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Y&R Recap – Mar 3: Phyllis Gets Drunk and Wakes Up With Stark Watching Her, Jack Asks Diane to Marry Him, and Mariah Shows off Baby Pictures

Phyllis smiles drunkenly

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, March 3 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! This Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Victoria leans in at Nate's desk

On the last episode of Y&R, after Nate turned Victoria down, she demanded he sabotages Devon, while Lily and Devon had an epic showdown.

The Abbott Cabin

Diane and Jack finished watching a movie, and Diane is in tears.

Diane wipes tears from her eyes as she sits on the couch with Jack after watching a movie

Diane says she thought that she’d given up on happy endings long ago.

Jack says he’s so happy to have a new beginning with her.

Jack asks what they should do now.

Diane says that they don’t need a movie right now, she just wants to be in his arms. They kiss.

Jack and Diane kiss

Jack says they could stay there indefinitely… They could move there.

Diane asks if they’d get a bit antsy after a while.

Jack says they could travel from one romantic getaway to another.

Jack and Diane sit on the sofa and talk

Diane says they have too much waiting at home, he could never leave his family and Jabot, and she doesn’t want to be away from Kyle again.

Jack says she’s right, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy. He promises to make things special for her.

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Phyllis is drunk in the lobby and calls Summer. She leaves her a voicemail saying it’s her mother, she gave birth to her in an elevator.

Drunk Phyllis leaves her children voicemail

She continues to drink and calls Daniel, who sends it to voicemail.

Michael and Lauren walk in and see Phyllis there. Michael says she’s drunk, and says they should just pretend they didn’t see her.

Michael and Lauren come into the hotel and see Phyllis

Lauren shuts him down and walks over to Phyllis.

Phyllis says they’re two people who won’t ignore them. Michael says they thought about it.

Phyllis asks if they need a drink.

Phyllis is drunk, sitting on the couch as she talks to Michael and Lauren

They say they don’t, and Lauren asks Phyllis what’s wrong.

Phyllis says her life is spinning out, and she can’t stop it.

Crimson Lights

Mariah comes into the coffee shop and asks Sharon if she has the “New Mom Special.”

Sharon grins as she comes out from behind the counter to see Mariah

Sharon is excited and asks her to tell her everything.

Mariah says the baby’s born, and that motherhood is amazing.

Adam walks in as Mariah says that being a mom is making her see the world differently.

Sharon is excited and smiling as she talks with Mariah

Mariah shows some pictures to Sharon, and Sharon notices Adam waiting.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally is trying to work, but she looks uncomfortable. She calls Nick.

Sally squirms uncomfortably on the couch

She says that something’s off. She has a splitting headache that won’t disappear, and she’s concerned for the baby.

Nick says he’ll be right there and leaves his office.

Sally calls her doctor and says she is concerned for her baby.

Sally makes a phone call

Nick gets there and asks how she’s doing.

Sally says the doctor says that lots of people get headaches during early pregnancy, it could be many things, and the doctor said that there’s nothing to worry about, but to let her know if it gets worse.

Nick sighs and says thankfully that’s all it was.

Sally talks with Nick

Sally sees that he was really worried about it.

The Grand Phoenix Lobby

Lauren says Phyllis should have a sandwich and a latte.

Phyllis says that a sandwich and coffee won’t fix her problem.

Michael disagrees and goes off to get some food.

A very drunk Phyllis talks with Lauren and Michael

Phyllis says that her problems are from her children, they think she’s interfering.

Michael comes back and says that she is interfering.

Phyllis says that she’s the cause of all their problems, according to them, and she’s so tired of it.

Michael and Lauren sit and talk to Phyllis

She thinks that Lauren and Michael think she’s to blame too.

They say she’s not, but Phyllis says that she obviously can only rely on her drink. And herself.

Lauren gives Phyllis a burger and fries, and Phyllis says she can’t eat it.

Michael suggests she eats to soak up the booze.

Phyllis says they want to say, “I told you so.”

 Phyllis gesticulates as she talks to Michael and Lauren

Lauren protests.

Phyllis asks how Michael can be Diane’s friend and be Phyllis’s friend too.

She says that Michael welcomed her back with open arms after she faked her death. She thinks that Diane is a parasite.

Michael stands up and yells that Diane is not the root of all her problems.

Michael sneers as he talks with Phyllis

Phyllis says she wishes that Diane did die. She wants her dead. Now.

Michael tells her not to make death threats in a hotel lobby.

Phyllis says she doesn’t own the hotel anymore, so what does it matter?

Phyllis smiles drunkenly

She says she’s done with tough love, and she’s done with them. She says she’s suffocating, and to let her go.

She stumbles out of the hotel, and Lauren tells Michael to go after her.

Crimson Lights

Mariah is showing Adam baby pictures, and he says that the baby is lucky to have Mariah and Tessa as moms.

Mariah’s phone rings, it’s Tessa, and she excuses herself to take the call.

Adam looks at the baby pictures on Mariah's phone

Adam says he has to go as well, and Sharon asks what’s going on with him.

He laughs and says he’s Adam Newman, he hasn’t a care in the world.

Sharon says she’s not buying it. Adam sits back down.

Adam talks with Sharon

Adam says ok, Sally’s pregnant and he’s the dad.

He says that Sharon obviously knew, since she didn’t react, and asks why she wouldn’t tell him he was a father.

Sharon says that she only knew she was pregnant, not that he was the dad. Adam asks when Nick told her.

Sharon says that Sally was the one who told her. Adam’s surprised, he thought they weren’t on the best terms.

Sharon talks with Adam

Sharon says that they aren’t, but Sally needed to talk, and she was there to listen.

Adam says that Nick is in with Sally, even though the baby is his, and Adam’s left out.

Sharon says that at least Sally told him the truth and that he’s going to be a great dad, just like he is to Connor.

Adam and Sharon talk as they sit at a table

Adam says that having Nick in the mix will make things more difficult.

Sally’s Hotel Room

Sally apologizes for calling him, but she thought the baby was in trouble.

Nick says he doesn’t mind, they sit down and he says that he wants to figure out what the cause of her headaches is. He asks what she ate, maybe there was a trigger.

She tells him what she ate, and mentions that she hasn’t been taking her natal vitamins on schedule.

Nick speaks with Sally

Nick reassures Sally.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Adam.

Nick sighs and asks if Sally called him. She says no.

Adam arrives at Sally's hotel suite

She goes and answers the door and asks what he’s doing there.

Adam says he was just thinking about her and wanted to check in.

Sally says everything’s fine.

Nick and Sally talk with Adam

Adam says he wondered if there were issues, and asks if that’s why Nick’s there.

Sally tells him that he didn’t need to check in on her before the baby’s born.

Nick says he’ll take care of everything that Sally needs.

Adam says he’ll try not to interfere, but he’d like to come to some of the doctor visits and ultrasounds.

Sally says she’ll think about it.

Adam says he won’t overstay his welcome and leaves Nick and Sally in her hotel room.

Adam leaves Sally's hotel room

Sally and Nick talk about Adam’s involvement, and Nick says he accepts that he’s not the father, so he can sympathize with Adam a bit more.

He says that Sally can’t know what to expect from Adam and that she needs to watch her back.

Sally says that with the baby involved, she doesn’t think Adam will try anything.

Nick says that Sally has a soft spot for Adam, but Adam will have a hard time letting go if he’s involved.

Nick talks with Sally

Crimson Lights

Mariah and Sharon sit down and talk.

Sharon asks how Tessa’s doing. Mariah says Tessa’s singing to the baby now.

Sharon asks if they’ve come up with a name yet.

Mariah and Sharon sit and talk

Mariah says that they haven’t figured it out yet, but they’re close to finding something. She asks if Sharon’s comfortable talking about it.

Sharon reassures her that they’ll know the right name when it comes to them.

The Abbott Cabin

Diane wonders what they can do about Jeremy Stark.

Jack says there’s nothing to worry about.

There’s a loud noise and Diane leaps up, she’s convinced Jeremy is there to get them.

Diane leaps up at a noise as Jack sits on the couch

Diane is angry that she thought it was Jeremy, and she’s frustrated that their last plan didn’t work.

She says that Jack’s days of committing larceny are over, but she thinks it’ll take something extreme to take him out. She says she’ll take care of Jeremy.

Jack says that going on the offensive could be their problem. He thinks the opposite approach is the way to go.

Diane and Jack talk

Diane asks what he means.

Jack says they just pretend he doesn’t exist. If they see him, walk the other way, if he sends them anything, throw it out.

He says they don’t need Jeremy in their heads, he won’t be able to get at them if they don’t let him.

Diane paces, nervous about Jeremy

Jack says that she’s right, they can’t just leave Genoa City, so why should they waste another moment on Jeremy Stark?

Diane says she feels that way too, but…

Jack says he loves Diane too much, and he’ll be damned if he lets Jeremy get between them.

Jack talks to Diane

Diane says she loves him too, and they kiss again.

Jack says he has another idea. He asks her to marry him.

Jack caresses Diane's face as he talks to her

Crimson Lights

Adam goes into the coffee shop, and Sharon says he obviously needs to talk.

Adam says he’s trying to handle the Sally situation with poise, but he doesn’t know if he can.

Adam talks with Sharon in the coffee shop

The Grand Phoenix Lobby

Lauren tells Michael that Phyllis is spiraling out of control, and it scares her.

Lauren and Michael talk

Michael says he was trying to keep it light, but he’s worried about her too. He says she’s not thinking clearly.

Lauren wonders how many times Phyllis can go down this dark path and come back from it.

Michael says she’s a survivor.

Michael talks to Lauren

A Hotel Room in The Grand Phoenix

Phyllis cracks an eye open. She’s on a couch in a hotel room.

Phyllis lies on a couch with her eyes opened, she's just woken up

Jeremy is sitting on a chair watching her and says that she’s lucky she’s alive.

Jeremy watches as Phyllis wakes up on the couch

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