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Y&R Recap – Mar 7: Summer Tells Nick That Sally’s Using Him, Nate Overhears Daniel & Lily Talking, and Sharon Gives Some Sage Advice

Summer and Kyle talk about Sally

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, March 7 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Summer is angry as she speaks with Sally

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane almost refused Jack’s proposal after Stark sent her a threatening message, Summer reacted badly when Sally told her she’s pregnant, and Phyllis decides to work with Stark.

Crimson Lights

Billy is at the coffee shop picking up a box of treats for Chelsea,

Billy and Sharon talk at the coffee shop

Sharon comments on the flowers he’s brought with him.

She says that the bond between Chelsea and Billy is growing, and wonders if he’s hindering her recovery by being around so much.

Sharon says she doesn’t want to overstep, and Billy says it’s obvious that she comes from a place of concern, and that she has the experience to help.

Sharon talks with Billy in the coffee shop

Sharon says that she’s worried about Chelsea’s dependency on Billy.

Billy says they’re good friends, maybe a bit more.

Sharon says that Chelsea’s still in a vulnerable state. She wonders if Chelsea is getting her spirits lifted artificially by her relationship with Billy.

Billy talks with Sharon in Crimson Lights

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea is setting the table for two when there’s a knock, it’s Adam.

Chelsea opens the door to find Adam there

She opens the door and asks what he’s there for, as she wasn’t expecting him.

He says he’s just there to check up, and he notices that she’s got two place settings out. He assumes that she was expecting Billy and makes a snarky remark.

Chelsea asks if there’s a reason that Billy shouldn’t be there. She says that Adam should leave his bad attitude at the door, as she and Billy are friends.

Adam says that he’s not worried about their friendship, but Billy and Chelsea have gotten closer.

Adam looks around Chelsea's apartment as he speaks with her

Chelsea tells him to grow up.

Adam says that Billy is a self-serving train wreck who doesn’t have her happiness at heart.

Chelsea says that she’s happy.

Adam says that Billy is toxic, and Chelsea needs to keep her guard up.

Billy opens Chelsea's door with flowers in his hand

Billy knocks and comes in with flowers in hand and asks Chelsea if everything’s ok.

Adam starts blathering about how he has every right to be there, and Billy says he was asking Chelsea, not Adam.

Chelsea says that if anyone’s being disrespectful, they have to leave.

Adam and Billy bicker

Adam makes peace and says to enjoy their lunch. He leaves.

Chelsea thanks Billy for the flowers and pastry. They joke around a bit, and Billy asks what he missed.

Chelsea says that Adam probably just stopped by because she’s the most stable thing in his life.

Billy smiles as he talks with Chelsea

Billy asks what’s going on with Adam to make his life unstable.

Chelsea says it’s not her place to say, but he should ask him himself.

She changes the subject and mentions that she bumped into Daniel Romalotti and talked to him about Omega Sphere and that he and Lily were interested in what ideas she had.

She explains her game design and says that Billy’s the reason that she could even do this in the first place, and this is a celebratory dinner.

Chelsea and Billy stand in her kitchen, talking

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Y&R News

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle comes home and sees Summer. He wondered if she was working from home and asks what’s wrong, as she’s obviously upset.

Summer and Kyle speak in the living room

Summer says that “Sally frickin’ Spectra” is wrong, and that Sally’s pregnant.

Kyle is surprised and says maybe it’s a blessing.

Summer laughs ironically and says that it’s Adam’s baby.

Kyle and Summer talk in the living room

Kyle is stunned, and Summer says that her dad is staying with Sally even though it’s Adam’s baby.

Summer says that she thinks that Sally just wanted to see her squirm and enjoyed every second of telling her about it.

Kyle says that he’s sure that Sally didn’t tell her just to see her squirm.

Summer and Kyle talk about Sally

Summer asks if he just defended Sally to her.

Kyle says that the important thing is the baby in this scenario.

Summer snarkily says that Kyle must be naive if he thinks that Sally’s not using the pregnancy against her dad.

Kyle talks with Summer


Sally and Nick are sitting at a table together in the restaurant, and Sally tells Nick that she told Summer about everything yesterday.

Sally and Nick sit at a table in Society and talk

She says she thought it would be a good conversation, but Summer accused her of causing chaos wherever she went. She says that Summer’s not wrong on that front, the whole situation is a mess.

Sally says she’s a different person and says that she wishes she could take back her past actions, like when she stole Summer’s job.

Nick says Summer needs to accept that they’re together and asks if she wants him to come with her to the doctor.

Nick and Sally sit and talk

Sally says he doesn’t need to come, it’s not a big deal.

They get up, and he tells her not to worry about Summer, to just focus on the baby.

They kiss and hug.

Sally and Nick hug


Daniel meets Lily in the restaurant. She says that Jill has decided to go ahead with Omega Sphere.

Daniel and Lily sit at a table in Society and talk

Daniel thanks her for being patient with him, even though he was going through stuff with Heather and Lucy.

Lily says that she owes a big thank you to Chelsea.

She says that Chelsea really helped Daniel re-energize him about the project.

Daniel says that Chelsea’s ideas made him excited about it, even though he was feeling low.

Lily and Daniel talk

Lily says she’s happy to see him excited again too, that it’s what she needed that day.

Daniel says that they’re both dealing with family conflicts right now, and brings up how they’d talked about the game helping with these types of issues.

Lily says that he’s using Omega Sphere to get her to talk about what she doesn’t want to.

Daniel and Lily talk

She says that a pretrial conference is coming up, and they’ve hired Amanda as their lawyer.

Daniel says that must hurt Devon a bit, but he’s handling things well, considering the circumstances.

Lily says Devon blames her for everything.

Lily gestures as she talks with Daniel

Daniel says that he wishes there was a way to bring them closer together.

Nate is in the restaurant and overhears Daniel and Lily talking.

Lily says she has to get back to work, but she’s happy that Daniel’s back on board. She gets up and leaves.

As soon as she’s gone, Nate comes over and says to Daniel that it sounds like Daniel and him want the same thing.

Nate talks to Daniel

The Abbott Mansion

The bell rings, and Kyle asks Summer if she’s expecting anyone.

Nick comes to the door to talk with Summer

Summer says she’s not, but she has an idea who it is.

She opens the door and it’s her dad, Nick. He says they need to talk.

Kyle heads back to work, saying a quick goodbye to Nick on the way out.

Kyle leaves as Nick comes to talk to Summer

Nick comes in and Summer gets defensive right away.

Summer says that she’s concerned for him, that Sally is using him.

Nick says she’s not using him… That’s a baseless accusation.

Nick talks with Summer

Summer asks how long it was before Sally told him that she was pregnant.

She says that she took her time to reel him in and protect her from Adam.

Nick says he understands that she’s upset, but she’s wrong about Sally, she doesn’t have an agenda.

Summer and Nick sit on the couch and talk

Summer says that he’s delusional.

Nick says that nothing that Summer says changes anything about the relationship between him and Sally.

He says he makes his own choices and Summer needs to accept that he and Sally are going to be together.

Nick and Summer sit and talk

Crimson Lights

Adam comes down to Crimson Lights, and Sharon asks how he is.

Sharon talks to Adam in Crimson Lights

He says he’s fine, but Sharon says she knows he’s not fine from the sound of his voice.

Adam says he’s not there for therapy, he just wants coffee.

Sharon says that she’s just being friendly and that if he wants a coffee, there are plenty of coffee shops in Genoa City.

Sharon and Adam talk

He laughs and says he hasn’t seen any other coffee shops.

Sharon says that running into Billy at Chelsea’s was probably the cause of his foul mood.

Adam says that he doesn’t think Billy’s good for Chelsea right now, and he’s talked to her about it, but he thinks that Sharon should talk to Chelsea instead, maybe she can get through to her.

Adam speaks with Sharon

Sharon says that he needs to stop focusing on other people and focus on his own life.

She says that Chelsea’s life is her own and that Adam running around ranting about Billy is just a distraction to himself.

Adam asks what he should be focusing on instead.

She says he should be thinking about his job.

Kyle comes into Crimson Lights and talks with Adam while Sharon looks on

Adam laughs ironically and at that moment, Kyle walks in.

Adam asks Kyle how things are at “the old salt mine”.

Kyle says that Jabot somehow continued to survive without Adam’s help.

Kyle and Adam argue

They snipe at each other for a bit, and Adam says that Kyle was right to work to get him out of Jabot and that he did a great job for Victor.

Adam asks what reward Victor gave Kyle for forcing him out.

Kyle says that he will get coffee elsewhere, and leaves.

Adam talks with Sharon

Sharon tells Adam that his fighting with Kyle is proof that he’s lost focus.

Adam says that Victor offered him a job, which might help him regain his focus.

Sharon says that maybe he needs to work through his issues with Victor.

Adam laughs and thanks her for the frank talk. He leaves and calls his father, and says he’s ready to meet and talk.

Adam calls Victor as he stands in the indoor patio in Crimson Lights

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy and Chelsea are eating lunch, and Chelsea talks about how she’d oversee the programmers and design the visuals at Omega Sphere.

Chelsea and Billy eat and talk

Billy wonders about the management hierarchy, and how that’d affect the project.

Chelsea says that Lily seemed to like it, so they’ll have to see.

Billy says he thinks that she’s a perfect fit for Daniel’s platform.

Billy and Chelsea sit at her dinner table and eat

Chelsea says she appreciates him. She asks if he’s feeling ok and that he feels more distant lately.

He says that Jack offered him a job to become his co-CEO at Jabot, so that’s been on his mind.

They move into the living room after their meal, and Billy says he’s ready to think about taking a job at Jabot because Chelsea helped him understand how important family is.

Chelsea and Billy sit on her couch and talk

He thanks her for letting him see things in a different light.

Chelsea says that he helped her, and she’s really happy that she was able to help him.

He asks if she’d be ok without him.

Chelsea says she can stand alone, but she’s grateful that he’s there.

Billy looks at Chelsea as they talk on the sofa