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Y&R Recap – Thurs June 22: Traci Helps Heal the Rift Between Jack and Ashley With Memories of John Abbott, While Summer Bonds With Diane

A montage of John Abbott, Jack, Ashley, and Traci.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs Thursday, June 22 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Adam kisses Sally's hand.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria made her move to oust Nick, Adam told Sally he loves her, and Nikki told Nate to watch his step.

The Restaurant at the GCAC

Traci talks with her agent, Zelda, about marketing her latest book.

Zelda talks with Traci as they have breakfast together.

Traci says she could use a break from Genoa City.

Zelda says she can tell that something is bothering her… What’s wrong?

Traci says that she’s worried her family might be imploding.

Traci sips her tea as she talks with Zelda.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer approaches Kyle in the living room and asks if he heard the story of Harrison’s hampster at camp.

Kyle says he heard the story when he was tucking Harrison in.

Summer asks him to talk before he leaves for the office.

Summer walks up to Kyle in the living room.

Jabot Cosmetics

Ashley walks into Billy’s office and tells him that she’s contacted other board members to inform them that Diane is a danger to the company.

Ashley talks with Billy.

Crimson Lights

Jack tells his assistant, Emily, to set things up for Diane’s new position at Jabot.

Emily asks him if she should arrange headshots for Diane.

Jack says that she should; it’s time for Diane to make an impression.

Jack talks with Emily as she takes notes.

The GCAC Restaurant

Zelda says she thought that the Abbotts were a tight-knit family, especially Traci’s father, John.

She figures that something between Ashley and Jack is bothering Traci.

Traci holds a cup of tea as she talks with Zelda.

Traci says it’s about Jack and Diane’s mates. She says Jack doesn’t trust Tucker, and Ashley doesn’t trust Diane.

She says that Ashley thinks that Jack will promote Diane to a powerful position, and Ashley will go to the board and remove Jack and take his place as CEO.

Crimson Lights

Jack asks Emily to read him the last three bullet points about Diane.

Jack talks with Emily.

Emily reads off some of Diane’s highlights.

Jack says that Diane will be moving up in Jabot, and everyone should know.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy tells Ashley that Diane doesn’t have a seat on the board; it’s full of Abbotts, Lauren, and a few others, whom Ashley claims are on her side.

Ashley talks with Billy.

Ashley says the board is committed to stopping Diane from taking power.

Billy says he can’t imagine Diane causing damage to the company.

Ashley says that they have checks and privileges to stop another “Gloria” situation.

Ashley talks with Billy.

Billy asks why Diane would want to destroy the company.

Ashley says that Diane might be running a long con. She’s talked with Abby, and Traci about Diane, and Abby’s on her side.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle tells Summer he’s late for a meeting; what’s there to discuss?

Kyle talks with Summer.

Summer says she wants to talk about them as a couple and how they’ll get through this problematic time. She says that Diane has forgiven her, and Summer wants Kyle’s forgiveness too.

Kyle says that he can’t just let go of his anger; it may take a long time for him to get over it.

Summer says she loves Kyle so much. She says she was confused when her mother reached out to her.

Summer pleads with Kyle.

Kyle asks why she didn’t come to talk to him if she was so confused… She slept in a different room than he did, but he accepted it and put her feelings first.

He says that he’s leaving for work, and Summer needs to give him the same time and space that he gave her.

Summer says she’ll give him all the time and space he needs. Kyle leaves the house.

Diane walks into the room and talks with Summer.

Diane walks in and says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop… She feels terrible that Kyle and Summer are having problems.

Summer asks Diane if she thinks that she’s lost Kyle.

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The Restaurant at the GCAC

Zelda tells Traci that she should just come to L.A. and forget about her family problems.

Zelda sits and talks with Traci.

Traci says she has to stay and fix John Abbott’s legacy.

She thinks back to when she was talking with John about staying in town to go to school.

John said that he loves having her live in the same city. They had a good relationship.

John Abbott hugs Traci Abbott.

Traci tears up, and Zelda says she’s seen Traci write her way out of thousands of tricky relationships, and that Traci has a will of iron.

Traci says she’ll try to find a way for Jack and Ashley to understand that peace is the only way, even if she has to smack them upside the head to make them understand.

Zelda laughs and says that’s the way. They raise their teacups in a toast.

A teary-eyed Traci raises her teacup in a toast with Zelda.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy says he won’t go along with Ashley’s crusade to rid Jabot of Jack. He thinks it’s Tucker who’s telling Ashley to do this.

Ashley says that Billy’s being chauvinistic; she thought of this on her own.

Billy raises his hand in appeal as he talks to Ashley.

Billy wonders what will happen if Ashley kicks Jack out of the company. Is Billy going to be next? Who will run the company then? Tucker?

Ashley says Billy has no idea what he’s talking about.

Billy says he’s on Jack’s side.

Billy argues with Ashley as Jack walks into the office.

Jack walks in and says he’s glad someone’s on his side.

Ashley says that Billy lost the company yacht in a poker game; he doesn’t know how to run a business.

Jack says that Ashely’s so blinded she can’t see straight.

Jack argues with Ashley.

Ashley calls Jack brainwashed.

Ashley, Billy, and Jack all get a text message from Traci, calling a family meeting. They leave the Jabot offices.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Summer that she must be feeling helpless and scared.

Diane talks with Summer.

Summer says she wishes she didn’t have to go to her mother-in-law about her problems with Kyle.

Diane says that she’s there for Summer, with no judgment.

Summer says that Kyle is disillusioned with her, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Summer stands with her arms crossed as she talks with Diane.

Diane says that Jack has looked at her that way over the years, and it’s heartbreaking, but that’s in the past for her, and hopefully, it’ll be in the past for Summer and Kyle too.

Summer says she didn’t trust Kyle with her feelings and put her mom before her relationship with Kyle.

Diane says she’ll talk with Kyle about it. She understands why Summer made the choices she did and says that her feud with Phyllis started long before Summer was born. Diane promises to help Kyle find his way back to Summer.

Summer talks with Diane.

Summer thanks Diane and says she has to pull herself together before she goes to the office. She leaves the living room as Zelda and Traci enter the front door.

Traci introduces Diane to Zelda.

Zelda tells Diane she’s happy to meet her, and from what Traci told her, Diane has “a good book in her.”

Zelda and Traci talk with Diane.

Diane laughs, flattered.

Summer returns to the living room and says hello to Zelda.

Zelda smiles graciously and says she’s heard good things about Summer. They shake hands warmly.

Summer smiles as she meets Zelda.

Jack comes in and asks what’s happening. He hugs Zelda and says it’s been too long since they’ve seen each other.

Ashley and Billy walk in and say hello to everyone.

Ashley asks Traci if anything is wrong.

Jack grins broadly as he goes in for a hug with Zelda.

Traci says everything’s fine, but they’re waiting for one more person.

Zelda excuses herself and leaves the house, telling Traci that she’ll see her later.

Kyle enters the house and asks what Traci called him back for.

Kyle talks with Traci as Summer looks on.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ashley snipe at each other until Traci tells them to “just stop“. She says she called this meeting because there’s a communication breakdown between Jack and Ashley, and Kyle and Summer are hardly talking.

Traci says their home is becoming a battleground and asks what John would think if he was there.

Ashley glares daggers at Diane and Jack and says that John would be appalled that Jack brought Diane back into her life.

Ashley looks pointedly at Diane as Billy rolls his eyes.

Jack says that John would feel the same about Ashley and Tucker.

Traci says they need to be kinder to each other.

Jack thinks back to John giving him some sage advice, and how John had told him that he believed in Jack.

John Abbott talks with Jack Abbott.

Ashley says that she can’t do it… She can’t stand talking about John and their family with Diane standing there.

Diane graciously bows out, saying she’ll leave them to talk together as a family.

Before Diane leaves, she says that Ashley is determined to have everyone take sides, but that’s not what she wants. She wants to make peace.

Traci, Kyle, Jack, Billy, and Ashley sit and talk.

Summer says she’ll go with Diane, and they leave the room together.

Traci asks everyone to sit and asks what they think they should do.

Jack says he has John’s voice in his head all the time. He flashes back to when John’s “ghost” told him he was proud of him.

John Abbott gives Jack some fatherly advice.

John tells Jack that he needs to bring the Abbott family together again.

Billy says it’s time to listen to John’s voice in Jack’s head.

Ashley says she carries their father in her heart too… Jack doesn’t have a monopoly on him. She says that John always knew what to say.

John comforts Ashley.

Ashley thinks back to John comforting her after she lost the baby she’d conceived with Victor.

Traci says that John was their “true north”.

Billy says he still is.

Traci smiles as she talks with Ashley.

Traci says that they all learned how to live their lives because of John’s values.

There’s a flashback to John telling Ashley that the animosity between her and Jack has to stop.

Ashley says that John hated it when they were fighting.

John talks with Ashley.

Jack nods and says that John didn’t want them to quarrel.

Traci says she’s feeling better about the whole situation, and hopes that Jack and Ashley can resolve their differences.

Ashley says she’s feeling better and not quite as angry at Jack.

Ashley talks with Traci.

Jack says he’d feel better if he and Ashley weren’t fighting.

Traci tells Kyle that he’s been pretty quiet during this whole talk. She asks what he’s thinking.

Kyle tells Ashley that he can’t force her to like or trust Diane, but he wishes that Ashley and Jack could both “turn down the volume” on their disagreements.

Kyle talks about Summer.

Kyle says that he has a lot going on with Summer, and he’s not convinced that Summer is sincere.

Kyle wonders whether Summer only feels guilty about being caught and thinks she would just continue to lie if she hadn’t been caught.

Traci says that they’ve all been in situations where they’ve never thought they’d be able to forgive someone for hurting them.

Traci smiles as she talks with Kyle.

Traci tells Kyle that it took her a long time to forgive people in her past, but it was worth it.

Kyle says he admires that Traci’s heart is so big and open, but he’s not in the same place with Summer yet and doesn’t know if he will ever be. Kyle leaves the house, unwilling to talk about it anymore.

Jack says that forgiveness can’t be forced… A person has to want to fix things.

Jack sits and talks.

Traci says that nobody raised by John Abbott would choose anger. She says that her part is done, and she leaves the house.

Billy tells Jack and Ashley that he’s going to head back to the office.

He says that he loves Ashley and Jack and wants to keep respecting them, no matter who they decide to marry.

Billy talks with Jack and Ashley.

Billy leaves the house, leaving Ashley and Jack to talk.

Jack asks Ashley if they can get past it.

Ashley says she doesn’t know… Can they?

Ashley talks with Jack.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Traci gives Zelda a hug as she bids her farewell.

Zelda says that she hopes the talk with the family made a difference, and Traci thinks they did.

Traci and Zelda talk.

Jack and Ashley sit and talk as a montage of John plays.

Jack and Ashley sit and talk.
John hugs Jack.
John hugs Jack – CBS
John walks Traci down the aisle.
John walks Traci down the aisle – CBS
John sits at the dinner table with Ashley and Jack.
John sits with Ashley and Jack – CBS

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