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Y&R Recap – June 12: Victor Reveals His Agenda and Swears Adam to Secrecy; Sally Impresses and Makes a Bold Move

Summer Newman, Sally Spectra, and Adam Newman.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Wednesday, June 13, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nikki, Adam, and Victor Newman.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor’s C-Suite shakeup caused family strife, Nikki sought a new sponsor, and Adam and Nick bonded over Connor’s OCD.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

Victoria and Cole are sitting at the bar in the dining room. Victoria asks Cole if he’s really asking her out on a date.

Victoria smiles at Cole.

Cole smiles. He says she can say no, he won’t be offended.

Victoria says the idea of having dinner with her long-divorced ex-husband is “charming.” She’d love to have dinner with him!

They work out a time. 7:00 PM it is! He’ll pick her up then.

Cole smiles at Victoria.

Victoria smiles and leaves the club.

Cole remembers Victor telling him to “stay the hell away from my family and my daughter” and how Victor had tasked him to foster a friendship with Kyle.

The Abbott Mansion

Harrison and Claire are sitting on the couch solving a jigsaw puzzle together.

Harrison and Claire work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Kyle walks in and sees them working on the puzzle. He smiles and asks if Harrison is having fun.

Harrison says Claire is so cool; he’s glad she can come over now!

Kyle says he’s glad, too.

Kyle smiles as he talks to Harrison and Claire.

Adam & Sally’s Apartment

Adam apologizes to Sally for dragging his family problems into her life; she’s got enough on her plate with her new job filling in for Chelsea at Marchetti!

Sally says none of it is as important as what he’s going through with Connor.

Sally smiles at Adam.

Adam says she needs to feel comfortable enough to tell him when it’s too much.

Sally knows it’s hard for him to share his feelings.

Adam says it’s hard for him to share anything with anyone.

Adam and Sally kiss.

Sally wants to be the exception to that rule.

Adam says he loves that about her; in fact, he loves everything about her.

They kiss, but they’re interrupted by a knock at the door.

Adam tells Sally not to answer it; it could be trouble!

Sally looks curiously at Adam.

The Newman Ranch House

Nikki asks Victor if he’s dismissing her from Newman Media to punish her.

Nikki Newman talks to her husband.

Victor asks why he’d punish her.

Nikki says she brought Jordan into their lives and turned into a pathetic drunk. She thinks Victor is still angry that she chose Jack Abbott as her sponsor and wanted him to continue as her sponsor even after everything that happened.

Victor says he holds Jack responsible for his recklessness and foolishness, but he doesn’t want to punish Nikki for anything. He’s there to help her recover!

Victor Newman talks to Nikki.

Nikki says it’s not helping, and she’s shocked he would think it would! She stomps out of the room.

Nick looks at Victor. “That went great.”

Nick Newman looks at his father.

Adam & Sally’s Apartment

The knocking continues on the door.

Sally asks Adam what kind of trouble he’s expecting.

Sally and Adam.

Adam thinks it’s his family coming to make him do his father’s bidding; maybe it’s Victor himself!

The knocker is insistent. Sally says they need to answer the door; she’s expecting someone.

Adam gives in and opens the door. It’s Summer.

Adam opens the door for Summer.

Summer asks Sally if she’s early.

Sally gives Adam a look and says Summer is right on time.

Adam says she must be there to talk business with Sally; he’s got to go talk with Chelsea. He tells Summer that she made a great choice in hiring Sally; she’s going to knock it out of the park!

Adam talks to Summer.

Summer asks how Connor is.

Adam thanks her for asking and says he doesn’t know how Connor is; there’s some progress, but he keeps having setbacks… All they can do is hope right now.

Summer says Connor is a sweet kid and can’t imagine how he feels in these circumstances. She says she’s rooting for him, Chelsea, and Connor.

Summer talks to Adam.

Adam thanks her and leaves them to their meeting.

Sally thinks what Summer said to Adam was really nice.

Summer says she feels for him; he’s her uncle, and even though they’ve never been close, she knows that when your child is hurting, a person will do anything to take away their pain or fears. She has nothing but compassion for Adam and Chelsea.

Sally talks to Summer.

Sally says people treat Adam like he doesn’t have a heart, but when it comes to his child, he feels as much as anyone, which is why she knows what Summer said meant a lot to him, and it meant a lot to her, too.

Summer nods and says she was going over the draft designs that Sally was finishing up for Chelsea, and she’s really impressed with them; they’re good work!

Summer sits and talks with Sally.

The Abbott Mansion

Harrison tells his dad they went to the park, where he saw four turtles sleeping on a branch.

Harrison talks to Kyle as Claire looks on, smiling.

Claire says at first they thought that the park had planted fake turtles there.

Harrison says the turtles swam away; they must have been a family. He says Claire taught him some cool things about caterpillars and butterflies… They read a book about them.

Kyle is happy they’re having some learning adventures.

Kyle talks with Harrison.

Claire says they’re going to be “scholar adventurers” this summer. They want to know everything!

Kyle is glad Claire and Harrison are getting along so well.

Harrison says he needs some ice cream.

Harrison smiles at his dad.

Claire agrees; ice cream helps them think. Harrison has already eaten lunch; he had fruit, vegetables, and protein.

Kyle says they can have ice cream, then.

Harrison cheers. “Yayyyy!”

Kyle and Harrison.

The Tack House at Newman Ranch

Nikki drops by, and Victoria welcomes her. She asks how Claire is doing.

Nikki talks to Victoria.

They have a seat on the sofa and Victoria says Claire is sunny. She’s cheerful and eager!

Nikki asks how Claire is enjoying her job.

Victoria says Claire is loving taking care of Harrison, though Summer still has her under the microscope, and she’s not sure that’ll change anytime soon… Summer can be as stubborn as her father!

Victoria talks to Nikki.

Nikki laughs and says she won’t tell Nick she said that. She asks how Victoria’s been.

Victoria says they joke about it all the time; go ahead! She says things are happy and smooth for the most part, but Victor is doing his best to get her to come back to Newman.

Nikki says Victor told her that Victoria had turned him down and wasn’t interested in running the company right now.

Victoria says she said that to Victor, but she’s since been thinking about running the company and is tempted.

Nikki smiles at her daughter.

Adam & Sally’s Apartment

Summer tells Sally she likes that she kept Chelsea’s aesthetic but added her own playful touches to the designs.

Summer gestures to Sally's drawings.

Sally wasn’t sure if the sleeves would be “too much.”

Summer likes them. They’re fun! She flips to another design and says she likes this one a lot; she never would have thought those colors would work together! She thinks Sally does really good work.

Sally likes that one, too. She says it all felt right to her when she was designing it and she’s relieved that Summer feels the same way… Chelsea gave her a great foundation to work with.

Sally talks shop with Summer.

Summer says Sally took it and ran with it… She didn’t play safe with it; she kept the integrity of Chelsea’s designs and added her own spin, and that takes talent!

Sally says she ran them by someone to make sure she was headed in the right direction before she showed them to Summer.

Summer is curious… Did she show them to Adam?

Summer talks to Sally.

Sally laughs and says Adam would have said everything looks great. She says she ran the designs by Chloe, who gave her some suggestions on the pieces that Summer really liked as well as giving her some ideas for the rest of the collection.

Summer feels like Sally is about to ask for something.

Sally and Summer talk.

Chancellor Park

Harrison, Claire, and Kyle walk into the park. Harrison declares Cookie Dough to be his favorite flavor of ice cream.

Harrison, Claire, and Kyle walk into the park.

Claire says she thought Harrison’s favorite was Cotton Candy.

Kyle says that was last week. She needs to keep up!

Claire says her favorite is coffee-flavored ice cream with chocolate fudge and nuts.

Claire talks to Kyle and Harrison.

Harrison doesn’t like the sound of that. “Ew!”

They talk about vanilla ice cream, which Harrison thinks should only be eaten on Sundays.

Claire notices Cole walk into the park. She asks if everything is okay with him.

Cole Howard smiles.

The Newman Ranch House

Victor tells Nick he’s convinced Nikki will embrace his plan. He doesn’t want her to have stress from anyone or anything. She needs to recover!

Victor talks to Nick.

Nick says Victor has decided it, but Nikki thinks the work might energize her.

Victor says Nikki will feel a lot of pressure if she went back to the company right now, and he doesn’t want that; it would impede her progress!

Nick says nobody wants that. He agrees that Nikki needs to take time off, but says that Victor is going to make Nikki feel like he doesn’t have any confidence in her, and that could set her recovery back more than anything else.

Nick laughs as he talks to his dad.

Victor says he’ll do everything to make Nikki understand. End of discussion. He doesn’t want Nikki to suffer any pressure. He wants Nick to talk to Victoria and convince her to come back to Newman Enterprises where she belongs.

Nick says it could be simple… Victor could put Victoria in at Newman Media like Nikki wants, and everyone would be happy.

Victor says that’s not what he wants.

Victor Newman.

The Tack House

Nikki tells Victoria that she was wondering how long it would be before Victoria missed the office.

Nikki smiles as she talks to Victoria.

Victoria laughs and says she didn’t say she was going back. She’s considered it because she does miss some things about work, but she’s thrown herself into work to the exclusion of everything else at times.

Nikki says it’s possible to find a balance between a person’s professional and personal life.

Victoria says she hasn’t been good at finding balance in the past and doubts she’ll do it anytime soon, and now just isn’t a good time in her life; Johnny and Katie are coming home and are going to meet their “new” older sister. It’s a crazy time for her to think about going back to Newman!

Victoria talks to her mom.

Nikki says Claire has been pushing for Victoria to go back to work, too.

Victoria thinks Claire’s only telling her that because she doesn’t want to hold her mom back.

Nikki says maybe Claire is being a wise daughter who’s starting her own path and wants her mom to continue on her path.

Nikki Newman.

Victoria thinks this is her mom’s gentle way of telling her to let go.

Nikki laughs and says she was going to ask Victoria to step in for her at Newman Media while she finishes her outpatient treatment.

Victoria asks about Lauren… Wasn’t she running it?

Victoria talks to Nikki.

Nikki says Lauren is having problems running two companies, and Nikki needs someone she can trust.

Victoria asks if this is what Nikki really wants.

Nikki says it’s a better option than what Victor has planned.

Victoria agrees; once Adam was in as CEO of Newman Media, they’d never be able to get him out!

Nikki talks with Victoria.

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Y&R Spoilers

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Chancellor Park

Cole tells Claire that nothing is wrong… He’s just out enjoying the sunshine! He says he’s Claire’s father, Cole, and asks if Claire is being a strict nanny.

Cole talks to Harrison as Claire and Kyle look on.

Harrison laughs and says Claire is the best ever!

Claire says they were just about to see the ice cream man.

Cole asks how things are going with Kyle.

Cole smiles as he talks to Kyle.

Kyle says work’s always a challenge; Jabot takes a lot of attention, but he’s finding ways to spend more time with Harrison, and Claire has been a godsend.

Cole is happy to hear it; time with your children is important! He asks if Kyle would like to go out and grab a beer sometime.

Kyle shrugs. Sure, that would be great!

Kyle shrugs.

Cole says they can talk about how Kyle has mastered his work/life balance… Cole could use a few tips there!

Claire laughs and says it’s true; Cole and Victoria have both been avoiding work for Claire’s sake. She doesn’t want Cole to go back to Oxford, but he should get back to his career. Kyle has a handle on it; Cole should listen to him!

Kyle isn’t sure he’s an expert on the topic, but he looks forward to talking.

Claire looks at Cole with surprise.

Adam & Sally’s Apartment

Sally tells Summer she knows her and Chloe’s working relationship didn’t end well.

Sally talks with Summer.

Summer says that’s putting it lightly; Chloe turned every disagreement into an all-out war and thought she knew better than everyone… Particularly Summer!

Sally says Chloe can be sensitive, but she’s also uber-talented! She says that she’s replacing Chelsea at the last minute, and was hoping Summer would allow her to bring Chloe along as her number two.

Summer figured that’s where it was headed.

Summer talks to Sally.

Sally says she and Chloe work together well; they just click; they don’t have a lot of time to finish the collection, so… ?

Summer says it will be a sprint to the finish line, but she’s worried that Chloe will think Summer is breathing down her neck again. Summer doesn’t want any conflict right now.

Sally promises there won’t be any conflict. She asks when Summer had her issues with Chloe.

Sally gestures as she talks.

Summer says Chelsea had left before, and she made Chloe the interim creative director.

Sally nods. Chloe was reporting directly to Summer before, but this time, she’d be reporting to Sally.

Summer says Marchetti isn’t a big company; she’ll have to interact with Chloe.

Sally says they’ll make it part of her job to ensure that Chloe knows who her boss is. She asks Summer to give Chloe another chance.

Summer closes her eyes.

The Tack House

Nikki says Victoria just read her mind. She’s scared that Adam would ensconce himself at Newman Media and refuse to leave.

Nikki and Victoria talk in the kitchen.

Victoria asks why Victor keeps doing this… Every few months, he feels the need to shuffle them all into new positions and throws them all into chaos.

Nikki thinks a big part of it is Victor’s concern for her.

Victoria agrees and says that they both know that Victor usually has more than one agenda.

Victoria talks to Nikki.

Nikki nods. Victor is a chess master!

Victoria sighs; everyone else is a pawn for Victor. She doesn’t know why Victor feels the need to shake things up when everything is finally stable. She says that’s one of the reasons she hesitates to go back to Newman Enterprises… It’s Victor Newman’s world, and he can change things whenever he wants!

Nikki talks to Victoria.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick asks Victor why he wants to move Adam to Newman Media.

Nick Newman talks to Victor.

Victor says it’s because Adam knows Newman Media; it’d be a smooth transition.

Nick thinks that’s wishful thinking.

Victor says he’s a realist and a businessman; he doesn’t do wishful thinking!

Victor Newman talks to Nick.

Nick says he doesn’t know what Victor is up to or why he’s doing it… All he’s ever heard from his dad is how badly he wanted his sons to work together, and now that they’re doing it, Victor wants to change things… Nick doesn’t get it.

Victor tells him to stop being so negative about it; Nick needs to trust him and talk to Victoria… Victor knows what he’s doing!

Nick agrees to talk to Victoria.

Nick and Victor sit and talk.

Adam & Sally’s Apartment

Summer tells Sally that Chelsea being away is only temporary, so she’ll consider rehiring Chloe.

Summer smiles at Sally.

Sally thanks her; she won’t regret it.

Summer grins… She’d better not! She prepares to leave and says that working with Sally is surprisingly easy. Against all odds, Sally might actually make this work! She says goodbye and leaves.

Sally closes the door behind Summer. She squeals, grinning. “I’m back!”

Sally grins as she leans against the door.

Chancellor Park

Kyle invites Cole to join them for ice cream.

Cole talks with Claire and Kyle.

Cole says he should get back home and get ready… He’s having dinner with Victoria that evening!

Claire oooohs… Are they having a date?

Cole grins and says they are… Unless Claire is planning on crashing it!

Claire grins as she talks with Cole.

Claire promises not to crash it.

Cole smiles and tells them to have a great day. He leaves the park.

Claire sits down and tells Kyle that she can’t believe it’s really happening… She shouldn’t care because her mother and father are two grownups with their own lives, but she’s really excited. She hopes they’re on their way to getting back together; they make each other happy!

Claire talks with Kyle.

Kyle asks how Claire feels about it.

Claire says she’s eternally ten years old in her head… What kid wouldn’t want to see their parents get back together!

Kyle gets it… It took his parents years to find their way back to each other, and it was messy, but it happened!

Kyle smiles.

Claire says it’s hard to believe… This all started when Claire lured her parents to their doom. She can’t help but think about it; the last thing she deserves is having any more dreams come true!

Kyle says if she asked her parents, they’d tell her that the most amazing part of it was finding Claire. He asks what she thinks about Cole asking him for a beer… He likes Cole, but they barely know each other!

Claire isn’t sure. Maybe Cole is being an overprotective father and making sure her new boss is treating her well.

Claire Grace talks with Kyle.

Kyle asks how he’s doing as her boss.

Claire says she has no complaints.

Kyle’s happy. He wants to keep it that way.

Kyle Abbott smiles at Claire.

The Tack House

Nikki tells Victoria that she doesn’t know what Victor has in mind, but he never does anything on a whim.

Nikki and Victoria sit and talk.

Victoria thinks trying to figure out Victor’s motives is exhausting.

Nikki thinks Victor is angry at her; he’s punishing her for all the lies she told him about the drinking and ended up going to Jack, of all people, for help… Victor is furious about that; he may deny it, but she knows the whole shuffling of responsibility is a direct result of her behavior!

Victoria thinks Nikki is overreacting; Victor treats Nikki like a queen and all he wants for her is to see her get her life back.

Victoria talks to her mother.

Nikki says she’s trying to do that, but in order to do it, she needs stability and routine. Victor is just serving up his inevitable family drama!

There’s a knock at the door, and Victoria answers.

It’s Nick. He walks in and says hello.

Victoria asks Nick to come clean… What does he think Victor is up to?

Victoria, Nick, and Nikki Newman.

The Abbott Mansion

Harrison, Claire, and Kyle walk in the front door. Harrison sees that his mom is there and runs over and hugs her.

Harrison hugs Summer as Kyle and Claire look on.

Summer says she finished up a bit early… She figured she’d come and take Harrison to the park for some ice cream!

Harrison laughs. “We just did that!” He says they can go again… He won’t mind!

Summer laughs. She’s not surprised.

Summer talks to Harrison and Kyle.

Kyle tells Harrison to go upstairs and wash his hands.

Harrison nods and goes over to Claire. He hugs her tightly and thanks her for the best day ever. He goes upstairs to wash his hands.

Summer says she wasn’t fast enough today… She’ll have to do ice cream duty some other time!

Harrison hugs Claire.

Claire thanks them both for the job… She’s grateful for it.

Kyle says Harrison is smiling again, and they’re grateful for that!

Claire says she’ll see them tomorrow. She leaves.

Kyle thinks Summer is still struggling with Claire as Harrison’s nanny.

Summer and Kyle talk with Claire.

The Tack House

Victoria tells Nick and Nikki that Victor must have some hidden motive that he isn’t telling them.

Victoria talks to Nikki.

Nick figures there is, but Victor didn’t give him any clues… He says that Victor told him to trust what he’s doing.

Victoria says Nikki thinks Victor is punishing her.

Nick understands why Nikki feels that way, but he doesn’t think so. Victor truly believes he’s doing this for her benefit, and he wants Nick to push Victoria to come back to work at Newman so Adam can step in at Newman Media for Nikki. He says he’d love to work with Victoria every day, but the Adam part bothers him. It doesn’t make sense to switch gears like this; he and Adam just brought in a massive deal and are functioning as a team!

Nicholas Newman.

Nikki says if Adam is given her position at Newman Media, she might as well pack up, because he won’t give it up.

Victoria thinks Victor must know that this is going to end in chaos.

Nikki says he must; how is this supposed to be for her benefit?

Nikki Newman.


Victor walks into the restaurant and spots Adam sitting alone. He sits with Adam and asks if he’s waiting for someone.

Victor talks to Adam.

Adam says Chelsea is meeting him to talk about Connor.

Victor nods. He says he’ll only take a minute of Adam’s time.

Adam tells him to give it up; he knows Victor wants him to stop working with Nick so he can take the temporary job at Newman Media.

Adam and Victor talk.

Victor asks why Adam is acting like he’s getting demoted.

Adam says it’s the story of his life… Victor dangles a carrot in front of him, and then whacks him with a stick a moment later!

Victor says Adam built Newman Media almost from the beginning and knows it better than anyone except Nikki, but Nikki needs the time to recover.

Victor and Adam.

Adam asks why Victor doesn’t want Victoria to take the role; she’d do it if Victor asked her.

Victor says he wants everyone in positions where they’ll function the best.

Adam doesn’t believe him; Victor has a goal in mind, and Adam is just a pawn to be sacrificed for the greater goood!

Adam Newman.

Victor says Adam has a chip on his shoulder.

Adam asks Victor to cut to the chase and tell him what this is really about… It’s the only way Adam will even consider his proposition.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer tells Kyle she doesn’t have a problem with Claire.

Summer talks to Kyle.

Kyle asks if she forgot about their last conversation.

Claire says it took her a bit to calm down after hearing that Jordan was alive, but Chance reassured her that there’s no possibility of Jordan escaping again, and nobody believes that Claire had anything to do with Jordan’s survival. She can’t object to someone who’s made Harrison so happy!

Kyle says he wouldn’t have taken Harrison out for ice cream if he knew Summer was going to.

Summer says Harrison and Claire are bonding, and she’s feeling a twinge of jealousy at how quickly they’re becoming closer… He had the “best day ever” with Claire, but Summer is already over it.

Kyle says he’s on the sidelines, too, but they’re still mommy and daddy to their little boy, and always will be.

The Tack House

Nick asks his mom if she’s told Victoria that she wants her to take the helm at Newman Media.

Nick talks to Victoria and Nikki.

Nikki says she has, and she’s still hoping Victoria will agree to it.

Victoria says she’s not sure she’s ready to jump in anywhere just yet.

Nikki tells her to at least consider it; it’d only be for a short time, and if Victoria were there, they could convince Victor to drop his ridiculous notion of putting Adam back in charge.

Victoria talks to Nikki and Nick.


Victor tells Adam he doesn’t respond well to threats.

Victor Newman.

Adam says this isn’t a threat; he’s busy, and if Victor doesn’t want to tell him the real reason he wants Adam to go to Newman Media, their conversation is over.

Victor says what he’s about to say needs to remain between them; he can’t tell anyone, especially those in the family.

Adam agrees.

Adam smirks at his dad.

Victor says Adam is a strong ally, not a pawn.

Adam asks what he means, exactly.

Victor says he needs Newman Media in order to destroy an enemy. He needs someone in charge at Newman Media who’s as ruthless as he is.

Victor talks to Adam.

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