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Y&R Spoilers May 13-17: Victor Makes Dangerous Plans for Jordan, Kyle Overrules Summer’s Decision About Claire

Kyle and Summer.

These are the Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of May 13 through May 17, 2024. Y&R Spoilers are posted every week for the week ahead to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come!

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Coming up this week on The Young and The Restless…

Sally asks Audra how she knows when it’s time to cut and run.

Sally Spectra talks with Audra Charles.

Alan tells Traci it’s worse than he thought… There’s more than one personality at play, and the one he just spoke to is rather concerning!

Alan Laurent talks to Traci.

Lily tells Nate and Devon she’s been loyal to Jill. This is a complete betrayal, and they have to respond accordingly.

Lily Winters.

Nate thinks she’ll explode when they do this.

Devon doesn’t care. She dropped the bomb on them, and now they’ll return the favor!

Nate Hastings talks with Devon.

Monday, May 13

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Devon and Nate plot Billy’s departure from Chancellor-Winters.

Christine and Danny open a new chapter in their lives.

Adam comforts Chelsea.

Devon and Nate.

Tuesday, May 14

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Jill stuns Lily with shocking news.

Daniel puts his pride aside.

Audra is skeptical of Tucker’s loyalty.

Jill talks to Lily and Devon.

Wednesday, May 15

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Ashley devises a dangerous plan.

Sally faces a dilemma.

Tucker proves himself to Devon.

Ashley Abbott holds her temples.

Thursday, May 16

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Phyllis’s plan to support Daniel backfires.

Audra makes a power move.

Abby votes against Devon’s wishes.

Abby, Devon, and Phyllis.

Friday, May 17

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Victor’s plans for Jordan take a dangerous turn.

Nick confides in Phyllis.

Kyle overrules Summer’s decision about Claire.

Victor and Victoria.

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5 thoughts on “Y&R Spoilers May 13-17: Victor Makes Dangerous Plans for Jordan, Kyle Overrules Summer’s Decision About Claire”

    1. We’ve heard and seen the same scene of Jack and Diane 3 days in a row. We’ve heard Summer utter “my son! ” ad nauseum. We’ve heard the SAME Connor dialog from Chelsea and from Adam for weeks.

  1. Kyle needs to remind Summer that she is not Harrison’s real mother. If he wants to let his son see Claire then he will.

  2. I agree about Summer. Harrison is not her son. She is sickening to watch. I use to like her now I can’t stand her or her mother. Her story line needs to change.

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