many questions to be answered before they can blame themselves for her death.

Summer and Daniel sit and talk

Summer says the truth will come out, she’s going to make sure of it.

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