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Y&R Recap – Tue May 14: Alan Meets With Tucker About Ashley and Decides to Stay in Town, Jill Confirms Billy’s Power, and Devon Seeks Tucker’s Help

Alan, Tucker, Devon, and Jill.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Christine, Danny, Phyllis, Billy, and Sally.

On the last episode of Y&R, Christine dropped a bomb on Phyllis by telling her she’s decided go on tour with Danny, Billy took over Jill’s role at Chancellor-Winters, and Sally decided to return to fashion.


Daniel walks into Lily’s office and says Esther told him that Lily might have time between meetings to talk to him.

Lily says Esther was wrong; she doesn’t have time for whatever Daniel wants.

Daniel Romalotti

Daniel says he wants to discuss the lawsuit, since the arbitration date is coming up.

Lily says there’s nothing to talk about; Daniel is suing Chancellor-Winters, and they’re going to fight back.

Daniel says he’s not asking for everything, he just wants the pieces of OmegaSphere that are closest to his heart.

Lily Winters

Chancellor Park

Abby and Devon watch as Dominic plays in the playground. Abby says that Dominic has really taken to the monkey bars.

Devon agrees. He says Dom has fallen, dusted himself off, and got right back on again. He wonders whether Dominic’s stubbornness comes from him or from Abby.

Devon Hamilton-Winters talks to his girlfriend, Abby Newman.

Abby thinks it must come from Devon… He can take stubbornness to a whole new level! She says Devon mentioned something was going on at work… Was it something to do with Mamie?

Devon says it’s Billy, actually… He told Lily and Devon that Jill had handed over all her power at Chancellor-Winters to him.

Abby’s surprised. All of her power? That doesn’t make any sense!

Devon says it doesn’t make sense… That’s why he doesn’t think Jill made the call on her own. This feels like a move by Billy to assert his control over them, and Devon won’t stand for it!

Abby talks to Devon.


Audra sits alone at a table, drinking a cup of coffee, when Ashley (Belle) walks into the restaurant.

Ashley runs over to Audra’s table and says hello.

Ashley Abbott

Audra grins uncomfortably… Look who it is!

Ashley hopes Audra has “wised up” about Tucker.

Audra groans. They’re back to that?

Audra Charles smiles at Ashley.

Ashley says she can’t help it; she can’t understand why Audra is so taken by Tucker. She says Audra must have a blind spot regarding to him.

Audra is confused… She’s the one with issues?

Ashley says Audra is a lone woman ready to take on the world… Maybe she has ditched “that snake.”

Ashley talks to Audra.

Audra says she’s sorry to disappoint, but she and Tucker are solid. In fact, they’re leaving town for a bit.

Ashley loves travel… Where are they going?

Audra says Ashley knows where.

Ashley laughs and says they must be going to Paris… Because Tucker’s relationships work out so well in Paris.

Audra listens to Ashley.

The Genoa City Athletic Club

Tucker walks into the club’s dining room and meets Alan. They shake hands, and Tucker notices that Alan has luggage beside him. He asks if Alan is leaving soon.

Alan says he is… He has business elsewhere.

Alan Laurent talks with Tucker McCall.

Tucker asks if he’s going to leave Ashley in the lurch. He says Ashley needs help, and Alan needs to do something about it.

Alan asks what kind of help Tucker thinks he could offer Ashley.

Tucker shrugs. Alan’s the psychologist and Ashley’s friend, and he thinks Alan should stay on top of the situation; he shouldn’t just leave.

Tucker and Alan talk.

Alan nods. He figures Ashley means a lot to Tucker.

Tucker says it’s not about him; he wants Alan to give Ashley guidance and insight. He asks him to give her some advice… Just do something.

Alan doesn’t think Ashley would be comfortable with him discussing her with her ex.

Alan and Tucker.

Tucker says Alan should consider him a concerned friend.

Alan asks why Tucker thinks Ashley needs psychological help… Were there signs that he’s seen to come to this conclusion?

Tucker says he could give Alan a play-by-play of all her disturbing and bizarre behavior since their honeymoon in Paris. It didn’t end well, and Ashley had convinced herself that Tucker had behaved violently toward her. It took her months to realize she was mistaken, and ever since, it’s been one wild personality swing after another.

Tucker and Alan.

Alan says people are entitled to their emotions.

Tucker says it’s deeper than that, and Alan must have noticed since he knows Ashley so well and is a psychologist. Tucker says Ashley’s family is terrified for her; has Traci or Jack approached Alan about it?

Alan doesn’t answer the question. He asks if Tucker has considered that what Ashley is going through might be because of Tucker’s behavior.

Alan Laurent

Tucker admits he wasn’t the “perfect husband” while they were married and he’s sorry for the ways they hurt each other. He probably could have been more supportive.

Alan asks if he told Ashley that.

Tucker says whatever is going on with Ashley isn’t going to be solved by a kind word from him. He says Alan can catch his flight, or he can stick around and do something to help Ashley. He doesn’t think Ashley will get well if she’s left on her own.

Tucker McCall


Audra asks Ashley if she finds this entertaining; Audra doesn’t… She finds it boring.

Ashley says she’s just trying to make friendly conversation.

Ashley smiles at Audra.

Audra says Ashley should find someone else to have a conversation with… Someone she hasn’t insulted a dozen times!

Ashley gets it.

Audra says she doesn’t see the point… What does Ashley want from her?

Audra Charles

Ashley says she doesn’t want anything from Audra; she just thinks she can do better. Tucker’s not worth the trouble!

Audra nods. Obviously, he’s not worth the trouble for Ashley, but he’s not trouble for Audra… They have something that’s real, and it’s unlike anything she’s ever had before.

Ashley asks if that’s a good thing.

Ashley Abbott

Audra says Ashley doesn’t want to see how solid she and Tucker are. Audra says she doesn’t give up on Tucker when things are tough, and she doesn’t give him mixed messages or patronize him.

Ashley says that’s wonderful… Love should be cherished and celebrated; she only wishes Audra the best.

Audra wonders if the visit from Ashley’s therapist friend is helping… Ashley seems to be on a more even keel.

Audra talks to Ashley

Ashley smiles. Alan is a charmer.

Audra says she should be careful… It might not be the best idea to get involved with her therapist.

Ashley laughs and says it’s adorable that Audra would give her dating advice.

Ashley smiles at Audra.

Chancellor Park

Abby tells Devon she understands why he’d be suspicious of Billy… The timing of the announcement is pretty strange.

Devon agrees—especially because Jill hadn’t mentioned any of it to them! They’ve been calling and meeting with her about Daniel’s lawsuit and Mamie, and she hasn’t said a word.

Devon and Abby talk.

Abby asks what Jill’s explanation is.

Devon says they haven’t heard anything from Jill yet… Billy told them that she was unreachable while she was traveling.

Abby nods. That is odd. Billy drops a bomb on them, but Jill isn’t even around to corroborate it!

Abby and Devon.

Devon says it’s “classic Billy” to do something underhanded with an ulterior motive.

Abby wonders if Billy might be telling the truth; Jill might have done it so she can focus on her personal life instead of business… She has earned the right to do that.

Devon says she has earned it, but she wouldn’t do it without talking to him or Lily about it first… They’re her partners.

Devon and Abby.

Abby says that would have been a better way to handle it instead of having it come through Billy.

Devon wonders why Jill would do it if it blindsided him and Lily; Jill and Lily are close… She put Lily in charge of Chancellor Industries; why would she pull the rug out from under her?

Abby figures Jill must have a good reason for it.

Abby looks at Devon.

Devon says Jill is aware of the tension between him and Billy and wouldn’t drop something on them like this without warning him.

Abby agrees that Jill is smarter than that.

Devon thinks that either Jill is being careless or she wants to go to war.

Devon talks to Abby.


Lily tells Daniel that she’s not sure why he’s not getting it… OmegaSphere belongs to Chancellor-Winters, not to him.

Daniel says OmegaSphere wouldn’t exist without him; it was his vision and direction that made it successful.

Daniel talks to Lily.

Lily says it was successful because of Chancellor-Winters’ money and their offices.

Daniel says he made Princess Louisa for his daughter; isn’t Lily sympathetic to that?

Lily says just because he wants something doesn’t mean he’s entitled to have it.

Lily talks to Daniel

Daniel was hoping she’d changed her mind, as time might have let things cool off between them.

Lily asks if he’s asking if things had cooled off after he cheated on her. She was gone taking care of her daughter in California while he was sleeping with Heather behind her back… And now Daniel wants Lily to do him a “very expensive” favor? Why would she do that?

Daniel asks if she wants to punish him by taking away everything he made.

Daniel Romalotti

Lily says he didn’t make it on his own, and he doesn’t get to keep it.

Daniel nods. Okay. He says he’s sorry that he hurt her, but they need to keep this separate.

Lily says it is separate.

Lily Winters

Daniel doesn’t think it feels that way. He thinks Lily won’t be happy until she crushes him; this is all about revenge!

Lily says they shouldn’t be talking without lawyers present.

Daniel asks what it’s about if it’s not about revenge.


Lily says Daniel wants to retain a portion of OmegaSphere, and she’s not going to allow it for the good of the company. There’s nothing personal about it. He signed a contract!

Daniel says he’s not hurting the company by asking for what he deserves.

Lily says he is… They’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources into OmegaSphere, and the game is of great value to the company. The contract says that Chancellor-Winters owns the Intellectual Property. If they give Daniel pieces of it back for free, it undercuts their bottom line.

Lily smiles at Daniel.

Daniel says that’s what it’s all about, then… The bottom line.

Lily says that if he got what he wanted, it would decimate what he’d created. She’s looking after the company; it’s her job.

Daniel says Lily’s hiding behind her job. He says they’ve almost known each other their entire lives, and they’ve always had each other’s back and have been there for each other. He’s coming to her as a friend and as someone who adored her and is begging her. He asks her not to take it from him.


Chancellor Park

Abby tells Devon she doesn’t think they should jump to conclusions or make assumptions about what Billy and Jill are up to.

Devon says it’s hard not to… He knows that Jill has no reason to give up control.

Devon and Abby.

Abby asks what Devon is going to do if it is true, and Jill is handing all her power over to Billy.

Devon says he’s not thinking about it until he and Lily have a conversation with Jill about it.

Abby knows Devon is frustrated; there have been a lot of changes at the company lately, and it’s been chaotic.

Abby and Devon.

Devon says it all started when Lily left town; Billy and Chance were brought in, and Mamie started causing issues… It seems they’ve lost their footing.

Abby says that at least Chancellor-Winters has remained profitable through it.

Devon wonders how long that can last; it’s hard to do business when management is unstable.

Abby asks Devon how he thinks Neil would have handled this.

Devon talks to Abby.


Audra tells Ashley that she has no desire to interfere in her romantic life, but she thinks it’s inappropriate for a therapist to be involved with his client.

Ashley says Alan isn’t her therapist; they’re friends.

Ashley talks with Audra.

Audra says she saw them together and it looked like they were more than just friends.

Ashley leans in. “You think so?”

Audra says she does, and she thinks she knows what Ashley is after… She’ll try to lure Alan in, charm him, flirt with him, and maybe even get him to fall in love with her, but it’ll all be a distraction since she knows he’ll be too busy crushing on her to focus on her psychological problems.

Audra talks with Ashley.

Ashley thinks it’s “quite the juicy plot” Audra has cooked up.

Audra rolls her eyes. She says it can’t be easy to hide whatever is happening to Ashley with a psychologist hovering over her.

Ashley says that Alan is brilliant and attractive, but they’re not involved in a professional way, so there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Ashley smiles.

Audra says she’s not concerned and asks if that means Ashley won’t pursue Alan.

Ashley says she’s always open to whatever the universe has in store for her. She says goodbye and leaves Audra’s table.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker tells Alan that Ashley’s attitude toward him is constantly shifting; one minute, she’ll approach him and want to reconnect with him and tries to intimidate Audra. Ashley tells Audra that she’s the one who should be with Tucker, but the next minute, Ashley will reject him outright and lash out at him, threatening him. He says Audra told him that Ashley has been talking about herself in the third person, saying that “she” was out to get him. Someone needs to step up and get a handle on this, whether it’s Alan or Ashley’s family.

Tucker talks to Alan.

Alan says it does sound concerning, but there’s a possibility it’s just a misunderstanding.

Tucker laughs and says Alan must be good at poker; what hand is Tucker holding right now? What’s Tucker thinking?

Alan says he doesn’t do parlor tricks or play games, but he thinks Tucker feels guilty. He says Tucker is worried that Ashley is suffering from severe trauma from the way Tucker treated her, and he’s hoping she’ll seek help.

Alan Laurent.

Tucker asks how Ashley seeking help would benefit him.

Alan says that if Ashley got help from him or someone else, Tucker would be “off the hook” for having hurt her.

Tucker thinks that’s an interesting take, but he’s already accepted his responsibility for hurting Ashley. He knows he’s not entirely to blame, but he wants her to get help for her sake and for her family’s sake. He tells Alan that he’s moved on, romantically, from Ashley, and he sleeps well at night.

Tucker smiles at Alan.

Alan says he must not be as good at reading people as Tucker thought he was.

Tucker asks how Alan “reads” Ashley.

Alan says he’s not prepared to discuss Ashley with Tucker.

Alan holds a credit card.

A server walks by and hands Alan his credit card. Alan thanks him.

Tucker wonders if Alan has changed his mind; is he staying?

Alan says he’s only just arrived in Genoa City; he sees no reason to rush off, and his business can wait.

Tucker laughs. So Alan has decided to stick around and help Ashley! He thinks Alan must have made that decision before Tucker showed up.

Tucker laughs.

Alan laughs. Was it?

Tucker grins and says he fed Alan all sorts of info on Ashley, and Alan just ate it up; he likes his style!

Alan laughs and shakes Tucker’s hand, telling him he wishes him well. He leaves the dining room.

Alan and Tucker shake hands.

Chancellor Park

Devon tells Abby that Neil would tell them to work through their issues or walk away.

Abby says Devon doesn’t want to walk away; he’d already tried that!

Abby talks with Devon.

Devon says he’d love to, but he couldn’t do that to Lily; their partnership is too important to him, and he’d feel awful if he stepped back only to see everything they worked for fall apart.

Abby asks if there’s any way that Devon and Billy could work on things or hash things out.

Devon doesn’t think so; Billy isn’t interested in changing his ways… And Devon doesn’t want to work things out. He feels Billy is a threat to the company and needs to leave; they need to figure a clever way to get rid of him!

Devon talks with Abby.

Abby is worried now.

Devon says the only thing she needs to be worried about is the damage that Billy could do if he stays. What Billy is doing is underhanded, and Devon needs to figure out how to undercut him in return!

Abby says that’s not who Devon is; he doesn’t play dirty!

Devon says he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the company; Billy has declared war, and if Devon doesn’t do something, they could lose everything.

Abby and Devon.


Lily thinks Daniel is trying to guilt-trip her, but there’s nothing she can do.

Daniel tells her just to give him Princess Louisa. The game is a love letter to his kid!

Daniel talks to Lily.

Lily says it’s not her call; the board voted to keep all of OmegaSphere’s IP.

Daniel says if she told the rest of the board that she’d changed her mind, the others might follow. Devon and Nate will do whatever Lily thinks is best, and Billy will too. He thinks the other board members know it’s about Lily and Daniel, and they’re just trying to make it easier on her.

Lily laughs and says that may be Daniel’s perception, but it’s not true; it’s about the company. She says Chancellor-Winters has enough on their plate right now.

Lily smiles at Daniel.

Daniel thinks she’s stressed about something… Does she want to talk about it?

Lily laughs. Talk? With him? No.

Daniel says he knows he’s asking a lot but thinks they can figure out a solution.

Daniel Romalotti.

Lily says she won’t promise anything, but she will revisit it with the board when it’s convenient.

Daniel thanks her.

Lily opens her laptop and starts working.

Lily looks at her computer.

Daniel nods. He wishes her good luck with whatever else she’s dealing with and leaves the office.

Lily’s computer chimes. It’s an incoming video call. She answers.

It’s Jill. “Hello, Lily!” She apologizes for the delay in getting in touch.

Lily asks Jill what’s up… Did she really give Billy all of her power behind her and Devon’s backs?

Jill Abbott is on a video call on Lily's laptop.

The GCAC Dining Room

Audra meets Tucker in the dining room. She tells him that she met Ashley, and Ashley wished them well!

Tucker grins. As in, “I wish you well as you plummet to your deaths after I push you off a cliff?”

Tucker smiles as he talks to Audra.

Audra shrugs. Ashley told her that she wished them a wonderful life together. She explains that Ashley had approached her at society, and had told her that she could do better than Tucker.

Tucker says there’s no question about that.

Audra says Ashley backed down after she defended their relationship, and Ashley had said she was glad they were happy and had each other. She says it’s weird… Ashley had insisted she was Tucker’s one true love before, but now she’s changed her tune and is all over the place emotionally. Audra doesn’t want to make it worse by giving Ashley a hard time.

Audra smiles at Tucker.

Tucker says Audra’s very kind.

Audra wonders if Ashley’s “shift” has come about because of her therapist friend… Maybe he really is helping her.

Tucker shrugs. It’s possible.

Tucker and Audra talk.


Alan walks into the restaurant and meets with Ashley. He explains that he’s late because there was a delay getting him into his new room.

Ashley says it’s okay… She’s just happy he’s sticking around!

Ashley talks to Alan.

Alan says he is, too. He mentions that he had a “little run-in” with her ex-husband.

Ashley shivers dramatically and says Tucker is a selfish pig who just likes to hear himself talk.

Alan says Tucker seemed genuinely concerned and thinks he carries a lot of guilt over what happened between him and Ashley.

Alan talks to Ashley.

Ashley says Tucker doesn’t “do” guilt… In fact, he doesn’t do any emotion.

Alan says Tucker might care about Ashley more than she realizes.

Ashley says she doesn’t care what Tucker thinks… She’s only interested in better things.

Ashley smiles at Alan.

Daniel enters the restaurant and looks around.

Tessa asks if she can help him.

Daniel apologizes for being distracted. He looks at Tessa and says she looks familiar…

Tessa Porter talks to Daniel.

Tessa says they have mutual friends on social media, and she recognizes him, too. She introduces herself as Mariah’s wife.

Daniel grins and says he doesn’t mean it like that… He’s a fan of her music and has played some of her songs on repeat; they’ve helped him get through some tough times!

Tessa smiles and says she appreciates it; that’s what music is for! She wonders if he’s going through a rough time right now.

Tessa and Daniel.

Daniel says that’s an understatement.

Tessa says she can’t play any music for him, but there’s good food and drink at the restaurant, and she’s been told she’s a good listener.

Daniel figures she must be busy; he didn’t even know that Abby had hired her!

Tessa says she’s a fabulous manager and a good listener. He should give her a shot; she might surprise him!

Daniel Romalotti Jr.


Jill tells Lily that Billy must have explained what happened to her and Devon.

Jill talks to Lily.

Lily says she wants to hear it from Jill. Is she really stepping back and giving control to Billy? Why would she do that?

Jill says that’s right. She says she’s doing it because Devon is determined to push Billy out of the company.

Lily says she wouldn’t have let that happen.

Lily talks with Jill.

Jill says she saw it coming and that’s why she didn’t warn Lily and Devon about her decision.

Lily says they were blindsided… She thought they trusted each other!

Jill says Devon forced her hand; he’s never given Billy a chance and took him seriously, but now he has to. She says this move is binding, and she thinks it’ll help the company by limiting arguments; Billy now has her role and her power, which is equal to Lily and Devon’s.

Jill Abbott.

Lily asks where that leaves Jill.

Jill says she’s not walking away; she’ll still be available as an advisor. Now Lily, Devon, and Billy will all be forced to work together, and they can get back to business.

Lily says Jill’s made things worse… This isn’t a solution!

Lily Winters.


Tessa places a beer in front of Daniel. She says she’s a fan of his, too… She says Princess Louisa is the best, and it’s all his vision!

Daniel nods and sips his beer. It was!

Tessa talks with Daniel who holds a beer.

Tessa says she heard he’d named the main character after his daughter, which is a great tribute. She says she writes songs for Aria, but they’re mainly about her bathtime, though she’d like to write an album for her someday.

Daniel says she’d be writing a love letter. He thinks of the game as a love letter to his child.

Tessa thinks that upsets him somehow.


Daniel says he’s not sure if she’s heard… He’s no longer working for Chancellor-Winters, and they own OmegaSphere and its games, so the games are no longer his.

Tessa is sorry to hear it.

Daniel says he’s not together with Lily anymore, either… Things ended badly between them.

Daniel Romalotti

Tessa asks how bad it was.

Daniel says he cheated on her.

Tessa winces. “Ouch!”

Tessa looks at Daniel.

Daniel says he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but he doesn’t want to let go of the work that he created. Everything is a giant mess, and it’s his fault!

Tessa laughs and says she can relate to that feeling.

Daniel asks if she managed to ruin her own life as well.

Tessa says it felt that way, but it ended up working out; she meant that she’s had experience with causing trouble for herself and those around her.

Daniel talks to Tessa.


Ashley tells Alan she’s going to promise him something… She won’t ever scare him off again because she wants him to stay around as long as possible.

Alan thinks that sounds lovely. He says Tucker seemed intrigued that he was staying in town, too. He seemed to think Alan was staying for professional reasons, not personal reasons, and he started asking a lot of questions.

Ashley talks to Alan.

Ashley asks if Alan humored Tucker’s curiosity.

Alan shakes his head. He didn’t see a need to.

Ashley says that’s a good answer.

Alan talks to Ashley.

Alan says Tucker seems like the type who thinks he deserves whatever he wants; he’s entitled, and Alan wasn’t inclined to help.

Ashley says she likes that about him; she doesn’t care what Tucker says or what he does… She just wants to focus on what’s right in front of her.

Ashley smiles at Alan.

The GCAC Dining Room

Tucker tells Audra they have to move on from Ashley’s issues since she doesn’t seem to be moving on from them.

Tucker gestures as he talks to Audra.

Audra nods. She never knows what attitude she’ll get from Ashley next.

Tucker says they need to make a conscious decision not to talk about Ashley anymore. He wants to concentrate on them and get out of town! He suggests they book an earlier flight.

Audra grins and asks if Tucker is trying to run away from something with this trip.

Audra Charles smiles at Tucker.

Chancellor Park

Abby tells Devon she doesn’t want to think the worst of Billy, and she hopes that Billy’s intentions aren’t as bad as Devon thinks they are. If Billy is doing this without Jill’s approval, then he’d be gaining more power and control for himself.

Devon nods. Exactly! If Billy gets exposed for the power grab, then Jill will be angry, and Lily won’t ever trust him again.

Devon and Abby stand and talk in the park.

Abby asks what Billy would have to gain from it. Before Devon starts drawing up battle plans, he needs to find out what Billy is really up to!

Devon’s phone rings. It’s Lily. He takes the call on speaker.

Lily tells him that Jill finally called her back, and everything that Billy said was true… She handed Billy her control and her position.

Lily calls Devon.

Devon nods. “Wow, okay.” He says there’s something he needs to take care of, and then he’ll make his way to the office.

Lily tells him to make it quick… They don’t have much time to lose. They end the call.

Abby tells Devon to go; she and Dominic will be fine.

Abby talks to Devon.

Devon says he’d rather spend time with them than dealing with it.

Abby smiles and asks what’s so important that he needs to deal with it before he goes to the office. She asks him not to do something he’ll regret.

Devon promises he won’t. He kisses her and leaves to say goodbye to Dominic.

Devon leaves the park and says goodbye to Abby.


Tessa tells Daniel that work and romance can be messy when they intersect. She tells him about a trip she took to a music festival in San Francisco. She went with Noah Newman, and Mariah and Devon came together.

Tessa smiles at Daniel.

Daniel asks why it wasn’t Tessa and Mariah who went together.

Tessa grins and says she and Mariah were very much not a couple back then. She was seeing Noah, and Mariah was seeing Devon. She says there was chemistry between her and Mariah, but she was signed to Devon’s label and wasn’t selling well, and she was in deep denial about Mariah. She says she used Mariah’s journal for inspiration, but didn’t have permission to use it… That mistake cost her a job, a friend, and her boyfriend.

Daniel says that is a mess.

Daniel smiles at Tessa.

Tessa nods. Her whole world fell apart, but she had help in putting the pieces back together, and now she has the best life possible.

Daniel says if Tessa could give him a step-by-step checklist of how to do just that, he’d forever be in her debt.

Tessa Porter talks with Daniel Romalotti.

Chancellor Park

Ashley (Belle) and Alan walk into the park arm-in-arm. Ashley says the park is one of her favorite places.

Alan says he saw that the park was named after Katherine Chancellor… Did Ashley know her?

Alan and Ashley talk in the park.

Ashley says she knew her a bit.

Alan figures Katherine must have been a powerful figure in town.

Ashley nods. She was a mogul! In her mind, Belle wonders why she can’t remember Ashley’s past.

Alan talks to Ashley who reads the park sign.

Ms. Abbott responds and says she wants Belle to fail. Dumbass!

Alan asks if Ashley is okay.

Ashley says she’s enjoying the sunshine and his company… It’s been a while since she’s been so at ease! She says she really wants to kiss him right now… She’s been wanting to kiss him ever since he came to town!

Ashley smiles at Alan and holds his lapels.


Audra and Tucker leave the dining room. Audra says Tucker never answered her question.

Tucker talks to Audra.

Tucker says he’s not running away from anything. He just wants to get away with her; she’s the only thing that matters now! He glances at the door and says they should go.

Devon enters the club and asks if Tucker has a second… He could use Tucker’s help.

Devon talks to Tucker as Audra looks on.

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