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Y&R Recap – March 15: Nate Rebuffs Victoria’s Advances, Adam Wants a Legacy for His Baby, and Victor Meets With Devon About McCall

Victoria sits alone drinking and fantasizing

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, March 15 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

NOTICE: There will be no recaps for the next two days, as Thursday and Friday’s episodes are pre-empted. We will return on Friday with our day-ahead recap for Monday!

Last Episode

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Lauren

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis made her move, Nate reassured Elena about him and Victoria, and Jack & Diane shocked Kyle and Summer with their engagement.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Victoria is in the hotel room she rented. She pours herself a drink and wanders restlessly around the room. She takes a sip of her drink before sitting down on the sofa.

Victoria pours herself a drink in her hotel room

She texts Nate. “Room 407.”

Nate’s sitting downstairs at the bar in the hotel lobby, having a drink, when he gets the text message.

Nate sits at the bar in the hotel lobby, drinking, when he gets a text from Victoria "Room 407"

Nate thinks back to speaking to Elena and telling her that nothing’s going on between him and Victoria.

He thinks of Victoria saying that power is control, and how she likes having control, and then kissed him and he responded.

He downs his drink and heads to the elevator.

Nate gets up and heads to the elevator

Nick steps out of the elevator and sees Nate.

Nick says he came down to see Victoria and asks Nate if he knows where she is.

Nate says he doesn’t keep track of Victoria. He says he had an argument with Elena and he decided to come to have a drink at the hotel.

Nick steps out of the elevator and sees Nate there

Nick says he thought he was there to meet with Victoria.

Nate says he did. He says he’s going to give Elena some space and crash at the hotel for the night.

Nick looks thoughtful.


Adam sits drinking at the bar in the restaurant when Tucker comes and sits near him. Adam asks if he can buy Tucker a drink.

Tucker sits down at the bar near Adam

Tucker says if he’s looking for someone to commiserate with, he’s got the wrong guy.

Adam buys him a drink and says that he’s heard that Tucker’s company is up for sale.

Tucker says Victoria or Victor must have told him. He says Adam relishes his role as a black sheep in the family.

Tucker sits at the bar and talks with Adam

Adam says he’s no longer at Jabot.

Tucker and Adam joke around about how he “underperformed his way out”.

Adam says he and Victor understand each other.

Adam looks at Tucker as they talk

Tucker laughs and says they’re both miserable.

Adam says that he might end up being the CEO of Tucker’s empire. He raises his glass in a toast.

Tucker says Adam will never have anything to do with his company. They clink glasses.

Tucker laughs as he raises his glass in a toast with Adam

Adam tells him that Victor is going to buy Tucker’s company and wants Adam to run it.

Tucker says he’s not selling to Newman, and to tell Victor and Victoria to move on.

Adam says that his deal with Devon isn’t settled and that everyone has a price. He says the Newmans will pay that price.

Nick talks with Adam and Tucker at the bar in Society

Nick comes in to pick up some takeout, and Adam says that he and Tucker were talking about selling the company to the Newmans. He asks Tucker what it’d take for him to sell to the Newmans.

Tucker says that he’ll never sell. He slams the rest of his drink and leaves.

Nick asks what Adam’s going to do now that McCall is off the table.

Nick and Adam sit at the bar and have drinks while they talk

Adam says that they just need to get Devon not to buy McCall from Tucker.

Nick says that even if they could, Tucker won’t sell to Victor.

Adam says that Victor won’t quit until he gets what he wants.

Adam and Nick talk

Nick says that Adam needs to give up the dream of running Tucker’s company, that the world’s his oyster, and he can do anything he wants.

Adam says he has a baby on the way and wants to leave a legacy for his kids.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby and Devon sit and talk about how happy they are together, and how they love Dominic.

Devon and Abby sit and talk

Devon says he loves seeing things through Dominic’s eyes.

He says that he realized that he’s going through with the lawsuit for Dominic’s future. He wants Dominic to be proud of the family legacy.

Abby says that Dominic will be proud of him. She asks him if he’s still thinking about buying McCall.

Abby smiles at Devon as they talk

Devon says that he confronted Tucker about offering the company to Newman first.

He says that Tucker rescinded the offer to Newman, so he may be sincere.

Abby asks what Devon wants to do. She says she’s not sure they can trust Tucker.

Devon and Abby sit and talk

Devon says that he and Tucker really got along well when they last talked and that Tucker wants to come on board in an advisory role.

Abby asks what Devon thinks about that, and says that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Devon asks if they should be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Abby and Devon sit and talk on his sofa

Abby says she could leave Dominic there and pick him up in the morning.

Devon asks why she shouldn’t just stay there.

They flirt and kiss. Abby says she’ll stay. They head upstairs.

Devon and Abby kiss passionately

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Y&R News

Victoria’s Hotel Room

Nate knocks on door 407 and Victoria answers.

Victoria opens her hotel room door to greet Nate

He comes into the suite, and Victoria offers him a drink.

Nate says he wants to make something clear, he’s not there for sex, but didn’t want to be rude and not respond at all.

Victoria laughs and says he came into her room to tell her he’s not interested.

Nate talks with Victoria in her hotel room

He says he’s in two relationships, one with Elena, and the other with Newman Media… And he doesn’t want to screw up either one.

Victoria asks if he’d like to sit down and talk.

Nate says that as much as he’d love to throw caution to the wind, he has a logical side of him that’s telling him to stop.

Victoria and Nate talk in Victoria's hotel room

He says he doesn’t want to ruin what they have as a professional relationship.

Victoria jokes that she must really be good to work with, and the same could be said for her father.

Nate says she looks better in a dress.

Nate and Victoria talk

Victoria laughs and asks if desire is one of the reasons Nate’s in her room.

Nate says there’s so much desire, but he thinks it’ll make things untenable if they act on their feelings.

He asks if she’s ok with that.

Victoria and Nate talk

Victoria says that his earnestness makes him more attractive, but she understands.

Nate leaves her room, relieved but conflicted.

Nate leaves Victoria's hotel room

Crimson Lights

Nate comes into the coffee shop and Audra is sitting there having a hot drink.

Nate is in the coffee shop when he turns around and talks with Audra

She asks him what he’s doing there, she thought he had a date night with Elena.

Nate says he just needed a coffee.

She asks him to join her.

Nate says he has a ton of work to do at home.

Audra sips her drink while she talks with Nate

Audra asks if he saw Victoria this evening.

He wonders why she asked.

Audra says she wants to talk about McCall.

Nate says he talked to Victoria and she still wants to take over McCall.

He says he needs to make peace slowly with Devon.

Nate and Audra talk, while Tucker lurks in the background

Audra says that Victoria can be hard to say no to.

Tucker comes to the door and sees Audra talking with Nate.

Nate says thanks for the talk, he should get going.

Audra tells him to get some rest, she’s sure Elena is waiting up for him.

Tucker comes in and says to Audra, “Working late, I see.”

Tucker prepares his coffee while he talks with Audra

Tucker asks if she’s trying to get his company, or if she wants Nate.

He asks if she’s getting any further than she was with Noah.

Tucker says Elena may have more teeth than Audra thinks.

Audra says that she’s more worried about Victoria and Nate.

Tucker is surprised and asks if she’s trying to insert herself between Victoria Newman and the man that Victoria is after.

Tucker sits and talks with Audra

Audra says she’s landed on her feet in riskier situations, but the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward

He says she likes big rewards. He says he could have used her help with Devon.

She asks what he has to offer that would interest her.

The Newman Ranch

Adam comes into Victor’s living room and Victor asks him what he wanted to talk about.

Adam licks his lips as he sits on the sofa talking with Victor

Adam mentions that Tucker is going to sell McCall to Devon.

Victor says that what Tucker wants and what Tucker will do are two different things.

Adam says that Tucker was adamant that he would get the company in Devon’s hands. Adam says he doesn’t want to let go of McCall Unlimited.

Victor talks to Adam

Victor says he wants it as well… For Adam and for the family. He says they’ll take things step by step with Victoria, but the first thing they need to do is to acquire the company.

Adam says that Tucker won’t sell to him, he’s determined to sell it to Devon.

Adam half-smiles as he talks with Victor

Victor says that they need Devon’s help, so he’ll meet with Devon that night. He says that the tide is turning in his favor, and he sees Adam coming back to the family.

Adam says only under the conditions that Victor promised.

Devon’s Apartment

Devon is half-dressed and comes down the stairs to answer the doorbell. He puts on his shirt and opens the door to Victor Newman.

Victor says that he has something to discuss. It’s about Tucker McCall.

He says that Victoria said that Devon’s not interested in buying McCall Unlimited.

Devon answers the door to Victor Newman

Devon says that may be changing, and that he might be interested now.

Victor pushes past Devon and walks into Devon’s apartment.

Devon tells Victor that he’s trying to get back Hamilton-Winters.

Victor says he’s sad that it’s come to this.

Devon says he’s forced to do it to protect Neil’s legacy.

Victor asks why he wants to do that and take over McCall.

Devon and Victor talk

Devon says it’s a safety net.

Victor says he doesn’t need a safety net.

Devon says that if Victor could make Jill and Lily give up Hamilton-Winters, then he’d be willing to forget about taking over McCall.

Devon and Victor talk

Victor says he’ll see what he can do.

Abby comes downstairs with bare legs, dressed in only a shirt. She’s surprised to see her father there.

Victor says he should get going and leaves.

Abby comes down the stairs half dressed and finds Victor talking with Devon

Abby tells Devon that she didn’t want her father to find out they were together like that.

Devon says that they’re not hurting anyone and she’s divorced from Chance. He says that she makes him really happy and never wants to lose her.

They kiss passionately.

Nate’s Apartment

Nate comes home and Elena is waiting on the couch.

Nate comes in his door to find Elena sitting on the couch

He says that he thought she went to bed.

She says she got up and asks where he was.

Nate says he went to talk with Victoria about the takeover, and that he only has a professional relationship with Victoria.

Elena sits on the couch with Nate and talks

Elena says that Victoria is ruthless and won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

Elena asks why he’s so defensive.

Nate says she’s accusing him of being unfaithful, and he’s defending himself.

Nate and Elena sit and talk

Elena says she really wants to believe him and she hopes he’s not gaslighting her.

Nate says he’s not, he’s committed to the relationship.

Elena says that’s an interesting way to put it, that it sounds like she’s an obligation.

He says she’s not an obligation. He’s in love with her.

Nate and Elena talk

They kiss.

Victoria’s Hotel Room

Back in her hotel room, Victoria sits alone and fantasizes about having sex with Nate.

Victoria sits alone drinking and fantasizing

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