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Y&R Recap – April 11: Summer Finds Out Phyllis Was Poisoned, and Christine Tearfully Tells Lauren Her Marriage With Paul Is Over

Phyllis looks puzzled as she looks at her phone

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, April 11 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Tucker buries his face in a pillow as Ashley watches and smiles

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley talked marriage with Tucker, and Summer & Daniel planned an investigation into Phyllis’s death.

Jeremy & Phyllis’s Motel Room

Phyllis sits in the motel room and looks at her phone. She’s looking at the webpage for her memorial service.

Phyllis sits in the motel room reading about her memorial service


Lauren comes into the restaurant and sits down with Christine.

Christine and Lauren sit and talk

She tells Christine that she’s in shock about

Chance calls and says there were fatal levels of alkaloids in Phyllis’s blood, and it’s now a homicide investigation.

Christine goes back to the table and Lauren shows her a picture that Michael took of her and Phyllis.

Lauren and Christine sit and talk

She reminisces and says she doesn’t know why the universe chose now to take Phyllis.

Crimson Lights

Summer comes into the coffee shop, closes the door to the rest of the cafe, and tells Chance that she needs his help to expose her mom’s murderer.

Summer closes the door to the rest of the coffee shop as she talks with Chance

Newman Enterprises

Victoria is talking on the phone and tells whomever that she’d like to hear about any acquisition ideas.

As she hangs up the phone, Nick comes into the office.

Victoria and Nick stand and talk as they get a drink in the offices at Newman Enterprises

He tells Victoria that he’s been trying to get through to Summer, but he can’t get any time with her.

Victoria tells him he shouldn’t hover so much and give her some space. She tells him that she’s waiting for a bigger deal than McCall Unlimited.

Victoria holds a drink and talks with Nick

Devon’s Apartment

Tucker comes over to Devon’s apartment and Devon invites him in.

They reminisce about Phyllis for a minute and Tucker says he’s there to build a better relationship with Devon.

Devon and Tucker talk

Devon asks him if he’d like a drink and gives him a bottle of Dominic’s apple juice.

Tucker jokes and asks if it’s vintage.

Devon tells him that he spoke with Lily and he won’t be buying McCall.

Devon and Tucker talk

Tucker sits down and asks if Devon has anything stronger than apple juice.

Devon says he’s going back to work at Chancellor-Winters, and doesn’t need to buy McCall.

Tucker is confused, and wonders if there will be lasting peace between him and Lily.

Tucker speaks with Devon

Devon says that Jill decided to keep the company private.

Tucker asks if that would preclude him buying McCall on his own.

Devon says he doesn’t need it.

Tucker sitson the arm of the couch as he talks to Devon

Tucker says it leaves him in a dilemma… How does he sell the company?

Devon says that Jill had said she would buy it.

Crimson Lights

Chance tells Summer that she needs to let the police do their job and investigate.

Summer gestures as she talks with Chance

Summer tells him that Diane had to have something to do with it, and says she knows how to find out the truth.

She asks him to come to the memorial and study everyone’s demeanor.

Chance says that the police were already talking about doing that.

Summer tears up as she speaks with Chance

Summer tells him to watch Diane. She tells him that she ignored Phyllis’s pleas. She says he doesn’t have to believe her, just watch Diane and make her pay.

Chance says there’s something she should know.


Lauren says that Phyllis’s life wasn’t supposed to end this way, what with her kids, grandkids, and talks about how Phyllis was always innovative in business.

Lauren smiles as she talks with Christine

She lifts her drink in memory.

Christine says it’s heartbreaking to lose someone. She says you lose their laughs, their support, their bad taste in movies… She says that you miss the future you should share together.

Lauren says she doesn’t think that this is about Phyllis anymore, and asks if she wants to talk about Paul.

Christine and Lauren sit and talk in Society

Christine tears up and says that she and Paul and had a special relationship, but it’s over now.

Nikki comes into the restaurant and sits with Victor.

She looks over at Lauren and Christine and says that Lauren is really broken up over Phyllis.

Victor says that a lot of people are.

Victor looks at his phone as Nikki sits with him

Nikki asks what he’d like for lunch.

Victor says he’d like a daughter that listened to him.

Nikki says that she loves that Victoria is running it without his assistance.

Nikki talks with Victor

Newman Enterprises

Nick says he wasn’t a big fan of the McCall takeover, and asked Victoria what changed.

Victoria waves it off and says that after some thought, it would be too much work and wasn’t worth it.

Nick and Victoria sit in her office and talk

Nick says she should have listened to his thoughts on it first.

He asks how Victor felt when she told him that she no longer wanted to buy the company.

Victoria says that she told Victor that if he wanted to buy it with his own money, then that was good.

Victoria and Nick talk

Devon’s Apartment

Tucker says that he wanted it to go to Devon, not Jill or Lily.

He says that he wanted to be part of his son’s and grandson’s lives.

Tucker talks with Devon

He says that Devon needs McCall.

Devon says that he needs to leave for another meeting, and that he can’t wait to see how Tucker has changed.

Tucker yells that he has changed.

Tucker yells at Devon

Devon says that he can prove it by being there for him and his grandson.

Crimson Lights

Chance says that Summer isn’t Nancy Drew, he’s got something to tell her, but she has to keep it quiet.

He says they found a lethal amount of poison in Phyllis’s blood.

Chance gestures as he talks with Summer

Summer says that someone poisoned her and watched it happen. It was Diane.

She says that they were in the suite alone, and it had to be Diane.

Chance says he needs to have her not interfere with the investigation and she has to keep this information to herself.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Chance

He says that if the truth comes out before he builds a case, it could interfere with the investigation. He asks again if he can count on her to keep her mouth quiet about this.

Summer asks if she can count on him to be at the memorial service.

She says that he knows everyone, and that’s the best way to find her killer.

Chance agrees that he’ll be there.

Chance talks with Summer

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Victor says that Nikki obviously means that he shouldn’t interfere with Victoria.

Nikki says that marriage is a bunch of gentle suggestions.

Victor crosses his arms as he talks with Nikki

They joke around about how “perfect” NIkki is.

Victor says that Adam needs his full attention, and is his priority now.

Lauren asks what happened between Christine and Paul.

Christine has tears in her eyes as she speaks with Lauren

Christine says their relationship had deteriorated, and at Christmas, they went skiing to see if they could fix their relationship, but they realized it wasn’t salvageable.

Lauren thanks her for talking about it with her.

Christine says that she’s back in the D.A.’s office now, and feels alone.

Lauren holds out her hands as she talks with Christine

Lauren says that she understands, and will talk whenever she wants.

Christine tears up and thanks Lauren for being there for her.

Phyllis’s Suite at the GCAC

Jeremy is packing some belongings in the Athletic Club suite when Chance unlocks the door and walks in.

Jeremy Stark is packing a bag

Chance asks what Jeremy’s doing there.

Jeremy laughs and says that he’s in his dead wife’s room packing.

Chance says since he’s there, he has some questions for Stark.

Chance talks to Stark


Devon comes up to Victor’s table and has a seat.

Victor smiles and asks him for an update.

Devon sits with Victor at a table in Society

Devon says that Dominic is doing very well, and he’s decided to drop the lawsuit and give his partnership with Lily another try.

Victor says that’s great to hear, and that it’s good to work with family.

Devon says he figures that Victor probably invested to get Jill to forget about the IPO.

Victor sits and talks with Devon

Victor admits to giving Jill the money.

Devon asks if he invested for the reason he thought he did.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria says that Victor is bending over backward for Adam.

Nick talks with Victoria

Nick says that he’d do the same for his children, and she probably would too. He says that he’s not giving up on Summer.

Victoria laughs and says that every time she’s asked Nick to leave her alone, he won’t give up on her either, so it’s no wonder that he’s such a good father.

She says that Summer’s lost her mother and best friend, and she needs him more than ever.

Nick sits and talks with Victoria in the offices at Newman Enterprises

Phyllis’s Suite at the GCAC

Chance and Jeremy sit, and Chance says he spoke to the registrar, who confirmed his marriage to Phyllis.

He asks if Jeremy knows that Phyllis changed her will.

Stark says he didn’t know, and wonders where Chance is going with this.

Jeremy and Chance talk as they sit in a guest suite at the GCAC

Chance says that Jeremy killed Phyllis for the money that she left him in her will and wants to frame Diane.


Victor says that Neil was a good friend of his, and he wishes he was still around.

He says he’s witnessed a lot of fights between his kids, and wants to bring peace.

Victor and Devon speak

Devon says that’s not his only concern.

Victor says that it may not be, but he’s invested in both companies.

Devon thanks him for looking out for his familial relationships, and wonders if he invested to stop him from buying McCall.

Devon speaks with Victor

The Abbott Mansion

Nikki rings the bell at the Abbott house and Summer lets her in.

Summer asks what she’s there for.

Nikki and Summer hug

Nikki says that she’s there to help out with anything that Summer needs.

The doorbell rings, and Summer answers.

It’s Nick. Summer lets him in, and wonders if the whole family is plotting against her.

Summer talks with Nick and Nikki

Nick says he’s just there to help. He says Phyllis’s death was a tragic accident.

Nikki says that even though it seems hard now, they’ll get through these tough times.

Phyllis’s Suite at the GCAC

Jeremy says he’d never cause Phyllis harm.

Jeremy sits and talks with Chance

Chance scoffs and asks how Phyllis and Jeremy found each other.

Stark says it’s a classic tale, and that Phyllis wanted protection from Diane, and he was there to provide it.

He explains that Phyllis saw that Diane was dangerous, and nobody believed her.

Stark talks passionately with Chance

Chance says it was a two-way street.

Stark says that Diane wanted to silence Phyllis.

Chance asks why they didn’t contact the police.

Stark says that the police are disinterested. He says he doesn’t want to get in the way of Chance’s work, and he leaves the room.

Stark leaves the room so Chance can search it


Victor raises his glass in a toast to Devon returning to work at Chancellor-Winters.

He says that he’s happy not to be in a bidding war for McCall Unlimited.

Victor and Devon raise their glasses in a toast

Devon says that his relationship with Tucker is strained right now, and tells Victor that if he still wants the company, it’s all his.

They raise their glasses again in a toast.

Phyllis’s Suite at the GCAC

Chance continues looking through the room when he spots a vial underneath the table.

Chance finds a vial under the table and he bags it in an evidence bag

He bags it, and there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Stark, asking if he found anything.

Chance tells him that it’s not his business.

Stark talks with Chance

Stark tells Chance that he wants someone to pay, and wants answers. He says that Chance can search his room, as he assumes Chance is going after the husband rather than the real killer.

Jeremy leaves, and Chance looks at the vial and makes a phone call.

He tells the lab to check on a vial of strychnine he found, and reads the serial number off the bottle, asking them to find the source of it.

Chance holds a bagged vial of strychnine in his hand

The Abbott Mansion

Summer says that she feels like Phyllis is watching over her.

Nikki asks if she needs any help.

Summer talks with Nikki and Nick

Summer says she just needs to nail down a location for the memorial and she’ll be done.

Nick asks what’s so important about the location.

Jeremy & Phyllis’s Motel Room

Phyllis gets a notification on her phone. She looks at it and sees that her memorial service is taking place in the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge at the GCAC.

Thinking out loud, Phyllis wonders what Summer is up to by planning the memorial service at the lounge.

Phyllis looks puzzled as she looks at her phone

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