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Home » Young and Restless February Sweeps: Sally Reveals the Baby Daddy, Victoria & Nate’s Relationship Is Used to Advance Someone’s Agenda

Young and Restless February Sweeps: Sally Reveals the Baby Daddy, Victoria & Nate’s Relationship Is Used to Advance Someone’s Agenda

Sally Spectra, Adam Newman, and Nick Newman

Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith dishes up what’s coming up for the residents of Genoa City in February’s sweeps[mfn]The networks measure their audience using the Nielsen Ratings system and make almost all of their profits from selling advertising time on their shows based on this information. Before the ratings became as sophisticated and as quickly available as they are today, a 4 week period each quarter was designated as the point of reference for stations to set rates for their programming.

These months became infamous as networks would save the most exciting, sensational and viewer-grabbing plot points or developments for these months in hopes of boosting their bottom line. November, February and May (and to a lesser extent July) are sweeps months. In the soap opera world, since shows are airing every week and storylines are ongoing, sweeps began to take on an outsized importance.

You have to work a lot harder to keep viewers hooked everyday for 5 days a week compared to a prime time show once a week. The term “sweeps” can be taken as when plots are “swept” together into climaxes. Soaps spend much of the year building up their stories, planning plots and lining up character returns and exits with sweeps in mind. If executed well, each plot thread weaves as many characters into the canvas as possible, intertwining different stories building to an exciting climax with a huge payoff.

This payoff usually ends up a turning point for characters with rippling effects setting the stage for the next sweeps month. Since ratings have become so much easier to access by the next day, sweeps months are not as important to the networks as they used to be. Soaps, though, have continued to use the schedule as the structure for their storytelling. (From Reddit)[/mfn] in Soap Opera Digest.

Newman Enterprises

Victor Newman – the savvy and shrewd businessman that he is – has his people investigate Tucker, and finds that he’s struggling financially.

He plans to buy out Tucker’s debts from his creditors, and a hostile takeover will be easy to achieve.

Victor Newman and Tucker McCall

Victor mobilizes Newman Enterprises to prepare for a takeover of McCall Unlimited, with it hinted that Adam will run the company.

Victoria and Nick knew their father was bringing Adam back into the fold, but they didn’t know Victor’s plans for Adam included Tucker McCall.

Nick Newman, Victoria Newman, and Adam Newman


Nikki puts her stamp on a special Genoa City event that quickly gets the attention of everyone in town.

Nikki Newman

Ashley & Tucker

Ashley returns from Paris, determined to move on from Tucker and his wicked ways.

At first glance, she appears to be drawn back into our favorite ne’er-do-well’s clutches, but as it turns out, she’s the one holding all the cards.

Tucker McCall and Ashley Abbott

Phyllis & Diane

Phyllis leaves Nikki and Ashley out of the picture while she investigates other routes to take down Diane, which leads to a shocking twist.

Phyllis Summers

Diane pushes too hard with her vengeful agenda, and Nikki backs her into a corner.

Ashley Abbott, Phyllis Summers, Diane Jenkins, and Nikki Newman

Kyle & Summer

Kyle has reignited his dark side by working toward a common goal with Victor, which brings a new layer of drama to “Skyle’s” relationship.

Kyle talks to Victor in the Jabot Cosmetics office.

Kyle and Summer square off as they defend their mothers’ actions to each other.

Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman

Nick / Sally / Adam

Sally’s paternity test comes back, revealing the father of her unborn baby.

Sally struggles to make sure she makes the right decision for herself while hoping that it’s the best decision for her unborn child.

Sally Spectra, Adam Newman, and Nick Newman

Victoria / Nate / Elena

Victoria’s interest in Nate grows, and their partnership is going to get a lot more complicated because of it.

Nate does his best to remain faithful to Elena, but someone else has their own plans, using Victoria’s interest in Nate to their own advantage.

Billy & Chelsea

Billy and Chelsea delicately navigate their budding relationship, dealing with Chelsea’s mental health issues and Billy’s recent breakup with Lily as they go.

Billy and Chelsea sit, smiling and enjoying each other's company

Mariah & Tessa

As they prepare for motherhood, questions are raised as to whether one of them is truly ready for motherhood and the massive change a baby will bring to their relationship.

Sharon & Chance

Sharon continues to provide loving support to Tessa and Mariah, and at the same time starts spending more time with Chance.

Chance laughs as he talks with Sharon

Devon / Lily / Abby / Daniel

Devon and Lily’s relationship deteriorates as they reach a significant impasse with the future of Chancellor-Winters, and not even Jill can find a middle ground with them.

Devon finds himself leaning on Abby for moral support in his battle.

Lily yells at Devon

Daniel is having a rough go of it with Chancellor-Winters’ problems causing restrictions on his Omega Sphere gaming platform.

His issues are compounded by Heather and Lucy arriving in Genoa City with shocking news.

Daniel holds his hands as he listens to his mother, Phyllis, talk