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Y&R Recap – March 6: Diane Almost Refuses Jack’s Proposal After Stark Sends Her a Threatening Message, Summer Reacts Badly When Sally Tells Her She’s Pregnant, and Phyllis Decides to Work With Stark

Summer is unhappy as she talks to Sally

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, March 6 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Phyllis lies on a couch with her eyes opened, she's just woken up

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis got drunk and woke up with Stark watching her, Jack asked Diane to marry him, and Mariah showed off baby pictures.

The Abbott Cabin

Jack just asked Diane to marry him, and she can’t believe it.

 Diane looks shocked as she speaks with Jack in the cabin

Jack explains that he thinks they belong together.

Diane says she can’t believe it.

Jack says he’ll be right back, throws on a jacket, and leaves Diane confused and alone in the cabin.

Jack speaks with Diane

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Phyllis wakes up in Jeremy Stark’s hotel room on his couch.

Phyllis wakes up on the couch in Jeremy's hotel room

She asks what happened.

Jeremy says she was drowning her sorrows, and he had to help.

She says she remembers walking out of the hotel and hearing cars, but it’s all blurry.

Jeremy sits and talks with Phyllis

Jeremy says that he tweaked his back when he picked her off the street. He says he saved her life, she passed out in the middle of traffic.

Phyllis asks why he brought her to his room.

Jeremy gives Phyllis some water and asks if she wants an aspirin.

She declines and says she can take care of herself.

Jeremy stands and talks to Phyllis

Jeremy says that her world is falling apart.

She says that’s funny coming from a career criminal.

Jeremy says he had a moment when he realized that his feelings weren’t going to eat him alive, that he’d use the feelings against the person who destroyed his life.

He figures that their target is the same. He says that together, they can bring Diane down.

Phyllis sips on water as she talks with Jeremy

Phyllis figures she brought him up to his room so he could convince her to join his scheme to get back at Diane.

Jeremy says what would happen if a video of her stumbling drunk would make it out to the public.

Phyllis figures he’s threatening her. She says she won’t let him.

Jeremy looks at his phone as he speaks with Phyllis

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Y&R News


Adam is in the restaurant thinking about his last meeting with Sally and Nick when they asked him to stay out of things.

Adam sits at a table drinking in Society

Nick walks in and sees Adam drinking alone at a table, and asks if he’s expecting anyone.

He sits down and says he ordered some takeout, but it’ll be a while before it’s ready.

Nick says that they haven’t had a chance to talk since Sally’s news.

Nick sits with Adam in the restaurant

Nick says Adam’s in a tough spot, and he sympathizes with him. He wonders how Adam’s going to handle things.

Adam says that he knows that he’s going to be a father, but won’t interfere with Nick and Sally’s relationship.

Nick says his concern is for her well-being.

Adam and Nick sit at a table in Society and talk

Nick says that he thinks that Adam is going to insinuate himself back into Sally’s life.

Adam asks how he thinks he’ll do that.

Nick points out that he asked Sally to attend the doctor’s appointments with her.

Nick speaks with Adam

Adam says that Nick said that he’d have a role to play in the baby’s life, this sounds like a warning to back off.

Nick says that Adam needs to ask himself if he’s putting his wants over Sally’s needs.

Adam says he thought that the relationship between him and Nick was getting better, but he’s seeing things through a new lens. He thinks that maybe Victor understands him better than anyone else.

Nick and Adam have a drink and talk

Nick says, “Victor is the only one who understands you?” He doesn’t get it.

Adam says he’s spent time with Chelsea and Connor, and it’s taught him that he has to meet people halfway.

He says that Nick showed him kindness and decency, but he couldn’t rise to the occasion then, but it’s time for him to try again.

Adam walks out and leaves Nick at the table.

Adam and Nick talk

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Kyle sees Billy in the lobby of the hotel and says he was just meeting some clients.

Kyle meets Billy in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix

Billy asks where his father is. Kyle tells him that Diane and Jack went away for a bit.

Billy says that it’s crazy that Jack and Diane found each other after all these years.

Kyle agrees and says that Ashley isn’t dealing with it so well.

Kyle talks with Billy

Billy asks how Kyle is feeling about his parents reuniting.

Kyle has mixed feelings. He says that it would be great if they had a stable relationship after all these years. He says he’s more worried about his mother hurting Jack than the other way around.

Billy says it must be hard that she’s back after he thought she was dead. He relates that his mother, Jill, wasn’t interested in being a mother, but he had an amazing dad.

Kyle and Billy sit and talk

Kyle says that his dad is amazing too.

Billy says that no matter how good things are right now, Kyle is already prepared to be disappointed again. He says that history doesn’t have to repeat itself, and hopes that Kyle gets the family he always wanted.

Kyle says he has to get back to the office and gets up to leave.

Billy says that if he sees Jack, to let him know that Billy has been considering his proposal.

The Abbott Cabin

Diane is alone in the cabin, remembering when she fought with Jack when she first came to town, and how Jack had said he’d never forgive her.

Diane is alone in the Abbott cabin

She remembers she won Jack’s heart back and how hard it was, how she thought it would take a long time to redeem herself, and how Jack told her to take the clean slate Kyle and him had offered.

She remembers him telling her that he probably would never trust her fully.

Diane continues flashing back to how Jack fell back in love with her.

Her phone pings. It’s Stark saying she can’t hide forever.

Diane gets a text message from Jeremy Stark. "You can't hide from me forever."

Crimson Lights

Sally comes into the coffee shop and sees Summer there. She makes some small talk about Harrison.

Sally meets Summer in the coffee shop

Summer says it sounds like she’s just being polite, but Summer wants to talk about what’s happening between Sally and Nick.

Sally says that there is something she should know, that it’s best she hears it from her… She tells Summer that she’s pregnant.

Summer says that she can’t believe that Sally’s pregnant with Nick’s child.

Summer is upset as she talks with Sally

Sally says that she’s not pregnant with Nick’s child.

Summer is aghast and wonders who it was.

Summer and Sally talk in Crimson Lights

Sally says Adam is the father, and they’ve all talked about it.

Summer thinks that Sally should break up with Nick.

Sally says that’s not happening, that Nick and her want to stay together.

Sally talks with Summer

Summer says that Sally doesn’t deserve Nick.

Sally says she has to accept it.

Summer says that Sally couldn’t be more selfish.

Summer is unhappy as she talks to Sally

Sally says she can’t blame her for being upset, it’s a lot to take in.

She says that if Nick wants to be with her, that’s his decision to make, so she has to accept that.

Summer says that she told her dad that Sally was using him, and it appears that that time has come. She says that Sally is using Nick as a shield from Adam.

Sally talks with Summer

Sally says she’s so wrong.

Summer says that Sally got a big reality check when Adam dumped her, and she’s using Nick to protect herself.

Sally says that the feelings between Nick and her are real.

Summer is angry as she speaks with Sally

Summer says that her dad doesn’t deserve chaos and that chaos is all that Sally is capable of creating. She leaves the coffee shop.

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Room

Off-screen, Jeremy explains his plan to Phyllis. He asks her what she thinks of the plan.

Jeremy talks with Phyllis as she stumbles across the room

She says she can’t go along with that, it’d rock her world and she’d lose everything.

Jeremy says it seems she already has. He says that she would have the satisfaction of giving Diane exactly what she needs.

Phyllis puts on her jacket, and says that she doesn’t think it would work, nothing has and will.

Phyllis goes to leave Jeremy's hotel room

Jeremy tells her to take all the time she needs, within reason. He says that if she doesn’t agree, he’ll find someone else to go along with it.

The Abbott Cabin

Jack returns, and Diane asks where he went.

Jack returns to the cabin and talks with Diane

Jack pours some champagne and proposes a toast to the new life that Diane’s created for herself, and for the changes that she’s bought to his life.

Diane raises her glass and they toast.

Jack gets down on one knee and asks her to become his wife. He makes a big speech and holds up a ring.

Jack gets down on one knee and proposes to Diane

Diane says he’s the most loving and romantic man she’s ever known. She says that nothing would make her happier than to be his wife, but she can’t.

Jack is stunned and asks her why not.

Diane says she can’t marry him because she has a target on her back and that she can’t bring danger to him and the family.

Diane smiles broadly as she talks with Jack

Jack says that he’s a target too and that they should stop running from Jeremy. He says their relationship has been decades in the making.

Jack says it was never the right time in their past but now is the right time. He begs her to say yes.

Diane kisses Jack and says that it is their time. She says yes, a thousand times yes.

Jack puts a ring on Diane's finger

Jack puts the ring on her finger, and they kiss.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Phyllis comes out of the elevator, and Billy sees her. He asks if she’s ok, it seems she’s had better days.

Billy talks to Phyllis as she comes off the elevator

She asks if he knows where Jack is.

Billy says he found out that Jack and Diane are on a romantic getaway together.

Jeremy’s Hotel Room

Jeremy pours himself a drink when there’s a knock at the door.

Phyllis shows back up to Jeremy's hotel room

He goes to answer it. It’s Phyllis.

She says, “I’m in.”

Phyllis is at Jeremy's hotel room door