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Home » Kyle and Summer are Shocked to the Core Over Diane’s Deceit and Tucker Makes a Veiled Threat

Kyle and Summer are Shocked to the Core Over Diane’s Deceit and Tucker Makes a Veiled Threat

Diane and Tucker.

In this episode of Y&R, Kyle and Summer find out about Diane’s deception, power struggles at Newman Media create familial rifts, and Phyllis is determined to get rid of Diane once and for all.

In the previous episode, Devon challenged Victoria over Nate’s new position, Billy and Sharon helped Chelsea, and Chance and Abby argue about his job taking priority over their relationship.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Ashley walk in to find Summer and Kyle returned from their honeymoon, looking relaxed and refreshed. Ashley tells Kyle that there have been some developments with his mother and Tucker.


Jack says that Diane has been hiding her relationship with Tucker since she came back to town. Kyle’s shocked that Tucker found out that Allie existed and told Diane so she could get into their good graces. Summer says that Diane’s shock at Tucker’s crashing Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal must have been an act. “Damn, she’s good!”

Jack then reveals that Diane wants to get closer to Kyle, and is feeding Tucker information to allow him to get closer to Ashley. Shocked, Kyle asks if Jack’s source is reliable. Jack tells him that the source is Diane, and she admitted everything.

Kyle is mortified that Diane wormed her way into his and Harrison’s life, and is putting on an act about who she is and what she did in L.A. Jack says she had no choice, that the only way to get close to Kyle was through Tucker.

Jack tells them about Jeremy Stark, who was using Diane as a courier for money laundering, and was going to report her to the police. Jeremy was arrested, and she expected the police to come looking for her, but they didn’t.


Diane then told Jack that Tucker appeared and somehow knew about Jeremy Stark, and convinced her that they could be of service to each other. Jack says that he hasn’t told anyone else about Jeremy Stark, but that he thinks that Summer and Kyle needed to know the whole story.

Summer wonders what Diane’s real reason for telling Jack was. Jack says that Phyllis was talking to Talia Morgan, the investigative journalist, and that Nikki was helping Phyllis out. Summer can’t believe that her mother was still involved in going after Diane after promising to keep her nose out of it.

Summer and Kyle are left alone. The doorbell rings, and it’s Phyllis at the door. Kyle lets her in, and she says that she’s looking for Jack.

Summer confronts her mother and says she knows that she has been meeting with Talia Morgan. Phyllis says that she’s not the bad guy, Diane isn’t the saint that she’s been pretending to be, and it’s taken a lot of digging to get to the bottom of it.

Diane enters Society and sees Tucker eating a salad by himself. She sits down at his table, and Tucker quickly apologizes if he came off as threatening before, but he was caught off guard by her confession to Jack.


Tucker says that he forgives her for telling Jack their secret, and now she’s off the hook, that she’s free of his villainous clutches, and he has no leverage over her. Diane laughs and says she doesn’t believe his apology, he’s too treacherous.

Diane says that she did what he told her to do, but couldn’t get Jabot’s financials. She asks how Tucker could think that Ashley would still want to be with him when he was trying to take her company. Tucker responds, “Who says I’m trying to take it away from her?”

Diane asks what he was planning, but Tucker tells her the details are none of her concern. He leaves the restaurant, a veiled threat hanging in the air.

Sally is packing up her office at Newman Media as she leaves a voicemail for Chloe, telling her to get back to her as soon as possible. There’s a knock at the door, and Adam enters.


Sally tells him that she and Chloe have been let go due to restructuring, and that Victoria already has a replacement for her. Adam is shocked and says that she deserved better. He wonders how much Nick had to do with the decision.

She says that Nick had nothing to do with it, that it was probably her relationship with Adam that soured it. Adam offers to help her get a job at Jabot or Marchetti, but Sally declines, saying that he only wants to assuage his guilt. She tells him to go find Chelsea, and he wishes her luck on the way out.

Nick is filling out some paperwork at the office, and Victoria brings him a coffee. Nick’s upset that Sally was fired and thinks that Victoria’s trying to erase every last trace of Adam. Victoria says that Nate will be a great fit, and that Nick should get on board with it.


She questions him about his relationship with Sally, but he dodges the question. Victoria keeps digging, and says that a relationship with Sally could pit Nick against Adam.

Nick relents, and says that his relationship with Sally doesn’t justify firing her and hiring Nate. Victoria says that it was the right move for Newman Media, and Victor walks in, saying that he agrees with Victoria’s decision.


Victor says that Nate is a logical person, and will do a great job as CEO. He tells Nick to just let it go. Nick won’t. He says that their feelings are coloring their business decisions, and that he keeps the two his personal life and business life separate.

Victor is sitting in the living room of The Ranch, playing chess against Faith on his cellphone with Nikki watching over his shoulder. Ashley walks in and asks whether Victor was aware that Tucker and Diane were working together in L.A.


Victor deflects, and says that Nikki and her “cohorts” are handling the situation. Ashley hopes that Tucker and Diane will leave Genoa City for good, and Victor warns her to be careful.

Phyllis comes in and takes a seat, and Victor remarks how ironic it is that Diane Jenkins brought them all together. He leaves them, and Phyllis and Nikki quiz Ashley on what she’s learned about Diane.


Ashley tells Nikki and Phyllis that Diane told Jack everything, and Nikki thinks that they backed her into a corner, forcing her to tell Jack what happened. They raise their glasses in a toast, celebrating that “they got her!”

Ashley thinks there’s more to the story with Diane and Tucker. Phyllis and Nikki ask how Jack reacted when Diane told him about Tucker. She says that Jack is conflicted, that Diane only wanted to reunite with Kyle, and going through Tucker was the only way to do that.

Phyllis says that they all need to figure out a way to get Diane out of their lives… For good. Phyllis gets up and says that she’s going to make sure that “that bitch doesn’t wriggle off the hook!”

Adam strides into Crimson Lights, leaving a voicemail for Billy asking for information about Chelsea’s whereabouts. Nick comes in, and Adam confronts him about Sally’s firing.


Nick says that firing Sally had nothing to do with him, and Adam says that Nick only slept with her to get back at him. They argue about Nick’s motivations, when Sally walks into the coffee shop. “Is everything ok, or do you need a referee?”

Adam and Nick snipe at each other for a minute, before Adam says he has more important things to deal with and leaves in a huff.

Nick offers to help Sally find a job, and that he told Victoria and Victor that they had made a terrible mistake letting her go, and that they were wrong about his feelings affecting his business dealings with Sally. Sally declines his offer.