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Y&R Recap – Tues Apr 25: Ashley Asks Tucker to Move In, Chance Finds Out Stark Is Dead, and It’s Revealed That Sally Is Having a Baby Girl

Tucker crosses his arms as he talks with Ashley

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, April 25 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Tucker signs the contract

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker signed away McCall Unlimited, Billy & Chelsea took a big step, and Ashley & Jack face off over Diane.

Tucker’s Room at the GCAC

Tucker has an empty suitcase on the bed. He picks up his phone and calls Victor, telling him that the deal is signed and he’s now the owner of McCall.

Tucker calls Victor

Victor tells him that he’ll have the money transferred right away.


Ashley tells Abby that she talked with Jack and told him that his plan to marry Diane is going to break up the family.

Ashley talks with Abby as they sit at a table

She says that Jack told her to move out.

Abby says that maybe Jack’s right, she should move out.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Sally and Nick look over the sonogram. They talk about hearing the heartbeat.

Sally and Nick look at Adam

Adam comes in and says he can’t believe they’re having a baby girl.

Crimson Lights

Christine is sitting with Chance and asks if he’s had any luck finding Jeremy Stark.

Chance says he hasn’t.

Christine talks with Chance over coffee

Lauren comes into the coffee shop and sits and talks with Jack.

She says she’s surprised that he wanted to see her.

Jack says that she probably hates him for making Michael take Diane’s case.

Lauren sits and talks with Jack

Lauren says she could never hate him, but she wishes he got another defense attorney.

She says that she and Michael don’t talk about it at home or they’ll argue.

Jack says he’s stressed, Summer and Kyle are having problems, and he and Ashley shouldn’t be in the same room together.

Jack speaks with Lauren

He says that Traci left for New York to escape the tension.

Lauren says she misses Phyllis every day and doesn’t see a resolution that will give anyone any peace.


Ashley asks if Abby is taking Jack’s side.

Abby and Ashley talk

Abby says she’s not, but she wants her mom to find peace of mind.

She says she’s going to go to the kitchen to check on some things.

Tucker messages Ashley and tells her he’s leaving.

Tucker messages Ashley. "Leaving today. Have something for you. Will you come by?"

Sally’s Room

Adam says it looks like the baby is sucking her thumb.

Nick says he’s glad the appointment was moved from yesterday to today.

Adam, Sally, and Nick sit and talk about the baby sonogram

He says that the baby will be loved by everyone in the family.

Sally says their little girl will have a lot of love, some would say more than her fair share.

Adam and Nick smile, but the smile drops off Nick’s face quickly when he looks at Adam.

Sally talks with Nick

Victor messages Nick and says he has to meet him ASAP.

Sally asks what’s up.

Nick says that it can wait.

Nick gets a message from Victor. "Need to meet. ASAP"

Sally says that he shouldn’t worry about her, he can go if he needs to.

Nick says he really should go. He kisses Sally and asks if Adam’s leaving.

Adam says he’ll stay.

Nick leaves, and Sally comes to sit beside Adam.

Sally sits on the arm of Adam's chair


Abby brings Victor a coffee.

Victor asks how Abby and her mother are doing.

Abby brings Victor a coffee

Abby says that Jack told Ashley to move out.

Victor says that Jack can’t tell Ashley to move.

Nick comes in and kisses Abby on the cheek as a hello. He sits with Victor and asks what he wanted.

Nick kisses Abby as Victor watches

Abby leaves them to talk.

Victor tells Nick that he just purchased McCall.

Nick says congratulations, but it has nothing to do with him.

Nick and Victor sit and talk

Victor says he wants Nick to join Adam at McCall.

Nick says he can’t be serious, he has a job at Newman and has no interest in a consolation prize for Adam.

Victor says that Victoria has her sister to back her up, and Adam needs help too. He wants Nick to help.

Victor points at Nick as they talk

Nick says that’ll never happen.

Victor says that he gets along with Adam for the sake of the child, and he wants to know why he can’t do the same for the family.

Nick says that he’s not going to listen to this. He gets up and Victor tells him to stay, he’s not finished.

Nick talks with Victor

Sally’s Room

Adam says he’s really excited.

Sally sits on the couch and asks how he feels about having a little girl.

Adam and Sally sit and talk

Adam says he loves it, but he’s baffled. He has no idea about how to deal with little girls.

He sits beside Sally and says that he won’t know how to say no if the girl looks at him with her baby-blue eyes.

Sally jokes and says they could be brown. She says that he’s a wonderful father to Connor, so she believes he’ll be just fine.

Adam sits beside Sally as they talk

Adam says that he’s glad they’re having a girl because there’s less of a chance he’ll screw the kid up. He says that he’s worried the kid would turn out like him.

Crimson Lights

Jack looks over his shoulder at Christine and says he knows that Diane is innocent. He apologizes for bringing Diane up.

Jack talks with Lauren

Lauren says it’s ok, the first thing she wanted to do in the morning was to call Phyllis about a new designer.

She tears up and says she never even got a chance to say goodbye.

Lauren asks how Phyllis could be gone… Her spirit and never-ending energy… What are they going to do without her?

Lauren talks with Jack

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Tucker’s Room

There’s a knock at Tucker’s door, it’s Ashley.

Ashley asks if he needs any help packing and asks where he’s going.

Ashley comes into Tucker's room

He says he’s good, maybe he’ll go to Peru, there’s nothing keeping him in Genoa City.

Ashley says he’s quitting.

Tucker says he’s embracing his future outside of Genoa City.

Tucker shows Ashley that he's repaid his debt

He shows Ashley proof that McCall’s debt is paid, and she can’t use it to keep him under her thumb.

Ashley says just like that, he’s leaving. She calls him a coward who is just going to slink off.

She says she had a plan, she just wanted him to mend his relationship with Devon.

Ashley smiles as she talks with Tucker

Tucker says he didn’t need to be redeemed by her.

Ashley says he’s right and she goes to leave.

Tucker tells her to wait and says that he tried with her and Devon, and Dominic is the only one in town who likes him.

Tucker gestures as he talks with Ashley.

He says there’s no place for him.

Ashley says there might be a place for him… How about he move in with her?

Tucker laughs and asks her what the hell she’s talking about… He opened a vein to her the other day, and now she wants to be roomies?

Ashley tears up as she talks with Tucker

He says he wouldn’t do it even if she was serious.

Ashley says that he needs to stick around to fix things with his grandson, Dominic.

Tucker says he doesn’t want to stay.

Tucker talks with Ashley

Ashley says there’s unfinished business between them. She says that she did put up walls, but she’s not ready for him to go.

Crimson Lights

Lauren and Jack walk into the other part of the coffee shop, and Christine asks to speak with Lauren alone.

Christine and Lauren go into the enclosed patio.

Christine talks with Lauren

Lauren says that she can’t believe that Michael is defending this “monster”.

Christine says it’s not the case she would have chosen to prosecute, but it’s her job as D.A., and it’s Michael’s job as a lawyer.

Jack asks Chance what he’s doing to find Stark.

Jack confronts Chance

Chance says that he doesn’t have to tell Jack anything.

Jack says that Stark had every reason to hurt Phyllis, and says that the GCPD isn’t up to the task of finding him.

Christine comes back into the room and tells Jack to step away.

Jack gets angry and leaves, telling Chance that things aren’t always as they seem.

Chance holds up his hand as he talks with Jack

Sally’s Room

Adam says that Connor and Christian turned out well but it’s not because of him, he doesn’t even have a job now.

Sally says he’s learned and grown from his mistakes, and she knows he loves Connor, and he’s everything like his father.

Adam talks with Sally

She says he won’t screw up their kid, she’ll be perfect.

Adam says he’ll do his best to put aside his fears and insecurities for Sally and for the baby’s sake.

Sally says the baby is perfect… But she’s worried the baby will inherit her worst traits.

Adam and Sally talk


Nick sits back down with Victor.

Victor says maybe it’s because he’s getting old, but he wants his sons to be friendly with each other. He says that Sally’s only skill is pitting Nick and Adam against each other.

Nick talks with Victor

Nick says Sally’s not like that, and he doesn’t like being patronized.

He says that he and Adam will be at each other’s throats if they worked together. He tells Victor that he has a granddaughter on the way and that he should stop playing games with his sons.

Victor sits back, surprised. “Granddaughter?”

Victor talks with Nick

Nick says it’s not his news to share, but he found out this morning.

Victor says that Adam must be happy to have a girl.

Nick says that it’s a new baby, a new life, and he knows how Victor gets excited about grandchildren, but he needs to forget everything and wait for the baby to arrive.

Nick gets up and leaves.

Nick talks with Victor

Sally’s Room

Sally says she was a terror when she was young.

Adam jokes that nothing has changed.

Sally talks with Adam as they sit on the couch

Sally worries that the girl will hate her.

Adam laughs and says that Sally can be a pain in the ass, but the baby will be really smart and loved.

Sally wonders what would happen if the baby dates someone they don’t like. She looks at the sonogram and says she already loves the baby with her whole heart, but the responsibility is scary.

Adam and Sally stand up as they talk

Adam says that she won’t be alone. He’s right there to help.

Sally says that the Newmans are going to cause problems.

Adam says that he and Nick will fend them off.

Sally says that there’s one Newman that she “loves to the moon” that they have to include in this soon… Connor.

Sally talks with Adam

Crimson Lights

Sharon says she’s sorry Jack came after Chance, and she understands why he’s rethinking his career.

Chance says that he’s still thinking about leaving the GCPD, and he’s sick of being yelled at, second-guessed, and he’s going to do something about it. He says he’s going to do whatever it takes to get the truth.

Chance leans on the counter as Sharon talks with him

Tucker’s Room

Ashley says if Tucker feels like he’s been beaten, then go. She says it’s monsoon season in Sri Lanka, he should rethink it.

She says she was hasty because he pushed buttons she didn’t know she even had.

Tucker crosses his arms as he talks with Ashley

Tucker asks if they can make it work if they’re under the same roof.

He says that Ashley just wants to use him to stick it to Jack.

Ashley says they should just think of it as a grand experiment, and if it doesn’t work out, he can go to Sri Lanka.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Tucker says that when she says it like that, it’s such a turn-on.

Ashley asks if he accepts her offer.

Tucker says he needs reassurance that she’s not doing this for Jack.

Tucker listens as Ashley explains her feelings

Ashley says Tucker hurt her in ways she didn’t think he could, and that she’s realized that she was wrong. She doesn’t want him to go.

She says the playing field is level, so they should play.

Tucker asks how they can play if he loves her more than she loves him.

Ashley grabs Tucker and kisses him passionately.

Ashley kisses Tucker passionately and he responds in kind.

Sally’s Room

Adam says he hasn’t broached the subject with Chelsea, and wonders if it would confuse Connor that Sally is with Nick and not the baby’s father.

He says he has to talk with Chelsea first before he tells Connor.

Sally and Adam stand and talk

Sally says that they have to talk with Christian too. She says she’ll talk with Nick, but wonders if they should all talk about it together.

Crimson Lights

Jack comes back into the shop and says he’s not there to cause trouble, he forgot his tablet.

Chance talks on the phone as Jack listens in the background.

Chance’s phone rings, and he answers. He asks if the caller is sure of the news.

After he’s finished the call, Jack asks if the call had anything to do with Diane’s case.

Chance says he’s not sure… Jeremy Stark was just found. Dead.

Chance tells Jack that Jeremy Stark was found dead.

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