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Y&R Recap — Jan 9: Ashley Sleeps with Tucker to Get Information, and Lily Fires Audra When Devon Reveals Her Connection to Tucker

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, Jan 9, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Devon confronts Audra, Ashley sleeps with Tucker, and Phyllis gets an unexpected proposal. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane Plans to Steal From Nikki To Prove Her Loyalty to Jeremy, Chance & Sharon Get Closer, and Nick Nearly Finds Sally’s Secret .

Devon’s Apartment

Devon is on the phone, and asks if they found anything on a connection between Tucker and Audra.

He asks if they can send him the report that night.

Devon is standing in his living room, talking on his cellphone

Tucker’s Apartment

There is a knock at Tucker’s door, it’s Audra. “It’s just me.”

She comes in, and complains that he’s been ignoring her texts, and she has to come there and see him in person.

Tucker opens the door to Audra standing there, angry. She comes into the room.

Tucker says he’s in charge and can do what he pleases. He has higher priorities.

Audra tells him not to handle her, and says that Lily & Jill can’t be slowed down by Devon… Chancellor-Winter’s IPO is imminent.

Tucker thanks her for the information, and says he’ll be in touch.

Tucker stands in front of the door and tells Audra he'll be in touch

Audra is surprised that he wants her to leave ASAP.

He says “Unless you want to wait in the bathroom again…”

He shows her out, and the door slams behind her.

She gets a text from Devon. “Come to the office immediately.”

Devon sends Audra a text. "Come to the office ASAP."

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Crimson Lights

In the coffee shop, Daniel talks with Phyllis about Omega Sphere, and says that he wants to build a loyal and committed team.

Phyllis says, “Totally… Totally.” She seems distracted.

He says if anyone gives them the vibes Phyllis is giving him, then “totally” don’t hire them.

Phyllis and Daniel talk at a table in the coffee shop

Phyllis says that he needs to calm down. She talks about how Summer wanted to fire her, and did.

Daniel says, “You’ve gotta let it go. I’m your boss now.”

Phyllis laughs and says she’s very focused on the job.

Daniel laughs and covers his eyes while talking to Phyllis

She says she’s very excited to be head of the tech team at Omega Sphere.

Daniel asks if she has any candidates from the resumes he sent over.

Phyllis says she’ll look at the resumes, but needs some time, she’s been very tired lately, and asks if they can circle back in the morning.

Daniel and Phyllis talk over coffee at Crimson Lights

Daniel says, “Are you really exhausted, or is it just Summer?”

Phyllis says her feelings are hurt because “she chose Diane over me!”

Daniel says that Phyllis needs to tell Summer that she was wrong, and apologize.

Phyllis laughs as she talks with Daniel over coffee in Crimson Lights


Devon and Lily are talking in her office.

Lily says she’s not in the best mood, says something happened with her and Billy, but doesn’t want to talk about it.

Audra comes in, and Lily gives her a “why are you here?” look.

Devon and Lily are talking when Audra walks into the room

Lily says to Devon that they’re going ahead with the IPO.

Audra says that she’s prepared the documents for the IPO, and they’re in no danger from external companies.

Devon says that he wants to talk about the new traitor in the company.

Lily asks what he’s talking about, and who the traitor is.

Devon stands in the office at Chancellor-Winters and speaks with Lily and Audra

Devon says that he was tipped off that Audra is directly connected to Tucker. He says that he had someone look into her, and wasn’t it convenient that all of her student debt was paid off by a company just before she came to town.

Audra says it was a bonus for working for the company.

Devon asks her if she remembers the name.

Devon talks with Audra and Lily in Lily's office at Chancellor-Winters

Audra says she doesn’t remember the company name. Devon prompts her, “It had a unique name. remember? Only Eyes for You.”

Devon says that the name of the company is the name of the first song that Tucker produced. He goes on to say that Tucker paid for Audra’s student loans, and that Tucker and her showed up in town at the same time.

Audra says that she knows Tucker and worked for him, but that shouldn’t change anything.

Lily questions Audra as they stand in Lily's office

Audra says that she’s prepared the IPO papers, that should be proof that her intentions are honorable.

Lily says that she can’t deal with the situation because of the stress she’s been under. She says she can’t trust Audra anymore.

Lily yells, “You’re FIRED!”, and leaves the office, angry.

Lily yells at Audra as Devon watches

Devon and Audra are left in the office to talk.

Devon is angry, and asks Audra what Tucker wants with Chancellor-Winters.

Audra says that Tucker’s goals are to interfere with the company, and take it over.

Devon gestures with wide arms as he talks animatedly with Audra

She says that she can be an asset at Chancellor-Winters. She says that he can either be on her side, or he’ll be be working against her.

He asks her if that’s a threat, and he says that she’s fired, she should leave right away.

Audra says, “it’s your loss.” She taunts him and says that he keeps letting foxes into the hen-house. First his father, and now her.

Audra smiles as she tells Devon he failed the company

Crimson Lights

Lily walks in, and Daniel stares at her. Phyllis notices.

Even though he's sitting with Phyllis, Daniel can't keep his eyes off Lily when she walks into the coffee shop.

Daniel tells Phyllis that Summer thinks that Phyllis is being manipulated by Diane.

Phyllis wonders why Summer fired her if she knew that she was being manipulated.

Daniel says that Summer is under a lot of pressure and to give her a break.

Phyllis talks with Daniel at the coffee shop

Phyllis leaves, and Daniel goes over to see Lily. He asks if she’s all right.

She says she just found out about a crisis at work.

Daniel is in the coffee shop speaking with Lily while sitting at a table

He asks if it it affects Omega Sphere. She says that no, and reiterates that Chancellor-Winters is really into the game.

Daniel asks if she wants to talk about what she just found out, but she declines. He says she probably wants to go home and rest.

She laughs and says that they should just stay there and talk instead.

Lily smiles at Daniel as they sit in the coffee shop together

The Abbott Mansion

Diane and Jack talk. Diane says she has reservations about stealing from Nikki, she might be too powerful.

Jack says he isn’t thrilled with the whole thing either, but Nikki is a good target.

Diane rushes through the living room while she talks to Jack

Ashley walks in and sees them. She throws up her hands and sighs in exasperation, and says that she loves coming into a room and seeing conspirators in her house.

Ashley wants to know why Diane is there.

Jack says that she came there because she wanted to talk about her safety concerns.

Ashley scoffs and leaves the house, putting on her coat as she goes.

Jack and Diane talk in the Abbott living room

Diane apologizes for the rift she’s caused between Jack and Ashley.

Jack says that it’s OK, but that they should just stop talking about Jeremy Stark for now.

Jack asks if she’s uncomfortable with things getting physical between them.

Jack talks with Diane as she smiles

Diane says she has deep feelings for Jack, and asks how she can pretend to care for Stark when she cares so much for Jack.

She says that now that she’s told him how she feels, she wants to know his feelings.

He says he cares a lot about her. They kiss.

Jack and Diane kiss

Phyllis comes to the front door. It’s glass, and she can clearly see Diane and Jack kissing inside.

She looks shocked, and leaves after seeing them kiss.

Diane says that’s her cue to go to her hotel… Alone.

Jack says that he wasn’t going to suggest anything. He offers to give her a ride.

Diane declines his offer for a ride and leaves.

Tucker’s Apartment

Ashley knocks, and Tucker lets her in. She presents him with a bottle of wine, which Tucker goes to get glasses for.

She says that Diane turned Jack into a “sucker”, and that it’s driving her mad that Diane is in her house, at the office, in fact, everywhere!

“Here’s Diane, there’s Diane!” she gestures animatedly.

Tucker and Ashley sit on his couch and drink wine together

Tucker laughs and says that it’s heavenly to have her there. He hands her a drink.

They sit on the couch, drinking wine, and he tells her that she’s calm one minute, then fiery the next.

She says that she’s glad he finds her torment amusing.

Tucker leans over on his couch and kisses Ashley

He says it’s more a wildfire. He runs his fingers through her hair. He says that he loves seeing her let her guard down. He finds it incredibly sexy.

She asks what he’s going to do about it. He says it depends on her. She pulls him close to her and kisses him passionately.

Tucker and Ashley kiss passionately on his couch

They lie in bed afterwards, laughing and joking. Tucker says that he missed being with her.

She laughs and says that she loves this. No, she hates it. She loves it.

Tucker says that maybe they should test his hypothesis.

Ashley and Tucker lie in bed together. The blankets are tangled around them and they're undressed.

She says she’s an actual scientist, and that he can’t just go using words like that.

He says ,”Oh, you’re saying you’re smarter than me?”

She says yes, and that she’s too smart to fall for him again.

She says that what they just did is no indication of their relationship.

Ashley and Tucker smile as they lie next to each other in bed

He says he’ll give her space to have a shower.

She says she’d rather relax, she’s enjoying not having Diane there.

They banter back and forth, and Tucker goes to have a shower.

While Tucker is in the shower, Ashley goes through some files she found in his room.

She reads the title. “Ashley Beauty Incorporated”.

She puts it down and looks through the next file. “Jabot!”

Ashley leafs through files that she found in Tucker's room

Ashley says that they’re “comps and evaluations” of the companies. She says to herself that Tucker is “targeting them!”

Tucker comes in and says that he doubts there’s anything in there that Ashley doesn’t already know.

She asks why he has the files.

Tucker walks back into the room, buttoning up his shirt

He says it’s because he wanted to know more about her when he came back to Genoa City.

He says that the documentation made him think differently about his plans for their future company.

Ashley doesn’t look happy. They sit down, and he says that after what happened between them, that she knows what they have is real.

Tucker and Ashley sit in his room and talk

There’s a thumping at the door. It’s Devon.

“Tucker, let me in!”

Tucker opens the door, and Devon storms in.

Devon comes into Tucker's hotel room to find him there with Ashley

Devon says it’s over, that he knows about Tucker and Audra’s involvement. He says that he knows that Tucker wants to take over the company after it’s gone public.

Tucker asks why he’d do that? He says that he doesn’t know anything about what supposedly happened between him and Audra.

Tucker talks with Devon in Tucker's living room

Devon says that Tucker doesn’t have any access to any information at Jabot, as Audra has been fired. He raises his voice and tells Tucker that he was suspicious of how he was digging for information.

Tucker says that his only interest was to help Devon with the company.

Devon says that Tucker just wanted to plant a mole in Devon’s company, and that Tucker was never there for him before, because Neil was his father.

Devon talks to Tucker

Tucker looks hurt. Devon says that the only meaning that Tucker finds is self-interest and greed. He says that Tucker will sacrifice his family to get whatever he wants.

Tucker says that that Devon’s crossing a line.

Devon gets even angrier, and tells Tucker that he should leave Genoa City that night, because he’s making it his mission to make Tucker be on the defense for the rest of his life.

Devon continues to rip into Tucker

Devon leaves, and Tucker says to Ashley that he’s sorry she had to hear that, and that what Devon said about him was untrue.

Ashley says that she never really trusted Devon, and says that all of “this” (as she waves her arms around) was all an act, just so she could get to the information she found.

Ashley leaves Tucker's hotel room

She puts on her coat and leaves Tucker in his hotel suite.

Tucker, frustrated, flings the papers across the room.

Tucker is frustrated after Ashley leaves him in his hotel room


Nate is sitting at the bar when Audra walks in. They see each other, and she calls Nate over to have a drink, she’s there to celebrate.

Nate sits at the bar looking at his phone when Audra walks in and sees him

Nate comes and sits with her and asks what she’s celebrating.

She says she’s left Chancellor-Winters.

Nate says they haven’t gone public yet, so why has she left?

She says she finished her work on the IPO, and they don’t need her anymore. She says she’s looking for a new challenge.

Audra smiles at Nate as they talk at the bar in Society

Nate says if she sticks around, he might have an opportunity for her. She asks what he’s thinking.

He says that he’s looking for a new C.O.O. for Newman Media.

He says that if it all works out, they’ll have plenty more to drink to.

She says, “Consider my hat tossed!”

Nate takes a drink as he talks to Audra

The Glam Club

Phyllis is sitting in a chair looking glum. Tucker walks in and sees her sitting alone.

He sits in the chair across the table from her and says she looks like he feels. He takes a drink from his whiskey glass.

Tucker sits down beside Phyllis with a drink in his hand

Tucker asks Phyllis if she’s ready yet.

She says, “For what?”

He says, “To burn it all down”, and throws back his drink.

Phyllis reacts as she looks at Tucker