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Y&R Recap – Jan 31: Nick Warns Adam of Victor’s Machinations, and Victoria & Victor Plan to Buy Tucker’s Debt to Own Him

Nick talks to Adam at the bar in Society

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, January 31, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor solidified his plans for Adam, Lauren tried to talk sense with Phyllis, and Elena expressed concern about Audra.

Jabot Cosmetics – Kyle expresses concerns to Jack about his relationship with Diane

Kyle comes to talk to Jack and closes the office door behind him.

He wants to know how serious it is between Jack and Diane.

Kyle talks with Jack in the offices of Jabot Cosmetics

Jack asks what part of the relationship Kyle has a problem with.

Kyle says that he’s worried she’ll revert to old patterns. He says to look at how she handled Stark.

Jack says that was mostly his own plan, and he’d do the same thing again in a heartbeat. He says that the last thing he wants is to come between Diane and Kyle.

Kyle sits on the couch in Jack Abbott's office at Jabot and talks with him

Kyle wonders what would happen if she hurts them again… There’d be no way to get back from that.

Jack says that he understands, but says that Kyle has nothing to worry about.

Kyle says that he’s not there yet, but he’s working on it.

Jack and Kyle talk in Jack's office

Jack says that the most important thing to know is that he and Diane are happy right now, and there’s nothing dangerous in his relationship with her.

Kyle says that he is still worried.

Jack says that he’s a hopeless romantic, but he’s very pragmatic. He says that if it doesn’t work out, both he and Diane will still be there for their family.

Kyle speaks with Jack

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The Abbott Mansion – Summer & Diane talk about her relationship with Jack

Summer is in the living room, speaking with Diane.

Diane says that she gets the idea that Summer isn’t thrilled about her and Jack’s relationship.

Summer says she doesn’t want Kyle to be caught in the fallout when it goes wrong… And it will go wrong!

Summer talks with Diane in the living room of the Abbott Mansion

Diane says that she has a lot of affection for Jack, and says that the only thing that could get in the way is Summer’s mother, Phyllis.

Summer says that she shouldn’t worry about Phyllis.

Diane laughs and says that Phyllis keeps interfering with her.

Diane sits in an armchair talking with Summer

Summer says that if she thinks that Phyllis is the only thing that could come between them, she’s naive… She asks why Diane would just randomly bring up her mom.

Diane says that it’s not random and that nothing good has come from Phyllis’s interference in the past.

Summer sits on the couch and talks with Diane

Summer says that she shares a lot of the same momma-bear qualities as Phyllis, so if someone hurts her family…

Diane says, “So that’s a warning.”

Summer says that she’s glad they had a chance to talk.

Diane reacts as she talks with Summer

Later, Phyllis comes into the Abbott Mansion and tells Summer that she’s going out of town… To Portugal. She says that she’s going to meet with Heather and convince her to take Daniel back.

Phyllis comes into the foyer at the Abbott mansion

Summer says that Phyllis can’t just insert herself into someone’s relationship. She asks if Daniel is ok with this.

Phyllis says he doesn’t know, and that Summer has to keep it between them.

Summer says that she’s not sure that Phyllis can convince Heather to take Daniel back.

Summer talks with Phyllis in the Abbott living room

Phyllis says that she just needs to convince her to take him back. She says that if anyone asks where she is, Summer should tell them that she’s in Florida for a couple of days. She says while she’s gone that Summer can’t allow Daniel to sell his project to Tucker McCall.

Summer says that Phyllis is better at those types of things. She says that Phyllis should stay and talk to Daniel about it herself.

Phyllis says that she can’t, she’s already booked the flight. She says that she loves Summer, and the reason they butt heads is that they’re so much alike.

Summer says she loves her too, and Phyllis leaves.

Phyllis and Summer talk

Society – Sally talks to Chloe about Nick and Adam

Chloe and Sally are looking over the menus, and Chloe says that she can’t believe that they flew to L.A. and Jill just left them hanging.

She says that they could have been rejected just as easily in Genoa City.

Sally and Chloe speak as they sit at a table in Society

Sally says that Jill said that she had a change of mind and that she may have learned something about her history.

Chloe wonders what happened to cause her to change her mind.

Sally says that she can’t believe it’s her past that’s caused problems, she thought Jill would think that she surmounted her issues.

Sally talks with Chloe as they sit and ponder the menus

Chloe says they just need to find funding somewhere. She asks whether they should consider Nick’s offer.

Sally says that she won’t do that, especially now that she’s told him that she’s pregnant. She says she’s not secure right now. She says that things could change between her and Nick.

Chloe says, “Oh, the Adam possibility.”

Adam happened to walk in right at that moment, and asks, “What is the Adam possibility?”

Adam comes into Society and sees Sally and Chloe sitting at a table

“Eavesdrop much?” says Chloe.

Adam says he just came in and heard them talking about him.

Sally says that they were talking about Adam trying to woo her back.

Sally and Chloe talk with Adam

Adam wonders why they’d be talking about that, she made it clear they would never get back together.

Sally’s phone pings and Chloe asks if it’s Nick.

Sally says it is, and that they’re going to meet for a bite to eat.

Adam shakes his head and goes to sit at the bar.

Adam leaves Sally and Chloe at the table and heads to the bar

Sally asks how she’s going to deal with 9 months of this, what will Adam think when she starts showing?

Chloe says “Well, you’re not going to be wearing leather pants.”

Nick and Sally kiss hello

Chloe says that Adam is the most suspicious person she’s ever met.

Nick comes in and gives Sally a hug, seeing it’s nice to see her.

Adam sits at the bar watching while Nick and Sally greet each other.

Adam watches Nick and Sally greet each other

Chloe leaves, and Nick says that they’re going to celebrate.

He says that he’s really sorry that the meeting with Jill fell through.

She says that she assumes someone from L.A. told Jill some awful story about her.

Nick and Sally talk while sitting at a table in Society

Nick says that Jill may not be the only person who likes her idea. If she’s willing to work with Chancellor-Winters, would she be willing to bring her idea to Newman?

Sally says that Victor and Victoria would try to make her life a living hell if she worked at Newman. She says that she and Chloe need to do this on their own.

Nick says that she needs to be less stressed… And she knows what he means by that.

Sally and Nick talk

Sally’s phone rings and she says she has to get it. She asks him to order two of everything for her.

Nick turns and sees Adam at the bar. He goes over and talks with him.

He says that Victor thinks he can lure him back to the company.

Nick talks to Adam at the bar in Society

Adam says that he’s heard rumors about it.

Nick says that he thinks Victor will sabotage his position at Jabot.

Adam says he had a feeling that’s what Victor was planning… Why does Nick care?

Adam and Nick talk

Nick says that he thinks he’s better off with Jack as a mentor than with Victor, who’s only trying to interfere.

Adam says that Nick doesn’t want to see him back at Newman, why is he telling him this?

Nick agrees that he doesn’t want Adam back at Newman.

Nick and Adam both look at Sally

Sally finishes on the phone, and says, “Thanks, Dr. Chandler.”

Nick and Adam both turn to look at her.

Sally finishes up her phone call and looks at Nick and Adam

Newman Enterprises – Nick asks Victor to leave Sally alone

Nick asks if Victor asked Jill to kill the meeting with Sally.

Victor says that he filled her in on Sally’s past, that Jill is a savvy businesswoman who wouldn’t want to have complications in her business, and that whatever happened to Sally was her own doing.

Nick confronts Victor in the Newman Enterprises offices

Nick asks why Victor is trying to destroy Sally’s life.

Victor says that Sally has destroyed Adam’s life and that she’ll destroy Nick next.

Nick says that it was Adam who ruined Sally, not the other way around.

Victor shouts as he talks to Nick

Victor says that Adam is sleepwalking through his job because of Sally Spectra.

Nick asks how Victor knows how Adam is doing and says that he’s going to cause him to fail to bring him back.

Victor says that it’s his company, and he doesn’t care who’s CEO, he’ll do what he wants.

Nick talks with Victor in the Newman Enterprises offices

Nick says that Sally doesn’t need any interference in her life, especially right now.

Victor asks what Nick means by “right now?”

Nick says that if Victor continues to harass Sally, he’s going to force Nick to choose between Sally and the company.

Victoria walks in on them arguing, and says “Let me guess, this is about Nick and Sally?”

Victoria comes into the office

Nick leaves, and Victoria asks Victor what happened with Sally.

Victor says that Nick is attracted to Sally, but as far as he’s concerned she needs to get out of town. He says that Nick told him that he’d choose Sally over the family and the company.

Victor says that there’s something going on they don’t know about.

Victor and Victoria Newman talk about Nick, Sally, and Tucker

Victoria says that they should just leave Sally alone, and asks him not to risk driving Nick away.

She says they should just focus on work right now.

Victor asks if she has news.

Victoria talks with Victor

Victoria says that Tucker’s lenders are growing impatient and that he’s falling behind on payments.

Victor says that there’s a debt problem. He likes the sound of that.

Victoria says they just need to buy out his debt, and they own him.

Victor says she thinks like her father.

Victor talks with Victoria

The Grand Phoenix Hotel – Phyllis prepares to leave, and Tucker digs into her reasons

Tucker sees Phyllis get off the elevator with a suitcase, and asks her where she’s going, whether it’s business or pleasure.

Phyllis says it’s a bit of both, and unlike you, I will be successful.

Phyllis talks with Tucker in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix hotel

Phyllis asks the hotel clerk if she can hold her packages for when she gets back from Portugal.

Tucker is sitting in the lobby and says that he knows that Daniel’s wife and daughter are in Portugal.

Phyllis tells him to keep his nose out of it.

Tucker speaks with Phyllis in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel

Tucker says that Daniel will still be in town, and he’s hot property, so he will put his hat in to take on his project.

He tells her to have a nice trip.

Crimson Lights – Lily reassures Daniel that Omega Sphere is still a go

Lily gets off the phone with Jill, and Daniel asks what happened.

In Crimson Lights, Lily speaks with Jill on the phone

Lily says that Devon won’t budge on the company’s IPO.

Daniel says that sounds like she’s in a tough situation.

Daniel and Lily talk in Crimson Lights

Lily says that it sounds like he’s asking if things are still on the move for his project.

They have a seat, and he says that he’s worried about the turmoil at Chancellor-Winters, and what effect it’ll have on the project. He says that he’s worried about how it’s affecting Lily too.

Lily says that it’s really hard on her and that she doesn’t have Nate, Audra, or anyone to help her through it. She says she feels all alone.

Daniel says that she’s not alone.

Daniel and Lily sit at a table and talk over coffee

She says that she can’t rely on him for help.

He says she has Jill, but she needs some incoming money right now, and that maybe she should focus on divisions that are already making money.

Lily asks if he’s backing out of the deal.

Lily talks with Daniel

Daniel says that if his project is a burden, to get rid of it, to lighten the load.

She says that she doesn’t want to get rid of it and that he said he’d give her a week. She asks if he trusts her.

He says he does, more than anyone else.

She says she needed to hear that.

Daniel holds a cup of coffee as he talks with Lily

Jabot Cosmetics – Jack & Diane talk about their relationship

Jack and Diane kiss in Jack's office at Jabot

Diane says she had a talk with Summer, and she says that Summer is worried about their relationship.

He says that he had a similar talk with Kyle, who was worried that if anything goes wrong between them, Diane will just leave town.

Diane asks if they’re selfish to be pursuing a relationship and if they should slow down.

Jack and Diane talk in the Jabot offices

Jack says they’re not rushing, they’ve known each other for decades. He says they’ve been through a lot more in the past couple of months than most couples go through.

Diane says that they have to agree that no matter what, they’ll be there for Kyle.

She says that the only place she wants to be is with him.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jack

The Grand Phoenix Hotel – Tucker talks to Daniel about Omega Sphere

Daniel comes into the lobby of The Grand Phoenix and Tucker sees him there.

He gets up and says to Daniel that he wants to talk about why McCall is the best company to bring Omega Sphere to.

Tucker talks to Daniel in the lobby of The Grand Phoenix