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Young and Restless Spoilers Jan 23 – Jan 27: Victor Wants Kyle to Play Dirty, Nikki Interrogates Jack & Diane, and Devon Wants to Take Lily to Court

Fenmore goes in for a hug with his mother, Lauren, while Trey (his boyfriend) , Kevin, Gloria, and Chloe look on

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of Monday, January 23 to Friday, January 27 2023. Y&R Spoilers are posted every week for the week ahead!

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Lily talks with Devon and Abby Y&R spoilers yandrrecaps

Coming up on Young and Restless…

Diane causes a little friction, Kyle learns that his dad is sleeping with Diane and isn’t too happy about it. Victor calls in a favor with Jill and conspires with Kyle as Victoria goes outside her comfort zone.

Meanwhile, Sally has a confession, Elena doesn’t like where Audra and Nate’s relationship is going, and Lauren has words of wisdom for Phyllis before she celebrates her 40th anniversary.

Tracey Bregman’s been with Y&R for 40 years!

Monday, January 23

Victor tries to repair his relationship with Adam

Summer and Kyle argue again about Victor and scheming against Adam.

Nikki knows just what Diane’s up to.

Victoria gets Nick to open up about his issues with their father.

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Victor stands with his arms crossed as he looks down at his video call with Jill

Tuesday, January 24

Daniel tells his mother to stop obsessing over Diane.

Phyllis makes a promise to Daniel.

Billy and Chelsea discuss what’s next for their future.

Lily and Devon get together to try to find some common ground.

Victoria and Tucker discuss Audra Charles and how she was working with Tucker.

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Phyllis and Daniel talk Y&R spoilers yandrrecaps

Wednesday, January 25

Today is Lauren Fenmore’s standalone episode.

Congratulations to Tracey Bregman on 40 years at Y&R!

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Fenmore goes in for a hug with his mother, Lauren, while Trey (his boyfriend) , Kevin, Gloria, and Chloe look on

Thursday, January 26

Tucker crosses the line.

Phyllis turns on her charm.

Tucker talks with Phyllis Y&R spoilers yandrrecaps

Friday, January 27

Victor wants Kyle to play dirty.

Victoria pushes Tucker’s buttons.

Nikki does some interrogating of Jack and Diane.

Billy makes a confession to Chelsea.

Nikki talks with Jack and Diane Y&R spoilers yandrrecaps

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