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Home » Devon and Lily Remember Neil, Elena and Nate Discuss Their Future, and Connor asks “Where’s Mom?”

Devon and Lily Remember Neil, Elena and Nate Discuss Their Future, and Connor asks “Where’s Mom?”

Neil and Lily Discuss Her Upcoming Marriage

In this episode of The Young and The Restless, Lily and Billy share a difference of opinion, Abby confides in Devon, and Nate and Elena discuss their relationship. This episode’s air date is November 3, 2022.

On yesterday’s episode, power struggles at Newman Enterprises stir up some bad blood, and Phyllis is determined to get rid of Diane once and for all.

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Billy and Sharon get Chelsea situated in a care facility. Chelsea starts to panic, saying that she can’t be in a place like this again.

Billy and Sharon get Chelsea situated

Billy reassures her that she’ll be alright, that it’s not like before, and that he’ll be there for her. Sharon and Billy let Chelsea know that nobody knows she’s there, and that she can take things at her own pace. They reassure her that Connor will be taken care of, and that he still needs her.

Jean, a caregiver at the facility, comes in and lets Chelsea know that she will be doing an intake interview. She seems very kind and caring.

Jean starts the intake interview with Chelsea

Billy and Sharon leave them in the facility and discuss how they’re going to have to deal with Adam for Connor’s sake. Billy thinks that Adam has something to do with Chelsea’s state of mind.

Jean asks Chelsea about her state of mind, and how she can help her heal. She gets a history from Chelsea, where Chelsea talks about her sons, Johnny and Connor, but they move on from that, as she’s not comfortable talking about it. They talk about her former hospitalizations and suicidal thoughts. Chelsea says that she doesn’t think that she wanted to die, she just wanted to be out of pain.

Jean asks what her goals for being there are, and Chelsea says that she needs help, and just wants to get better.

Devon makes himself comfortable in Lily’s office at Chancellor-Winters. He tells Lily that Nate’s running Newman Media for Victoria. She’s taken aback by this new information.

Lily and Nate reminisce about their father

Lily is upset, and figures out that Victoria and Nate were colluding. She asks how things are between Devon and Nate, and Devon says that nothing has changed, there’s still animosity between them.

They start reminiscing about Neil, and how amazing he was, and Lily tears up, thinking of how cold she was to him, and how he only wanted her love.

Neil and a young Lily

Devon tells her that he misses him too, and that everything he has accomplished was because of Neil, that everything he’d done inspired him to be the man he’s grown into.

A young Devon talks with his father, Neil

Lily remembers when she was getting married, and told Neil that she wanted him to walk her down the aisle, and that he was always supportive to her.

Devon tearfully says that he hasn’t ever stopped missing Neil, and that he probably won’t.

Billy walks in and sees that they’re having a moment. He says he doesn’t want to intrude, but they welcome him. Devon asks him about leaving his mother’s company, and says that he doesn’t think it’s the best move for him to leave the company.

Lilly and Billy talk about Chelsea

Devon leaves Lily and Billy alone, and Lily asks about Chelsea. He tells her that Chelsea had an emotional break, and needs some time to recover. He says that his part’s not done, he’ll help Chelsea through it all the way.

Elena shows up at Nate’s place, who’s very happy to see her. He says he really missed her and asks about Baltimore. Elena says that she didn’t take the job.

Elena returns to Genoa City and greets Nate

She says that she couldn’t do it, because she was in a state of confusion about how they left off, and that she wanted to see if they could make things work before she made a life-changing decision like moving away.

Nate lets her know that his relationship with Devon is still up in the air, though he thinks they’re making progress. He’s still trying to get over the punch that Devon threw that ended his surgical career, but he’s getting there. He seems remorseful about betraying his family, and Elena wonders if he’s on the road to forgive Lily and Devon.

Nate says that Devon won’t move forward until he reveals who the CEO was that he was collaborating with. Nate just wants the fighting to be over, but doesn’t know if Devon and Lily will ever get past what he did.

Nate and Elena talk about their relationship

Nate explains how he’s now the new CEO of Newman Media, which surprises Elena. She thinks the position was a consolation prize from Victoria for selling out his family. She thinks that Victoria’s used him twice, and this is just a way to get rid of Sally.

He explains that he’s just trying his best to be the man she fell in love with.

At Crimson Lights, Connor has a day off school, and Adam brings him a hot chocolate. Connor asks where his mom is, and his dad tells him that she’s not answering the phone.

Connor asks Adam about his mother

Connor says that Johnny and he agreed that things haven’t changed just because they found out she’s Johnny’s bio-mom, and he wants to tell her. Connor thinks that Chelsea is avoiding him because of what he’d said to her. Adam says that she loves him, and he’s sure she’ll be ok and talk to him soon.

Billy and Sharon come into the coffee shop, and talk about what they should tell Adam and Connor. Billy leaves to go check on Chelsea, and Adam walks over to Sharon, asking her what Billy and her are hiding.

At Society, Devon sends a text to Amanda. “Call when you can. So much going on. Nate now works for Victoria. And I really miss my dad.”