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Y&R Recap – Mon May 8: Malcolm Returns for Neil’s Memorial, Devon Takes the Winters Name, and Daniel Can’t Keep Quiet About Phyllis

A collage of Malcolm, Daniel, Abby & Devon.

Today’s Young and The Restless recap airs Monday, May 8 2023 in the USA, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Connor looks at Adam with concern.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon’s mom surprised him by showing up at Neil’s memorial, Connor learned about his new sister, and Abby & Ashley argued about Tucker moving into the Abbott mansion.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle comes home and calls for his mother.

Jack smiles as Kyle and Diane hug each other.

Diane comes around the corner and they hug each other tightly.

Jack smiles as he sees mother and son reunite.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Harmony (who used to go by the name Yolanda) hugs Devon and explains that Tucker reached out to her to tell her about Neil’s memorial.

Yolanda hugs Devon.

She says that Tucker even sent a car for her.

Tucker smiles as he looks on at their reunion.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane thanks Kyle and Jack for standing with her, saying that she’s thankful for them and Michael, who deserves accolades for his work on getting her out on bail.

She worries about how Summer is going to react to her living there.

Kyle talks with Jack and Diane.

Kyle asks if she knows about their new houseguest.

Diane looks confused and asks who is living there.

Jack tells her to brace herself… Tucker McCall is living there.

Diane is shocked by the news that Tucker moved in.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon is incredulous that Tucker invited his mother to the memorial.

Tucker laughs as Devon shakes his hand, saying he’s glad it worked out.

Tucker smiles at Devon and Harmony.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer comes home to see Diane at home.

“Diane? What are you doing here?”

Abby comes through the door as Diane and Jack watch.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon says he can’t believe she’s there.

Harmony says she’s so happy that Tucker let her know about the memorial, and she can’t wait to see Dominic.

Devon smiles as he talks with Harmony.

Devon says Dom can’t wait to meet his amazing grandmother.

Harmony laughs and says that she’s not that amazing.

Devon reminds her that she’s been off drugs for decades, and she’s really turned her life around.

Harmony talks with Devon.

Harmony says that Tucker seems to be making up for lost time.

Devon says that making this happen is a good start.

Tucker asks if Victor is enjoying his new empire.

Tucker and Victor talk at the bar.

Victor says he is and that he thinks that bringing Harmony to see Devon was a very touching gesture.

Nikki tells Abby that she did a wonderful job planning the party.

Abby says that means a lot coming from someone like Nikki who planned the Bicentennial Gala.

Nikki talks with Abby.

Nate comes by and Abby asks where Elena is.

He says that Elena couldn’t make it and looks over at Harmony. He’s happy but surprised to see her.

Victor stands up and asks for everyone’s attention so he can speak. He talks about Neil, saying that one of the only people he could ever trust in business was Neil Winters.

Victor makes a speech about Neil.

He says that Neil raised Devon and Lily against all odds, and the fact that Devon and Lily are there to honor the man who raised them says everything about his friend.

Victor says Neil was all about family, and family is the most important thing.

He raises his glass to Neil, and everyone toasts.

Victor and the people in the lounge raise their glasses in a toast to Neil.

The Abbott Family

Summer asks Diane if the D.A. dropped the charges and wonders if the cops have any new information.

Kyle and Summer look at Diane and Jack as they all talk.

Jack says that Diane is innocent and she didn’t kill Phyllis. It’ll only be a matter of time before they find the evidence to prove it.

Summer looks very uncomfortable.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon and Lily thank Victor for his speech.

Devon and Lily talk with Victor as Abby looks on.

Abby gives Victor a hug and says that his speech brought her to tears.

Victor says that he’s proud that Devon is becoming part of the family, and he knows that Devon makes Abby happy.

Nikki tells Daniel that it was brave of him to come to the place his mom collapsed.

Devon, Abby, and Victor raise their glasses in a toast.

Sharon tells Daniel that the pain can take a long time to go away.

Nikki and Sharon both tell him that he can reach out to them for anything.

Daniel excuses himself.

Sharon and Nikki talk with Daniel.

Devon is at the bar when he looks at Nate. He walks over to talk to him.

Nate says that he can’t believe it’s been four years since Neil died.

Devon says that he’s happy to see him at the memorial, and asks him where Elena is.

Devon talks with Nate.

Nate says she had a long day and is probably sleeping. He says that he’s going to go get a drink.

Sharon asks if Mariah’s having a nice time.

Mariah says she is. She wonders why Ashley is staring daggers at Harmony.

Sharon says that when Tucker and Ashley were married, Tucker and Harmony had a “moment.”

Mariah says that explains it.

Mariah looks surprised as she talks with Sharon.

Tucker and Harmony talk, and Harmony says she’s sorry about what they’d done to Ashley.

She tells Tucker to make sure he doesn’t hurt Ashley.

Tucker smiles and says he won’t.

Harmony waves at Ashley as she talks with Tucker.

Abby asks Ashley if she knew about what Tucker had planned to announce at the memorial.

Ashley says she did… And she should go say hello right now.

Ashley and Abby talk at the bar.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Diane says she knows that it must be a shock to see her there, but she would never have taken Summer’s mother away from her.

Summer gets really upset, saying Diane is responsible.

Diane talks with Summer while Kyle and Jack look on.

She says that ever since Diane’s return from L.A., she lured Jack into her trap, and it’s not fair that Diane is able to be there while Summer’s family has been ripped apart.

Summer runs over to Kyle and says that she needs to go.

Diane tells her to wait, she has something to explain.

Summer is upset as she talks with Kyle.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Ashley comes over to Harmony and Tucker, and says – slightly snidely – that it’s nice to see Harmony.

Harmony says it’s so nice that they’re honoring Neil, and that so much has changed, but so much has stayed the same.

Ashley talks with Harmony and Tucker.

Ashley asks what’s stayed the same.

Harmony says that the fact that Ashley and Tucker found their way back to each other is amazing.

Nate sits with Lily at the bar and says the lounge is a great way to keep Neil’s memory alive.

Nate sits with Lily at the bar.

Lily says that things really worked out, and thanks Nate for coming to the party on such short notice.

Nate says he wasn’t in L.A. for long, and he was anxious to leave.

Sharon and Mariah talk with Nikki and Victor about the baby.

Victor says that he’s really happy for Mariah and Tessa, and says that they should take a walk around the grounds of the ranch.

Sharon and Mariah talk with Nikki and Victor.

Daniel thinks about Summer telling him that Phyllis is alive.

Lily comes up to him and says he looks deep in thought, she thinks he’s upset.

Daniel says he’s just thinking.

Lily sits and talks with Daniel.

Lily says that he’s holding back, and she knows he’s thinking about his mom.

Sharon and Mariah thank Abby and Devon for inviting them and leave the memorial.

Nikki and Victor say thanks as well. Nikki says they don’t want to intrude on Daniel and Lily and asks Devon to say goodbye for them.

Mariah and Sharon thank Abby and Devon for the memorial while Harmony looks on.

Lily asks what’s on Daniel’s mind.

He says that his conscience is bothering him.

Lily sits and talks with Daniel.

Tucker and Ashley thank Devon and Abby for organizing such a wonderful memorial for Neil.

Devon says that he’s really thankful for Tucker bringing his mother to the event.

Tucker speaks with Abby and Devon.

Daniel says he has to leave, and asks if Lily’s heading to New York to see Charlie tomorrow.

Lily says she is going for business, but mostly to see Charlie.

They hug, and Daniel leaves the party.

Lily smiles as she hugs Daniel.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane tells Summer that she gives her word that she won’t crowd her and will try to stay out of her way as much as possible.

She says she may be limited, though, and shows Summer her ankle monitor, explaining that she can’t leave the property.

Summer and Kyle look at Diane's ankle monitor.

Summer is shocked and says that she won’t be able to avoid Diane.

Her phone pings with a text message, it’s Daniel asking to see her right away.

Summer is really upset and says she has to leave. She runs out before anyone has a chance to stop her.

Daniel messages Summer. "Need to see you. Important."

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily and Devon are talking, when Malcolm walks into the lounge.

Lily and Devon are surprised and happy to see him.

Malcolm hugs Devon as Lily gets up smiling.

They all hug, and Malcolm sees the portrait of Nail on the wall. He reminisces about Neil.

Devon asks if he remembers Harmony.

Harmony says she used to be known as Yolanda.

Nate looks on as Malcolm talks with Harmony.

Malcolm laughs and says he couldn’t forget her.

Nate looks on, and Malcolm asks if Nate is following his heart.

Nate says he is.

Nate and Malcolm talk.

Harmony says that Neil learned from his mistakes, and was able to find forgiveness and hope when nobody thought it was possible.

She tears up and says that Neil raised Devon as his own, even after she failed her own son.

Devon stares into the distance, and Lily asks what he’s thinking.

Abby looks on as Devon comes to a realization.

He says that he just made an important decision.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle tells Jack and Diane that something’s going on with Summer, and he wonders where she keeps going. She gets a text, and boom, she’s gone.

Kyle says he has to find her. He leaves.

Kyle talks with Jack and Diane.

Chancellor Park

In the park, Daniel sits on a bench, looking at his phone.

He hears something and calls out.

Summer and Daniel talk in the park.

It’s Summer, and she says she wishes he didn’t choose that spot to meet.

Daniel looks confused and says that it’s Summer’s “spot” and he has something to talk to her about.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon says that the company they’re working for, Chancellor-Winters, only exists because of Neil.

Devon talks with Malcolm as Abby looks on with a smile.

He says he wants to legally take Neil’s last name and go by Devon Winters. He asks if Harmony and Malcolm are ok with this.

Malcolm takes his hand and asks if Devon knows what Neil would say about it.

Devon laughs and says Neil would say, “My man.”

Devon hugs Malcolm while Abby smiles and watches.

Malcolm says that’s exactly what he’d say, and now Devon is his brother.

Lily hugs him and says they’re both Winters now! Devon and Lily Winters.

Devon hugs Harmony and tells her that he loves her, and she tells him she loves him too.

Devon and Lily hug.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says that it’s really nice to hold Diane in his arms again.

Jack and Diane hold each other and snuggle on the couch.

Diane asks if Jack’s ok, the constant turmoil must be taking a toll on him.

Jack says that he hopes that they’ll find out soon what happened to Phyllis that night and that they can all heal.

Chancellor Park

Daniel tells Summer that he went to the Jazz Lounge for a memorial to Neil, and every time he turned around, people were wondering how he was coping with Phyllis’s death.

Daniel looks determined as he speaks with Summer.

He says he can’t keep deceiving people who care about him, and he won’t do it anymore.

Summer, looking scared, asks him what that means.

Daniel says they’re going to tell everyone the truth… That Phyllis is alive.

Summer looks shocked as Daniel speaks with her.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

The lounge has pretty much emptied out, and Abby declares that the party is “officially over”.

Harmony says she’ll touch base with them tomorrow, she’ll be staying in the hotel overnight.

Abby and Devon smile as they say goodbye to everyone.

Malcolm says he has to catch a flight right away, he’s got to get back to his job.

Nate says he thinks he’ll get a room at the hotel as well since he doesn’t want to disturb Elena. He says goodnight and leaves.

Harmony says “Goodnight Mr. Winters” to Devon, and everyone laughs happily.

Malcolm gestures as he talks with Devon and Abby while Nate looks on.

Abby hugs Malcolm and says it was nice to see him, and she leaves.

Lily asks how Malcolm always shows up in the nick of time.

Malcolm says he always shows up for Neil because Neil would do the same for him.

Malcolm talks with Lily and Devon.

Lily, Devon, and Malcolm all say that they love and miss Neil as they look up at his portrait.

Malcolm says that Neil’s star will keep shining on them.

Devon, Malcolm, and Lily hug as they look at Neil's portrait.

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